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Found 8 results

  1. Hi to fellow Variax users in Australia. I am wondering if anyone is interested in taking "excess to my needs" stuff off my hands? All fully functional. Usual wear and tear as to be expected from 2nd hand parts.... I have a 300 and a 600 neck, body, and leftover electronics after transplanting into Strat copies. I have complete bridge/piezo assemblies, as well as a couple of spare, new piezos. The fretboard on the 600 (maple) is more worn, as it was my "workhorse" for a few years, but still plays ok - a fret dress will see more life out of it, but fret replacement is looming. The 300 (rosewood) fretboard has much more life left in it. Also I sanded back the neck on both of them to make them more comfortable in my hands, i.e. "non-sticky". Other bits n bobs include the tremolo springs and claw (600), and vol/tone knobs, pickup selector knobs. All other parts were used in the transplants obviously, including the "bank selector" knobs. I posted an ad on a Facebook page for Guitar/Amp Buy/Sell in Sydney, but no interest was piqued, so I though I'd put it up here. If you're interested, please private message me and ask questions/make an offer on any or all items. Pictures available to those interested.... I live an hour or so north of Sydney, on the central coast, and pick up is preferred, though local delivery/meet up is possible within reason. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi Folks, I am in the process of replacing me JTV 69 neck and have been scouring the forums for pics, There seem to be a few threads out there and tricky to find so I thought i would start a thread where people who have done so in the past can post there pics . Two pics i found on this forum so far are below. They are not mine but thought it would be a start. Please take credit for them if they are yours :) Rosewood fingerboard was origional posted by snhirschand the Maple fingerboard was original posted by infor-bumeran and please, if you have replaced your neck do post some pics. I will certainly post some of mine when done!!! :)
  3. Hi, I've scoured the forums on this and I can't seem to find all the answers to my questions. I'm interested in doing a neck transplant for my JTV-69, its one of the earliest stock of the korean versions so it does have some issues with the neck. Its now out of warranty, so I am looking to make some improvements to the hardware but I don't want to effect the technology. I'm looking to replace with a standard fender neck but the ones I can find on ebay in the UK (which are sparse as I don't want to spend 000s on a new neck. One replacement neck I am looking at now has 21 frets whereas the standard neck on the 69 has 22. Does anyone know if you can transplant a 21 fret neck onto the jtv-69? Also I am interested in turning my HSS into an SSS, probably replacing all the pickups, if anyone has had any experience of this I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance. Chris
  4. I curious. How are the necks on the JTV-59s attached to the body? When you look at the back of the guitar it almost looks like neck through construction so the neck and body are all one piece of wood and the sides then attached. Can anyone elaborate on this?
  5. In common with others, I found the neck on my Variax Standard a little narrow for my tastes. I play mostly fingerstyle, and it was impossible to precisely sound individual notes with the very tight string spacing. I measured the neck at 41.2mm (1 5/8") precisely, but E-E spacing on the factory nut was a very narrow 33.8mm. A quick search through Graph Tech's website found the Black Tusq XL PT-6225-00, a precut 41.2mm nut with a healthy E-E spacing of 34.9mm. Even though 1.1mm improvement sounds tiny, it makes a huge difference under the fingers. Heres a comparison of the nut widths: The factory nut popped off easily with a light tap with a plastic hammer. The new nut is a great fit, and only needed sanding on the base to bring the height down. I fixed the new nut with a single drop of CA glue, so that it can easily be removed in the future. The replacement looks better than the narrower factory nut, which didn't hide the truss rod cover: Here's the finished upgrade - you can see the frets are JUST wide enough to accomodate the new spacing: The guitar is now far more comfortable to play, and despite the wider spacing the strings don't slip off the neck (which was the biggest danger of this upgrade). For anyone reading and considering the upgrade, I recommend you measure your neck width and E-E spacing first. It could be that the factory simply cut the nut on my guitar too narrow. Also examine your fret ends - if the ends are finished with a shallow angle, you might suffer string slippage on the top & bottom E. However, this is a cheap & reversible upgrade - if you try it and it doesn't work out, just pop the factory nut back on.
  6. I have tried to find a cheap replacement neck for my Variax 300. My frets are worn. I don't want to spend more on a neck then the whole guitar is worth. I was looking for a modestly priced neck that would fit even with a little modification. I have found very little real information anywhere. Warmoth necks are expensive. I read that a Squier Bullet neck would fit. I bought one on ebay. Well I can tell you that without some serious sanding it will not and even then questionable. Wasted my money. I will attach pictures. Is there another neck that will fit that isn't large $$'s? The Bullet neck has no fretboard overhang. It is also a little too thick. It is useful to me to have a spare Variax for my work and I'm trying to keep this cheap. See pix below. The Variax 300 neck is the lighter shade rosewood. Since the measuring tape is curved look at the left of the tape for the accurate reading. The Variax neck looks to be 29/32's of an inch thick measured from top of fretboard. The Bullet is 15/16's of an inch. It is also too wide and will not fit. Thanks, if you can help.
  7. I was just poking around at and saw they have the maple neck for the JTV-69 (or 69S) available for order - I know a lot of you have swapped to other necks of your liking -- Mighty Mites, Warmoth, etc., because you just can't stand the 69 neck. I really don't have a problem with my 69S's neck, and I have big hands... I haven't had the string falling off the neck issues either. My Gold 69S has the rosewood fingerboard, and I like it -- the dark fingerboard against the gold of the guitar body is pleasing, but damn.... I have maple neck/fingerboard on my 1973 Tele Deluxe and my late 70's Strat -- I like both of those.... Just thought I'd throw it out there. Haven't seen it brought up on the forum, so far... I poke around at that site from time to time because what they have available changes from time to time. Dave
  8. Hi! I am looking to replace my JTV69 neck to a neck exactly same as my variax 700. Problem is that i don't know what and how to measure, or what is required to order a copy of this neck. Any help will be appreciated.
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