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Found 63 results

  1. I bought a Line 6 UX-1 a while ago and ran it with Mixcraft 6. I wasn't having any troubles till recently. I cant get any sound from either pod farm 2.57 or Mixcraft 6. Pod farm picks up my guitar and mixcraft picks up podfarm but my computer wont pick up and playback from either. It does this on both my desktop and my laptop. I haven't made any changes to anything as far as I know. Yes my speakers are connected as I can still hear itunes, youtube etc. With Mixcraft 6 I cant even hear the sounds in the library so its not just podfarm / the ux1 thats being weird. Yes i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the line 6 programs. What is going on? Does anyone know what might be happening? Cheers for any replies.
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Jim.I'm new to the forum and have a problem maybe one of you can help me with. I have a POD HD400 that I bought last month. I do my own recording and was using a Digitech guitar processor before this. The 400 is a great processor and has many editing functions. Problem is that i played with it for about a month and then plugged it in to update it. I got the new drivers and firmware and after all was said and done i have no sound. It's as if my guitar isn't plugged in anymore. Anyone have any experience with this problem? Windows 8.1, Instruments are plugged into a Yamaha usb audio codec, in my playback and record tabs everything is how it should be. Btw the installations were a success for the 400.
  3. Can anyone help, I have an iPhone 5C, Pod app installed ok, and loads and runs ok, I have given it access to the microphone, by settings, privacy, microphone, and allowing the app. I plug the sonic port to the iphone, run the app, and it all works, I plug the guitar and it all seems ok, it will tune on the tuner ok, and the green bars all flash and change as i play , all seems ok, but No Sound.... Doesn't seem to matter what I do, whatever amp or FX I set, whether I set the Volumes to 1 or 10, it obvioulsy can connect ok to my guitar, it flashes the indicator bars all correct, but No Sound.. What could I possibly have missed, any help or suggestions very welcome... Steve
  4. Ok so a few weeks ago my amp started making popping noises so I decided to replace the tubes. Both sets of tubes were replaced with the recommended tubes stated in the manual. Upon firing up the amp and letting it warm up for 10 or so minutes I kicked the standby switch off and the amp made one pop and then no sound at all came out. I've checked the 2 known fuses that I know of and they are fine. Soooooooo what is going on??? Why am I not getting any sound? Thanks much, CF
  5. Hello! I'm having some serious issues with the Line 6 TonePort UX2 model interface. I have gearbox all set up along with Reaper as well to start tracking guitar, bass, drums, etc. But whenever I plug my guitar into the Instrument Input (i.e. Normal input on the front) I get no sound coming from my computer. I'm not sure if the 1/4-inch headphones are really required in order to run the system through a computer and listen to it, or if I can just listen to what I'm play directly through the interface to the computer. So my questions are as follows: 1. How to I get sound out of my interface to my computer to listen to what I'm doing in real time? 2. What would be the proper settings to set on the interface to listen to what I'm doing through the speakers on the computer? I'd also like to know how to record what I'm doing. Whether I have to record through gear box to reaper, or record a track separate on gear box, then master it on reaper? 3. How do I record with the TonePort UX2? 4. How do I get it set up with/through the reaper program?
  6. LokoManiac

    No Sound

    I've been using my POD HD300 for 2 years now without a hitch. I have used the HD Edit and the LIne 6 monkey successfully, but I suddenly ran into an issue when I updated the flash memory and USB on my POD HD300 to 2.02. It now won't produce any signal to my PA, and the problem wasn't there when I used 1.0. I did a factory reset, and nothing changed. I need this soon, so any help as to what caused there to be no signal from any port would be super helpful
  7. Hello everyone! I've been using my POD UX1 together with POD Farm 2 for several months. I've been using it both as a recording tool and as a soundcard. A couple of months ago, all of a sudden (while in use), it has stopped working. Almost no sound comes from the output (very weak, only when I run audio files from the pc - and to hear them, I have to turn all the way up the volume on my speakers), I can't record nor use any instrument, because no sound would come out. On the POD Farm 2 program, the "LEDs" on the mixer (input and output) randomly light, like there was sound coming out from an instrument, but obviously no instrument is played. Turning the volume from the speakers up, i noticed a weak white noise coinciding with the random lights. I tried everything. Restarting the pc. Downloading drivers and updates. Uninstalling and reinstalling. Audio set up from my pc (it says that everything works as usual). Nothing changed. Can anyone help me? :-P Thank You. P.S.: I run Windows Vista as OS (yes, I have to change my pc!).
  8. I just buy the POD HD400. I testing at the store and it's ok however now, in my home, the equipment is on, but i plug my guitar and nothing happens, no sound.. even tuner not working. I changed the cables, reboot, even restore the config.. nothing resolve and I don't know what to do. *I'm Brazilian, sorry by my poor english
  9. just purchased a used Pod Studio KB37. Downloaded Gearbox and the latest drivers, everything works wel. Can plug my guitar in and play. But, the keyboard produces not a single sound. I have a Windows 7 pc. No idea how to fix this problem...
  10. I haven't used the UX2 for over a year. I have a new Mac and use Garageband. I have downloaded everything new that I can from the Line6 site - Gearbox, Monkey, drivers. Admittedly, I don't really know what Monkey or drivers means, but I've installed everything that I can and tried to follow instructions. No luck. The UX2 red lights are now solid, not flashing, but no sound comes through. Gearbox doesn't recognise it - there is a flashing usb plug symbol. Garageband doesn't recognise it - there's no options for it in the Preferences. Can anyone help? Cheers, Rasjad
  11. I just got the POD Studio UX2 as a gift, and have been very excited to use it. Unfortunately, after setting it up onto my MacBook Pro, it hasn't been working right. I downloaded POD Farm and all of the software I needed, authorized my laptop and UX2, as well as installed all the drivers with Monkey so it's up to date. When I plug my UX2 into my MacBook, and my strat into my UX2, its two dials will light up fine, and POD Farm picks up the guitar's signal (I can tune it and the output meters will jump around when I strum). The problem is that it stops working after that. I get no sound out of POD Farm or any recordings I make on Garageband. When I use Garageband to record a line, sometimes it will pick up the guitar from the UX2, sometimes it won't, but regardless, no sound will play back when the UX2 is plugged in or unplugged. I have watched a few videos on setting up the UX2, and followed the instructions, which make perfect sense, but I'm still not getting results. I have switched the preferences on Garageband so that the UX2 is selected for audio output and input. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I just want to get to recording some music
  12. Two days ago I baught POD Studio UX2. I register it on website and download newest drivers on Win 7. In recording it works perfectly. Problems appear while listening music in Winamp or somewhere else, after an hour of playing my favorite music (sometimes it gets exactly) the sound interrupts and nothing is playing until I reboot the system, but at the same time my record projects in Adobe Audition play and POD Farm works. I have to continue recording without listening in Winamp (music doesn't play in any multimedia software). Moreover it takes a lot of time for system reboot. All the freshest software from Line 6 installed and reinstalled for several times. Could you tell me what the problem with? And how can i solve it?
  13. Wondering if anyone can help me out here. Could not find a solution in the knowledge base. Been using my Vetta II HD head with 4x12 slant cab with no problems. Recently, transferred a couple of tones from the amp to my PC Windows 8 using Midisport Uno. Tried to play some songs today, but no sound is coming out of the speakers. No changes were made to my setup. The amp was not moved around. The cable and guitar are good, played them on another amp days before. When I plug in the cable, there's that "plug in cable" sound but it seems reduced or suppressed. Changing from one amp channel to another makes a sound like when you accidentally bump an amp that's turned on, that echo sound. Touching the end of the instrument cable with my finger while it's plugged into the amp doesn't provide any sound, like there's no signal. I'm running version 2.50 and I just reinstalled 2.50 again to see if that would help, but it didn't. I don't know if I should open it up and look for loose connections, but I don't think there would be because everything's been sitting still. Any thoughts or help? Please! Thanks!
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