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Found 106 results

  1. My guitar sounds fine going into Ableton live 9 via USB through my headphones. However on playback it is distorted. I can see where the signal seems to be blowing it out, but no matter what i try it seems to do it. I turn my send down, i have the pod set to studio mode, i turn the volume down on the pod itself via the volume nob and no good. Ideas? This is driving me nuts. On a side note i was using a Focusrite USB hub and i had no issue with it what so ever. And yes i have read through the USB troubleshooting guide. And i have messed with buffer sizes etc. in Ableton Basically what it looks like is the signal is going in super hot no matter what i adjust. There has to be an option or something i am missing.
  2. Hello everybody and congrats for this amazing community. I'm a new and inexperienced pod HD500 user. My problem is noise on clean tones... I'm working on this configuration: but i get mild hissing noise (and if i get a tube compressor it gets even worst)... I can't get rid of it without altering/destroying my tone I've heard that PODs are a bit noisy but this is a clean tone we're talking about.. The problem isn't excessive but it's enough to make you wanna fix it.. So is there a way to get rid of the hissing? I use high quality mogami cables coming out of the POD's balanced XLR outs to my audio interface's (RME FF400) inputs and finally through nearfield monitors. Guitar is Gibson LP with classic 57 pickups. The drivers/flash memory e.t.c. are all updated. The power socket grounding is 100% Ok Thank you very much
  3. Hey everyone, I've had my POD HD500X for just over a year now, and until now, I've been really happy with it. The problem is, over the last week or so all my clean and distorted, direct/studio AND straight-to-amp patches all have a horrible fizzy sound to them. It sounds like digital clipping, but I've gain-staged all my patches well and set up my inputs and outputs how they're supposed to be. I just updated the latest Firmware as of today (The one that fixed the tuner problem), but there is still no change. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, did you manage to get it fixed? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! I have a problem with ground noise when using the 4 cable Method! Here are the steps of building my sound chain: 1) I plug guitar into Pod's Guitar Input 2) In my preset there are no effects but Fx Loop right after the mixer 3) Input Settings of Pod are: First Input Channel - Guitar, Second Input - Variax 4) I achieve the Unity Gain with mixer settings, with 1/4 Out switch set in Amp position and with Fx Loop Mode set in Stomp mode, so Pod HD500x does not change the sound of my guitar before the external Amp at all, just like if I plug guitar directly into the Amp 5) and when all connections are made there is ground noise occurs! It is not from guitar pickups, it is between Fx Loop Send and Amp Input! I have experimented with plugging my guitar directly Into the Amp, so my guitar signal flows this way - 1) Amp in 2) Amp Fx Send to Pod FX Return 3) Pod Output to Amp Fx return - and there is no hum at all! Even with a lot of Gain on the lead channel of my Amp! But in that case only effects after Fx Loop in Pod's Preset are actually taking a part in sound changing (Delays, Reverbs etc) So, the problem occurs between Pod Fx Send and Amp Input What should I do to eliminate this issue? Thank you!
  5. Hi there, I bought a spider iv 75 w and a mkii express 2 and a half years ago. Both have been working great till 2 months ago. Now, when I plug the mkii to the amp it make a wierd noise, kinda distorted/ fuzzy and kinda tremolo too. I think this may be 1 of 3: - cable is not good, which I already tried to change and nothing changed, so no; - amp port is not working good; or - mkii is not working good. The amp alone works fine. Can anyone help me with this? Have anyone had this problem? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone. I recently purchased a Ernie Ball MusicMan John Petrucci JP13 Model Guitar. The guitar has both mono and stereo outputs (Please see pic below): My question is, can I run the JP13 in stereo using 2 cables - one from the mono output and one from the stereo output to the inputs on the POD HD500x? And in the Pod HD Manual (even the Advanced Manual) it talks about 2 inputs. Of course the one is the guitar input, but what is the second input? Is it the AUX input the manual and the HD Edit program is refering to? So would I be able to run the JP 13 in Stereo if I use 2 cables - 1 from the mono output to the Guitar-In of the Pod HD500x and 1 from the stereo output to the Pod HD500x Aux in? Also, I seem to get a lot of noise and no sustain from the POD HD500x. I have tried different things such as putting compressors sustain settings at 100% and lowering the noise gates (I have to use 2 noise gates because there is so much noise and I have to have the threshold set pretty high as seen in the pic below). My setup is as follows: Guitar->PODHD500x Guitar Input->Noise Gate->FX Loop (Using A Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion pedal and T.C. ELectronics The Dreamscape Pedal)->Volume Pedal->Pre+EQ->Noise Gate (again)->Delay->Reverb->Headphones (No External Amplifier) As you can see with the pic below, I have to use 2 noise gates, one before the effects loop and one after the effects loop and have the threshhold at pretty high settings just to keep the noise down. Also in the pic you can see the Compressor's sustain is set at 100% yet I still have no sustain at all. I am guessing some loss of sustain is due to having 2 noise gates in the chain, but the noise is too great if I do not have 2 noise gates. I am at a loss as to why there is so much noise and no sustain. Troubleshooting I have tried: Isolating the effect pedals without using POD HD = quiet Using the PODHD500X without an effects loop on PODHD500x's Factory Presets = quiet Using all brand new instrument cables = Noise still present, no sustain Changing batteries in my 2 effect stomp boxes that are in the effects loop and even trying the correct power supplies instead of bateries = Noise still present, no sustain So I am at a loss as to what is causing my own presets to have no sustain and so much noise. I am hoping someone with more expereince can give me some tips/advice or solutions to these issues. I don't know what else to try. Attached is the pic of my preset (Note the area that shows which effects I am using are not the order of the signal path, the order I have the effects in is in the Signal Flow Panel at the top of the HD Edit Program and as listed above in the text). Thank you for anyone who can help me with this, I would sincerly appreciate it!
  7. Hello everyone I purchased a line 6 pod hd pro about a week ago and I love the tones you can get out of it the only problem is that when it's connected to my computer via usb it gives me this really annoying noise every 3 minutes or so. I attached a file of the clean tone so you can hear how it sounds. Did anyone have this problem, or does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Cheers! line6problem.mp3
  8. Hello everyone I got a Line 6 Pod Studio UX2 to start with home recording. I am an absolute noob in this field, so any help is welcome. After I had installed everything correctly and plugged everything in, I could hear my guitar sounds only faintly and my headphones made some terrible noise (seriously, it gave more crackles and pops than my Rice Krispies this morning). I tried Googling my problem and I have noticed that this is not a standalone case. Unfortunately, none of the solutions suggested in this forum or elsewhere have worked. I have tried different cables, different guitars, different headphones, all giving the same result One post suggested going to "Manage Audio Devices" in Windows Control Panel. I went there and I noticed that when I opened the tab "Recording", the crackling stopped for the most part. When I click on one of the other tabs, it comes back. When I try recording something (I use Pro Tools 10), the noise is recorded as well. Should it be necessary, I suppose I could upload an audio file containing the noise. Lastly, the laptop I use is a bit old, although it still works for everything else I use it for. I'm not sure this is relevant, but maybe it could help. I have spent hours trying to fix this but to no avail. Needless to say, this stuff is driving me nuts. Thanks a bunch! Cpt. Pancakes
  9. Hello everyone. I have a noise problem. I have my POD HD500 connected to a stereo power amp and 4 x 12 speackers. When we play with my band in rehearsals, to be playing a chord, this is not ringing and then I get feedback. I POD input 1 set to "Guitar" and input 2 to "Variax". The impedance is set will at 230K. My guitar has pickup Bill Lawrence XL500, which are not very noisy. The pickup height is correct. All cables are in perfect condition. It bothers me that I can not play a chord without the feedback appears, and it hurts to have good sustain. I attached my preset. Thank you very much in advance for your help. Sorry for my English. mesa sala.zip
  10. I just picked up a Fender Hotrod amp and have my M13 hooked up using the 4 cable method. The Fender manual tells me to use TRS cables between my effects and the amp's FX loop. I know the advantages of balanced connections, but does the M13's FX send and return support a balanced connection or would I be throwing good money away on cables that won't perform any better than regular instrument cables? (I do have a bit of noise with the 4 cable method set up, but I'm pretty sure it's a ground loop issue).
  11. Alright so im hoping i can get some good help here. So I recently upgraded from the HD500 to the 500x. As soon as i started to play on the 500X, i noticed how loud the foot switches sound. They make a terrible, loud, "click" sound when playing through an amp. Is the problem my amp or the HD500X? Should i return my 500X for another one? Or is the problem universal? As a matter of fact, any contact with the device makes that "click" sound. Pressing down on buttons, toggling switches, moving knobs, etc... Please help. Thank you.
  12. I'm having trouble with a buzzing sound on my HD 500. On a clean setting, it's more of a hiss, but once you turn on distortion, it's more of a buzz (or buzz kill, as the case may be!). It seems like a grounding issue with the device. No matter where I'm playing--at home, in the rehearsal studio, or at gigs--it's the same thing. This leads me to think it's not a problem with the quality of the electricity. I play through a few different amps, from tube to solid state, depending on the situation. Always the same problem. Also, I still get it using different guitars--Les Paul or Strat, it's the same thing. The buzzing is worse when I have the USB cable connected. It's also worse when I use distortion--the more distortion, the worse it is. I was doing some searches on this, and I see that other people have similar problems. I've tried re-setting the global settings, but no joy. I'm using the 1/4" input. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this. While recording with my POD HD500, I have noticed an issue with some kind of digital static. It's usually not a big deal when I am playing, but when I allow my guitar to ring out (typically at the end of a song), I begin to notice an strange static coming out from behind the guitars. This issue is made worse if I double track or add additional guitar tracks, as it is multiplying the noise. I'm not very audio-tech savvy, so I was hoping someone could help me locate (and possibly eliminate) the source of this noise. My guitar uses EMGX pickups. When I turn on the tuner, I get a clean, smooth DI tone with no noise whatsoever (unless I move my guitar's pickups within inches of the various electronics in my studio), making me think I should rule out the pickups. Additionally, changing cables has no effect. I've tried multiple lengths from Fender to generic, so I am also thinking I should rule out the cables. The POD HD500 makes a constant white noise when I have it on certain patches. When I use my Treadplate patch (Drive 64%, Vol 100%, no pedals, just the amp), there is constant noise whether or not I have anything plugged into the POD. Is this normal? The noise is different if I choose different amps (being most obvious on Uber, Treadplate, F-Ball and Elektrik), making me believe this is just how the amps act in real life and are thus emulated, so I think this can be ruled out. I thought maybe it was a ground loop hum, so I bought a HumX, but plugging various things into it (PC, POD, power strip) has absolutely no effect. Hopefully I can rule this out, return it, and get my money back. I've tried using noise gates, but as long as the guitar is ringing out, the static is there. It has a very digital sound, and I suspect it might be coming from my computer. If turn my guitar's volume down, I get the amp noise I was talking about earlier, but as I turn the volume up (strings muted of course), it's like I'm dialing in this digital static. Sorry for the TL;DR. My main goal here is finding out what is normal/abnormal and what I can fix (and if I can return my HumX... that thing was $60!) Thanks for the help. I'll be happy to upload some examples if they are needed.
  14. Hello all, I just received my brand new M9 in the mail. When I hit the tap tempo/looper button, there is a staticky pop noise. So far it's every time I touch it. I am using the included line 6 power adapter and it's plugged into a different outlet than my amp. The other buttons do not make any noise. This problem is at it's worse when using auto swell and particle verb as the noise builds up and creates a swell of static. Is this fixable or should I return it? Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, been getting some annoying noise when playing my EMG loaded guitar through my Pod HD Bean. My passive loaded guitar works fine. I have turned down the gain and still get noise with the EMG's...somebody had suggested that I uncheck the +18db box in the audio settings but I cant find this? I am using a Mac and are running the latest Pod HD drivers according to Line 6 Monkey... Help? Advice? Thanks!
  16. Hi! Ive had my m13 unit now for a year or so and it has worked flawlessly! I love it and its my main effects unit. My issue is, I sat down to practice from a big event I have coming up in the next few days and like normal I plugged everything in as normal and switched everything on but as soon as i engaged ANY switch on the m13 it cuts all my signal and sends an awful hum that simply doesn't let anything else through at all. I've tried multiple cables and different scenes on the unit and every patch does the same thing, lets through signal when the whole unit is bypassed but as soon as an fx on the unit is chosen it cuts all signal and sends a hum that can't be navigated around! Please Help!!
  17. Hi guys Been jamming today with my LTD SC-607B through the POD HD Bean, and all was good at first. Switched it off, came back later and then, without tweaking my patch at all, I started to get this annoying noise trailing my chugs. I have tried out a few lead cords and the same thing, and I am getting the same noise through both bridge and neck pick ups. Here is a recording of what I mean. Its driving me crazy. Like I said, it was fine just minutes earlier until I turned it off for a while. Came back and here we are. https://soundcloud.com/sdsm/my-song-2 Anybody else experienced this or something similar? I just put in a brand new battery for my EMG's too I have tried plugging the POD into other power sockets around the house and same thing I have tried another guitar with passive pick ups and same thing This comes on randomly from time to time
  18. Hello, I bought used kb37 to record guitar, bass and vocal. I use macbook pro 2012 mid and OS version is 10.9.1(Mavericks), Garageband version is v10. But I have not record anything yet because of popup noise when I connect guitar via toneport kb37 on garageband. I installed latest software like monkeys, gearbox and pod farm2 and I changed audio input/output setup to toneport kb37. I can hear guitar sound on garageband but also can hear pop up noise to play and record. I'd like to solve this problem. Thanks.
  19. good evening. as in object: could somebody tell surely what's the impedance at POD XT headphones plug? i have a 32 Ohms set and the sound quality is horrible, so I'd need to build an impedance corrector cable and to know precise values to do that. thanx, bye
  20. I am glad to have a new HD pro X in the end of this year, it sounds perfectly! However, I observe a problem that when the volume of amp models are set above 50% (my setting around 38% to 53%) or applying some EQ effect processing, there often comes some buzz or Ribbing noise sound. I use digital output (for 0 dB) and set to 96kHz, but the buzz sound are also occurred from the headphone output. Does anybody has this problem? any solution for this? Thank you so much. :)
  21. I searched through the forum but couldnt find any answers to this. When I run my PODxt through my computer I get a random really loud noise from time to time. I searched the web and found others with the same issue. The thing is that the noise only appears when I play something in the background, i.e. Spotify or Youtube. When I play thorugh the PODxt with no "background music" it is all good. I have the PODxt connected through USB, guitar and headphones plugged in to the POD. That means that all the computer-sound is going through the PODxt. I am running the latest drivers, and the computer is pretty much a clean install. any advice? brgds / Richard
  22. I have been using my POD Studio UX1 to record electric guitar DI with great success (or at least with very few technical issues) for the past few years. More recently I have ventured into the scary world of recording acoustic guitar and vocals. For this I have been using a rather low-budget dynamic microphone (Superlux TOP-258) running into the UX1 XLR input. It has always frustrated me that I cannot seem to get sufficient gain when recording my acoustic guitar this way. I have cranked the mic gain rotary nob all the way, hit the +18db boost button in POD farm, etc. I previously used Cubase to record, but have since switched to Cockos Reaper. Needless to say, the low mic gain issue persisted despite the DAW switch. Suspecting that the low gain might have something to do with my low-budget mic, I decided to invest in a Shure SM57 (the fact that I use the word "invest" in this context should give you a clear indication of my budget...), hoping that results would improve. To my dismay, however, the low mic gain issue not only remains unsolved, but actually seems worse with the SM57 than the Superlux mic. I feel somewhat at a loose end. I have seen reviews of the SM57 where it is plugged directly into some USB audio interface (just like I do with my UX1) and the artists manage to record acoustic guitar with tons of gain (or so it seems from my perspective). To make it clear: I am running the SM57 directly into the XLR input on the UX1 via an XLR-XLR cable, gain is turned up 7/8ths of the way, directly into my DAW (any more mic gain and the white noise becomes rediculous). The gain when recording vocals (using only a pop-filter between the vocalist and the mic) is acceptable, but still not fantastic. The noise to signal ratio when recording my acoustic guitar, though, is atrocious. Can any one offer advice as to what the problem may be? Could it be the XLR cable? Could there be something worng with my UX1? Is the amount of maximum amount of gain I can hope to get out of the UX1 simply to little to ever be able to record acoustic guitar with a dynamic mic at an acceptable signal-to-noise ratio? Any inputs are appreciated, though may I kindly request that you refrain from suggestions that I purchase a condenser mic (I have noted a trend on these forums to recommend condenser mics as a sort of panacea to any type of mic gain query, even when the purchase thereof is not an option (for whatever reason) to the OP. Given the UX1's lack of phantom power, purchase of a condenser mic would in any case neccesarily imply purchasing a different audio interface, in which event I may as well consider getting an entirely different interface with better preamps and, more importantly, more input gain than the UX1.)
  23. The Spider Valve Mk II series of amplifiers are designed for live performance environments, especially the 100 watt version of the amp. There are rare use cases where, when the volume is set very low ( like an apartment, or bedroom), and specific combinations of Channel and Master Volume are set, the possibility for popping noises when switching between certain patches is present. These noises are brief and, in most cases, are not very loud, depending on the patch configuration. As this is not the normal use case environment that this amplifier was designed for, Line 6 will not be addressing this specific issue on this model.
  24. martymetz3

    Pitch Question

    Hi, One other minor thing I notice with my HD500 is when I have a high pitch shift (More than +12.0), I notice if I play a single not it sounds fine, but if I combine notes together or have one ringing then pluck another one or play a whole chord, sometimes it tends to make the sound "pixelated or digital." I don't know if the example of the sound I provide makes sense. Basically if I have a high octave setting and play more than one note, it tends to sound bad haha. Like I said, minor problem, not a big deal. Thank you, Marty PS) You guys are the best!! Thanks for all the help!
  25. Could anyone tell me if I'm able to get rid of this crackle sound that I get everytime I hit a chord? I tried to upload the patch but a message said that I am not permitted to do that. I noticed the crackle less on the P-75 but I really like the sound of the Plexi. I'm sure that this has been covered but my search did not bring up anything. Thanks in advance. POD HD_Noise-Crackle.mp3
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