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  1. Dear all, I hope you can help me: my Variax 700 is not recognized in any way by neither the x3live, hd500 or workbench. I just got this Variax 700 second hand, from a dude who was using it with a hd500, I went ahead and plugged it in my x3live with a ethernet cable (non crossover, used to connect to the house router) and nothing happened. Connected to a HD500, same story, nothing happened. Here's the tests I've done: 1. Connect guitar with regular guitar audio cable to the pedalboard (with battery in): works and plays 2. Connect guitar to x3/pod hd500 via ethernet cable, set inputs for the patch to "VARIAX": no sounds, pod does not show any messages that anything is connected 3. Connect guitar to pod hd500 via ethernet cable, connect pod with usb cable to laptop, run workbench HD: no instrument connected 4. Connect guitar to pod hd500 via ethernet cable, connect pod with usb cable to laptop, run workbench 1.75: no instrument connected Am I missing something? I tried with two different ethernet cables, but no luck. I'm starting to think the guitar ethernet/vdi connection is faulty. Any other test I could try?
  2. just picked up my new jtv-89f today, got home. plugged it in and the A-string piezo pickup is not working, anyone have that problem?
  3. Pod Farm 2.56 with reaper (DAW) through Line 6 UX1 with my guitar Today for some random reason the effects of Pod Farm on my tracks are not working. The program itself opens and functions normally, and recognizes that a recorded is playing. The volume and input and output knobs are all on, and the amps and models all seem to load, yet when i play a track back or play an instrument with immediate playback, all i get is the clean, uneffected sound of the guitar. Tried reinstalling and restarting my computer and I get the same results. What gives?
  4. Hey, Just bought a POD X3 Live from a friend, he said his POD worked with the Monkey program. I have tried just about everything, but windows 7 doesn't recognize the pod, and Line6 monkey/gearbox say its not plugged in. Do I have to put the device in usb mode or something, what am I doing wrong. I really don't want to have to get my money back from this guy, this device is pretty cool... Thanks, godbless. Device: POD X3 LIVE OS: WIN7 64 BIT CPU: I5 3570 (3.8GHZ) GPU: HD 7750 RAM: 8GB 1600MHZ HD: 500GB, 250GB, 160GB
  5. Hi, I have a Spider IV 150 HD head and cab. It is about 3 years old, and I've used it for tons of shows. Recently, especially after unloading it after a show, when I plug in my guitar, it acts like it is going to work, then the volume will go off, then come back in short burst lasting no more than a second or two. When I try to hit a note or strum the guitar, it makes a popping sound, but if I hold the note, the volume will act fine for a few seconds, then go off again. This will happen very randomly. I can sit and practice for 2 hours, then it will start acting up and won't work again for a while. Then it will randomly starting working fine again and be fine for days or even weeks. I've been very careful with it when unloading it and using it. Although it has been used in very cold and very hot temperatures. I have some important shows coming up, and don't want this to randomly start happening in the middle of the performance, so was just wondering if there was anything I could do to prevent this. I am going to try a factory reset, but it could be days before I know it this truly worked. Not sure if this matters but the guitars that this has happened with are an ESP LTD EC-1000FR and a Sterling JP-70. Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi I'm new to UX1 and have been having a load of trouble getting going... I was using MBox2 with Pro Tools Le but after installing Mavericks it stopped working (a common problem I have discovered) so I researched and found that UX1 is supposed to be fine with Mavericks. I have installed everything as per instructions and have authorised computer and device with Line 6 licence manager. If I try to log in with Line 6 monkey, it tells me I'm not conected to the internet (even though I am and I can log in on the line 6 site) then when I fire up Pod Farm2 I get the following error message - 'pod farm2 - pod farm failed to initialise L6twxy framework (code0x8000e00a)'. I don't have a clue what to do about that It's starting to do my head in. Any suggestions or tutorials that might help me bearing in mind I'm not a total technical moron but I'm not a techie ether
  7. Ok so first I need to say I love this guitar,but I am starting to get bad taste in my mouth. MY JTV59 was working fine, I was learning on how to use in studio environment. I had a message come on lin6 monkey tell me updates were available and also was having trouble with JAVA and so forth. So I updated JAVA software directly from their site. Tells me I need to remove old versions and that in doing so might have trouble with certain programs and all that. I download from LINE6 the appropiate updates for my gear and now when I try to connect my variax workbench into my guitar it either is dead or very spotty, garbled. If I push the button to turn it off it will go back to standard electric but when you press the buttone, KNOB or what ever to turn it on it does not work. I have updated my PC before I have new chords , it was working fine before I installed new vx workbench HD. 2nd) problem is on the original variax work bench software you can save and back up alt tunings, but on the new HD version you can only save unless I am missing something you cannot LOAD previous tunings. Which is a drag for I save many to work with and now I am out of the water. I make music for a living and need my gear to work. Not totally freaking out for I know it will be resolved. Does anyone have any other issues and is this common? I have had many problems thru out my career and been able to figure most stuff out but this boggles me? If I figure it out I will let you all know. Please help someone show me the way as peter frampton once said :) I am working in Sonar X2 Producer edition 64 bit and 32 PC Windows 7 Pentium Mark Allan Wolfe www.markallanwolfe.com
  8. PLEASE HELP!! everything was right before i connect a Digitech footswitch (Control 2) to my Pod HD Pro !!!! now it doesn't work and when i turn it on, nothing happen. i'v tried to connect via USB but it seems dead :unsure: is there any trick to start it again? :(
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