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Found 24 results

  1. Hi! This is my first post in the forums and I'm a somewhat new HX Stomp user. I have used the M9 in a similar setup but upgraded to the stomp for added versatility of running direct in live and studio situations. For me, the Stomp is mostly taking care of time-based and modulation effects. My typical setup is tuner > compressor > overdrive > boost > hx stomp. From there, I either run the stomp direct to the PA (being careful to change the output to line level) or into the front of my Deluxe Reverb (with instrument level output impedance). So far, everything sounds great except when I engage my Katana Boost. I typically run boosts after overdrives to give me more volume for leads. When not using the stomp, engaging a boost after an overdrive gives me more volume for solos. When running into the input of the stomp, however, I have found that engaging a boost actually results in more compression and less volume. For context, I do not use any of the HX stomp overdrive models and my input impedance is set for instrument level. I've tried three different overdrive pedals (Nobels ODR-1, Tube Screamer, and Wampler Euphoria) and the boosts I've tried after the drives (all with the same results) are the Keeley Katana, Fulltone 2B boost, and Xotic EP Booster. With each of these, no matter how high I turn the volume (without any extra gain stages after the boost), the resulting sound to the amp or the board is more compressed and lower in volume. I removed my compressor and tuner from the signal chain and tested my patch cables to try to isolate the issue to just my overdrives, boosts, and stomp. No matter the combination of boost after overdrive, the result is the same. To ensure it's not an issue with my amp, I further isolated my boost / overdrive pedals and bypassed the stomp entirely. When I engage the boost after the overdrive directly into the amp, the sound is what I would expect - still overdriven but with more volume. Once the stomp enters the signal chain and I engage the boost pedal after the overdrive, the volume drops. It's as if the stomp is unable to accommodate the additional output from the boost and the overdrive. I would expect this to happen if I were running a boost into an overdrive but it seems odd when running a boost after an overdrive. I should also note that I have tried this same setup with in both analog and DSP bypass. I have also changed the global EQ to have a few dB extra output at the end of the stomp's six blocks with the same results. This also occurs whether or not any of my other blocks on the stomp are engaged. As I said, I am new to the forum. And if there is already a topic on this, please point me in that direction. Any theories / help would be appreciated. Andrew
  2. Hello Helix users, I use Helix LT since one year ago, and sometimes I face a buzz noise that I can not fix. It happens when using overdrive or increasing the gain of the amp (for blues tone for instance), indeed I can hear a buzz noise in the "background" of the sound. When I use clean sound or high distortion and fuzz, it is OK. It is really annoying because it prevents me to use the tones I like. I use single coil guitars (telecaster & semi hollowbody), I think it is worse with semi hollowbody guitar. I use 3.01 version (latest). I tried to change cables, but it did not fixed the issue. I use the helix only, (plug my guitar into, and hearing with appropriate headphones) I attached 1 sound sample and preset. Did someone ever face this issue ? I would really appreciate some help, as it is frustrating to not to use the helix as I would like to. Thanks! Buzz_noise.wav C Pri GliD SufLo.hlx
  3. I have a question about a problem I have. I got a new amp for Christmas. It is a Stage right 40 watt combo amp, the presets don't sound like they should. I am not getting the overdrive sounds that I should be getting. I have the PG plugged into the fx return jack. What am I doing wrong? Help please! I got great overdrive and distortion sounds from my old Carvin AG100D.
  4. Well that, another geek test. Maybe someone is interested. Greetings. The Models: - Kinky Boost Based on: Xotic® EP Booster - Deranged Master Based on: Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster - Minotaur Based on: Klon® Centaur - Teemah! Based on: Paul Cochrane Timmy® Overdrive - Heir Apparent Based on: Analogman Prince of Tone (basically half a King of Tone) - Tone Sovereign Based on: Analogman King of Tone V4 - Alpaca Rouge Based on: Way Huge® Red Llama (modded) - Compulsive Drive Based on: Fulltone® OCD - Dhyana Drive Based on: Hermida Zendrive - Horizon Drive Based on: Horizon Devices Precision Drive - Valve Driver Based on: Chandler Tube Driver - Top Secret OD Based on: DOD® OD-250 - Scream 808 Based on: Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer® - Hedgehog D9 Based on: MAXON® SD9 Sonic Distortion - Stupor OD Based on: BOSS® SD-1 Overdrive - Deez One Vintage Based on: BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (classic Made-in-Japan version) - Deez One Mod Based on: BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (Keeley mod version) - Ratatouille Dist Based on: 1984 Pro Co RAT - Vermin Dist Based on: Pro Co RAT - KWB Based on: Benadrian Kowloon Walled Bunny Distortion - Legendary Drive Based on: Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive (high gain channel) - Swedish Chainsaw Based on: BOSS® HM-2 Heavy Metal Distortion (Made in Japan black label) - Arbitrator Fuzz Based on: Arbiter® FuzzFace® - Pocket Fuzz Based on: Inspired by the Jordan Boss Tone fuzz - Bighorn Fuzz Based on: 1973 Electro-Harmonix® Ram's Head Big Muff Pi - Triangle Fuzz Based on: Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff π® - Ballistic Fuzz Based on: Euthymia ICBM fuzz - Industrial Fuzz Based on: Z.Vex Fuzz Factory - Tycoctavia Fuzz Based on: Tycobrahe® Octavia - Wringer Fuzz Based on: Garbage's modded BOSS® FZ-2 - Thrifter Fuzz Based on: Line 6 Original - Xenomorph Fuzz Based on: Subdecay Harmonic Antagonizer - Megaphone Based on: Megaphone - Bitcrusher Based on: Line 6 Original The Gear: - Duesenberg Starplayer Tv Mike Campbell - Fender Telecaster '53 Relic - Deluxe Reverb Amp '65 Reissue - Beyerdynamic M88 - AKG 414 XLS - UAD Apollo Twin (Neve 1073 Preamps) - Logic Pro X
  5. FREE EJ Inspired Preset 1.1 for HX STOMP Thanks for checking this out! Tackling such a legendary tone is always a work in progress! Here are some details and tips for using this preset I built: Footswitch 1 - For dirty rhythm tones Footswitch 2 - For lead tone (use bridge PU and roll off tone) Footswitch 3 - Option to add chorus to clean sound (Extras: Footswitch 5 is delay on/off) My tip for setting this preset to your guitar’s output level: Go to the clean setting on the preset, go to your bridge pickup and hit it hard, try to get the slightest amount of breakup. If you need more or less, adjust it from the GAIN on the AMP block. (I had to turn up my Strat to at least 6.5 on the AMP block GAIN) Remember - the lead sound is meant to be used with the bridge pickup of the guitar with the tone knob rolled down. You will have to experiment with how much. (For me on my PRS it is about half way) - You are looking to remove the “stringiness” from the tone to get the smooth overdrive sound. (Stratocasters are NOT wired this way by default for some reason - for strats I think it’s way more useful to have tone control over the bridge and neck pickups rather than the middle and neck) Try the two above tips before trying to adjust any of the EQ on the pedal or amp blocks. A lot of EJ’s tone also comes from his hands, his articulation choices, his vibrato, and his picking strategy (economy picking). - Not to mention his crazy amp and pedal switching setup. This patch was built for HX Stomp (in mono) so it is minimal compared to what I could do to simulate EJ’s rig and tone using more DSP and blocks. For HX Stomp users - there is a bonus open block slot to add a lower DSP effect of your choice like compressor, delay, reverb, modulation, fx loop, volume pedal, wah, etc. If there was more processing power I would use the new poly sustain to get the live “Cliffs of Dover” freeze delay sound (this would be something to add for anyone using larger Helix models). I would also have a stereo option for the patch as well as try to recreate his Fuzz lead sound. If you dial it in take a video and tag me! I’ll continue making free presets and I’ll also have preset packs for sale soon. Follow me on Instagram and YouTube if you’re interested in keeping up to date with those! I am available for online private guitar/music lessons and I can also make custom designed presets and tones for you and your guitar/gear - feel free to contact me! I also can do recording remotely from my home studio. If you want to make a donation for the preset I have a venmo account. Thanks for the support! - David Feily Music FREE EJ 1.1 - DF.hlx
  6. Hey guys! I'm looking for a JFET style od to go with my absent guitar pedalboard but don't know all the circuits on the OD's available to us. Help a brother out!
  7. Hola, soy Fran de Argentina, he comprado mi helix lt hace un tiempo y queria ayuda para lograr conseguir el sonido del siguiente video, sugerencias de amps, delay, etc... Muchas Gracias!!!
  8. Hey Line6! Just wanted to make a couple requests for some models for these AMAZING overdrives Bondi Effects Del Mar Overdrive 1981 Inventions DRV Snouse Electric Company BlueLine Professional Overdrive
  9. In my past I managed to achieve a really nice distorted tone with the POD Screamer. Recently I tried to recreate that tone with real pedals and noticed that it sounded nothing like that which shouldn't be a suprise because the Pod-Screamer has Bass and Treble controls which the real Tube Screamer doesn't have. So what exactly is the real model of the POD-Screamer? The only thing I found with Bass and Treble controls is the ''Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive'', ''Ibanez TSB9'' and a Behringer-Copy of the Boss. I wouldn't mind buying one of these pedals but I don't really know if they do the same as the POD-Screamer since they're all bass pedals. Any experiences or suggestions (except buying and trying :D) ?
  10. Hi Everyone, I have been in search of a juicy, thick clean and overdrive tone, something which i can see Boss GT1000 and Fractal FX are phenomenally capable of, whereas, I have not been able to get there. When I say thick clean & overdrive tone, i mean the high notes are ringing with lots of juice, whether clean or in overdrive/distortion. Here are some examples - For overdrive/distortion - Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Forgive me if this has been answered a million times already, but I'm having trouble getting a straight answer. I have a POD HD300 and want to know if I can use two effects from the FX1 category. For example, if I want to use the Blue Compressor and the Tube Screamer clone for a patch, is there a way to make use of both of them? Am I stuck using either the compressor or the overdrive effect? Thanks!
  12. Hi - Relative newbie here. I have set up a new patch using a US Deluxe Normal with a little drive, great clean tone that just gets to breakup. Before that in the chain, I'm using send-receive out to a drive pedal that I really like, with the drive low but the volume high, to really push the US Deluxe and it works really great, sounds wonderful. (I realize I could prob do this with the Minotaur just as easily, since i'm mostly using the pedal to push the volume). However, my issue is that (of course) when I bring in the drive pedal it doesn't just raise the crunch, but it really raises the volume a fair amount. Is there a way to push the amp without raising the volume as much? I could obviously turn the volume down on the pedal, but that'd result in pushing the amp less and lose some of the great crunch. I thought of maybe adding a volume effect later in the chain after the amp and reducing the volume and tying that to the same foot switch/button, not entirely sure how to do that. Maybe there's another/better way to do this? I certainly don't mind a little volume boost, but right now it's too much. (Makes things sound really quiet/flat when I turn it off). Any help appreciated. Ed
  13. Hi there! My first post here! I been playing with my new HD500X but it is giving me such a hard time to get a good amp overdriven sound. Before you help me listening to the sounds I recorded, let me say that I am using headphones, Output is set to "direct", amps + cabinet simulation are on. POD is updated Flash 1.30 When using a Fender amp (Twin or Dlx) on my humbucker bridge pickup I am getting this sound: (first bridge pickup clean ---> Tube Overdrive --> Neck+Bridge clean) I find it to be really bad, the amp when starts to overdrive sound more like fret buzzing. Then I turn on the "Tube Overdrive" pedal, everything still sound so thin and buzzy. Only at the end of the recording you can hear a good tone when I add the Neck pickup. Do you find this sound to be the normal sound of a Fender Deluxe or Twin when starting to break up? Is my pod damaged? Here's the sound of a JCM800, I thinks it is kinda too "buzzy"(when it should be crunchy), please tell me what do you think: (Bridge Humbucker pickup) Does you pod sound like this too?
  14. THANKS, for your interest . . ( Replies, Welcome !! ) I assure you of personal experience (music production), that the following info will provide you with a satisfying result; based on the Marshall 1959/ 1987 amplifiers. That said, I have ultimately gained the sound-knowledge of these musical machines; whether such be 6L6, or EL34-based TONES. Otherwise, for practical reasons I choose to record through the orig. Line 6 Pod HD Pro modeler, as well . . Example : I have created a personal program patch which, has an uncanny sonic-resemblance to those particular EL34-loaded amps. An alternative speaker cabinet *(1x12) was substituted for the typical, matching 4 x12 (due to overall, sweeter tonality). Provided below, are the exact settings I employ for recording purposes : Vintage, Marshall-Style Amplifier 1.) Distortion/ Tube Drive : 84%, Bass 51%, Mid 2%, Treble 41%, Output 75% 2.) Dynamics/ Blue Comp : Sustain 14%, Level 98% 3.) Dynamics/ Boost Comp : Drive 70%, Bass 50%, Comp 5%, Treble 40%, Output 53% 4.) Brit P-75 : *112 BF Deluxe, 421 Dynamic 5.) Volume A : -3.0 dB, Pan A/ L 96% 6.) Volume B : +1.0 dB, Pan B/ R 91% 7.) Studio EQ : Low Freq. 700 Hz, Low Gain -1, High Freq 200 Hz, High Gain -1.1, Gain -0.4 8.) Reverb : '63 Spring, Decay 19%, P. Delay 21 Ms, Tone 27%, Mix 84%, 9.) FX Loop : Send -25.0, Return +14.0, Mix 92%.
  15. I hope this post goes through: Recently I was editing setting "5C" on my POD-XT Live and I've totally screwed it up, somehow, from what its "default" setting normally is (I'm too much of a wuss to seriously edit some of the effects because I know I'll forget what the default settings are) and I don't know how to "edit" it as-it-is to get the default effect setting back!!! Can someone please help me out???
  16. I'm assuming these 4 fx loops are not true bypass, correct? I run two overdrives for crunch and lead tones into a separate preamp, and I've been running them before the Helix with great results. The only downside is that I can't program the overdrives that way. So, I tried tossing the ODs in a loop at the start of the signal chain and the preamp in a loop for the following block. The switching works exactly how I want, but I'm getting a not-so-tolerable white hiss when playing the clean setting :( I've tried messing with noise gates, in different parts of the path even, but still no luck on getting rid of that bleed through. If somebody has a fix for this, I will give them numerous e-high fives.
  17. I couldn't find anything on this by searching the forum, but has anyone tried using a preamp block as if it were an overdrive/distortion block. I got the idea from seeing the number of overdrive pedals being marketed as being a "Marshall in a box," and I expect they are modeled on the preamps of Marshall amps. If that makes a good overdrive, then maybe a model of an actual preamp would work similarly. An obvious downside is how much more DSP a preamp block requires over an overdrive block. But assume we have DSP to spare for this preset. I tried this using the Brit 2204 preamp into the WhoWatt amp/cab. My thinking was, the 2204 gives a lot of gain, and the WhoWatt seems to have a lot of headroom to accomodate a strong signal, but still accepts overdriven signals well. The result was acceptable, but I had to turn the treble on the 2204 preamp all the way down, and the bass most of the way up to get something like the sound I was expecting. I should have tried it with less gain-heavy preamps, but I don't have my Helix with me at the moment. I have a couple questions: 1. Does anyone know whether the preamp blocks actually send a "louder" signal than an overdrive block? (For that matter, do physical preamps send higher amplitude signals than physical overdrive pedals?) 2. Do the "amp in a box" pedals attempt to model just the preamp stage, or do they attempt to also model the power amp, just at a low amplitude? 3. Has anyone else tried this and, if so, what combinations worked?
  18. I've been trying to find specs on the Helix's FX loops where it states how many decibels of boost they can handle. I like to use one of my Wyldes Overdrives in front of an amp with the volume cranked. This is fine in front of a tube amp, but I don't know about the Helix. I know with my TC Electronic G-System, I couldn't, because it could possibly damage the unit.
  19. jamesnlcc1


    Still not finding a good overdrive pedal that doesn't get fuzzy. Looking for a U2 rock-like tone. Thoughts?
  20. Hey friends! I've restarted that epic quest for the right tone. Previously I had loved the AC30, particularly for its wonderful overdrive (I'd use a boost/compressor for juice, no overdrive pedal needed), but its clean tone was not warm enough. So I experimented and fell in love with the BF-Double VIB(Fender twin reverb). Rich, warm tone yet with clarity, especially through the DT-25 amp! However, its overdrive is farty and bloated (name that quote). I started experimenting with overdrive pedals but nothing compares to the AC30's natural drive tone. Anyone have any suggestions? Alternative amp models with a warm, full clean and a warm but tight, crunchy overdrive? Distortion pedals that actually sound good (not fuzzy or farty)? Extra notes: For an overdrive, I hate it when notes seem to fight each other and it gets all buzz-sawey or farty / indistinct. My Rig: Fender Strat American Deluxe (with a Tele bridge pickup) HD500 DT-25 Amp
  21. I LOVE the Blackface Double Vibrato clean tone - warm yet with clarity! But its overdrive is farty, loose, and unpleasant (much prefer a crunch, tight AC30-like overdrive). Anyone experimented with comparing the BFx2 NRM vs VIB models? I think the VIB model is brighter, but the manual's description says it has "clipping characteristics that are different than the Normal channel due to an additional 12AX7 tube stage"... perhaps this causes the farty overdrive I'm experiencing?
  22. there have been tons of questions over the years about where to put your pedals and how to get the best tone. Everyone always references gain staging as the most important piece of the equation. Well the video below is probably one of the best I have ever seen explaining how gain staging works, what to look for, where to place pedals, etc... a bit long but definitely worth the watch!
  23. Hello all, I think this is my first post, so thanks for the opportunity! I am very fond of my M5, and I want to buy the M9, as I think it's a fantastic concept and the quality is well worth the price, but I have one problem I'd like to find a solution to. The overdrive/distortion modelling section is pretty good, I wasn't expecting wanting to use many of the models, but I really like the Fuzz Face style model (haven't compared to an original) and actually many others. Problem is I tend to play at neighbour friendly volumes, and the factory output levels are super hot, and way out of proportion with the rest of the models, so I have to mute my guitar while browsing the models, as the output resets to factory settings with each new model, which is quite annoying. Is there a way to keep the output levels down? I have no expression pedal for the M5 yet, would that work as a volume pedal with the distortion section? Thanks for reading, and any helpful answers. SD
  24. I've recently been trying to dial in a solid high gain "tremonti" tone but can't quite reach it. What Im experimenting with now is Metal red with medium gain + a stomp effect to boost. I'd like to stick with the screamer because a green screamer boosting a metal amp at medium gain is a combination I'm very familiar with BUT it's just not boosting the gain enough without needing to turn up the screamers drive, which kind of defeats the purpose. If I crank the amps gain, I get the fizz. If I drop the highs, I get mud. Not only that but it's way to middy. I like mids, but this stomp effect seems to be all mids or none. Does anyone have any advice or experience in this type of tone setup?
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