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Found 70 results

  1. Hi There! I have a POD HD PRO, but i´m thinking to seell it to buy the new POD HD PRO X, to get more versatility in the patches (signal chain prosessing). My question is: Is it possible to transfer all i have in the HD PRO through the Line6 edit, the setlists and patches,etc.. to the PRO X with no problems and changes in the sounds i´ve made ? Thank you
  2. First time messing with the HD Edit software, trying to create a patch with a harmonizer. But I want the harmony to be a half step, to achieve an affect similar to what you would hear in a Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza song. I assume the effect I would use would be the frequency shifter, but how would I set it to get a half step harmony?
  3. Hi, I'm new to the pod hd500. Ive been going thru the manual, searching online and vids on youtube but i'm still not quite clear as to how to transfer patches that I've downloaded from here. When I bought my hd500, the first things that I did was download the hd500 Edit and the line 6 monkey. I updated the firmware and so on... I then started looking for patches thru the website here and download a few into a folder I created. When I plugged in hd500 to my pc and opened the hd500 edit software I was not able to find where these patches were and how to use and save them to the unit. Can anybody help with this? thanks in advance!
  4. I finally got my HD500X and it is amazing. This may not be the problem but when i turn on the POD i see total 16 factory presets. But after 16D it again goes back to 1A. I don't want to change the factory presets but need to make something new in user presets. How can I go to user presets?
  5. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug coming from POD HD Edit or the hardware unit itself but it's VERY annoying. I already lost some custom presets because of it. What's happening is when I'm tweaking then saving my presets on the POD or POD HD Edit, the preset is saved in the location I specified (let's say setlist 3, 12B) but it's also sometime duplicated and saved in another setlist (setlist 2 for ex, 12B) erasing whatever preset was populating the 12B space. Unfortunately I can't replicate this issue as it seems to happen randomly. The duplicate always saves in the same preset spot as the original (for ex. 14C) but in a different setlist. But it's happening quite often to be VERY annoying and frustrating, especially when you discover a duplicate of your Metallica preset in your Pop Rock setlist, erasing the Santana preset you have been tweaking to perfection for months... Oddly I could only find one thread mentioning this exact same issue: http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/91585 Maybe it's the way we both use POD HD Edit or the POD. The POD factory setlists are loaded, leaving me with 3 empty setlists I populated and are now almost full. My setlists are organized as follow: 1/ Metal 2/ Pop Rock Acoustic 3/ Ambient FX that's why it's easy for me to spot a preset that doesn't belong to one or other setlist. To save a patch I either use the SAVE button on the POD or send it from POD HD Edit to the POD. I sometime reorganize my setlists moving patches all over the place, and I'm always very careful to what I do so when there's a duplicate, it's not user error. The only workaround I found (which is actually not really a workaround) is to save my preset bundle before editing, and then again in another file after editing so I can compare both bundles preset after preset and see the changes. Very annoying once again, but at least this way I'm not losing any patch. This really needs to get fixed.
  6. This is a little hard to explain because I'm not a native speaker, but I'll do my best. When I have my PodHD500x in the ABCD (FS) mode I can change between the 4 patches of the bank. What is a problem for me is that when I'm in a patch and I edit it using the FS1-4 switches, and change to other one, and then I return to the first patch, it would go back to the original settings. Is there a way in which I can change between patches in ABCD mode and they don't return to original settings if I edit them with the FS1-4 buttons? I've seen that this same thing does happen when I have the pod connected to the pc editing mode with the software. But it doesn't work when is not connected. If this could be posible, i would be so grateful. I hope I make myself understand. Thanks for any help you could give. Have an awesome day.
  7. Man there is a MAJOR flaw in the POD HD500X. The Controller position does not update when changing patches. So when you change a patch it reverts to the volume that was stored with the patch. That is a HUGE flaw when playing live and is also an amatuer way of doing things, most unacceptable. Too bad because I love the way it sounds but that makes it impossible to use live.
  8. why if your searching tones for example slash cant you not click on the downloads or ratings and bring them up in order of what is best rather then make us go though 100 pages? that's so Annoying :wacko:
  9. Hello friends! I need to transfer all my settings from HD500 to HD PRO There is some kind of help? I'll also need to do the same from HD PRO to HD PRO X Thank you!
  10. I downloaded Lincoln Brewster's official HD500 presets from here http://www.lincolnbrewster.com/podpatches/ And specifically, the one named Lincoln_Brewster_Main_2012.h5e For some reason, this preset is much much louder than any preset I create myself without messing too much with the volume settings. I've turned off every effect/amp block and checked all of the levels, including DEPs and none are really any different than any settings I use in my patches, and this patch is still much louder than any of my patches. The only difference I can see is that at the mixer he has both R and L set to Center instead of the default !00% Left and 100% Right. Changing that makes some difference, but it seems like the volume difference is more than just that. I also changed the extension to .5xe to import on my HD500X. That shouldn't make any difference, should it? Is there something else I'm missing, or does centering the Mixer block actually really make that much difference in overall volume without actually changing any volume parameters?
  11. Just a heads up for everybody. While I appreciate that there are thousands of patches available for download, quite frankly, most of them suck. They rarely sound anything like the original artist. I stumbled upon some fantastic patches (although they are not free). There is a guy on eBay (1sleestak2many) that is selling HD500 patches that he states are handmade. Most of the patches sold on eBay are strictly copies from the Line 6 site, but this guy apparently has done quite a bit of research and built some nice ones. He's selling about 120 patches for $25, but they are some of the most popular artists and there are numerous genres covered. He told me via email that he builds them using a solid state Fender amp set as neutral as possible and often gigs straight from his HD500 into a mixing board. Most of them are spot on in my opinion, and I use many of them for my own original songs. Just thought I'd throw a bone to my fellow guitarists that are seeking good tone.
  12. I searched for many patches which I did not find in customtone. I am starting this topic so that many of the POD HD400 user can benefit. You can request for the HD400 patches here.
  13. I wanted to get the IV 120 watt model, but i hear with the bigger amps, there is an audio delay changing patches, which would make sound quality live, bad. How many experiences have you heard or experienced with this? If I was playing with a band, wouldn't this delay be drowned out by the band, and secondary guitarist, if the patch is changed and timed right, not at the last possible millsecond?
  14. Hi everyone, i am in desperate need of a quick `fix` here as i have several gigs coming up, i will explain best i can as to the problem and hope someone can help as Line 6 themselves cant! This has happened 3 times now in the last 3-4 months : ( usually at the worst possible times) I have the SV 212 Mk2 40w Combo and use the FBV shortboard Mk2 . I have ABCD patches set up as Clean/Crunch/Distortion/Lead ,(i have several banks setup in a similar way with different sounds and it affects them all), the problem is sometimes the Distortion channel loses its sound, not totally, just the distortion, i am left with basically a `bare` sound ( slightly crunch) and i think there is a loss in volume too, the distortion sound just disappears, and the other channels suffer too although the clean channel not so much ( but does lose clarity) ........ hard to say how i manage to get it back, as i shut alll down, unplug everything, restart, the usual routine when theres a problem,.....this dosent `fix` the issue though as it can takes several attempts and sometimes not at all. Strangely if its left alone for a while and i fire it up it seems to be ok. The issue isn`t always there as i have done several 2 hr gigs since the problem started without issue and other times it has happened before ive even really started to play anything. I have a new CAT cable so thats not the problem. The problem seems to appear even at lowish volumes I have seen another user in the forums whos problem was like mine, ( who i have tried to contact), and there was a reply that it may be the valves ( valve!?) Could this be the case? Its very erratic therefore i am reluctant to send to Line 6 as it could spend weeks on a test bench without the problem arrising Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  15. Does anyone no how to make a decent patch with both a clean and distortion sound in it. for instance, instead of switching from 1A to 1B, I can just stay on 1A with a clean sound, and flip on the overdrive as needed. I can't seem to get the distortion pedals to make a decent sound
  16. Hello. I am using my PODHD500 for worship music, and it would be nice to be able to put in a specific number for delay tempo, as opposed to using tap tempo or by setting tempo in HD Edit. Is there a way do do this, or am I being way too picky? I checked out other threads but all I saw was talk about ms delays and about using tap tempo with a clicktrack to set tempo. Yes, a clicktrack is helpful and all for preparing patches for a set, but an alternative would be nice. Anybody? Thanks! James
  17. I want the patches for the songs of poets of the fall. please help..
  18. I have 5 banks filled with patches which used to work perfectly fine. Now all four patches of the first bank work fine, but when I change bank, like to the second one, there is no sound from any patch, even in the third bank, only the third patch of the 3rd bank has sound, and only the second and third patches of the the fourth bank has sound, this is a really weird problem, I have never faced this before. But when I connect the unit through POD HD Edit software and double press any patch from any bank, there is perfect sound. I have tried reinstalling firmware, but nothing has helped. Please help?
  19. Hi, I own a dream rig JTV89, HD500, DT25 Head. I have some Problems to dial in nice sounds (AC/DC, Deep Purple, Dire Straits ....) I there a collection of good patches for the dream rig? At custom tones there is no Differentiation between HD500 and Dream Rig. Thanks alot Thomas
  20. Step 1: First, you will need to know where your tones reside on your computer. In this example, the path/location will be: C:\Documents and Settings\(User Account Name)\My Documents\Line 6\Tones\Line 6 Edit\Downloaded Tones. Keep in mind that "Downloaded Tones" is an arbitrarily created folder to organize the downloaded patches. Step 2: Open Line 6 Edit: Step 3: The LEFT window of the Line 6 edit program represents your computer's hard drive. The RIGHT window represents the Patch Locations of your connected Line 6 USB hardware device (in this case, a POD XT Live). Browse to the correct location of your saved patches (mentioned in Step 1) in the LEFT window. Step 4: In our example, we will transfer the "AC 30" tone from our hard drive over to the POD XT Live Location #1A. Step 5: Highlight the desired patch in the LEFT window. Step 6: highlight the location (1A) on the device in the RIGHT window. Step 7: Click on the "Selected SEND" button in the CENTER window: Step 8: Note the red-yellow "Exclamation" mark in the transfered "AC 30" in location 1A. This indicates that it is a temporary buffer transfer. In order to finalize your transfer, you will need to click on the "SYNC" button in the lower right-hand corner of the ToneLocker window. Step 9: After clicking on "SYNC", you will be prompted to confirm the transfer. Select "Write Selected Tones to (Device)". Step 10: Another confirmation message "This will write the selected modified Tones..." will appear, select "YES": Wait for the transfer to take place (don't make any changes to your gear or unplug the unit): After completing these steps, your Device will have the desired Patch/Tone saved to the location specified. The same procedure can be used for "bundles" of tones as well.
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