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Found 33 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to use pod farm 2 with a direct connection from my guitar to my computer via a Tracklink Guitar to USB Interface USQ-110 and using ASIO4ALL for compatibility, but the latency makes it unusable. I've tried everything I can think of in order to get it down. I've tried turning the buffer rate all the way down to 64 samples and switching to Reaper, but neither worked. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help!
  2. Version française. Deutsche Version. We have discovered that even if you've authorized your POD Farm 2 license with Line 6 License Manager, GarageBand 10 on OSX 10.9 will not allow you to use POD Farm as an AU plug-in on an audio track. The plug-in window launches showing that plug-in is not authorized. To ensure the plug-in is working as it should, we encourage you to test it on another DAW, such as Reaper, which is a free download. GarageBand 10 changes the location where the authorization files are found. However, there's a workaround to try: 1. Authorize your computer (or Hardware / L6 Device) - using License Manager 2. Start up Pod Farm (not plugin) and see that things are working okay 3. Copy the entire ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort folder into: ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort (create that folder path as needed) NOTE: You may get a pop-up from the OS asking you to lower your security settings to use this AU. You will not be allowed to use POD Farm, or other certain plug-ins, until this settings change is made. If you continue to have issues with POD Farm 2 after trying the workaround, please contact Apple Support at the link below for assistance with configuring GarageBand's security settings to allow POD Farm 2 to be authorized: http://www.apple.com/support/contact/ Nous avons découvert même si vous avez autorisé votre licence POD Farm 2 avec le Line 6 License Manager, GarageBand 10 sur OSX 10.9 ne vous laisse pas utiliser POD Farm comme AU plugin avec une piste audio. La fenêtre plugin s’ouvre mais le plugin n’est pas autorisé. Pour assurer le plug-in fonctionne comme il le devrait, testez le sur une autre DAW comme Reaper (logiciel gratuit). Le logiciel GarageBand change l’emplacement des fichiers d’autorisation. Mais Il y en a une solution pour ce problème : Autorisez votre ordinateur (ou appareil Line 6) en utilisant le License Manager. Démarrez POD Farm (pas le plugin) et vérifiez si le programme fonctionne correctement. Copiez le dossier : ~/Bibliothèque/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort dans : ~/Bibliothèque/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort (Créez ce dossier si nécessaire) Attention, c’est possible que vous ayez besoin de changer vos réglages de sécurité pour permettre POD Farm ou autres plugins de fonctionner. Si vous continuez d'avoir des problèmes avec POD Farm 2 après cette solution, contactez le service clientèle d’Apple pour vous assister avec les configurations de sécurité pour GarageBand. http://www.apple.com/fr/support/contact/ Wir haben festgestellt, dass nachdem Sie Ihre POD Farm Lizenz per Line 6 License Manager autorisiert haben, GarageBand unter OSX 10.9 Sie POD Farm als Plugin nicht verwenden lässt. Im Plugin Fenster wird das Plugin als nicht autorisiert angezeigt. Um sicher zu stellen, dass das Plugin korrekt funktioniert sollten Sie es zunächst mit einer anderen DAW testen, wie z.B. Reaper. (gratis Software) GarageBand 10 verändert den Speicherort für die Dateien die notwendig sind zur Autorisation. Es gibt jedoch Abhilfe für dieses Problem: Autorisieren Sie Ihren Computer (oder Line 6 Hardware) anhand des License Managers. Starten Sie POD Farm (nicht das Plugin) und überprüfen Sie ob das Programm ordnungsgemäß funktioniert. Kopieren Sie dann den gesamten ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort Ordner nach: ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort (Erstellen Sie diesen Ordner falls notwendig.) Achtung, eventuell öffnet sich hier ein Fenster um die Sicherheitseinstellungen zu verändern. Sie müssen diese verringern, damit POD Farm und andere Plugins funktionieren. Sollten Sie weiterhin Probleme haben mit POD Farm 2 nach dieser Problembehebung, sollten Sie versuchen den Apple Kundendienst zu kontaktieren. Dort kann man Ihnen dann weiterhelfen, die Sicherheitseinstellungen korrekt zo verändern, sodass GarageBand POD Farm als Plugin benutzen kann. http://www.apple.com/de/support/contact/
  3. I've bought a midi controller to use it with pod farm 2 and I have 2 problems. 1) I can only use the program changes and not the "midi CC". 2) Sometimes when I change presets using the midi controller, Pod Farm takes some seconds to change the preset. Why? Btw, the midi controller is an "Icon G Board BK".
  4. Hi, I have an X3 Live board and purchased the Platinum pack (bass, metal, classic, fx and power), along with a license to Pod Farm 2.5. When I'm in the studio mixing, I don't like having another device running unnecessarily, using up electricity, when it's only being used for a license check. Is there any way to transfer the license to my ilok 2, or do I need to pay for another license to do so? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys Im using Pod Farm 2.5 with Cubase LE 7. When i listen to the music everything works great, also everything with recording was fine. Some time ago when we tried to record something, some peaks / crackles arrived! We have no clue what is this lollipop. Tested almost everything. Changing buffer size in POD / CUBASE, changing cables, guitars, tested in Garage band - same. Same problem whole the time - ONLY while recording. When we use POD just to play some sound (without cubase) it works as always - great. Here is link with audio. Anyone knows what is that? https://soundcloud.com/namyofficial/wtf Also my computer setup : Mac Mini 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 (quad), 16gb Ram 1600MHz DDR, OSX 9 (Maverics). Card : Line 6 UX 2. HELP PEOPLE
  6. Hello, first I would like to appologize, I am asking this on behalf of a friend whom is Japanese, and can not make this post in English. Please understand I am translating this for him. I'm 99% sure I am getting this all correctly. I am familar with audio equipment to some degree, but not to the extent that I can help my friend. He is using MacBook/Apple 10.6.8 and is running Logic Pro 9, and would like to use POD FARM 2 together with the MBV EXPRESS MKII. When he launchs POD FARM as a stand alone application while the MBV is connected he is able to effect the controller pedal and see the desired affect inside the application. i.e. He physically moves the pedal with his foot and the pedal is seen as moving inside the app. However, when he launches the plugin within Logic, the physical pedal does not affect the pedal within the plugin. Instead on whatever track is slected the fader is manupilated. It seems that Logic is recievcing MIDI data instead of the POD FARM plugin. Thank you for your help!
  7. Hey , I used pod farm 2 for like 3 months and after a little problem I get with , I decided to uninstall (Macbook) , but when I wanted to reinstall like I made 3 months ago , it restart my computer but after that , I can't find pod farm 2 on my computer , I tried like 5 6 times but I never get pod farm 2 on my computer. Any idea ? Please I really need help Thanks
  8. Hi everyone1 First of all, excuse my english because is not my maternal tongue. Im going to try to explain my problem. I bought a POD UX2 interface the other day, i installed POD FARM 2 and Line 6 Monkey. Monkey and POD FARM2 recognize the interface and i can play guitar with it. I have selected the UX2 as input and output in preferences of the system in my Mac (i have latency problems playing the guitar with POD FARM 2, but that's not my biggest problem). I want to record music with Garageband so i have selected UX2 as input in the program but when i try to record the program doesn't register any sound. And i insist that i have UX2 selected as input in my Mac and in Garageband, but it doesn't work (and i have checked every options that Garageband gives me about UX2 as input: mono 1, mono 2, mono3, mono 4, stereo 1/2 ad stereo 3/4). The microphone is fine, i have checked it in my amp. PODFARM2 registers the sound perfectly (guitars and microphone) but its like garageband doesn't receive the sound from it. What's going on? Thanks :)
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