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Found 189 results

  1. Hi all For the last few years my preferred alternative to an amp has been to play my guitar through my PC using a Line 6 FBV Express MK II pedal with a Line 6 UX1 (Pod Studio) with Pod Farm 2. It's even great but my FBV is now intermittently faulty. This kit has been around for quite a few years now. Can anyone suggest a new set up giving me the same flexibility in the same sort of price range please? I need to be able to have amp sims and effects through my PC with the ability to change effects with some sort of floorboard. I'm happy to look for another second hand FBV Express MK II but if anyone can suggest a newer improved set up that would be great. Also are there any other floorboards that can bu used with my UX1 (Pod Studio)? Thanks all!
  2. I have just bought POD farm 2.5. Downloaded and upgraded to 2.59. Transferred licence to first gen iLok. It works fine in both stand alone and as plugin in Cubase 6.5. I already own the add-on "metal shop", for my POD xt live (which is now dead). The add-on appears in the licence manager together with my computer, which is authorized as a device. But when i open POD farm 2 the model pack is not authorized (as stated in the help menu > about POD farm, and the amps are not there in the app itself) . I have tried de-authorizing and then authorizing my computer as a device again, re-installing POD farm 2, updating monkey. Still nothing. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong, or is the add-on just not compatible with POD farm 2?
  3. Cubase LE 9 on OSX and Windows no longer supports 32-bit plug-ins, which includes Pod Farm 2.x. You can read more about this change on the Steinberg website here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/cubase-85-is-last-version-to-be-32-bit-compatible-3469.html https://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/future-releases-as-64-bit-only-3778.html
  4. Okay I'm having a problem. I own Pod Farm stand alone platinum, and I am using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. My mic (sE Electronics sE2200a II C) is plugged directly into my 2i2, which is plugged into my PC via USB. I have my headphones plugged in via the headphone Jack on the front of the 2i2. In pod farm I have my preferences set as Focusrite USB ASIO and I can hear my applied effects in real time. However I can't record my output with those effects! How do I do this? I really want to use this for streaming (OBS) and I know its possible but I have no idea how! What do I have to do? Do I need Virtual Audio Cable or anything? When I record or stream it only records the direct input before the effects!
  5. Hi, I'll try and explain my problem but bear with me, I'm not sure of all the technical terms! My set up - PC, 64 bit, running Win 7 Home. Cubase Elements 6. I'm using two DAWs - a Guitar Port and a ZOOM R24. Both have the right drivers and function without issue. The problem is, I've tried to install POD FARM 2 to use their amp models. This worked fine on my original set up but a few months ago I installed a solid state hard drive, reinstalled everything, authorised Cubase and POD FARM, installed it into the VST Plugin library - and this is where it gets confusing. I started with the free models of pod farm - no problems. I reauthorise my PC to run the entire software package - I get all the models and tones back, but now when I activate pod farm as an insert, it comes up, the interface is there - but no audio signal runs through it. I've tried both DAWs, I've tried resetting and reimporting the files using Cubase's plug in manager, which says that the insert is there and active.. I'm out of ideas now. I should mention that the audio signals play fine, and I can use the native Cubase inserts without a problem, but the Line 6 stuff is far better. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. I am a registered user of a GuitarPort with Gearbox and I am considering buying a second hand Pod Studio UX1 which, apparently, does not have an accompanying CD for Pod Farm - should it have? The UX1 has never been registered so if I register it on my account does this enable me to access a complete version of Pod Farm? If not, what sort of cost am I into for the software?
  7. Looking for simple strong plugin guitar / vocal Harmoniser, can you suggest what to use
  8. I have Ableton version 8.4.2 32bit. use Guitar, Bass, drums, Cakewalk A-800 Pro and triggers, wanting Plugins for Guitar and Vocal Harmoniser octave capable to use in live performance and recording, Have viewed Line 6 Pod Farm 2.5 wondering if it has Harmoniser for guitar and vocals as stated. Can you advise which products work and where to get them. I need straight forward strong affects like TC Helicon Voice Live or Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork(Guitar Harmoniser) but as VST Plugins, can anybody help, Steve Cooper.
  9. I have been having a myriad of problems with Pod Farm and UX2! As much as I love the products of Line 6, this is really starting to get to me, which is why I am posting here. This has been going on for quite some time, so let me explain some problems: The first time I starting noticing problems was when I (I know many people suggest not doing this, but it works anyway) was using my UX2 as a sound card, which ran fine for several months, but all of a sudden, the sound just goes out. Symptoms: Unplugging it from there and plugging back in makes the two red clipping lights begin to bounce back and forth with no response from the UX2​ // ​I am forced to restart my computer Attempts: I have tried reinstalling all the drivers, updated Windows 10, and nothing changes. The second problem I know have is when I am recording with Cubase 8 Elements. I have Pod Farm as a VST on the DAW, but occasionally, Pod Farm decides to stop working, with the error in the tuner section saying "Failed to connect to driver streaming engine." Symptoms: No tones come from Pod Farm, no input detected, or output // I am forced to either restart my computer, or reinstall Pod Farm and all the drivers. These are the main problems I want to tackle first, but I just wish that I could fully enjoy these quality products. Please take notice of my problems and address them so that I may finally find a fix. Thanks! Setup: MSI GE70 Apache Notebook - i7 processor - 12GB of RAM - 1 HDD - Nvidia GTX 960M If you need more details, please let me know.
  10. I have successfully been using the UX2 to record with Pod Farm in Cubase for several years. However I recently decided to buy a GX as I don't need all the extra inputs that come with the UX2 but want to continue being able to use Pod Farm and I like that the GX is so small. I have authorized the GX and it works fine with the standalone version of Pod Farm, however when I open Pod Farm as a plugin in Cubase with the GX connected I get the 'No Authorized Device' message and cannot process audio. Is there a way to make the GX authorize Pod Farm within Cubase? I don't want to have to reinstall Pod Farm into Cubase as I will have to save all the tones I am using in projects as Line 6 Tone files and then reload them into the new Pod Farm which is too much of a pain.
  11. Hello! :) I use reaper to record my music, and all of sudden it has stopped working. It can still record me playing guitar, but not with the amp (or any amp) i selected from pod farm, This only just recently started happening out of the blue and i don't know how to fix it. Please help! Thank you. P.S. I use a UX1
  12. Heya! I'm new to these parts. I have a history of creating music as a hobby, but most of this was done entirely with my computer (though I do play piano). With that being said, I'm moving into doing some podcasts and video game streaming. As for the gear I happened to have around, I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and a mic of sorts ( http://i.imgur.com/swRaca0.jpg ). I also have FL Studio as a DAW. What I'm looking to do is get into Pod Farm usage for my podcasting and livestreaming. I've heard a lot of great things about Pod Farm and would like to utilize it. Here are the questions: Will PodFarm allow me to assist in managing my voice levels and such on the fly while livestreaming? Does PodFarm work standalone (such as being able to use headphones mic without the need for a physical interface), does it require any physical device interface such as my Scarlett, or does it absolutely require this interface: https://www.amazon.com/Line-6-POD-Studio-UX2/dp/B001EKECC2? Assuming I get everything I need, can it run through my headphones mic, or does it require a dedicated microphone (ie not a USB headphone such as headphones microphone)? My desired end result is using Pod Farm with the PowerPack on my PC for livestreaming. I'd prefer to use my headphones microphone (USB) if possible for ease's sake, though if necessary, I'm willing to buy whatever hardware I need in order to get it to work. Thanks for the assistance!
  13. I have a ux2 connected to my Laney irt studio playing through my orange 1x12. While using pod farm i am able to hear and change the effects ( treble, mid, bass, boost, gain) of my Laney irt studio and pod farm at the same time. It sounds crappy. How can i turn off the sound from the Laney irt studio while still using it to play through my orange 1x12?
  14. Hi my name is Benjamin. Recently I purchased a POD Studio UX1 and set it up all properly, authorized it and got latest drives and everything. I used it with my guitar and Pod Farm 2.5 and it was amazing. I want to record my keyboard. It is a Yamaha DGX-640. Basically I have found out to record the actual sound you have to use the two line inputs at the back of the interface. So today I went and bought a 1/4inch jack male to 2 1/4inch female jacks splitter because the keyboard only has one jack. I plugged 2 1/4inch jack cables into the splitter which was connected to my keyboard and the other ends connected to the line inputs on the UX1. I also plugged in my headphones through the direct monitoring port. Basically no program including Ableton live and audacity picked up the sound, and I couldn't hear the keyboard through direct monitoring with headphones as well, all I could hear was static... :mellow: I'm not sure what I am doing wrong? Should I have gotten the actual cable and not the splitter or? Please anyone help because I would absolutely LOVE to record my keyboard in HD quality. Thanks Ben. :)
  15. Hello, I've been using UX2 for several years but I can't record and use audio softwares anymore. I noticed when I run POD Farm 2 or any audio soft (Gear Box, Ableton, POD Farm...) it stops working and the clip leds start to flicker. I think it's a driver/authorisation problem because when there's no audio software running it works. I checked license manager and monkey: my device is authorized and everything's updated. I'm running on Mac OS X 10.6.8, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8Go Ram DDR3, 512Go SSD I can't understant what's wrong... Has anyone a solution for that issue? Thank you!
  16. I was searching on how to set up my PC sound options to using my PC speakers instead of a headset plugged into the pod (in my case POD Studio GX). My friend who recomended this hardware to me said he has it set up this was, but didn't remember how. So I searched the manual, the knowledgebase and the forum but found nothing. I called the hotline and while waiting, the recorded voice told me, that the line 6 pods can not do what I wanted, not without a cable connected from the headset jack to the line in of the soundcard in the computer. As I am using a 5.1 soundsystem, that "line in" is used as one of the "line out" to the soundsystem, so that's not an option to me. But I didn't let myself be discouraged and finally I found the option I was looking for! First make sure, you set up the software as recomended, so you have sound via the headset plugged into the pod. Don't tweak around before you have that, or you will never find out, where the problem is. Now go to your Soundsetup in Windows (7 in my case) and select the pod as standard recording device. Open it's properties and select the second folder (I'm sorry, my windows interface is german, there it's called "Abhören" which should translate as something like monitoring) and check the box next to "use this device as playbacksource" (again aproximatly translated) Maybe someone would be so kind and answer with the correct english windows terms are, or what to select in other windows/mac/whatever versions.
  17. Hi, I've been using a POD X3 for my live sound for many years now and although I'm very happy with it, I've always wanted to upgrade, even more so now with the release of Helix. The trouble is, a few of my bands songs extensively use the X3's 'Synth Strings' effect, so much so that we cannot live without it. I bought an HD Pro a year or two back to replace the X3, seeing it had a 'Synth String' effect, however I had to return it as the HD's 'Synth String' sounded nothing like the X3's Synth String, plus it seemed the HD couldn't do half the the stuff the X3 could do in Dual Tone mode without reaching DSP processing limits? Are there plans to patch the Synth String effect into the Helix? If not, can there be? This will be the Synth String effect modelled on 'ARPSolina / Elka® Strings'. Also, for recording, I like to record the dry signal, and use POD Farm VST, so that I can tweak settings further down the line. Are there plans to make a VST Helix plugin, so that I can have Helix tones within my DAW, rather than one-shot recording?
  18. Hi, I have been using hardware dependent Pod Farm with my TonePort UX2 for the last few years to record guitar into Cubase. I now want to sell my physical TonePort audio interface but still use the Pod Farm software in Cubase to process the 'dry' guitar. I am aware that to do this I need to purchase the hardware independent version of Pod Farm separately. However I am concerned that I will then lose the tones I am using in Cubase projects as the hardware independent version will be a separate plugin in Cubase rather than just authorising the existing Pod Farm without the hardware if that makes sense? Any help on this is much appreciated, thanks.
  19. I really hope you can help me with this, because I am currently at my wits end. I recently purchased a Line6 POD Studio GX. After installing the latest Windows 10 drivers I got POD Farm to work fine, BUT there is a very weird issue: I can use the amps, effects, etc. fine, but when I try the tuning function the software acts as if there was neither input nor output. The "Tone Direct Monitoring" doesn't show anything either. I am pretty sure that this worked at some point while I was still trying to get everything working, but now it doesn't anymore. Also, should half of the mixer be greyed out? Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  20. Hello all, I've had my Line 6 UX2 for about 2 years now. I love it overall but there is something very wrong with the sound that prevent me from doing any recording (with Ableton Live). I have some background noise that keep coming on a regular interval, about 30 seconds apart, constantly. So every time I play, I here that cracking sound every 30 seconds or so and il will last for about 2 seconds. I have just made sure I am up to date with software and drivers but I still have this issue. It is impossible for me to record something because anyone would hear this sound over the music. I have a single electro-acoustic guitar connected to my UX2, no mic and I use headphones. I made sure any gain button not needed is at the lowest. At first I thought there was interference from my electrical system in my place but now I do not know. Any ideas? Thanks
  21. So I set my Pod farm 2 at 16 bit, 48hz but when recording commentary for hours and syncing it up to gameplay. The intro to the gameplay is perfectly synced but 20 min into gameplay its somehow de-syncs. All of my commentary files are listed as 48hz but clearly they are not (more like 44.1hz) also when setting podfarm to 48hz its sometime default to 44.1 Podfarm 2 ASIO Setting Default buffer size: 512 Default Bit depth: 16 bit Reaper Project project sample rate 48hz render resample HQ (512pt sinc) Render to WAV 16bit PCM auto wav/wave64 Not really sure if i'm doing something wrong or Pod farm doesn't send the correct sounds to Reaper. BUT please can anyone help me? :'(
  22. I upgraded to windows 10 and was unable to get Pod Farm working properly with my mic and gave up. I decided to come back to the situation and when I opened up Pod Farm it told me that I needed to authorize my UX2 in order to run Pod Farm. I then run the licence manager and attempt to authorize, but it gives me an error code 80000002. Currently I am unable to exit out of Pod Farm and have to restart my PC in order to close it. Any suggestions on a fix here?
  23. Hi people, I'm a happy user of POD Farm along with Reason but, since the latest announcement of Reason 8, it seems the Line 6 partnership is on its way out and Softube are on the way in. I've never used Softube stuff and really don't want to have to make the move over. I was wondering if Line 6 were considering making some sort of Rack Extension for us POD Farm users so we can continue using the sounds we've made over the years in the program? I apologise if this has been mentioned before. I did a quick search and nothing came up. Kenny :) PS - I'm also hoping Toontrack make one for EZ Drummer 2 but why I'm mentioning this here I don't know ;)
  24. Hey guys, So I'm using the POD X3 Live the last couple of years. I run it into my Macbook with its USB out, and most of the time I get my guitar tones with POD Farm 2, which was included with the X3 Live. After the recording session is done and the guitars are put away, I can mix, change amps, cabs effects etc virtually within POD Farm 2. Brilliant and convenient. My main issue with this? I have to have my POD X3 Live connected to the laptop at ALL TIMES in order to Authorize full use of POD Farm 2. This is because the License is contained within the actual POD X3 Live unit, and when its connected it activates the full version of POD Farm. I have the Line 6 License Manager and my laptop is an Authorized device... Which I assume should allow me full access to my software and not just the trial version. This is very frustrating if I am in the middle of mixing something and have to leave, as I want to be able to take the laptop with me and mix on the go when traveling. I shouldn't have to plug in and power up my X3 Live unit any time I want to change a few tones within POD Farm. I have tried a few different methods and DAWs, Logic, GarageBand and even Audacity as a test. They all register POD Farm as a plugin, but once I try to use it, its back to the trial version... Until I take the X3 Live out of its case, plug it in, hook it up and I'm back to having my full version. Can any of you kind folk at Line 6 help me out with this issue? I've been scouring the Internet for hours looking for a solution :( All the best, Colm
  25. Hi, A few years back I was working on a track in Ableton on a PC. I recorded dry guitars through Gear Box Stereo, then added Pod Farm as a VST for tones. Now I am in a different country from that PC, I have a Mac and I have my old files. I have opened the session, it tells me it can't find Pod Farm or GearBox . I have deauthorized my old computer, authorised this one, downloaded a bunch of stuff (PodFarm 2.0. GearBox etc) Ableton will see the folders with all those things in them but won't recognise any files, only folder names, so won't let me drag anything onto a track and still says it can't find Pod Farm or GearBox Stereo. I try dragging the old .dll files from my windows hard drive across to the Mac but maybe these are Windows only .dll files, I don't know. What are the steps I need to take to get my Mac Ableton to open up Pod Farm and play the old patches I had? P.S. I don't have any of my line6 equipment with me, it's in another country, so Line6 Monkey doesn't want to hear about it. :) Any help appreciated.
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