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Found 189 results

  1. I have a Line 6 UX1 and use the associated POD Farm with it as my main source of amplification within my DAW and as standalone. However, my concern is the requirement of using the UX1 for POD Farm to work. Is this requirement based on using the UX1 drivers, having the UX1 plugged in, or a combination of both? I've been considering doing a jerry-rigged setup of a Steinberg UR22 (Or Scarlett 2i4) as my main interface while having the UX1 plugged in but not being used, but would like some clarification before I purchase a new interface. TL;DR: How is the device specific POD Farm attached to the device?
  2. I just bought a Studio GX and have it set up like most mention by unplugging my computers speakers and plugging them into the GX and it works great BUT I have a question. IF I don't want to use the GX as an external sound card at "all times" and instead only want to use the GX when using Pod farm and recording software can I leave the computer's speakers plugged in to the computer's sound card and plug in a set of "powered Personal monitor" speakers that I have on hand into the Studio GX and leave it plugged in all the time? IDs there ANY problem with doing this IF it will even work? I just don't want to use the GX as the sound card for everything ALL the time NOR do I want to be plugging AND unplugging stuff all the time.............
  3. Hi Id like to know if when i plugg the guitar to ux2 and use Por Farm, if i play in stereo or mono, and if is in mono, how i do to play in stereo. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, first off I just wanna say I love Pod Farm and use it as my main go to for recording guitar track concepts for most of my songs so keep it up. Now the problem I have is that since I updated and restarted my computer my Pod Farm 2.58 platinum won't open on my mac Mini (late 2014 model). It continually gets stuck on loading without any progress. This happens both as a plugin in Logic X, Ableton, Cubase and as Standalone. Things I've tried so far are: Reinstalling Pod Farm Double checked the license manager Repaired Disk Utilities Open in standalone as mentioned before Computer mac Mini Late 2014 (winter) 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5/ 8GB LPDDR3 onboard memoryM/1 TB HD/Intel Iris/Thunderbolt 2, USB 3/802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 (got more memory currently of course) Yosemite Latest version Pod Farm 2,58 But nothing seems to fix the problem. I hope you can help soon or hope there might be an upcoming update that fixes the issue.
  5. Hi, I have the pod studio gx with Pod Farm 2. I want to get a harmonizer effect. Is there any way I can get that effect into pod farm through a plug-in or model pack or something like that? Thanks.
  6. (Sorry for double-posting this; I had trouble starting a new thread) My laptop died so I've had to rebuild from scratch. I have an X3 Live, and bought Pod Farm 2.5 about 3 years ago. Pod Farm v1 Platinum came with the X3 Live, as I recall. Is there any reason to install both Pod Farm v1 and v2.5? I seem to recall they had separate presets? If so, does it matter what order they are installed in? So far I've just installed GearBox and Pod Farm 2.57 (and Monkey and the drivers, of course).
  7. Maybe I should post this in a propellerhead forum but I thought I'd try it out here Is there any way in reason limited and pod farm to do what this guy is doing with pro tools? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uuz08I1PUA In case you aren't following the link he's basically playing a loop of a song he made and trying out all the amp combinations using pod farm while the loop is playing. I figured out how to record a wet and dry track of the same take and that was pretty cool now I'd just like to learn how to play around with pod farm a bit better. Please reply if you have any idea of how to do this.
  8. Hi I just bought a line 6 studio ux1 recording interface and after installation of the driver and pod farm 2.57 I can no longer hear any sounds on my computer. Nothing from youtube, no startup sound nothing. During installation I selected the ux1 driver instead of letting pod farm do that for me. I don't know if that screwed anything up for me. Please guide me through the process of fixing this please. Thank you, Marcipicus
  9. Hey I bought my UX1 a few days ago and well, i dont have a clue, how I record my vocals with the mic. My guitar works perfectly, but the mic (shure sm58) doesnt.. Do i have to choose the mic in pod farm or something? And if so, how do i do that? btw sorry for my englisch, im german^^
  10. Hello I have a question. I have this preset for my mic on pod farm and it sounds great, but there is a slight hiss or a buzz that can be heard at the end of sentences. It is very very slight, but I would like it to be gone. The pre set is made up of a noise gate with the threshold at 70 db and decay that 0. A male De-Esser frewuency set to 3.5 and the amount set to 65. the vintage uk set with the drive at 90 and the volume at 100. And last but not least is the 4 band eq which is the gains and frequencies are A:9.2dB,455hz B:-0.1dB,250hz C:5.9dB, 100hz D:-0.1db, 3.0khz freq. That is the exact preset now I have fiddled with the noise gate and the gain on the acutal interface I have,but nothing. Could it be something in the EQ? If you have any idea how to fix this please let me know. That or if someone could redirect me to a new preset settings. I was going for just a clear,warm, almost raido like quality when speaking.
  11. Hello, it's the first time i'm asking for help in this forum.I own a line 6 ux1 and i'm pretty happy with it.I am also running a Sony Vaio 64bit laptop.Everything works fine. I just have one question.I want to format my laptop and put the same genuine windows cause it's been a mess lately. Can i format my laptop and then have pod farm active again?The license key is as i know for one computer..but we are talking about the same machine..but just after a format..we'll i have any issues and in the end have no activated product?I guess i will not have any issues with ux1 right? Please Help, Thanks in advance!
  12. I have been a user of the POD series since the XT line dropped, and I even got the model packs for my red bean. I used my PODXT mostly for the Guitarport service and I learned quite a few songs using it. But alas, that service withered and died on the vine. Line 6 did the fair thing and comped me the POD Farm 2.5 standard as compensation which didn't mean much to me at the time, but hey it was free so thanks guys. Then, along came the HD500 and I bit on that as well and sold off my PODXT , but I kept the model packs because I found out they worked in the POD Farm and as well in Propellerheads Reason which was kinda cool and besides, I'd paid for them already. The only ones that I didn't have were the so called "Power Pacl" and the "Bass Pack". In any event, I spent most of the next year trying to make the PODHD500 and my pair of Tech21 Power Engines work for me somehow, usually with dissappointing results. So last night I pulled up the POD Farm stand alone (finally) and started to play with it and I was therefore playing through my recording setup monitors which are a pair of KRK Rokit 5s and things sounded fairly amazing suddenly. The blanket was removed, and the differences that I barely noticed in the HD Models became really apparent with the (so-called) lesser XT models. So I sprang for the Power Pack figuring I get 30 days to really wring this whole thing out, but I have to say that as a recording (with VSTs) and self-contained practice facility -- POD Farm may well be all I needed to begin with. So, am I out here alone thinking the XT models are actually better than the HD models? Or is it just my Power Engines that need replaced with a true FRFR system for my HD500? Thoughts?
  13. I bought a TonePort UX2 a while back that came with the hardware-dependent pod farm. I now want to get rid of the TonePort and buy a new, non-Line 6 audio interface, which means I will no longer be able to use Pod Farm. Is there a discount for upgrading from the hardware dependent version to Pod Farm 2.5 with hardware independence? Or will I have to pay the full price for this?
  14. Hey guys.....recently downloaded pod farm free version....and i have some problems...not much tones and problems everywhere(in the pats i had it and it was such god software...now...:/) SEE the photos please....
  15. I use the hardware-dependent version of Pod Farm, authorized with my TonePort UX2 and I recently bought a Pod xt off ebay which came with expansion packs that the seller then 'gifted' to my Line 6 account so I have use of the licenses. I now want to transfer those expansion packs into Pod Farm so I can use them not only in my Pod xt but with the advantage of the post-processing feature of amp modelling software. Is this possible or would I have to purchase Pod Farm 2.5?
  16. Hi fellas! , I want to thank you beforehand for any support I'll receive on this matter. :) thx! :rolleyes: So, running logic and trying this time to make the podfarm sound solely in there- Everything works splendidly! Problem is- I use a laptop..I'm kind of a "on-the-run" type of guy- but even though this computer is authorized in the license manager, It won't load particular amps it seems... Wait, I think I just figured out my problem while typing this.... ....My PODXT came with the Power Pack...and I read somewhere that it's bound to the PODXT... ....I just bought the other packs recently, ....So, using a "Power pack" amp probably won't work unless the licensed PODXT is plugged in... Bing! Hey, that must be it...- better pre-record those Power Pack amps... I'll post this anyways- should someone run into the same "problem", perhaps another enlightenment will come out of reading what I just wrote :P Thanks, and perhaps- "you're welcome", and sorry if I wasted your time Oh, and any forum mod- I'd totally understand if you'd decide to delete this post :ph34r: ..nice smileys btw Freakface
  17. Hi I currently use Studio One 2 to record. Right now I have a few dry guitar tracks that I want to enhance using Pod Farm. I can't figure out how to use Pod Farm as a plugin, I've looked at the manual which says, "VST plugins are installed in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/Line 6" but when open the final line 6 folder it turns out to be empty. I tried to re install Pod Farm and follow a few other tutorials on the Line 6 forums. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. Thanks so much
  18. Hello. I'm trying to record the guitar using the line 6 GX and the pod farm. The sound is playing well. But when i'm recording it always records all together. All the master channel with the drums and synth. And i need to record only the guitar channel. What to do?
  19. I bought my X3 Live from a friend, but it has no ilok with it. I want to use POD Farm 2 as a stand alone, and or use as VST with my DAW (Reaper.) What do I need to do. Thanks!!
  20. Hello All, Wondering if someone has something to share on this topic: I am wondering if I can use my UX2 to record a guitar lesson for TrueFire. TrueFire uses their own sort of streaming player/recorder. I have a PC with Windows. I want to use my UX2 to record video (logitech webcam), guitar and their jamtrack. Can I use the Podfarm 2.5 standalone software to accomplish this? I'd really like to keep it simple. It came with Reason Limited. Will I have to use that? I did figure out how to get a mic (sm57) and the guitar working with the webcam to record the lesson. The guitar sounds are sweet! It seems like I should be able to input the backing track from an ipod into one of the line inputs instead of mic'ing my Bose speaker unit through the XLR input. I have been working hard to figure out how to accomplish this, but seems like I'm groping around a lot. Thank You so much! Jim
  21. I have found some scaterred info on the MIDI topic, but not exactly what I want, so here it is: I wanted to use the POD XT Live as a foot controller for POD Farm/UX 2. Is it possible via MIDI? And if yes, to what extent (like, can I use the expression pedal to work with volume/wah/bender)? I have both the USB cable and a M-Audio UNO. Thanks in advance
  22. I bought license for Pod Farm 2 hardware independent and downloaded it, I run the installer and then authorized my PC in the license manager (as someone told me, I de authorized it before): it seems to be regularly authorized. I also configured a Tascam interface in the preference of Pod farm and then tried to run PF2 with my Cubase, but a pop up window tells me that PD2 is not authorized and that is a trial version. What did I wrong ? tks for help me grego
  23. Hello everyone, I have been a Line 6 user for a couple of years (I own a pod xt live and a Gx) and until now I never had to resort to technical support or help which is good. I bought the GX in England back in 2010 and Pod farm was packed along with Ableton live 7 (Pod farm Version 1 for Mac and PC). I used to have a PC (and windows vista) and it worked like a charm, but I had to change systems and I bought a mac. Now I CANNOT EVEN INSTALL THE THING with the CD, there is no Mac file whatsoever. Let me remind you it cost me £79 and I paid for it. Now, Line6 online support help tells me to go online and download Pod farm which I did. the problem is their are telling me to buy the software again and that my computer will only run it on trial mode?!! Really? Is that how Line 6 behaves with all their softwares and gear? Once its too old they prevent you from even INSTALLING and therefore USING what you bought from THEM and then they FORCE you to buy the newest version of it? At the time you did not need to register online or anything to use your product, I would just do the pod farm stuff and record myself and I was happy doing it. Please help me clearing things out and install the product I bought and own title for. This is starting to confuse me to say the least I would really like to know how to do it, thank you.
  24. Hi guys, I'm actually using Pod Farm with UX1, but I would like to use it with another interface (Tascam US122); I recently noted that it's possible to buy Pod Farm hardware independence, even if it is suggested to use Line6 products. Do you have any counter-indication in doing that ? Should I download the full software again or it's possible to buy the license to free the plug-ins to be used with any other interface ? Tks for help ! grego
  25. Please help me, I use POD studio UX1 for recording my guitar without using plugin POD Farm, BUT the sound output of my guitar is really bad, like a sound recording without using an audio interface. Any solution?? Tks before..
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