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Found 189 results

  1. Any ideas why? :( Yesterday I purchased it, it shows up on my license manager, but none of the bass amps or cabinets are available in my POD Farm.. I restarted my PC several times and updated all sections in Monkey, still i can't get access to it. both, UX1 and PC are authorized, I have metal and classics addons working just fine (got it with the Toneport from previous user) I was hoping to use it for rec session today.. / Toneport UX1, POD Farm 1.12, Bass Expansion
  2. Hi, just looking for some quick help. I'm currently using a Line 6 UX1 with PodFarm 2.5 through Logic Pro 9. I've had no issue with recording guitars, but when I went to use the microphone, I noticed there was no input. I have looked through a few other forums and seen where the option to change input is meant to be found and have had no luck within Pod Farm (Please see screenshot for view of problem area) I have tried running Pod Farm in standalone mode too and also had the same issue. I have all current drivers and licenses installed and authorised, this is my only issue with any of the Line6 software I currently have. Help much appreciated, thankyou Tom
  3. Hey, I have purchased Pod farm 2 and thinking about upgrading to the platinum version. I have 2 questions. 1. Is it actually worth it? 2. Is there a way to only pay the different in price seeing as I've already bought POD Farm 2. Seems a bit crazy to have to pay the full price of $299 when Ive just spen $99 on the other version. Thanks.
  4. Hey all, So a while ago I purchased an iLok license for POD Farm 2.5 Platinum, and recently decided I wanted the benefits of one of their POD Studio interfaces as well, so I got the GX. It works just fine, but I don't have all the Platinum models any more...just standard POD Farm 2.5 models. Is there any way to fix this or do I have to buy a Platinum license specifically for the GX? I've had some issues with Line 6 licensing in the past...a little frustrated right now that I might have to again pay money for something I already own.. Thanks
  5. Ux1 into Podfarm 2.57 standalone into Reaper tracking over pre-recorded tracks....monitoring via ToneDirect and everything sounds awesome until playback when my currently recorded track(s) do not line up (sync) with all the other tracks. For example I will have a EZD drum track rendered file (no plug in) and will track a bass guitar and the tracks do not line up on playback...I know I can manually move the bass track but that is Mickey Mouse crap!!! Why wont my tracks line up? I have done all the usual stuff like lowering the buffer...but nothing has worked...Newer laptop running Win7. Thx in advance!
  6. I see some people use a transformer voice with podfarm or other unique tones. Does anyone have any recommend pod farm mic Pre set's?
  7. I recently got Pod Farm 2.5 for tones to replace my pedals for tones and I'm having a difficult time getting the right sound to record. The ASIO settings seem to be fine, but the input and playback on the interface isn't. Monitoring incoming audio, when I set the interface to playback, it sounds good, but when set it to input, I get a clean sound (I'm trying to get a distorted tone through). The Direct Monitor is set to Stereo and switching it to Mono seems to do nothing. I'm using Pod Farm through Mixcraft 6.1 as a VST and have the guitar going directly into the interface. I'm not too experienced with this stuff yet so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I just bought Pod Farm 2.5 for my MacBook but I cant install it on Yosemite. It says version 10.5 or higher is required. Anyone can help?? greetings
  9. I bought a Line 6 UX-1 a while ago and ran it with Mixcraft 6. I wasn't having any troubles till recently. I cant get any sound from either pod farm 2.57 or Mixcraft 6. Pod farm picks up my guitar and mixcraft picks up podfarm but my computer wont pick up and playback from either. It does this on both my desktop and my laptop. I haven't made any changes to anything as far as I know. Yes my speakers are connected as I can still hear itunes, youtube etc. With Mixcraft 6 I cant even hear the sounds in the library so its not just podfarm / the ux1 thats being weird. Yes i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the line 6 programs. What is going on? Does anyone know what might be happening? Cheers for any replies.
  10. I've had the UX2 for quite sometime and never got a footswitch for it it so I decided to make one . Since I have the basic hand tools. a drill/drills, soldering iron/related tools, light wire and quarter inch 6 ft guitar cables all I needed was 2 quarter inch mono jacks, 2 momentary switches (light duty) and a box all of which I found at Radio Shack. I added 1 more switch and jack so I can run to something else tha'll use a momentary switch. It works great and It makes the UX2 so much better. GearBox TonePort Setup PDF Rowbinet's YouTube video about using the software
  11. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help with a conundrum I've found myself in. The USB port on my 2-year-old GX is broken, the light comes in when you plug it in at just the right angle but only on red, and I rang the help desk up and they agreed with that diagnosis. Fixing it would apparently be £30+ including postage etc, on something that only costs £80 new..... Is there any way I can still use Pod Farm and the Reason Line6 rack with the extra amps? I've bought an extension FX set as well so I'd really prefer to keep on using that. I've got another guitar to USB port that seems to work ok though, so maybe this is a bit miserly but it seems like a waste to get shell out more cash just to get access to what I've already paid for. Also, I've got an existing Reason track that won't play back properly, because of some of the amps used! Any suggestions???? All advice greatly welcomed, thank you!
  12. Looking for someone who's willing to sell/transfer a Power Pack license to me. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks.
  13. Using gear box, everything is fine, but in pod farm / pod farm 2, there are only basic amps and stomps. What should I do?
  14. Is Pod Farm 2.5 compatible with X3 Live??? I want to load an auto Swell effect into the x3 live using pod farm, both cost money...so i wanna know if that can be done b4 i do it and spend money. Thanks guys!
  15. So, I use FL Studio a large amount, and I wanted to record a guitar line. I knew that my brother owned a GX (and a guitar, and POD Farm), and after discovering that POD Farm comes in VST-form as well, I was ecstatic. I immediately placed the VST onto FL Studio after I had sorted out some problems with not being able to detect input into the normal POD Farm. Having set up everything correctly (to my knowledge), I tested it out, and, lo and behold, I could hear input from the GX into the mixer and out through the master, but it was as if the sound passed right through the POD Farm without anything happening to it. The Input and Output monitors did not spike when I played, and no effects (e.g., amp, distortion, EQ, etc.) changed the sound. So, to quote Derpy Hooves, "I just don't know what went wrong!" Can anybody help?
  16. Okay l recently purchased a Behringer q802 with a Behringer xm8500. I downloaded pod farm just to see if it works with the mixer.{Please note I have not purchase a pod farm license so it is running in trial mode} So plugged in the mixer and the program picked it and selected it as the hardware I was using . Then I plugged in my headphones into the slot on the mixer and I noticed that I could hear my voice but none of the effects I had selected had been applied. So I hit the button to phones/CTRL AM, and the effects had been applied and it sounded fantastic. My issue is I can record sound though any software even audacity but none of effects from pod farm are ever applied .So could anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong ? Mind you I am extremely new to this type of thing so forgive me if this is a stupid question. The audio mixer http://www.zzounds.com/item--BEHQ802USB
  17. Hi. I need some help. I've been using podFarm for a while and seen some great results for metalcore music. Recently I purchased an ibanez ts808 tube screamer and removed my tube screamer simulation from my podFarm tone to see if it gave the guitar a more realistic sound. I was happy with the result. I am now looking to buy an amp head So now I have two questions which I need help on. Can I have a chain of real tube screamer -> real amp head -> pod, and remove the amp head from my pod farm tone to give the guitar an even more realistic sound, as the only thing simulated would be the speaker cabinet? If I can do this can someone explain as simply as possible the way to do it, as I am a noob. My second question is what is the cali diamond plate amp head meant to be like in real life amp heads, I have £1000 to spend and want like a real version of the cali diamond plate, any suggestions? Thanks
  18. Hi all, I've been using Pod XT (and XT Live) for almost ten years now. (It's funny how the time flies...) I've been quite happy with it, even though I can achieve better sounding hi-gain sounds with some other equipment nowadays. I've been thinking of buying an audiointerface (Line6 UX2) and a software (POD Farm 2.5). Since I only play home alone, I have no need for hardware (I'm going to use it with my computer, of course). I've heard some samples of my friend's POD HD and it sounds really good. I'm wondering if I can get the same amp sims in POD Farm or does the POD Farm have different sims?
  19. Hey guys. So i wanted to ask you: If i select just the left output and NOT the stereo in POD Farm 1.1, will the output of my track be automatically mono? Or do i have to select mono in the channel strip of the software as well? I'm using Reaper, and in doubt if i have to change the width to 0% or if just changing the output in POD Farm to left already makes the track mono. Thanks!
  20. Hi, I just upgraded to the latest version of Garageband (10.0.2) and installed POD Farm 2.57. For some reason I can't select the POD Farm Plugin any more. What am I missing here? In a stand alone mode POD Farm is working fine. Please assist. Best regards, Robert
  21. Hi, I'm trying to use pod farm 2 with a direct connection from my guitar to my computer via a Tracklink Guitar to USB Interface USQ-110 and using ASIO4ALL for compatibility, but the latency makes it unusable. I've tried everything I can think of in order to get it down. I've tried turning the buffer rate all the way down to 64 samples and switching to Reaper, but neither worked. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help!
  22. I'm sorry - this is probably an old frequently asked question, but the answers I find by searching don't seem to correspond to what I'm experiencing... I've had a Toneport UX1 for quite a while now (7 years I think) but haven't used it for a while. I used to use the Gearbox software, but that appears to be no longer supported. Am I supposed to use Pod Farm instead? If so, should I expect it to work straight off or do I have to pay to get it licensed? Answers I read online suggest that as a Toneport owner the first, but when I start it, Pod Farm 2 tells me it is not authorized... this suggests to me that I need to pay. What is the current situation for owners of old(-ish?) Toneports? Martyn
  23. Hey I was wondering if anyone knows of a place or has any mp3s or wavs of guitar tracks that are unprocessed and have no effects on them. The purpose of this is to set up a recording session where i can try out different tones from pod farm on the different tracks to see how they compliment each other or sound in a mix. i would just record some simple stuff myself but i do not play any instruments i only record and im also away from my studio so i dont have my interface box with me so i couldnt record anything even if i could play something. so any information on this subject would be great. ideally id like a full part of a song on separate tracks i.e. drums, two separate guitar parts, and bass, but if there were a place to find even just one unprocessed guitar track thatd be great
  24. Does anyone know if there is a way to set up any sort of footswitch (maybe MIDI) to toggle through tones in Pod Farm? I have a ux1 running into a Mac Book Pro. I'm trying to make Pod Farm hands free. Let me know if you have any info. Thanks!
  25. hi there, i recently bought a behringer guitar link ucg102 for my macbook pro as a guitar interface, it works fine with garageband but i want it to work with pod farm 2.56 platinum, if i go to the settings and then hardware and then choose the behringer as my input device under "use this device" and then click ok nothing happens .. i mean there is still no guitar sound and when i go back to the hardware settings i find that the settings "use this device" disappeared and i have to choose my device again ... can anyone help me? that would be nice! one thing aslo, does pod farm 2.5 support retina displays?
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