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  1. Hi! So, i got an frfr, Db technologies B-hype 10, as a birthday present and am using it for wet fx only with the pod go and my blackstar artist 10 AE as my dry amp (pg into fx loop). But now i would like to use the internal preamp of the blackstar as well with 4cm and still have the wet effects coming out of the frfr. Can this be done? My signal chain is: Guitar -> Guitar in (PG) -> amp out -> Blackstar fx-return and L/mono out(PG) -> Frfr Amp out is set to ”Pre cab”, the Cab-block is before the delay and reverb.
  2. Greetings friends. I have had this little unit for about a week now and am almost done learning all of the tricks and possibilities it has and can do and am loving it. I'm surprised how well done the interface and usability is with this thing. They weren't kidding when advertising it as 'Ridiculously easy to use'. However I noticed some room for improvement regarding the footswitches in stomp mode. To cut right to the chase - I'd love to be able to edit and change the color of the 'footswitch LED'/'stompbox in the LCD' as well as have the option to rename the block to whatever I desire Why you might ask? Well if you assign and merge a few blocks into one switch it just reads 'MULTIPLE (2)' or whatever number of stompboxes or parameters you assign to that footswitch. The color also becomes white. While it's all fine and dandy with one, what if I'd want to do that with all six footswitches? Then I'd have six almost identical looking switches. And what if I do that with all of the available presets? It would be quite difficult to remember what is where after a while. A combination of a color and some text would make life a lot easier. This is not a rant or anything, the unit is quite versatile as it is and this isn't a huge issue, It's just my two cents which might be interesting to a lot of other people as well. So regardless of the possibility of Line6 implementing something like that with a firmware update in some distant future, the point of this topic is this: How do I even get this idea to their developer team for at least a consideration?
  3. Hi all, have you seen the latest YouTube video of Choptones? It seems they replaced the FX loop with a free block, in comments somebody asked about It but they don't have answered yet. Any idea? Thanks a lot
  4. Clsc

    POD GO v.1.40

    1- include an ICE DELAY 2- include a Pitch Shifter that consumes less DSP covering POD GO 3- Trails between patches presets 4. ENGL Invader ou PowerBall 5. Display to see DSP percentage POD GO
  5. I have a Pod Go, but i'm confused about the extra momentary switches you can connect. Is it possible to assign two more presets to the momentary switches when in preset mode, without switching banks?
  6. Some users have reported a Windows error message that appears when attempting to launch the POD Go Edit software. This is not an error with the POD Go software itself, but rather a Windows error. Here is a video outlining the process for resolving the error: Here are the links for the latest version of Visual C++ libraries mentioned in the video:
  7. Greetings, I play bass with my Pod Go at a venue that seats ~400 folks. Live performances only. The sound board is about 70 feet across the room. I have been plugging into random DI boxes, but I thought it might be good to eliminate the middle man (DI box) and plug the Pod Go directly into the XLR jack in the stage. I don't know if this is a great idea or a terrible one, and I haven't purchased the 1/4" TRS to XLRM cable yet to try it. I think it would work great, although someone said I may need a LIFT setting to break any potential ground loop. The Pod Go has no such setting/switch (as far as I can tell), although I believe some of the higher end Line6 stuff does. Is this a non-issue? If I use the balanced, 1/4" TRS main out of the Pod Go, do I still need to worry about separately dealing with breaking any potential ground loop? (Or does the Pod Go handle this for me?) Thanks so much in advance for your help with this! buzz
  8. Hello everyone, I own a Pod Go and have been looking for presets to purchase and tweak to my liking. I've purchased many different presets, and really like them but I've also noticed that there are not many people selling presets for the Pod Go. Usually they are recreations of one of their Helix/HX patches adapted for the Pod Go. Lately, I've been watching YouTube videos of Helix and HX Stomp users making presets and giving their tips etc. On to my question... The Pod Go Edit software does NOT have the ability to open Helix/HX Stomp preset files, only Pod Go Edit files. Being that I don't have a Helix or HX Stomp is there a way I could purchase Helix/HX presets and view the amp/cab and other pedal settings? This way I can recreate them on the Pod Go. I'm not looking for freebies, but I just need to see the numbers to recreate them on my Pod Go. Is there software that might allow me to view the preset settings of the Helix/HX Stomp files? Thanks in advance for help with an odd request!
  9. I have the pod go. On the headphones I can get a sound with crunch or gain to it, however when I plug into the house PA system or my practice amp at home. I cant duplicate the sound everything sounds clean. I have a gretsch 5622 and a Fender strat have the problem with both guitars. I've tried turning guitar up and output from Pod Go down, I've tried turning Pod Go out put up it doesn't matter. I'm playing with the vox amp on Pod Go. Any ideas? Thanks..
  10. Hi! I just got the Pod Go and noticed it came with the 1.12 firmware so I then hooked it up to my Mac to update to the latest firmware. But the Pod go Edit just tells me that there are no updates available. I have tried and installed all the different versions of the pod go app but they all say the same thing. Also, I can’t handle my account from the app or enter the store(Get more IR’s button) It says that my computer doesn’t have a internet connection, but it does. Could it be that my computer is to old? It’s a Macbook pro from 2009. Please help! It would be nice to have that Princeton and glitch delay :).
  11. Has there been any discussion of allowing the POD Go to transmit a MIDI clock based on the tempo setting. That would be helpful for eliminating the need for an external clock and metronome for live performances.
  12. Hi Why doesn't Line 6 support his own Variax users not anymore with the new products. Please create another version of pod go or HX stomp with a Variax input and if possible (of course it is) an SP/dif as well. Please support the users of your own brand....
  13. Hi guys, does anybody have problems with high pitched background noise since the latest update ?
  14. I am really thinking hard about buying a POD Go. I have an amp with an effects loop and I really want the POD Go for all of the amp options. I also have a Spider V60 MKii that I love as well. I have been trying to look this up but cannot find an I able to use the cabinet options from the POD Go through the Spider V as it has the FR speakers installed? I did see somewhere I believe that you could even plug into the Spider headphone jack or aux in to utilize the POD Go cabinet options? I am not sure if this is true but would love to know if that is an actual option. I will use the POD Go regardless for the amp sounds on my Katana but would LOVE to use it in this fashion through the Spider as well.....
  15. Digital_Igloo

    POD Go 1.21

    POD Go 1.21 (released March 25, 2021) includes new amps, new cabs, new effects, and bug fixes and is recommended for all POD Go and POD Go Wireless users. POD Go 1.22 (released June 1, 2021) includes G10T and G10T II wireless transmitter updating from POD Go Wireless and additional important bug fixes: Full support for macOS 11 Big Sur Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Guitar In Pad would not be remembered across power cycles—FIXED Clicking tap tempo from within POD Go Edit for an extended period of time could sometimes cause POD Go to freeze—FIXED In POD Go Edit, the EQ > Acoustic Sim block did not display an X icon to delete the block—FIXED How do I update to 1.22? STEP 1—Install POD Go Edit 1.22 FIRST! Log onto, download, and install POD Go Edit 1.22: macOS: Windows 7/8/10: STEP 2—Update POD Go/POD Go Wireless AFTER Installing POD Go Edit 1.22 Shut down any programs that use audio or connect to your POD Go device, like DAWs, iTunes, Spotify, video games, etc. Disable the sleep timer on your computer. The update will fail if your computer goes to sleep during the process. If you are using a laptop, plug it in, or ensure it has enough battery life to complete the update without shutting down. Connect POD Go or POD Go Wireless to your Mac or PC via USB and turn it on. Launch POD Go Edit 1.22. Click the gear at the bottom of the window, then click "Check for Updates". Log into your Line 6 account. A dialog panel appears, reading "An update is available for your POD Go. Would you like to update now?" Click "Update now." POD Go Edit asks if you want to create a backup of your existing user presets. Click "OK" and then "Create Backup." Once the backup is completed, click "OK." Carefully read the End User License Agreement (haaa hahaha!) and click "OK." Click "Update." Please keep POD GO Edit in focus throughout the entire update. Once the update is complete, POD Go restarts automatically. Click "Back to POD Go Edit". New Amps in 1.21 US Princess, based on* the Fender® Princeton Reverb Das Benzin Mega, based on* the Mega channel of the Diezel VH4 Das Benzin Lead, based on* the Lead channel of the Diezel VH4 New Cabs in 1.21 1x10 US Princess, based on* the Fender® Princeton Reverb cab 1x12 US Princess, based on* the Fender® Princeton Reverb with a 12" Alnico Blue driver New Effects in 1.21 Distortion > Horizon Drive, based on* the Horizon Devices Precision Drive. Includes an extra Gate Range parameter that, when set to "Extended," drops the gate's threshold down to -90dB Distortion > Swedish Chainsaw, based on* the BOSS® HM-2 Heavy Metal Distortion (Made in Japan black label) Distortion > Pocket Fuzz, inspired by* the Jordan Boss Tone fuzz Distortion > Bighorn Fuzz, based on* the 1973 Electro-Harmonix® Ram's Head Big Muff Pi Distortion > Ballistic Fuzz, based on* the Euthymia ICBM fuzz Dynamics > Horizon Gate, based on* the Horizon Devices Precision Drive's gate circuit. Includes an extra Gate Range parameter that, when set to "Extended," drops the gate's threshold down to -90dB. Works best before an amp EQ > Acoustic Sim, based on* the BOSS® AC-2 Acoustic Simulator. Includes an extra Shimmer parameter that imparts some motion to the harmonics, reminiscent of how a string's vibration tends to affect the other strings. Just like the original, works best with single-coil pickups. Can be used alone or in conjunction with an acoustic IR Delay > Glitch Delay, Line 6 Original performance delay that lets you freely manipulate the repeats' behavior in real-time Time—Sets the delay time; press the knob to toggle between ms/sec and note values Delay Div—Divides the delay time into smaller increments Mix—Controls the wet/dry mix of the delay. When set to 0%, no delay is heard; when set to 100%, no dry signal is heard Feedback—Controls the overall number of repeats heard for the entire sequence SliceFdbk—Controls the number of repeats heard for individual slices. At higher values, you could call this "Super Chaotic Feedback" Shuffle—Determines the likelihood of repeats shuffling/reordering Octaves—Determines the likelihood of repeats playing back an octave higher or lower Reverse—Determines the likelihood of repeats playing backward Seq Drift—Determines the likelihood of the entire sequence changing every time it loops around. When set to 0%, the same sequence loops forever. TIP: Assign this parameter to a footswitch set to toggle between a higher number and 0%. If you hear a random sequence you want to maintain, press the switch to set Seq Drift to 0%, and it'll repeat that way indefinitely Smoothing—Higher values apply smoothing between slices and can give a synth-pad type quality, lower values maintain transients. Or set it just high enough to avoid pops and clicks Trails—When on, delay repeats continue to ring out after the block is bypassed *NOTE: All product names used in this document are trademarks of their respective owners and neither Yamaha Guitar Group nor Line 6 are associated or affiliated with them. These trademarks appear solely to identify products whose tones and sounds were studied by Line 6 during sound model development. Changes and Improvements in 1.21 Support for macOS 11 Big Sur Audio communication is now more stable when using the class-compliant driver in macOS EQ > Low/High Shelf's High Freq parameter now goes down to 400Hz Bug Fixes in 1.21/1.22 With an external expression pedal connected, EXP 1 and EXP 2 could become swapped under certain conditions—FIXED If Global Settings > Switches/Pedals > Snapshot Mode is set to "Auto Return" and Up/Down Switches is set to "Presets," pressing Up or Down would not correctly exit Snapshot mode In rare cases, attempting to swap footswitches (by holding two stomps) while the model list or preset list was open could result in a freeze–FIXED In rare cases, audio could be lost after updating via Line 6 Updater. Updating via POD Go Edit would not exhibit this behavior—FIXED In some cases, after exiting 6 Switch Looper mode, stomp switch LEDs could fail to light properly until pressed—FIXED In rare cases, snapshot selection could not properly recall a block's bypass/enable state—FIXED Dynamics > LA Studio Comp's level could drop if placed after an input boost, which is then toggled on and off—FIXED In some cases, None and Looper categories in the model list could fail to update the display—FIXED In some cases, pressing the expression pedal toe switch could not properly bypass/enable assigned blocks—FIXED With very low Delay settings, Pitch/Synth > Simple Pitch and Dual Pitch could exhibit metallic artifacts—FIXED A minor pop could be heard when selecting different IRs while signal was present—FIXED In rare cases, restoring from a backup could sometimes cause the unit to freeze—FIXED In some cases, selecting a preset would not properly recall the active expression pedal (EXP 1 or EXP 2)—FIXED Importing IRs immediately after launching POD Go Edit could sometimes result in an error message—FIXED Transmitting MIDI CC60 or CC61 to control POD Go's looper could sometimes cause POD Go to freeze—FIXED When Global Settings > Switches/Pedals > FS Auto Assign was set to "Off," selecting a different effect category could sometimes cause the footswitch to display the previous category's color—FIXED Various graphical glitches—FIXED Many other minor fixes and improvements New in 1.22 POD Go Wireless can now update a connected G10T and G10T II wireless transmitter from POD Go Edit New in 1.22 Full support for macOS 11 Big Sur New in 1.22 Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Guitar In Pad would not be remembered across power cycles—FIXED New in 1.22 Clicking tap tempo from within POD Go Edit for an extended period of time could sometimes cause POD Go to freeze—FIXED New in 1.22 In POD Go Edit, the EQ > Acoustic Sim block did not display an X icon to delete the block—FIXED Known Issues in 1.22 Importing a .WAV file into the current empty slot of an Impulse Response block can cause POD Go to stop passing audio. WORKAROUND: Select a different IR and then reselect the new one; audio should resume
  16. Okay, let me first say, I have plenty of common sense and I could easily infer a conclusion that has high probability of being accurate. Actually, I already do have an assumption that I'm pretty sure is reflective of the fact. But I dont know it to be a fact so I'm only looking for the people who know the facts, i.e. cite me a source or give me directions where I can find the information cause I've look and quite frankly, this is not my area of expertise so I dont know what is marketing BS phrasing to sell an item cause it leads people to believe 2 things are the same when in fact they are not vs statements of factual reference. So the question is, are the fx in the POD go the same exact algorithms and scrip as Helix FX or Not? Either they are or they are not. So if you have to add some bit of information, clarify or say "Yes, But..." Then for my purposes, thats a no. And actually truth be told, all I want is a yes or no. Cause if the answer is they are the same, then thats all I need to know. But if the answer is no, then I will go do the research myself. I dont mind trying to find out the information. but looking for something that possibly doesn't exist would mean a lot of wasted time if they are the same. Unfortunately, no offense to anyone here but the trolls, we all know they exists and the fact I have said I'll continue the research if I'm told no they are not the same means I I have to have a reason from you as to why you would say that just cause I dont trust anyone and I dont wanna waste my time doing research cause some guy, kid i mean, parents hate him. I dont know if they beat him, but they dont love him so he then find joy is infecting the world with negative troll energy! Sorry, everyone pays the price for that. Its like I dont during a storm thinking every bolt of lighting is the one that was suppose to kill me. But I also dont carry a metal umbrella around holding it up so that on homicidal bolt of lighting knows where the easy kill is. Let me just end by saying as heavy handed as this comment is, it is no where close to accurately being a reflection of this community. cause 99% of the people here are awesome dude who are great guitarist, or even better, new guitarists who dont care about how they sound today, they keep practicing cause they know tomorrow they will play something they are proud of. I know thats most people here. But thats all I needed, 2 sentences and 99% of the people get it. Some troll is still not gonna get the fact that I know they are out there, and I'm more than happy to embarrass you. But without this, then when I'm a lollipop in return, doesnt that just make me a troll too? But I've laid out the rules of the game, so I take no issue in treating anyone like a POS if thats how they wanna be treated. Everyone else gets respect and should someone say something profound out side of anything I considered, well, I'll let you know the day that happens. but i do say thank you to people who correct any information that I have got wrong. I could care less about winning arguments, all I want is to leave a conversation with the most accurate information we can figure out together that accurate. This is my first comment in this group, and thats why this is detailed. Cause I'll keep this so people can reference the fact I dont change my tune and should I say anything that conflicts with what I've stated today, I'd expect to be held accountable. So not that I've said what I've had to say, I wont have to say it again and lets get on with business!
  17. If your Helix/LT is booting up in Demo Mode (shown on display screen during power up), please refer to the following procedures to deactivate and resume normal mode: Helix Floor Hold down FS 3+7 during power up Helix LT Hold down FS 3 (top row 'B') + FS 7 (Bank/Preset Down) during power up
  18. Here are the common button combinations for POD Go when attempting a factory reset or troubleshooting. To perform any of these, start with the POD Go turned off, then flip on the power switch while holding down the buttons below for 5-8 seconds. It's helpful to have your presets backed up or saved to your PC or Mac computer, before performing a factory reset. C & D - Factory Restore (Restores all factory settings) A & B - Clears Everything (Clears all presets, factory settings will not load) PAGE > - Update mode (helpful for any interrupted or failed updates) If your POD Go is booting up in Demo Mode (shown on display screen during power up), see below to resume normal mode: Hold down Bank/Preset Down and "D" footswitches during power up
  19. I see there are options for acoustic and classical simulation presets for Helix.. any for the Pod Go yet?
  20. Clsc

    Trail function

    add the Trail function between one preset and another, or have 5 editable blocks.
  21. Love the Pod Go. Mystified, however, by the 3 Note Generator. Is it possible to play guitar at the same time as the 3NG is turned on? In Helix, this seems possible based on some videos I've watched, but Helix has multiple signal paths and Pod Go just one. There's a Dry Signal level, which at first glance I thought might refer to the level of the guitar, but it seems to do nothing. Any suggestions? Has anyone figured this out? If there's no way to have the guitar make a noise at the same time as the 3NG or affect the sound in any way, it seems a strange thing to include in the Pod Go. What am I missing?
  22. So, I love my POD Go to death, but I can not lie when I say I am frustrated to see no firmware updates since August of 2020. While the package does feel complete on it's own, and I love mine to death as I said, I do feel kind of shorthanded by the fact Helix will probably be receiving updates, and new models for the next 3 to 5 years, while POD Go owners have not even seen more optimizations or patches in over 6 months. Its not something worth throwing a massive fit over, but I am irritated enough to up and just ask what the plan for future support is for the POD Go and exactly what we can expect to see further down the line if anything from it.
  23. Buenas, estoy teniendo el siguiente inconveniente, actualice mi POD GO a la version 1.21.0 y cuando lo conecto a la PC y quiero trabajar los patches desde POD GO EDIT 1.11, no me aparecen las actualizaciones incorporadas en la versión reciente (ejemplo: Cuando entro al menu de amps -desde la app- no toma el Fender Princeton) y si aplico la selección desde el POD GO si aparece en pantalla (en la pantalla del POD GO) Adjunto captura de pantalla de la vista actual desde POD GO EDIT.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm basically a newbie to the digital modeler world and I'm trying to use wah pedal for funk stuff eith full clean tone. I find the wah a bit gainy, i tried to set a lot of parameters but every models of it still add a bit of gain on the top end, which for clean tone I don't really like it. What am I doing wrong? Tips and tricks?
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