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Found 43 results

  1. Hi there dear gear wizards!! i have problem with the POD hd 500 when im trying to hook it up with 4 cable method to all tube amp head + 4x12 cab. I have a engl invader 150 and blackstar series one 104 heads. I want to use my tube amb sounds and just get chorus , reverbs , delays ,wah etc from the POD but when i hook up the 4 cable method and select the right input ( stack pwr amp ) + FX loop block from the pod my amps own distortion gets muffled and half of the tone goes missing. i want to keep tube amps own sounds and just color the tone with pod. I dont want to use any cab , amp , pre-amp models from the pod . please help. i want keep using my POD hd 500 wich is really great tool at home and straight to the PA -system aswell. Thanks Jani Puusa jani.puusa@gmail.com
  2. Hello! I was updating my Line 6 Monkey on my Mac OSX and I couldn't update my Flash Memory. This is what appears in my screen: I tried installing the MD5 Cheksum, but I cannot because there are no available for Mac OSX What do I do?
  3. Hi Guys, I got a Line 6 POD HD 500. I play mostly live. I usually go POD directly into PA. I used to create patches using another guitar amp which of course colour the tone. For live i had to go the venue and tweak. Its almost like creating a new tone in the venue. I heard a lot discussion about FRFR speakers. I am considering buying studio monitors to create the real POD sound usable for live. So Please help me with the following. 1) Can i connect POD directly to Studio minitors. i.e Guitar to POD xlr L/R out to studio monitor xlr in ? (No mixers or audio interfaces)- No plans of recording currently and want to use studio monitor instead of a real amp. Will it stand the load? 2) Do i need a pair or single one will do for creating patches? 3)Please explain about the settings i need to take care. I consider studio monitors because i can use it for recording purpose in future also. So I am not considering any keyboard amps or stage monitor speakers now. Thank you. Please help.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a hard/flight case for my pod hd 500x and I was wondering if I could get a case originally designed for a pod hd 500.
  5. Ableton and Riffstation softwares were not in my brand new box of studio UX2. Where can I get them from? Also, I have no one else to go to for help. I am trying this recording stuff for the first time and its just driving me crazy. I am tired, No matter what I do, I can get my guitars to start recording. When I use Reaper (free version), I can record my guitar with both my POD HD 500 & Studio UX2 which I got today. But none would run in Cubase v.5. I also tried them with Reason v.5, where although I can see the bars go green when I start playing, I just cant get to start recording or see the graphical sound chart like the one which comes in Reaper. Someone, anyone, please help me ! Also, what is MIDI interface, and how can I use it to record guitars. My intention is to simply record live guitar, maybe loop a drum track of my choice, and add some effects like bells, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. I have had problems getting good stage tone(s) when playing live with my JTV-69 thru a POD HD 500. I've tried a Laney solid state acoustic amp, a Koch tube amp (both run out of the POD and into the effects return), and a full-range Carvin powered PA speaker. I play covers, so I use a variety of tones, including acoustic ones. What do you all think is the best way to amplify this rig? The DT series amps seem more geared towards electric tones.
  7. soulfine

    Button 1/4" Out

    On stage the button 1/4" OUT set in LINE or AMP in Control Panel??? Attached Image The OUT LINE is louder.but the sound seens the same. Thanx David
  8. I just got and L2t for my pod HD 500 and JTV 69 variax . I'm using L6 link from the pod to the L2t and the patches are varying wildly in volume from patch to patch. i would like to set them up to be balanced at a reasonably quite home level but be able to turn up the whole balanced rig once i'm on stage. what the best way to balance the output of the patches from sparkly clean to full on balls and every where in-between on this rig?
  9. Hey Everyone, So I have an HD 500 that I use live and a marshall half stack for home use. I want to get into some home studio recording and I need a Digital Audio interface to record the way I want to. What I want to know, before I go out and buy a microphone, is can I use the mic input on my HD 500 as a digital audio interface to record my Marshall Half stack? The HD 500 has a USB out that I have recorded into Garageband lots on its own but can you record the mic input into garageband??? Thanks!!!
  10. I just ran across a little issue, and wanted to confirm my suspicions... I recently made a group of patches for our Chrismas services at church and a couple of them involved using the JTV magnetic pickups (for eBow use). I set the input for these patches to "Variax Mags", made my tweaks, and saved the patch. When I recalled the patches during a rehearsal, I noticed that the pickup selection was not what I had originally set. Am I correct that when using the POD HD 500 with the JTV, it will default to the neck and bridge magnetic pickups both being on when changing to the patch?
  11. After my tests i noticed. Studio direct in output settings POD HD is the best sounding mode. The rest is weak! Even for the live settings (no cab option). Line 6 better give us global equalizer in output mode, like a eq in POD XT (this little 4 band bastard make every wonders and brings POD to live). Heavy sims mesa, bogner, engl they don't have a balls. Stock eq's in preamp is muddy and harsh, not bassy and shiny! L6 please change it! By the way. On headphones i got superior tone in 5 sec. I apologise for my weak English :)
  12. I recently bought a hd500 (last sept 30, 2013), and it was great. The pedal works the 1st time I used it, but after few days, it's not working anymore. At first, most of the preloaded effects doesn't work, but some effects works, I thought i changed something in the settings. Now i tried creating a new tone, it worked, then I added a pedal wah/volume, now it doesn't work. I tried calibrating the pedal (as for the user manual), it says that in heel, it must be 0, and toe must be on 255. But it doesn't change, I can only see 0, that I concluded that the pedal is broken. Can someone help me? I tried to submit a ticket, but i also thought of posting it here. Thanks in advanced
  13. Hello folks... Here I am again facing trouble in my POD HD 500. I've just had problem in USB data transmission and a flashing Line 6 logo. I managed to solve it with some help from the forum, but now de expression pedal is not working. Even in the factory presets. It just turns ON or OFF the effect (Wah or Volume Pedal) but dont change the parameter. The Wah satys only in the OPEN position, and the Volume stays only opened too. Did someone face this trouble before? What have you done?
  14. Please, can someone help me! I was trying to use my POD HD 500 with the Editor, but when i connected the USB canle, a message appeared saying that was not possible to transmit the patches. After this, my POD HD 500 do not inicialize anymore, the screen shows only a flashing Line 6 logo. The hardware is not recognized by the softwares, i've already tried with the monkey and with the editor. Please, if someone knows the answer, tell me!
  15. I am putting together specs for my first complete home theater audio system, and am very curious about the possibility of running my Pod HD 500 through a 7.1 home theater amplifier with in-wall Polk audio speakers (or comparable) I'd like to hook up into an auxiliary input on the home theater amp in lieu of using a separate guitar amp or a PA System (which I don't have) Has anyone here ever done something like this? What issues should I take into consideration when choosing a home theater amplifier and speakers that would work alright with this setup?
  16. Hey I've been thinking about get a hd 500 and i was wondering if i could plug it into my vox vt 20+ so I wont have to use head phones all the time? Any response is appreciated
  17. So just got and updated my new hd500 and once the update was done, no amp model has any sort of distortion. All the presets that came on the unit do not have any sort of distortion. angel fball with gain on 100 and no other blocks filled with anything gives me a clean tone. I am not new to line 6 products. I have tried rolling back to a few diffrent updates with no luck
  18. tested

    Pod Hd 500 Problem

    I have been using my pod hd 500 almost every day for a year now without any problems at all. i have recorded with mic and xlr cables, used the out balanced to my flextone III amp and i am pretty satisfied so far. but yesterday it started to sound really weird at the same time i was playing. its like an noisy, clicking, crappy sound and i cant get it back the way i it was. i have reset it back to factory settings, global settings, re-installed all line 6 software', making new presents, downloaded others, switching the output modes between studio/direct and the power amp selections, tested the pod in another amp and computer. but nothing works so i need some help :)
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