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Found 114 results

  1. Hi The other day I turned on the Pod HD500 and restarted about 5 seconds, it appeared the logo of line 6 and ran another 5 s, the screen went black and forth to restart. This makes it constantly. I tried putting reset to factory settings, and again solved a constant reboot, mov pressing the key. Left at the beginning. It did not work With the Line 6 Monkey saw the icon Flash Memory was gray, so I tried to update it but it gave me an error, too icon drivers turned yellow and the computer gave me a message that did not recognize the USB. I went to install the drivers from file and I went to connect the POD to Monkey but while trying to install the Flash Memory turned to disconnect the USB. I repeated the process but the connection time was shorter and did not give me time to update the Flash Memory from file that was downloaded from the website of Line 6. Furthermore icon drives go from green to yellow and if reinstalled does not fail but the icon passed back to yellow As much as I repeated the process I no longer get that recognizes USB drives or that are set. I tried it in different connections of the computer and another computer too. Thanks
  2. If been perplexed by this issue for months, trying to understand and fix it. Time to ask the experts. When ever I try to use the Pod HD for recording in my studio and it sounds raspy and unusable. I've also noticed this when trying to use headphones. I've set the unit for "Direct", but it still sounds terrible. For reference I have an original Pod version 1, a Pod Pro, and a Pod X3 connected to my Mackie board and they all sound great Direct and with headphones. Why does the Pod HD sound so bad? I have tried all of the output setting with no success. If I plug the unit into and amp and set it accordingly it's a bit better, but has to be excessively tweaked to get it to sound right. I have had better success turning off the Pod's cab emulation off and using one from another device. This seems to fix the raspy tone issue for direct recording and for going into an amp. While this was fine for experimentation I do not want to pull out 2 pieces of gear to do what one piece should be able to achieve. So can you help me to get the Pod HD to sound as good as the original Pod and Pod X3 going directed and to headphones? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I bought a used POD HD from Kijiji (classifieds) and everything seemed to be in great working order when I went to go check it out so I bought it. After about a week or so, my screen started to glitch out. After a few minutes of glitching, the screen would go completely white. Everything still works but I always have to my computer to see what's happening. Any help or advice would be greatly appreicated! Here is a picture of my screen:
  4. I'm planning to buy a M9. I don't want to put it on my signal chain via FX loop but instead put the output of the pod into M9 input, then M9 output into DI box straight to PA. Guitar > HD500X > M9 > DI Now, can the M9 handle this properly? No clipping? Another question is, if I won't put it in FX loop and then put a midi connection from the POD going to the M9, will the M9 sync scene whenever I change patches on the POD? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I've been using Pod XT (and XT Live) for almost ten years now. (It's funny how the time flies...) I've been quite happy with it, even though I can achieve better sounding hi-gain sounds with some other equipment nowadays. I've been thinking of buying an audiointerface (Line6 UX2) and a software (POD Farm 2.5). Since I only play home alone, I have no need for hardware (I'm going to use it with my computer, of course). I've heard some samples of my friend's POD HD and it sounds really good. I'm wondering if I can get the same amp sims in POD Farm or does the POD Farm have different sims?
  6. Alright, I finally really hard a serious fizzy tone that occurs as a distorted tone is decaying. It's sounds almost like a torn speaker. I have not really critically listened to my rig until this week as I prepare for practice with a new band. I had been satisfied just noodling around occasionally and more often playing my analog rig which is not really geared toward the Classic Rock this band will be playing. The models I am hearing this with are using the Marshall Plexi, the Doctor Z, and in one case a Fender Deluxe Reverb with a tube screamer up front. I don't use high gain much at all, but I checked a few there and hear it as well. I play a JTV59 into a POD HD500 and out to a pair of Tech 21 Power Engines. On clean patches, I don't really notice anything. Is there any fix for this or is this a "wink wink, nod nod" pretend it's not really there thing? Like all such phenomena, once you hear it, you can't help but hear it after that.
  7. I'm thinking about getting the Pod HD (bean) and the FBV EXPRESS MkII. I don't really need the full HD500/X floorboard. So, can an FBV EXPRESS MkII control a Pod HD (bean) and another MIDI device over USB via a computer? Long version: I want to have a Behringer DEQ2496 (a fancy programmable digital EQ) connected to the Pod HD via S/PDIF (via Coax/RCA to optical converter or RCA to AES/BEU adapter) and change with the patch changes on the Pod HD. It could help with dialing in some patches. Now, I know the Pod HD (bean) doesn't have MIDI connectors. The FBV EXPRESS MkII manual says that it will send MIDI via USB and (at least with the X3) could be connected through a computer and send MIDI changes between the Pod and the floorboard (over USB). Can it also send changes to the DEQ2496 (via MIDI adapter connected to the computer)? It sounds like you can't connect the floorboard to the Pod via Cat5 and use USB on the floorboard at the same time, so USB all around would be required. The Pod HD isn't sending MIDI over USB, right? So the floorboard (and computer) has to be in the mix to change both devices. Short version: So all 3 devices would be connected through a computer. Hit a pad on the floorboard and have the bean change patch and the DEQ2496 change to the appropriate EQ patch. Anybody tried anything like that? I've done a little MIDI software dev stuff - so if the devices are sending/receiving anything across MIDI (via USB) - I can probably sync them up. It would be nice if it just worked, though. I played with DEQ2496 on an X3 Live years ago and it worked well and helped dial in the sound a bunch. Of course, you didn't need the computer in between. I'd guess it would work with the HD500/X easily, too. Searching on the FBV EXPRESS MkII (on this forum) doesn't instill a lot of confidence that it works well with the Pod HD (bean), though. I'd just like some patch switching, control the looper, and have the expression pedal. Any thoughts? Chris
  8. I had some people ask me on YouTube to make a tutorial or to share my patches for my POD HD Bass tones, so after like a year I finally got around to it. :P Tutorial Video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwv23DkmBMU And here's links to my tone patches on CustomTone Blank Template http://line6.com/customtone/tone/456806/ Gritty http://line6.com/customtone/tone/456807/ Heavily Distorted http://line6.com/customtone/tone/456808/ There's also links to the tones in the Video Description that are hosted on my website, if for whatever reason CustomTone is being weird.
  9. I turned on my POD HD and it said "Update flash" so I downloaded Line 6 Monkey and Reinstalled Flash Memory to the latest update. (It even said that the update was succesful) But when I turned in off and back on again it still said "Update flash". I also tried the whole "press the left arrow when turning on the POD" but that didn't change anything. could anyone please help me?
  10. Hello i'm trying to get a sound effect like in this song. it happens at the start of the breakdown (2:43) and again at 2:54. It's kind of like echoey water drop sound effect and i would like to make a HD PRO preset like this for my band. any help would be awesome! Link to song here: ---> thanks Harry
  11. Quick question: Does anyone know if there are any editable parameters in a POD HD series (HD500 if it matters) that can only be accessed via the POD HD Edit software? In other words, if I turn on my POD and I don't feel like flipping on a computer, will I be missing any capability in editing my tones, other than convenience of seeing it graphically? I ask because my old Vox Tonelab did have that situtaion, but often I don't feel like futzing with a computer and would rather just twiddle knobs and switches.
  12. Hey everyone, So I know nothing about Midi. Ok I only know it allows devices to communicate. I own a Pod HD500 and I'm thinking about getting a Voicelive vocal processor. Both devices have Midi connections. I'm just wondering: is there is a way that changing preset on the Pod HD500 can trigger changing to the appropriate preset on the Voicelive? This would be much more comfortable than having to jump with one foot on each device. Thanks for your help!
  13. I have a POD HD PRO X and now that I have a tone I'm happy with, I want to run it into a cab. I understand that I need a power amp to do so, and I understand that I use the effects out and in to connect the pod with the power and I use the Pod's own line out into the amp, but how do I control the amp's Ohm impedance so that it matches the cab?
  14. Hi guys, been getting some annoying noise when playing my EMG loaded guitar through my Pod HD Bean. My passive loaded guitar works fine. I have turned down the gain and still get noise with the EMG's...somebody had suggested that I uncheck the +18db box in the audio settings but I cant find this? I am using a Mac and are running the latest Pod HD drivers according to Line 6 Monkey... Help? Advice? Thanks!
  15. Hi guys Been jamming today with my LTD SC-607B through the POD HD Bean, and all was good at first. Switched it off, came back later and then, without tweaking my patch at all, I started to get this annoying noise trailing my chugs. I have tried out a few lead cords and the same thing, and I am getting the same noise through both bridge and neck pick ups. Here is a recording of what I mean. Its driving me crazy. Like I said, it was fine just minutes earlier until I turned it off for a while. Came back and here we are. https://soundcloud.com/sdsm/my-song-2 Anybody else experienced this or something similar? I just put in a brand new battery for my EMG's too I have tried plugging the POD into other power sockets around the house and same thing I have tried another guitar with passive pick ups and same thing This comes on randomly from time to time
  16. JaseFIJo

    Pod Hd Volume

    Up until last week I've always had problems getting levels and volume from the POD at consistently the same level so that you can switch from high gain models to clean without tweaking the amp settings, mixer setting and master output all the time. Set it in the house for a gig, then find at the gig sound check you need to adjust, then when people soak up all the sound have to adjust again. Also the sound tone has been alright but never really performed like some of the tones you here when you play some professional samples on-line. I'd always put his down to signals levels (mic, inst, line etc) and the combination of the stack, direct, combo and power and the amp. To some extent this is true but I've got a pretty good amp Blackstar HT20 and have never quiet got the tones out of it via the POD that I do when going the guitar to amp route. I'd tried 4 cable method to stop pre-amp stacking, HD direct to the fx return loop to go to the power amp side etc and all sorts of other combinations including DI's and monitors to try and work out the differences. I accept that there will be a little different but some of my tones were pretty crap sounding and I couldn't seem to work out why. I realised last week that everything you do with settings above is all about the carrier levels not the musical signal wave where the tone is. The lights came on and I had the tools to do something about it also. So hooked the POD HD direct to Reason and used that as the HD ASIO interface rather than the Balance. Fired up the BIG meter set to VU and Peak with the hold level marked and switched in a couple of patches. Levels very messy and all over the place transient clipping, VU hitting red + dB's, it's digital so if you do that it's never going to sound great. Left POD HD output to stack and little black switch to amp and started systematically on the POD HD using the Amp drive and volume plus the Mixer output to get the VU to about -16dB and checking that the peak didn't take too far an excursion. The other thing that instantly jumped out at me was left/right panning and the routing, I'd normally just run one chain panned to the middle. However keep the signal path 1 left and signal path 2 right you get a VU and Peak at the same level, pan either one and they'll deviate, obvious when you see it but not intuitive as the sneaky channel 2 chain can have an impact with nothing on it really. With my amp Levels great, Volume great, Master now is a volume signal master regardless of the amp patch's and effects. - Happy days, just have to try it with another amp at the next practice to see if it is now really plug and play. Maybe should have posted this to the knowledge base but thought I share as it's solved one of my headaches. Jason
  17. Hi Last time we got SLO 100, Marshalla Lead and Line6 amps. Now we all want new amps in the next frimware I guess. So as previously make a list. Maybe Line6 crew will read it. I'll start... 1. Roland Jazz Chorus 2. Orange AD30 3. Diezel VH4 4. Mesa/ Boogie Mark IV 5. .......
  18. I've barely had it out of the box for an hour. I was trying to update to the latest flash memory using the Monkey and it failed during the update. Error code 80007002. Now it won't respond to anything at all, not even rollback to an older flash memory version.
  19. If I saved up around £2000, and wanted to spend it all on a really high-end guitar with top of the range pickups etc, would I be wasting money if I then only used it with Pod Farm? I'm pretty happy with it now, but its hard to tell whether the limiting factor in the sounds I can get is my ~£400 RG370DXZ, with its stock Infinity pickups, or the software. Would I be better off spending less on a guitar and getting something from the Pod HD line?
  20. Greetings! I am considering purchasing a used Variax 700. I have a POD HD Desktop and would like to ask a few questions for the experienced users: 1. The POD HD Desktop does not have a dedicated Variax line input, is the Variax 700 still compatible via the standard guitar input? 2. Do I have to purchase Variax Workbench or have to have link the Variax into a dedicated Variax line input to be able to use Variax Workbench Software? 3. What is a UXS Footswitch? Cheers!
  21. Hello everyone. I currently use a Pod HD Desktop and love it, but this post isn't exactly about such. I enjoy its features but am saddened by the lack of midi inputs, virtual or physical and was wondering if I could rig it up to one of the Fbv boards (most likely the express). My intention would to use a daw to send midi signals to the fbv, then have that switch between patches in my Pod as necessary for my live show. I know the mkii fbv boards have a single midi input, so I was wondering if it could be used this way or not. Essentially, if you don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish, the guy in this video is doing the same thing, just using physical midi output from a computer interface into a physical midi input on his pod. I would be doing the same, except Daw's midi tracks > Fbv > Pod. Is this possible? Thanks in advance ^_^
  22. I have a 2 year old POD HD 500 that I love, but lately it has been misfiring: intermittently, usually when I stomp a new preset, the LCD screen will show that I am moving through the ranks or rows (i.e. rows 1-16) as if I were stomping the up or down button, but I'm not touching it. Sometimes I can arrest it, but it's very disconcerting when I need to hit my next preset. I use the pod with a JTV-69 Variax which has also had occasional issues, but it's working fine now. I am up to date on firmware, drivers, etc via line 6 monkey. Is this something I can trouble shoot at home, or is this something that needs to be sent in?
  23. Hi, I even been a very satisfied user of the pod xt bean and fbv shortboard mk1 for many years but I feel it is time to upgrade. I need to know for definat6e that the pod hd desktop will work with my mk1 shortboard and can i get some clarification on the amp models available for the pod hd desktop. specifically the one i use on my xt more than any other is the Saldano Slo100, is this available for the pod hd desktop? Cheers Mr G
  24. Has anyone here upgraded their Mac OSX system to "Maverick" yet ? and is it compatible with POD HD?
  25. why when I record in logic9, recordings sound different to how I hear in the headphones. the sample rate in logic is the same as in audio midi setup, my volume is low and still sounds really different. Why is that?
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