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Found 77 results

  1. I have problems on an older Mac Pro with the MacOS OS-X Lion 10.7.5 The latest driver is shown as 7.3.7 but no matter how I install it (via the monkey or manually) the driver neither does update in the monkey ("update selection") nor let me connect the POD via HD Edit or the licence manager. HD Edit crashes on directly start. The licence manager shows the computer as activated but no device. The driver is shown as outdated even if the POD is not connected. Of cause I tried to uninstall the driver via the uninstall-tool and to restart the mac. Of cause I have tried 2 different USB cables (both working on another machine). I have tried everything & several times… no luck!
  2. Hi. I have to 2 identical JTV-59 and 1 of them has a significant weaker signal on both Signal paths; PU + piezo The one I do prefer has a hot output-level that drives the cleaner amp models of the POD HD500 the right way into crunch. The other one doesn't tickle the crunch out of clean tones the right way. It sounds a bit boring in comparison. So what can I do? Would raising the magnetics always make the piezo signal hotter somehow? or so I have to raise the magnetics and level out the overall output of the weaker JTV59 to taste? I don't like the idea of managing 2 different sets of presets on both of my 59s.
  3. My patch-settings (Amp-Parameters) differ from one unit to another! The unit on the left side is a HD500x, the one on the right side is a HD500 The unit on the right side differes in a missing "Blackface Lux", which is wrongly replaced by a "Blackpanel Pete" and all Amp-parameters seems to be at the default-settings. I have re-flashed the POD500 (noX) but the problem is still the same. It is espacially spooky, because the following preset 01D is the same one as the 01C where only the Phaser is turned on. I will now reflash the unit 2-3 times again. Please help me!
  4. Greetings, I'd like to play my POD HD500 through my 4x12 cab and I read that I need a power amp for that. The ideal situation for me would be to have the option to play at bed room volume for home use, but still be able to go loud enough for live situations. There are amps like the Peavey 6505 Mini Head that have wattage switches that could work for me, but I'd like to use the amp simulation of the Pod HD500. I have no experience with power amps, so I'm wondering what volume ranges a regular power amp has and if there are power amps that provide capabilities that are similar to those of a mini head.
  5. Hi, I've been successful in changing patches on my Pod HD500 using Cubase LE AI Elements 8, but the Pod just doesn't toggle the effects on/off when a midi command is sent to it. The Pod is sending and receiving signal as I have even recorded effect toggles from it to a MIDI track, but the Pod only responds to the patch changes, not the effects toggling. I'm not sure if I need to change any settings in the Generic Remote Settings. Can anyone help please? :)
  6. Hi everybody!  Not sure if people generally do this here, but I wanted to share my YouTube channel with you all. I'm planning to start uploading more regularly and hoping to reach a bigger audience. I play a few different styles and you'll see that in my videos. All my guitar videos were recorded with the Line6 POD HD500X. And all upcoming videos will most likely be using the same unit. I appreciate all who take the time to check it out! https://m.youtube.com/user/AmarAAguitarist Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well. The link can be found in the description of all my videos or below: https://www.instagram.com/amars_music/ Thank you! 
  7. Hello, I've just bought an egnater tweaker 40 and I'd like to use it for cleans and an amp model from inside the pod for a high gain metal sound. Can and should I do this? If so, how?
  8. Hi all expression pedal nerds, In the past, I have simply toggled the on-board pedal between exp1, and exp 2, to change from volume to wah, or whatever else.... I just bought a second hand EX1, and it functions as it should. My problem is, every patch, (presumably, because it was set up with toggling the onboard pedal only), I have to physically unplug the EX1, and then re-connect it,and then save the patch, for the EX1 to have control of the volume, freeing up the onboard pedal for whatever else.... Is there any way around this? Yea - I know - first world problem, but surely this scenario was thought of, in the design phase! LINE 6??? Anyone home to answer this?
  9. Hi All, Basically what i'm after is to be able to record 3x wet signals at the same time via a suitable audio interface into my DAW. Set up consists of a pod hd 500, Yamaha digital piano & electric drum kit. The main issue i've encounted while searching for a suitable interface is the lack of line inputs. I was looking at the Focusrite 6i6 as it's in my price range, but I was unsure how i'd connect all 3 instruments? I'd planned on running the pod hd500 in to the interface via the XLR Out on the pod to the line input of the audio interface (via XLR to TRS 1/4) here is the problem... the research I've done also recommends connecting the digital piano via the same set up (R ----- L\+R out to audio interface line input) & i'd like to run the same type of connection to the electric kit... Is this as simple as me having to fork out the extra cash for a higher end audio interface, or can I run these 3 instruments via a different set up into the audio interface? I'd even be happy being able to record 2 wet signals at once. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  10. I just rebuilt my Mac, and tried installing both HD500 driver versions 7.2.5 and 7.2.7 multiple times, and nothing is showing up as a driver. I've also use both Line 6 Monkey and the downloadable installers on the site. Does anyone have any tips on ho to fix this? This has never happened to me before. Thanks.
  11. Hello, first time using the forums since I wasn't able to find a concrete answer to the issue I'm having here or on the Reaper forums. I have two issues. First issue. I am unable to have anything playing on my computer playback through my headphones that I have connected to my POD HD500. I have my POD HD500 connected via USB to my computer. In the Sound panel, when I have the 'Line 6 POD HD500' set as my default Playback device, anything that I try to play does not play. For example... I go to YouTube to play a song, and the video doesn't start. Same for when I am playing something back in Reaper, I push play and nothing happens. Why is this? Second issue. I am unable to record in Reaper. This probably has something to do with the first issue, but I am going to write it out regardless. As said, I have the POD HD500 connected via USB to my computer. In Reaper's preferences under Audio > Device, I have the following... Audio System: ASIO ASIO Driver: ASIO POD HD500 Is there something that I am missing? I'm feeling frustrated since I recorded something a few weeks ago and I didn't have this much trouble getting things to work. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  12. After some price-drops in the last few weeks Thomann offers only the Line6 POD HD Pro X. The POD HD500x is no longer online and there is no upcoming stock information. Seems that the HD-Line is going to leave the market forever now. A pity especially after this surprising comparison… https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/ax8-headrush-helix-hd500x-shootout.1852940/ I will keep mine until it's death (and already bought a backup for 170 USD) :wub:
  13. Hi. A friend of mine plans on using the Helix as a Bass Preamp for Live usage. He does not want to go In-Ears or some silent-stage-stuff, rather he likes to get his massive analog bass-tone on stage, using the Helix and some kind of speaker-system. The tone should be amplified over his Gallien-Krueger Bassamp, using the Effects-Return to feed the solid state output stage. Which FRFR speaker-system would a Bass-Player prefer for the look & feel and the most versatile bass-sound? Is it best to go 2x15 passive PA-System Speaker or will a 1x15 do the job for bass? Or shall he still use his two 4x10 Trace-Elliot cabs driven from out the GK-Amp? A active FRFR would be no alternative, because he likes to have a amp on the cab for optical reasons ;)
  14. Hola banda, necesito su ayuda, tengo el pod hd500, me di cuenta que al cambiar en el footswitch de efecto guardado en el banco A1 al B1,, y después al regresar al A1 nuevamente pierde algunas características del efecto A1, por ejemplo en mi pedal tengo en el banco ("A1" clean) ("B1" overdrive) ("C1" lead overdrive+delay para solos).. cuando toco con el (B1 overdrive) y después paso a hacer solos voy al (C1 lead overdrive+delay para solos), el banco C1 pierde un poco de graves de delay y alguna característica que le puse al preset, cuando toco con la (A1 clean) y paso a la (C1 lead overdrive+delay para solos), pierde mas delay el sonido se hace chillón y fino con muchos brillos, osea se pierde mas características que le puse a ese preset en su cadena de efectos,, pasa incluso con los efectos ya predeterminados del pedal, los nombres de los bancos (clean overdrive lead etc) son solo para los ejemplos, cada banco (A1 B1 C1 D1) tienes su preset con su respectivo cadena de efectos , Ya le actualice con el programa monkey, le hice un reseth con el método del botón derecho, incluso le hice el método flash memory con el programa que según leí es el único método de restablecer el POD a modo de fabrica, leí que a alguien le paso cuando actualizo el firmware su pedal tuvo comportamientos raros y tuvo que regresar al firmware anterior, y después actualizarla de nuevo, alguien tiene el firmware anterior del pedal que me lo pasen o alguna otra solución, muchas gracias ImI
  15. Hi! I downloaded the POD HD500 editor in order to use it as a MIDI controller and in the process deleted all of my (own and factory) presets. I guess it happened when I pressed "send all" and it synced. just looking for an easy link to some standard line6 presets. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone! I'm about to sell some of my analog stombboxes and get a POD HD500. The thing is I want to keep my Big muff and my Whammy DT. I've seen some videos about this subject but none specific about the Whammy and where to plug as a pedal chain. Cutting to the chase.... 1)If I decide do keep my Whammy DT and my big muff, how am I supossed to chain them with the POD? e.g. guitar > Whammy > big muff > POD (where am I supossed to connect it on the pod? As the guitar in or as a send return??) 2) Anyone ever tested the performance of a Whammy DT going through the POD? Thanks in advance and sorry for any misspeling/punctuation issues, english is not my mother language :D
  17. recording process: and presets: http://line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=&search_term=vypole
  18. Hey, I've recently purchased the POD HD500 to play through the VOX, however, i'm having difficulty continuing to use the VOX footswitch with the POD. The VOX doesnt have an FX out and the POD its played through the guitar input. I want to use the distortion and cleans of my amp, however, use the effects and looper of the POD. Would really appreciate some assistance on this 1. Apologies if this is something so simple, however, i'm new to the Line 6 POD world! Thank you, Martin
  19. I use my Pod HD500 with my DT25 combo by using the L6 Link connectivity. It works fine, but recently I decided to add a bit more complexity to my rig by incorporating some other pedals into the signal chain. I have a C.S.E. Rasputin Fuzz, which supposed to be like a Big Muff on steroids. I tried opening a fx loop block so I could run it in front of the amp, but it creates this unbearably loud static when I turn the stompbox on. Even with the fx loop block turned off, it still makes that awful noise (while the pedal is still on). I unplugged everything and just did guitar>fuzz>amp, and I didn't get any static. I know that high-gain pedals do make a bit of noise, but it seems to amplify when I just plug it into the effects loop of the Pod. Any ideas?
  20. Hi, Was wondering whether anyone has had any problems with sound dropping out while using a pod hd500? Sometimes,and intermittently, I will be playing and the volume just disappears. If I switch patch it comes back but on a few occasions it hasn't. I thought it was to do with the exp pedal at first so I removed this from the signal chain but it is still happening. It's really annoying as it's not all the time and I can't tell when or why it's happening. I only use this pedal while onstage (no amp) so when it goes I'm left looking like a fool. I found turning it off and on again works but I can't be doing this every night. Any ideas would be greatly received. Cheers
  21. Hi I recently connected my Mini Rectifier to my POD HD500 with the 4cm. Also, I made sure I have the FX Loop block on the preset. I do get sound, but I don't get the effect after the FX loop. Any suggestion to why it can happen? Tried panning the mixer to the center, tried playing with the knobs on the FX loop block see if it might help, but nothng, I simply get a dry pre FX loop single Thank you for your time
  22. Hi everyone, I'm using my new POD HD500X with a Cornford Carrera connected 4 cable method. I want to create a bank where I can toggle from a patch or patches where I'm using an FX block and my tube pre from the amp. Then kick to the next patch where I'm using a POD pre and just using the power amp section of the Cornford. Then kick to the next patch where I bypass the tube amp and output to my PA, for an acoustic sound. I have not been able to figure out how to select the proper output mode. When I am using the pre from my amp I'm thinking my output setup should be combo front or stack front. When I'm using the pod pre I think I should use combo power or stack power. Those seem like global settings to me, can't figure out how to make them change patch to patch. Also can't figure out how to mute the tube amp and use the PA for an acoustic patch. Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm using my new POD HD500X with a Cornford Carrera connected 4 cable method. I want to create a bank where I can toggle from a patch or patches where I'm using an FX block and my tube pre from the amp. Then kick to the next patch where I'm using a POD pre and just using the power amp section of the Cornford. Then kick to the next patch where I bypass the tube amp and output to my PA, for an acoustic sound. I have not been able to figure out how to select the proper output mode. When I am using the pre from my amp I'm thinking my output setup should be combo front or stack front. When I'm using the pod pre I think I should use combo power or stack power. Those seem like global settings to me, can't figure out how to make them change patch to patch. Also can't figure out how to mute the tube amp and use the PA for an acoustic patch. Thanks in advance for any help.
  24. Greetings, I'm using a Pod HD500 and thought I would reach out and see if anybody has tried something similar or has any advice. I am trying to use an electric stringed instrument, it's called a Harpejji, to work with Native Instruments pulse engine software, Signal by Output, running in Kontakt 5 player. I want to use my instrument instead of a keyboard to trigger/play Signal. I have a Mio Midi to USB cable plugged from the Pod to my PC and the Pod USB to my PC. Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, suggestions you might have.
  25. Hello guys: I installed the "Line 6 Monkey" program to my windows 10, and i conect my Pod HD500, and i run it, i already update the Drivers section and the USB firmeware, but when i try to update the "Flash Memory" section it shows me an error. i search for udates and it shows me the "I Agree" window and also the "Want to keep your existing patches" window, but when i continue, and when it starts downloading the update, it shows an error, its something like this: "POD HD500 update failed. " (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out waiting for a response. Try the update again, making sure the cables are still connected. Please if you know whats the matter, hope you can answer. i already try to restart the computer and the Pod, but no succes. Also y check the conection and its ok, the computer never stops reading the Pod from the usb cable. Thank you a lot!!!
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