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Found 80 results

  1. Hi I recently connected my Mini Rectifier to my POD HD500 with the 4cm. Also, I made sure I have the FX Loop block on the preset. I do get sound, but I don't get the effect after the FX loop. Any suggestion to why it can happen? Tried panning the mixer to the center, tried playing with the knobs on the FX loop block see if it might help, but nothng, I simply get a dry pre FX loop single Thank you for your time
  2. Hi everyone, I'm using my new POD HD500X with a Cornford Carrera connected 4 cable method. I want to create a bank where I can toggle from a patch or patches where I'm using an FX block and my tube pre from the amp. Then kick to the next patch where I'm using a POD pre and just using the power amp section of the Cornford. Then kick to the next patch where I bypass the tube amp and output to my PA, for an acoustic sound. I have not been able to figure out how to select the proper output mode. When I am using the pre from my amp I'm thinking my output setup should be combo front or stack front. When I'm using the pod pre I think I should use combo power or stack power. Those seem like global settings to me, can't figure out how to make them change patch to patch. Also can't figure out how to mute the tube amp and use the PA for an acoustic patch. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm using my new POD HD500X with a Cornford Carrera connected 4 cable method. I want to create a bank where I can toggle from a patch or patches where I'm using an FX block and my tube pre from the amp. Then kick to the next patch where I'm using a POD pre and just using the power amp section of the Cornford. Then kick to the next patch where I bypass the tube amp and output to my PA, for an acoustic sound. I have not been able to figure out how to select the proper output mode. When I am using the pre from my amp I'm thinking my output setup should be combo front or stack front. When I'm using the pod pre I think I should use combo power or stack power. Those seem like global settings to me, can't figure out how to make them change patch to patch. Also can't figure out how to mute the tube amp and use the PA for an acoustic patch. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Greetings, I'm using a Pod HD500 and thought I would reach out and see if anybody has tried something similar or has any advice. I am trying to use an electric stringed instrument, it's called a Harpejji, to work with Native Instruments pulse engine software, Signal by Output, running in Kontakt 5 player. I want to use my instrument instead of a keyboard to trigger/play Signal. I have a Mio Midi to USB cable plugged from the Pod to my PC and the Pod USB to my PC. Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, suggestions you might have.
  5. Hi all, I've had my Pod HD500 for about a year now and I've noticed that the loop function, all of a sudden, doesnt work! Obviously it used to and I know how to do it, but for some reason, everytime I go to record something, it doesnt play it back . . . Anyone know why?? Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated, Cheers! Damian
  6. Bought my HD500 in 2012 when the laptop I had was running Windows XP - had no issues. Now that laptop has died and I've tried connecting to 4 different laptops running Windows 7 or 8 and having no success. My own laptop, when I open Monkey, only gives PodXt as an option in the "Please select the Line 6 device you want to configure" drop-down menu. Moving on to my daughter's laptop - I can select HD500 but the software states that I need to download the latest drivers. I do this and nothing changes. I've tried downloading the drivers before I open (or even download) Monkey and still there is no recognition that this has been done. And without the drivers I cannot connect my unit. I've trawled the forums, uninstalled and re-installed, still no joy. Any suggestions would be welcomed
  7. Good day guys, POD HD500 have been a great unit UNTIL....I'm using full 4 cable method. Problem: I'm getting DIGITAL DISTORTION when I crank my Laney Ironheart pass 6 o'clock. Elaboration: I'm using STOMP mode since LINE produce insane hiss. My guitar ---> IRT--->Vox 1x12 celestion G12M is super quiet even @ hard rock Alice In Chain kind of gain setting, running without any noise gate. Request: Please help me guys, I've been using POD HD500 for 4 years and this problem put me away from POD HD for post pre-amp stage efx processing. Any tricks to solve this problem? If so, please share. Treat me like a newbie , I'm seriously need a solid solution or else I just sell this POD and go for analog setup. Best regards, Damien
  8. I'm currently running the 4th public beta of OSX El Capitan which will be released to all Mac users in the near future. I've encountered an issue where the operating system is not able to use the POD HD500 as an external soundcard for music production in Logic Pro X or even just for general media consumption. I was going to chalk it up to it being an unperfected beta release but the curious thing is that my Native Instruments Guitar Rig audio device works perfectly fine. Will Line 6 release a driver update after the public release of the operating system? Have Line 6 had to do this in the past when new operating systems are released? Anyone experiencing a similar issue? Any feedback would be much obliged. Cheers, Jordan.
  9. When I'm trying to calibrate the pedal, the value are 23-255 and not 0-255. What am I doing wrong...?
  10. I am very happy to announce the release of my 1st EP titled 'Sonic Sketches' I used my POD HD500 for all the guitars on this EP. You can check it out or get it on my Bandcamp site: Sonic Sketches | Lars Bauer It will also become available on MY WEBSITE If any of you guys want a free download, give me your e-mail address and I will send it out to you! Lars
  11. I own a POD HD500 and use it for church performance. Since I lead worship near the pastor's podium, the HD500 is just too large for me to keep up front where I can change it, so I've just been using one setting at all times and using a wireless system. I purchase an FBV Express MKII because I thought I read that it was compatible with the HD500, however, before it arrived at my doorstep I realized that it in fact was NOT compatible. I've seen many posts about using the HD500 as a MIDI controller to control other things, but I haven't seen anything concerning using another MIDI device to control the HD500. Is it possible to control it using another MIDI device? If so, any recommendations on a small MIDI footswitch with expression pedal? The FBV Express MKII would have been the perfect size if it had been compatible, but most of the MIDI controllers I see with expression pedals are as large or larger than my POD. Thanks for your time!
  12. evand67

    weird glitches...

    So, I have owned just about every pod there is...other than the original pod...they were all solid,..until I got the pod hd500...granted, the hd500 has more power and way better sounds than the other pods,..but..the tuner just stopped working....it was ok, everything else worked,..but that just bugged me...couldn't be fixed with updating or even backing up the flash memory....so I got a great deal on a like new hd500x!! so I picked that up,...and figured I'd use the hd500 with no tuner for a backup....little did I know how soon I'd have to break out the backup...now I get no wah or volume on any of my patches...you can hear the wah engaged, but the pedal does nothing...nor does volume....I don't remember any issues with my pod 2.0, the two pod xts I owned,..(with footpedal), the xt live,..or my pod x3...and those things got way more beatings than this does...I never gig with pods anymore...I use real amps,..but I used to use the xt and xt live for my metal band....I originally stopped using pods cuz I like a more organic tone for live,..,..but now I don't think they'll be reliable enough either....disappointing,..because I love the tones...it's my rig for at night for practice when I don't have the luxury of being loud...now I guess I have to find something new....spend a bazillion dollars on a kemper or axe fx...I hoped it wouldn't come to this.....
  13. I recently bought a DT50 112 and was going to use my Pod HD500 via L6 link. When I checked for updates the Line6 Monkey suggested I upgrade to the 1.7 version after down loading and upgrading the Line6 Monkey I hooked my HD500 via USB and now the Line6 Monkey fails to recognize the HD500 and won't connect to it. Since then the HD500 has stopped working and cannot be reset. I tried holding the left cursor arrow and powering it up but it just says "UPDATE FLASH" in the display window. When I tried to connect it to the Line6 Monkey via USB it does not find it and if I try to update the drivers it sends me to the support page and asks me to download P-18 2.62.00 that says it supports Pod HD Pro x. This also will not install and I don't know why I need it for the HD500 anyway. Suggestions? I also uninstalled the 1.7 and reinstalled 1.67 on Line6 Monkey and that did not work.
  14. Hi I'm on a reguler POD HD500, tried updating to the latest firmware 2.6 today, but with no success, seems like my POD HD isn't reading the file or something. Anyone have the same problem? is the firmware compatible with the old reguler POD HD? or am I missing something here?
  15. Hey guys, I recently got a POD HD500. I've finally managed to get the edit software to open and change tones about. My friend got a pod hd500 before me, and I dialled his tone in. I tried to manually dial the same thing in, but it sounds terrible in comparison. SO, i took the tone, put it onto my laptop and send it to MY pod, it STILL sounds horrible. Whats going on??? Is this a software issue???????
  16. Greetings my fellow Line 6ers. I currently own the Pod HD Pro, and am pleased with the overall sounds that I've been able to come up with. However, I'm strongly considering selling my HD Pro in order to get a HD500X and Scarlett interface. Anyways, I was thinking about buying an external boost pedal, like a Maxon OD808-type pedal and use it in place of the modeled "Skreamer" in the HD. I play mostly progressive medal, so I'd be using it for signal boosting/tone shaping. My big question is how well does the Pod HD series handle external boost pedals? And would there be any difference between the HD Pro and the HD500X in terms of how they respond to the pedal? I've heard very mixed things about this, and would appreciate whatever insight I can get on the matter. Some people say that the Pod HD's input is already calibrated to handle a Guitar's natural signal, and that running an OD pedal will cause nothing but problems. Then I've heard from other people that the Pod handles pedals well, even Tubescreamer-like pedals. Thoughts!!??
  17. Hey guys, so I'm new to the whole amp sim thing that's been going on lately.. I own the Spider 3 amp head but I noticed there's quite a handful of tones that I can't seem to achieve through the amp head anymore as time goes on... I've noticed bands lately using the HD500x for their recordings and even live shows to maintain their studio sound.. Which is cool but I have a handful of questions as well on this. Now I've heard that its possible on systems like Axe FX.. to create scenes and basically automate all of your effects and amps and what-not as it played to a track... I wanted to know if this is possible on the Line 6 HD500x or if it's even possible on the Line 6 HD Pro which I basically in a sense consider the HD Pro the Axe FX of Line 6.. But everyone says there really is no difference between the HD500x or the HD Pro My only issue with the HD pro is that I cannot switch effects through a pedal because it doesn't come with a pedal.. And the HD 500x I'm really not sure how downloading tones works or any of that and what the price is to download half of these tones... WHY am I looking into buying this also? I really want a thick chug tone thats clean with a good low end to give it a real nice "djent" sound.. generic I know but I really love the way it sounds. If it's also possible to automate and do "scenes" for the POD Pro then that'd be cool to know too.
  18. Hello all, I recently bought the StageSource L2m, and loving all the neat things I can do with it through my Pod HD500X. However, I came across a problem the other day that I have been trying to fix and researching relentlessly. When I connect my iPod via CD/MP3 input > POD > L2m via L6 Link, I get no signal coming from my L2m (just guitar signal when plugged in). I've updated my POD, rummaged through settings, tried turning the L2m from Mono to Stereo, different aux cables, I also tried plugging in my iPod through the aux 1/4 jack on the POD and nothing. The only thing that worked is when I plugged my POD via regular line in. The whole reason I really wanted the StageSource was to be able to utilise the L6 Link capabilities with my POD and it is a bit frustrating that I am unable to with a simple connected. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a reason there is no signal? Also I know I could connect my iPod directly into the L2m via L/R input but I've done everything through my POD since day one. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  19. I'm terrible at making patches... Idk how to tweak settings, etc. So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there kind enough to create a patch for me.. I have a link to the site of someones gear that I want to replicate. He has a pedalboard, there is a picture of it and on the site, it says what order he uses each pedal in and etc. So at least you will have some sort of foundation to work on! Here's the link to the website: http://jeffreykunde.com/gear I really want that tone! Idk if there is anyone willing to work on this, but if there is, I'd really appreciate it! I use a humbucker pickup guitar, if that helps...
  20. Hi everyone I need some help in regards to connecting stomboxes to my POD HD500. My setup is a Line 6 POD HD500 connected to Line 6 Spider 75 amp. I want to connect stompboxes to my setup, is it possible to combine my stompboxes which is a Boss DD3 Delay, Mega Distortion and a Flanger? Regards Charl
  21. Hello everyone. I had to travel to another city for a gig, I took my POD HD500X with me and unfortunately it fell to the ground. The corner hit the ground and the screen is broken, it's driving me crazy. Do you know what kind of lcd screen the POD HD500X uses and where can I buy it? (preferably online) Thank you in advance. Ps. Excuse my english.
  22. Greetings all, let's see if I can explain my problem correctly: I got a used POD HD500 recently and noticed a problem, well, at least i think this is an issue: I like to plug a mobile or tablet in the p2 aux in to play along. The thing is, when I stop the music in the mobile, it seems the POD turns off the connection to the phone or the tablet, then I have to unplug and plug it again so I can continue playing, quite an anoying thing... Does someone know how to solve this?
  23. Hi, Total Newbie - First Post. I have bought a used Pod Hd500 which has a damaged power input - not making contact properly. I have in my possesion , the replacement part from Line 6 and was wondering if someone out there has replaced this before and would walk me through the steps to access the part and replace it. Not really sure where best to start and keen not to damage anything whilst taking the unit apart. Any help will be much appreciated! Looking forward to accessing some cool sounds. Cheers in advance, Des
  24. Prior to the last update, the master volume knob on the HD was bypassed when used with the DT or L-Series via the L6 link. The last update brings the Pod master volume into play. Where are people setting that in their dream rig setup?
  25. I am starting to do the demos for my new album. The album concept is "keyboard free". All tracks are played using only Guitar, Bass and Drums. So to record the bass for "Lujon" by the great Henry Mancini, I dusted off my Variax 700 Bass. I used the 1949 Kay Upright Bass for the track and I think the model is kind of flat compared to the models in my James Tyler 89 and 69. It made me wonder if Line 6 is going to produce an updated bass. I've included the link to the demo, the bass is ok, but not as resonant as my real upright bass. https://soundcloud.com/kimguidry/lujon
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