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Found 80 results

  1. Hey everyone, So I know nothing about Midi. Ok I only know it allows devices to communicate. I own a Pod HD500 and I'm thinking about getting a Voicelive vocal processor. Both devices have Midi connections. I'm just wondering: is there is a way that changing preset on the Pod HD500 can trigger changing to the appropriate preset on the Voicelive? This would be much more comfortable than having to jump with one foot on each device. Thanks for your help!
  2. So I am actually very new at this.. And I am just discovering that the Line 6 POD HD500 is capable of being used for gigging without the use of a head or cab... And just directly outputting the sound to the venues PA system... Is this for real? I recently saw a band called Twelve Foot Ninja live and they had NO amps on stage... Not a single amp.. All I saw was the POD HD500 and some strange box software on the side.. Not sure if it was to manage their in ear monitors or what.. But is there some sort of trick to this or is it literally THAT easy? Performing without the use of amps? This sounds way too good and easy to be true.
  3. Hey All! Just got a new POD HD500X and I'm really eager to use it as much as possible but I have a few questions before I do. Before the POD HD500X all I had was a few pedals in front of my Peavey 15 watt combo amp, for home use or small gig use it was fine as I would mic it and get a decent sound. Now, when I'm at home I'd like to plug it in but when I put it through my little practice amp it sounds horrible as the amp has presets that you can only modify not take off. So, my question is for home use, small gigs, and big live use, what would be the best way and most affordable way to get the sound out of the POD? Thanks!
  4. Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this. While recording with my POD HD500, I have noticed an issue with some kind of digital static. It's usually not a big deal when I am playing, but when I allow my guitar to ring out (typically at the end of a song), I begin to notice an strange static coming out from behind the guitars. This issue is made worse if I double track or add additional guitar tracks, as it is multiplying the noise. I'm not very audio-tech savvy, so I was hoping someone could help me locate (and possibly eliminate) the source of this noise. My guitar uses EMGX pickups. When I turn on the tuner, I get a clean, smooth DI tone with no noise whatsoever (unless I move my guitar's pickups within inches of the various electronics in my studio), making me think I should rule out the pickups. Additionally, changing cables has no effect. I've tried multiple lengths from Fender to generic, so I am also thinking I should rule out the cables. The POD HD500 makes a constant white noise when I have it on certain patches. When I use my Treadplate patch (Drive 64%, Vol 100%, no pedals, just the amp), there is constant noise whether or not I have anything plugged into the POD. Is this normal? The noise is different if I choose different amps (being most obvious on Uber, Treadplate, F-Ball and Elektrik), making me believe this is just how the amps act in real life and are thus emulated, so I think this can be ruled out. I thought maybe it was a ground loop hum, so I bought a HumX, but plugging various things into it (PC, POD, power strip) has absolutely no effect. Hopefully I can rule this out, return it, and get my money back. I've tried using noise gates, but as long as the guitar is ringing out, the static is there. It has a very digital sound, and I suspect it might be coming from my computer. If turn my guitar's volume down, I get the amp noise I was talking about earlier, but as I turn the volume up (strings muted of course), it's like I'm dialing in this digital static. Sorry for the TL;DR. My main goal here is finding out what is normal/abnormal and what I can fix (and if I can return my HumX... that thing was $60!) Thanks for the help. I'll be happy to upload some examples if they are needed.
  5. I own Variax Acoustic, JTV59, and just acquired a Variax Bass from eBay. The Variax Acoustic and JTV59 can connect to Line 6 Monkey via my POD HD500. I have also used the USB interface to connect the JTV59, and if I recall correctly, it is required for Workbench HD. The Variax Bass is not detected by Line 6 Monkey via the POD HD500 or the USB interface that came with the JTV59. Is there an interface to update the Variax Bass (and connect to either version of Workbench), or was the bass discontinued before the online connections were implemented? Don't want to keep chasing my tail if there is no way to connect the bass to my Mac ;-) (btw, sorry if this has already been covered; appears that there have not been any Variax Bass topics since ~2007.) Grady
  6. Please help! I have downloaded line 6 monkey, POD HD500 edit, and I am still unable to sync my POD with line 6 monkey! For some reason, every single time I launch monkey, it asks for what product I want to configure, and I am constantly having to "download" the HD 500 drivers, but to no avail! my computer says "USB not recognized" or something like that... needless to say. I have had no luck getting my POD to work with monkey... What do I do?
  7. Hi Everyone, I would like to know if it's possible to connect the vocals (mic) and POD HD500 at the same time to the L3T. If yes, please advise me the best way to connect it. Second question, is it possible to connect 1 vocals and 2 guitars on the L3T? If yes, how should it be done? I'm thinking of getting the most portable setup possible for small sized club gigging.. Thanks in advance.
  8. pratikb

    Best Patches

    Hello Everyone, As per the thread( below is the link), if possible please upload/attach your patches that will help a newbie like me and may be others to understand the Effect placement, Amps, Drive Parameters http://line6.com/support/topic/5441-favorite-hd-models/ Thanks in advance, Pratik
  9. Guys: I am using the 4 cable method to connect my POD HD500 to a Blackstar HT60 Stage amp. I am still fighting to get a good tone. Anyway, I need to connect my Wah (Morley Dragon 2) pedal, Tech 21 British and Suhr Riot pedals in the chain. I understand there are two options: 1) Connect the guitar >> wah, than Tech 21/Suhr pedals >> POD HD500 Guitar In 2) Connect the guitar >> POD HD500 Guitar in and POD HD500 FX Send >> Wah, Tech 21/Suhr pedals >> Amp Input. Sound is different. I like most the sound of Tech 21 / Suhr by method "1". However, the wah has no effect in both methods. Please, let me know what is the best way of connecting external pedals in the chain when using 4 Cable Method and POD HD500. Att, Emerson.
  10. So I've got a POD HD500 and I'm pretty dense about using it. Haven't really put the time into it I should, to reap the potential. I digress. In addition to my relative ineptness using gear, I've got a terrible ear. But I'd really like to set up a few patches that ape/steal the tone of a few, certain, probably obscure, players out there (including a bass tone). I was able to find information on their gear/rigs online, but translating them to what's available in the POD is where I get lost. That said, my question is could you use the AMPLIFi app to pre-build the tone, then recreate it in the POD software/on the unit itself? Kinda take my guesswork out of it? I know the AMPLIFi probably has considerably more amp options than the POD, but is this feasible? This is working under the assumption that you could use the free app for research without having to pair it to the amp itself. Thanks! I appreciate you lending me some of your know-how! --gsorkin
  11. Hi all! Is there any way to turn on an effect and turn off another at the same time? e.g. stepping on distortion enable any amp and disable any effect. Enable and disable 2 or more at the same time I know it is possible. Em pt-br caso alguém possa me ajudar? Existe algum jeito de habilitar um efeito e desligar outro ao mesmo tempo? p. ex. eu que pisar na distorção e ao mesmo tempo desligar um chorus ou algum outro efeito. Habilitar 2 ou mais efeitos ao mesmo tempo sei que é possível. Thanks! Obrigado! Rodrigo
  12. Hi fellow Line 6'ers, I compared the accuracy of the HD500 tuner against a cheaper tuner (Arion Hu-30) & found the 'G' string on the HD500 isn't tuning correctly. So inquisitively I borrowed my mates TC Polytune Tuner (supposedly a kickass tuner) & the results are the same being the 'G' string on the HD500 isn't in tune. The rest of the strings between all 3 tuners are the same. The initial reason I compared accuracies is because I always felt (heard) that my guitar wasn't in tune. Another confirmation is when I play harmonics to tune between the 'D' & 'G', this also shows inaccurate tuning with HD500 but not the other 2 tuners. The HD500 tuner is set to 440Hz, Mute mode. Any ideas on how to recalibrate HD500 tuner? Is there a software fix? Anyone else experienced this? Cheers
  13. Has anyone found a successful way, or is there a method in which you can use the tube comp to give patches when for example if you are playing into your computer you get a tube kind of feel and tone? Placement, settings suggestions etc. welcome. Thanks!
  14. OK, so this mught be a stupid question but I'm gonna ask anyway. Can I run my POD HD500 through a plain old speaker cab? Just to clarify, these are just the speaker cabs, not the amp. So theres no power going to the speaker cab at all. Thanks for the help. There are the two I'm considering http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/orange-amplifiers-ppc-series-ppc108-1x8-20w-closed-back-guitar-speaker-cabinet http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/egnater-tweaker-112x-1x12-guitar-speaker-cabinet
  15. Hello. I am using my PODHD500 for worship music, and it would be nice to be able to put in a specific number for delay tempo, as opposed to using tap tempo or by setting tempo in HD Edit. Is there a way do do this, or am I being way too picky? I checked out other threads but all I saw was talk about ms delays and about using tap tempo with a clicktrack to set tempo. Yes, a clicktrack is helpful and all for preparing patches for a set, but an alternative would be nice. Anybody? Thanks! James
  16. Hi, Not sure if everybody experiencing same issue with POD HD500. Note: Latest firmware for HD500 installed. With dual amp setup on POD, edit using PC, when place FX block (delay type, never tried another fx) after amp in path B, before mixer, path B will muted. I only can hear sound from path A. But will be resolved after I moved mixer's path B level little bit, doesn't matter plus or minus dB. Just want to check whether this specific to my unit or not. Thanks, Nasir
  17. Evening all - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (but I can't find it...) I'd like to be able to control the volume on my POD HD500 with my Variax (JTV69) control knob. I've read that you can do it, but one of the links I've followed make it work. Has anyone a simple step-by-step guide I can follow? Thanks Paul
  18. Timguelo

    New Features?

    So there's a new Pod HD500. There are 2 useful features that should have been incorporated: a channel-switching jack, and spillover delay when changing patches. The spillover topic has been discussed over & over, but Line 6 wants us to use the dual chains and pan/switch back & forth within the same patch. Sometimes you want to go from a lead to a totally different sound, like back to a clean patch instead of rhythm distortion. Being able to choose your next patch and know the delay will trail off after you switch back to rhythm is really really cool. I have had Rocktron and Digitech units that do this, and it is really musical, and easy to do (set "spillover on" and you are done).To be fair, the floor units from these companies do not have spillover, but Boss units can be "tricked" into spillover by matching delay settings on the destination patch and turning the delay off. If this feature requires more circuitboard real estate, I would welcome a Longboard-sized Pod HD Super-Duper-Stage-Pro version, with more patches per bank, a second C/C pedal and the ability to have spillover. I just watched a video describing the 4-cable method, to get your amp preamp tone in the loop of the Pod HD500. However, the Pod does not have an external control jack, to trigger channel changing on your amp. Perhaps with a Longboard-size Pro Pod, it could be added. These two features would make any future versions of Pod much more useful and desirrable. Even if the price point had to squeak up a notch to accomodate it, guitarists would likely go for it to get those features. Maybe the Pod HD500 MKIII??? Any thoughts?
  19. Hi, Got my POD HD500 recently. (Still feeling disappointed they announced 500X a week after the purchase). So, I'm planning to expand my system with Variax Guitar and two DT amps, to get the dual amp setup. My nearest local store don't keep those stuff in stock, I need to pre-order, place some deposit, or buy from online store. Meaning that 'try-before-buy' is not an option for me. Trying to understand all the features, pros and cons, whether going to be a worth spending, is only by reading reviews, posting on forums and so on. Below is some items that I need to understand more, hopefully it will help me with the decision. 1. External pedal in the POD FX Loop. Thinking this will free up the DSP, and can use some of my favorite pedal Is it good to place pedal that known not a buffer-friendly, such fuzz and wah inside the loop? 2. DT Amp power section voicing/topology. From the manual, what I understand is, changing voicing and amp class, example Voicing I to IV, or Class A to A/B might not be instantaneous. It might give less issue from song to song, but how about changing it within one song? How you guys dealing with the power amp setup? Example, use Fender type Class A for clean, and goes to Rectifier type, class A/B for heavy part or lead. 3. Layering acoustic model and magnetic pickup sound from Variax guitar. This will not be an issue if using one DT Amp, with POD HD path A with the magnetic signal + AMP A, path B amp off, output to Main Output or Balance XLR output. But, if using dual amp, even if I turn off amp and path B, the L6 Link will still send the signal to AMP B, with AMP B automatically change to Channel B. What is the best way to process the acoustic signal? Use FX Loop? (another situation is layering magnetic and electric model from variax). Is there setting to temporarily turn off L6 Link between one of those DT amps? 4. DT Amp silent direct out. Is the direct out still functioning when the Master Volume not at low power mode? I know that in low power mode, the power amp section will turn off, and use modelling instead. So, lost the point why I want the DT amp at first place, and don't want to micing. If I need total silent, I can use attenuator (THD hot plate etc). The cabinet simulator for the direct out is using what you setup inside HD500, or is it from the DT amp itself? Anybody know what type of cabinet it is? 5. Wet/Dry/Wet setup. Not necessary, but thinking if I can do Wet/Dry/Dry/Wet, without additional DT amps easily. It will easy if I just thinking to use POD HD internal fx and main output to monitor, as a wet section. Both DT Amp feed setup as AMP A and AMP B, so only dry/pre signal feed to DT Amp. Post FX everything set as 100% wet, then use main output for the wet (can be monitor speaker or another power amp). *Take note that POD HD FX loop already occupied by above no 1. What I am thinking is little bit further, to tap the DT amp power section, perhaps use the Direct Out signal to feed separate fx unit or pedal for wet effects, such delay or reverb. (M9 unit will be good candidate). So, anybody with wet dry setup with DT Amp and POD HD? Thank you in advance. Nasir
  20. Hello. I wanted to ask if it is possible to connect the POD HD500 XLR outputs directly to the inputs of my Presonus AudioBox 22VSL. According Presonus 22VSL not support the direct line connections. But I guess the XLR balanced outputs will POD HD500 and impedance level suitable for connecting to the Presonus AudioBox 22VSL. Thank you very much in advance for your help. (sorry for my poor English)
  21. New to Electric... Blown out by Line6 Variax and really appreciate the Pod HD500 Would there be a good benefit to pairing with a Roland 40xl for a late night bedroom setup? Would never be gigged. My friend has a Cube and as a practice amp, it sounds great, even using the Headphone Jack. Recently retired and will sit on the porch learning to play this stuff! Thanks a lot. I know zero about amps, boxes. electronics and a couple of open chords.
  22. I am looking into the feasibility of taking the HD500 out for busking type gigs. Obviously I will need a power source for my HD500, but those are not always readily available. I was thinking I could purchase a battery pack to take with me, but I know essentially nothing about what kind of amperage I need, or wattage, or voltage, or whatever the limiting factor is (hey, you remember that time I said I knew essentially nothing?). How hefty a battery would I need to purchase, and how long would you figure a charge could last? If these are extremely stupid questions, I would very much appreciate it if someone would explain it to me like I'm 5.
  23. coolwhip

    Transient Issue

    Hi This is my first post on this forum, so I hope I am posting in the right place. I recently purchased the Pod HD500x. I used to play on the Boss GT-10 to a Fender HRD, and on other occasions to some other tube amps through pedals. My issue is this: My POD HD500X seems to have a transient spike issue. What i mean by that is, when I play a note, the initial sound (including, but not restricted to, the pick attack) sounds much louder (though not distorting) than the remaining part of the note. I have tried to vary my picking style, but even a softly picked note produces a spike. I noticed this even when I listen to the dry signal with no amps or effects (on a much smaller scale, of course). I have tried it both with high output humbuckers and low output single coils. The initial spike is still there. I've noticed that It is more pronounced on the higher frets. The only way around this for me right now, is to crank the gain/drive up on the amp sims. I am running direct to the PA when using the POD. Does anyone who has used the 500 or the 500x have this issue? Please help, as I want to return this if it is a problem with the A/D converter. Thank You coolwhip
  24. I'm a line 6 user owner of multiple Variax Guitars, POD's, Amps and other equipment and I find that is not fair that I can't update my POD XT Live because of a ESN verification error. This the 2nd POD XT that has the same problem and the solution from Line 6 is to send it to a repair center. Locally there's no service center and with the first XT I did send it and received an estimate of $75 plus $50 shipping which I decline and went ahead and purchased another XT Live which now has the same problem. I search the forum and the internet and is a common problem with the POD XT's and now the HD500. I haven't found a logical reason for Line 6 to verify the authenticity of the unit because there's no way to clone the device. I would love like to have the POD HD-500 to use with my 4 Variax guitars, but I wont risk my money so to have a product that can't be updated. Line 6, eliminate the verification of the ESN and I know you will have more happy customers.
  25. Hey there guys, I've been really frustrated with these bass tones that I'm trying to make on my Pod HD500. I'm really trying to get a tone that matches the bassist from "Lamb of God - John Campbell". Particularly off there new album "Resolution". A good song to hear the bass tone I'm looking for would be "The Undertow". The bass is really think and hard while staying boomy. I'm not technical with words but that is the sound I'm trying to get out of my Pod HD500. Any help would be appreciated, Hawaiianfeak
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