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Found 131 results

  1. Hello! The Pod HD 500x internal routing is really confusing and I´ve been reading and searching through the forum, but I´m still not getting it. My current settup is my bass going in to the pod hd, then I have a single signal path with different fx blocks going into a single amp model BEFORE the split and then the L mixer pan at 0% with 0 db and R at mute. After the mixer I have 2 more fx blocks. One of the fx blocks before the amp model (second block) is a fx loop with an external drive pedal. This setup sounds really good and I´m quite happy with the sounds I´m getting. One thing that would improve my tone is by somehow being able to mix the distorted signal from my external drive with my clean tone so I don´t loose all my low end when I engage the fx loop/external drive. I know there are external blend pedals that work but it ought to be possible to do this internaly? If I move my amp AFTER the mixer I have the possibility to get to signals into my amp, one "clean"/fx and another one with my FX loop and external drive. The problem is when you do this it is possible to boost the amp with the mixer. To my question: How do you set the mixer settings with path A + B so you have the SAME signal hitting the amp block AFTER the mixer, compared as if you had the amp block before the mixer (with above mentioned settings)? I´m mostly using it with headphones so I want to be able to get sound in both ears! Besides that, mono is totaly ok. Or should I just buy an external blender? /Danne
  2. I haven't used my DT 50 head with the HD500X in a while. I noticed when using set lists Line 6 link or any of them that the toplogies don't switch on the amp. If the channel A is set to toplogy II then its stays that way regardless of the patch chosen. I remember previously that I could visibly see on the DT50 that the amp would change from I to IV based on the patch chosen. I flashed both the amp and the pod. Any suggestions. Thanks.
  3. Ok so I am considering purchasing the POD HD500X because I am looking for a multi-effects processor with many different options and the ability to have many different presets. But what I want to do is run the effects from the POD but still have my particular amplifiers tone. Now I have a Bugera 333xl head with a B-52 4x12 cab, and I want to keep that tone and only use the POD for the effects. I have seen and read about the 4 cable method and I have the ability to do that with my effects loop, but when I go onstage I usually have to setup quickly, so I was wondering if it's still possible to just plug the guitar into the POD and have the other cable go straight to the front of my Bugera head and use no amp tones (from the POD) and only the effects but I can't seem to find a straight answer out there. I am looking forward to your responses and thanks in advance for the help.
  4. abaxe

    HD Edit software

    So I sold my pod hd500x recently because I'm saving up for a Helix. However the buyer said he couldn't get the HD Edit software to work on it. I had no problem with it when I owned it. I checked and it is no longer registered as one of my devices however it was still authorized in license manager. I attempted to de-authorize it but it just says de-authorization pending... I've also deleted the hd edit software from my computer. What else can I do to help my buyer with this problem?
  5. In few words: I want to start a song with a clean sound of a fender tweed and then change it to a distorted sound of a Mesa Boogie. Let's say that I want to play Fade to Black from metallica, how can I change between these two amps using just one footswitch? I have pod hd500X for over a year and I just can't do that, its so frustrating. Thank you!
  6. Is it possible to import a 3rd party cabinet simulation into the pod HD 500x like can be done in the Helix?
  7. Hello, I'm absolutely new to the POD HD500X and Variax JTV69s. No matter if i plug the guitar in with the Variax Digital Input (VDI) or the 1/4" guitar Input and listen in headphones from the POD it sounds really bad. All dist sounds are razor sharp digitally and unpleasant and not very much difference when switching sounds either, only more or less dist and bass/treble. I'm not 100% sure if my output is Studio/Direct (have to check that tonight) but everything is default as i i just bought the POD. Maybe i should change the JTV69s to a regular JTV69 or 89 instead? I tried connecting it to computer with USB and it sounded just as bad and i also got 1/2 sec delay on everything (headphones in the POD). Would it be better to connect the POD analogue out to an external soundcard like the PreSonus Audiobox iTwo or Scarlett 2i2 and use external monitors for listening? I'm living in an apartment so i can't use a real amp/speaker. Thanks
  8. Hi! Anyone using the tube comp (or other model) with bass? What settings are you using and where to you place it in the signal? I´ve been using it for a while as the first block at threshold 42 % and volume at 0 %. At first i thought it sounded really good like this (low volume with headphones) but as I turn the volume up i noticed that it sounds just "wrong" and way to compressed + it is boosting the volume a bit to much. Now I have a hard time getting good settings out of the tube comp, and I think I do need a comp because it´s seems like it´s at least making something better with the tone when turned on. I just want some light compression for my active bass. I also just got and Sansamp GT2 pedal (btw awesome for bass!) and although it sounds the best in front of the Pod, I had to put it in the fx loop since it made the pitch glide/whammy useless. I think it´s the tube comp making the GT2 not sounding good by compressing and/or boosting the signal to much before hitting it. Placing the comp after the pitch and fx loop seem to have a bigger (and worse) inpact on the tone compared having it first, although this might also be me setting it "wrong". Any sugestions about how to set it up? On a side note, since taking the step from dual amp to single amps, I´ve noticed that the signal is louder when using the tuner compared to the actual patch. Any ideas?
  9. I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 a little while back and am trying to figure out how best to use it with my rig. I'm using a Pod HD500x and could do with a bit of technical expertise. In the past I always recorded through the USB of my Pod, running a separate speaker to hear it. Since getting my 2i2, up until now I've just had the signal from my pedal running into both inputs on the 2i2 through XLR cables. This was basically just so I could run the audio from my PC and my guitar through the same set monitors. I've also noticed that when the gain on the 2i2 is just below clipping, it is significantly quieter when recorded into my DAW through the USB on the interface, than when I just record through the USB on my HD500x, does this mean my tone patches are too loud?? I've recently changed the setup so the interface and pedal are pretty much separate. I'm using the speaker to monitor the pedal again, and the interface just has a microphone plugged into one of the inputs at the moment. I was initially thinking of putting my interface between my guitar and pedal in order to record a dry track, but I wouldn't be able to use it to monitor the audio from my PC if I did that. Would it be better to use the FX loop on my pedal to record a DI track if I place it before the amp sim? And if I were to record dry tracks, could I then plug the output of the interface into the input of the Pod in order to reamp the dry signal? My main concern is how much gain from the interface the Pod could handle? Would it be 'safer' to use the FX return? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, been very uncertain about how best to approach my recording rig, so thought seeking advice before I change it around again would be wise! Thanks, Andrew
  10. abaxe

    Helix question

    I'm jonesin' for a Helix but am selling off some gear to raise funds for it. Anyhow, I have the POD HD500X and I'm thinking of selling it but was just wondering how the Helix compares in size to the POD HD500X. I have a nice carrying case for it and wondered if the Helix would fit because I like the case...
  11. Hi there ! I would need the community help and experience about the 4 cables method to link the POD HD500X to my Orange TH30 head. I wish to : - use clean & crunch preamp of the POD (with effects) - use the dirty channel of my TH30 (with POD equalizer & effects). I already tested the 4 cables methods. It seems to well work. However, when I use the dirty channel of my TH30 through the FX loop of the POD, I clearly have a loss of signal. Do you know any tip or setup solution to avoid this loss ? Does anybody already use this kind of method with an Orange TH30 ? Thanks in advance for your help ! Ju.
  12. I skimmed through the product manual, but I wanted to double-check on a few 'must-haves' before I invest in the pedal: I assume the footswitches can be manually assigned to different guitar effects? Ie, I could have a delay on FS1, Volume Boost on FS2, and an Octave shifter on FS3, etc? Which brings me to my next question: Is there an Octave-shifter effect? With my current guitar pedal, I do a lot of looping, and will add a layer that is shifted an octave down as 'bassline'. Is that possible with this unit? On-board tuner right? Does it mute the output while in tuner mode? I saw there there is a 'half-time' feature for the loop function. I don't see myself using this ever, so would I be able to just leave it at 'half-time' so I have 48 seconds to record? I still would have undo capability in 'half-time' mode correct? I will mostly be using this with an acoustic guitar. Does it have a ground-lift / built-in DI? One of my main reasons for buying this unit would be to eliminate my need for a dedicated mixer. Most of my gigs are me with a vocal mic and acoustic guitar. I noticed that this unit has a "mic in" input. Is that a separate dedicated input that I can apply separate effects to, and am I able to blend the mic input and 1/4" input together into a single output, having control over the mix between the two? (this is the MAIN feature I'm looking for) I think that's all of my questions. Thanks so much in advance for the help!
  13. Not sure if anyone would need this but here it is anyway. When i got my POD (being a first time user) i thought it would be a good idea to back up the factory presets in case i did some DUMB lollipop...
  14. does anyone know of any good, real sounding acoustic patches? I can't believe that the ones in my old DigiTech GNX 3000, sounds 100% better (real sounding), than the acoustic patches in the HD500X..
  15. I recently bought a line 6 pod hd 500x .when i tried looper i was able to record a pattern and when i tried to change the tone to play some lead the tone of the recorded portion changes. please help me
  16. Hello! I have been working a lot on a bass patch for a while and I'm quite happy with my clean tone and fxs, but getting a good bass distortion is a real headache. I think I'm getting a bit closer but I'm having trouble with getting some good distortion (guitar amp sim - Fireball) that blends well with the clean bass tone (GK Cougar). What I'm trying to achieve is my current clean tone (and fx) with the ability to kick in a distortion that doesn't change the "character" of the clean tone or removes the low end. I just wan't the two to sort of "blend" together like a good bass distortion pedal.The type of tone I'm aiming for is somewhere in the ballpark of the more recent Tool or Gojira bass tones. So I'll try posting my patch here and maybe some of you more experienced guys can help me out a bit or give me some advice on how it might be improved?
  17. I am about to purchase a POD HD500X. Currently I'm using a couple of stomps like blues driver, phase 90, DD-20 and etc. Specially I want to know about delay settings. Are they easy to set and am I capable of setting delay times with musical signs (like DD-20 Giga delay)?
  18. Hello! I have a dual amp set up clean/dirty for bass with a mid focus eq after each amp for low pass filter. For a while i thought this patch sounded awesome (atleast in my headphones) but today when trying to record something i realized that it is "missing" some top end and instead really bass heavy (not in the good way). So after some experimenting I found that this issue dissapeared when instead placing the mid focus after the mixer. Why does it do that? I would leave it after the mixer but that would defeat the whole purpose of having one after each amp... any help please?
  19. I've recently got problems with a clicking noise when I use my POD HD500X. At first I suspected my guitar, so I made sure everything was tightened properly. It didn't help, and I also noticed that I get this noise from all of my other instruments. It doesn't matter if I use the mono outputs, headphones or use the POD as audio interface. I've tried to reinstall all software with Line6 Monkey, and the problems remain. Here's a video describing my problems: I'd appreciate all kinds of suggestions for solving this :)
  20. This might be covered in some ways allready but here we go. I'm not really trying to exactly replicate somebody's bass tone or anything but if someone knows a simple way of doing that with your POD HD500X and plug in for DAW (Reaper 5) please go ahead! What i'm trying to do is this: I have I clean bass tone that i'm quite happy with. For distortion I run i parallell signal with distorted preamp for gain. It sounds good, but something is missing (or to much of) when turning the distortion amp on, compared to the clean amp model. My thinking was that it would be nice to play those to into some type of spectrum analyser to match the freq better. Can this be done and how? /Danne
  21. A video demo of some of my favourite presets here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMoVJRT1tc4&feature=youtu.be
  22. Having an issue with my set up. Using the 4cm works when I use the headphone output of my amp, but when I hook up the head to my cab, I don't get anything with the POD. Is there a setting that I am missing? Very confused.
  23. Hi All, I'm looking for a touch friendly interface that can control the POD HD500x from my tablet. I know the Edit software can be used to edit and create tones but not great for controlling the POD on stage. Any ideas of a touch friendly interface for stage performances? Gear Box was great for my PODxt but obviously doesn't support the HD500x but something similar would be nice. Any thoughts?
  24. Hello guys! Is it possible the set the global eq "neutral", by wich I mean that it does not alter the sound? I Have it in it's factory settings (found on this forum) and I find that it alter the sound a whole lot when turned on in this configuration. With my bass plugged in it seems to cut some low end and overall "suck" the tone out of it. I would like to use it for cutting some higher freq but in this configuration it's not going to do it for me. What are the global eq's neutral settings? /Danne
  25. Hi guys! I'm using the pitch glide and the exp pedal on my POD HD500x to do the whole whammy thing and it's working quite well. The thing that bugs me though is that the mix of the effect doesn't seem to go to 0% while having the exp in heel position. The result is that I'm getting a chorus type sound instead of no pitch glide at all. Is this possible to achieve or is it just how the pitch glide works? I have tried to calibrate the exp pedal. Thanks! /Danne
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