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Found 131 results

  1. So I posted a previous post before on questions between the HD500x and the Pro X.. Decided I'm going to purchase the HD500x.. But the more and more I look into tones from these types of hardware the more I see myself questioning what the possibilities are and I know I'll never know until I mess with it myself.. But from someone with experience I was hoping to see if anyone can tell me if it's possible to achieve these tones in this video I know that they are using Axe FX Ultra models.. But of course if you spend enough time with any amp/modeler I'm sure I can achieve the tone. But from someone elses stand-point with experience using it I wanna know if it's possible to achieve clean ambient tones almost exactly like that in these songs.. ESPECIALLY The distortion tones. They sound so crispy and clean and I'm REALLY hoping when I make the HD500x purchase that I'm able to get these tones someway somehow without having to buy a hundred different things to do so.... Twelve Foot Ninja is the only band I have seen that uses the HD500x live and for studio and have achieved pretty close tones but not exactly like this. Of course they have their own sound.. But yeah. Thanks as well to anyone who replies. Everyones been very informative for me since I joined the community! I really care about my sound for studio work and live work so I wanna get the best sounds I can possibly get for my releases.
  2. I'd like to use pro tools control pod hd500x. I use a midi channel to do this. But I cannot find "bank change( CC#00 ) in pro tools. I can change presets in the same setlist. I use pro tools 10.3.9.. How could I change pod hd500x setlists by midi signal in pro tools?
  3. Hi everyone. I recently purchased a Ernie Ball MusicMan John Petrucci JP13 Model Guitar. The guitar has both mono and stereo outputs (Please see pic below): My question is, can I run the JP13 in stereo using 2 cables - one from the mono output and one from the stereo output to the inputs on the POD HD500x? And in the Pod HD Manual (even the Advanced Manual) it talks about 2 inputs. Of course the one is the guitar input, but what is the second input? Is it the AUX input the manual and the HD Edit program is refering to? So would I be able to run the JP 13 in Stereo if I use 2 cables - 1 from the mono output to the Guitar-In of the Pod HD500x and 1 from the stereo output to the Pod HD500x Aux in? Also, I seem to get a lot of noise and no sustain from the POD HD500x. I have tried different things such as putting compressors sustain settings at 100% and lowering the noise gates (I have to use 2 noise gates because there is so much noise and I have to have the threshold set pretty high as seen in the pic below). My setup is as follows: Guitar->PODHD500x Guitar Input->Noise Gate->FX Loop (Using A Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion pedal and T.C. ELectronics The Dreamscape Pedal)->Volume Pedal->Pre+EQ->Noise Gate (again)->Delay->Reverb->Headphones (No External Amplifier) As you can see with the pic below, I have to use 2 noise gates, one before the effects loop and one after the effects loop and have the threshhold at pretty high settings just to keep the noise down. Also in the pic you can see the Compressor's sustain is set at 100% yet I still have no sustain at all. I am guessing some loss of sustain is due to having 2 noise gates in the chain, but the noise is too great if I do not have 2 noise gates. I am at a loss as to why there is so much noise and no sustain. Troubleshooting I have tried: Isolating the effect pedals without using POD HD = quiet Using the PODHD500X without an effects loop on PODHD500x's Factory Presets = quiet Using all brand new instrument cables = Noise still present, no sustain Changing batteries in my 2 effect stomp boxes that are in the effects loop and even trying the correct power supplies instead of bateries = Noise still present, no sustain So I am at a loss as to what is causing my own presets to have no sustain and so much noise. I am hoping someone with more expereince can give me some tips/advice or solutions to these issues. I don't know what else to try. Attached is the pic of my preset (Note the area that shows which effects I am using are not the order of the signal path, the order I have the effects in is in the Signal Flow Panel at the top of the HD Edit Program and as listed above in the text). Thank you for anyone who can help me with this, I would sincerly appreciate it!
  4. Hi all, I have problems to connect via Line6 Monkey to my POD HD500X. I can't select the Device from Drop Down List because it's not listed. I tired it Monkey 1.65 and 1.63 both same issue. I installed the latest SW and drivers and also the Editor work fine. Screenshot is attached showing no HD500X in List. Anybody had similar problems? @ POD HD500X Flash FW 1.00 USB FW1.01 installed Thanks for support! Cheers!
  5. Hey Folks - First of all, I apologize for the newbie question with this one. I'm just getting in to this live music environment... So, I just added to my rig and wanted to ask for the best method/design to hook it all up. The list of equipment is here... the only real question I have is about the L6 Link. The speakers are the only devices to have both Male & Female connections with the passthrough, while the other two devices have only Male connectors. Is there a Female to Female L6 Data Link cable or adapter to make this work? Or what is the preferred design to make sure I can use both the StageScape mixer and the 500X effects? Variax guitar <Variax Cable> POD HD500X (L6 Link: Male) L2m Left (L6 Link: Female IN; Male OUT) L2m Right (L6 Link: Female IN: Male OUT) StageScape M20d (L6 Link: Male) Thanks for any input or suggestions. Thanks, Damon
  6. i have the pod x3 live and plan on buying a pod hd 500x and wanted to know if it can do the same thing the digitech whammy dt can do specifically the down and up tuning feature and can it track as good as the whammy because i read on a different forum that its not good. im wondering if they fixed it as well.
  7. I recently upgraded to the POD HD500x from the HD500 and uploaded my old tones from the 500 to the 500x by changing the .extension. It worked great except I've noticed that my tone sounds thinner and brighter on the HD500x. Also, it seems like the output volume is quieter while using headphones than it was on the 500. Any Ideas?
  8. Hello all, I recently bought the StageSource L2m, and loving all the neat things I can do with it through my Pod HD500X. However, I came across a problem the other day that I have been trying to fix and researching relentlessly. When I connect my iPod via CD/MP3 input > POD > L2m via L6 Link, I get no signal coming from my L2m (just guitar signal when plugged in). I've updated my POD, rummaged through settings, tried turning the L2m from Mono to Stereo, different aux cables, I also tried plugging in my iPod through the aux 1/4 jack on the POD and nothing. The only thing that worked is when I plugged my POD via regular line in. The whole reason I really wanted the StageSource was to be able to utilise the L6 Link capabilities with my POD and it is a bit frustrating that I am unable to with a simple connected. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a reason there is no signal? Also I know I could connect my iPod directly into the L2m via L/R input but I've done everything through my POD since day one. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  9. Hi, Has anyone try it combination on the topic field ? Reason i am asking cause i am planning to buy ua-55. I am building my home studio and thinking is it a good idea to connect pod hd500x via spdif to UA-55 is there any reason i shouldt not use SPDIF ? Main purpose is to get better sound quality to record guitars...
  10. I am a long time Line 6 user but just recently have ventured into the world of the 500X (hopefully replacing my aging Xt soon). I recall seeing a video a while back where someone was demoing a feature where the 'volume' pedal was actually lowering the volume as you pressed it towards the toe position. Granted, a limited use case but clever if the thing you turn on with the toe switch doesn't want full volume. Unfortunately, I don't believe they said HOW they managed that and I can no longer find the video, has anyone managed this by chance? Second question - with a 2nd expression pedal connected, can things be setup such that you can still use the on-board pedal for switched and unswitched use? If it was volume and wah, the volume transfers to the 2nd pedal and there seems no use for the unswitched on-board.
  11. I watched Lincoln Brewster play live. Just his HD500 into a mixer/PA. It sounds amazing: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BkT4tLiH32M He made his HD500 patches available but on the 500x it sounds like caca: http://www.lincolnbrewster.com/podpatches/Lincoln_Brewster_Main_2012.h5e.zip http://www.lincolnbrewster.com/podpatches/Lincoln_Brewster_Swell_2012.h5e.zip Does anybody have great/similar sounding patches made specifically to have your HD500x go straight into a mixer/PA? I'm looking for a nice clean, rhythm crunch and lead distortion patches but everything I've tried so far sounds horrible... My second option was to plug my HD500x into my Carvin V3 half stack 100W tube amp. Use the Pod to do the Midi channel switching via 4CM, as I'd assign each patch to a channel at my amp (but I have no clue how to do that on the Pod). I'd be willing to even pay someone to create 3 basic patches for me, so the effects are done properly before and after the pre-amp: • A true bypass assigned to my Carvin's channel 3 with reverb, a little compression, and basic delay (on/off) option only for clean rhythm and picking. • A reverb, sustain + delay quarter note tap tempo, 8th note tap tempo, and .8th tap tempo; that I'd assign to my crunch channel 2 for swells and ambient stuff. If you can't have 3 on/off delay here, then I'd move the .8th into clean channel 3 above. • A reverb, compression + delay patch I'd assign to my (distortion) channel 1 for lead solo and hard rhythm + a pod amp modeler or overdrive pedal to add some distortion oomph I've heard and seen people who've figured out a way to do it on YouTube. But they just play and don't share... It's very frustrating since Line6 manuals talk about everything except what we want done ha ha ha...
  12. Hello everyone. I had to travel to another city for a gig, I took my POD HD500X with me and unfortunately it fell to the ground. The corner hit the ground and the screen is broken, it's driving me crazy. Do you know what kind of lcd screen the POD HD500X uses and where can I buy it? (preferably online) Thank you in advance. Ps. Excuse my english.
  13. Hello everyone, before getting the POD HD500x, I'd use the threadplate model on my old POD 2.0 with a bypassed cab to achieve a rather harsh, metallic tone which is sort of my "signature" rhythm guitar sound. You can listen to here: https://soundcloud.com/mischjok/test/s-GZmNm I basically run the output of a patch that uses a mesa boogie simulation into a channel in cubase where I load an IR of a Mesa Cab. Basically I have two cabs going on right now. The second patch which you hear on that recording is something that sounds close. It's basically me trying to emulate the sound heard at the beginning of John Petrucci's tune "Damage Control". You'll notice how the sound in "damage control" lacks punch and that metallic edge. IS there any way to add it artificially? I simply want to be less dependant on Cubase and my IR-host (voxengo boogex) and have everything happen within the POD. I'd be glad to provide patches to anyone willing to provide assistance. Thank you very much in advance for your help.
  14. It has come to my attention that certain amp simulations that were available on previous versions of the POD aren't available on the POD HD500x. I'd like to know why that is. In my opinion, metal players could appreciate the inclusion of those two models...
  15. I bought the DT25 head a few days ago, for the sole purpose of playing in church where I intended to use the Cabinet Simulated Output (Direct Out) straight to the PA. We're going to an In-Ear Monitor system and want to eliminate all speaker amps from the stage. I thought the DT25 would be perfect since it's still a FULL TUBE amp with no speakers that I can control from my POD HD500X. However after connecting via the POD via the L6 link and then the Direct Out to a recording audio interface (Presonus Firepod), I realized the Direct Out is only usable in "Low Volume Mode." Come to find out when using this configuration I'm only using the amp Pre-Amp section and not the power section of the amp. So my question is am I really gaining anything by using the DT25? I was just plugging my POD HD 500X straight into the PA and getting decent sounds. I thought getting the DT25 would step it up a notch, but if I'm not using the Power Section of the amp I don't know if I'm really gaining anything. Anyone that can chime in would be helpful!! Thanks
  16. So I'm wondering if this is normal. I have a JTV 89f, Pod HD500x, into a DT 25 head. My problem happens power everything up. If I have the JTV plugged in using the Variax cable when I power up then try and change tones on the Pod Via footswitch the Pod freezes up and goes to the line 6 reboot screen. Once it reboots the tones switch correctly but I'm not sure if everything sounds quite right but that could be my ears just assuming something's off because of the reboot. Now if I turn everything on without plugging in the JTV first everything works great. It's not that big of a deal other than having to unplug my guitar when I'm done. I'm just hoping that it's not a symptom of another problem. For a long time I thought that something was wrong with the Pod until I got into a kick of playing my Les Paul instead of my JTV for awhile and noticed the issue was gone. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue or if this is just the order it's supposed to power up my rig. I know that your supposed to power things up in a certain order according to some of the other forums but is plugging in your JTV part of that order? Thanks in advance.
  17. Just got my pod hd500x and I realised that when I play open on the low B of my bass (through any amp mod) the pod plays a note slightly lower than what it's meant to then after a few moments slides up to the right note. I played my bass just through a few EQ's on the pod and they picked it up fine. Also the tuner doesn't pick up the open B string so I have to tune on the octave. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I am not able to record a simple guitar sound of my HD500X to Protools 11 via the S/PDIF input of the Firewire 1814. The firewire 1814 doesn't get any synced signal! I connected the Line-6 HD500X to the firewire 1814 input (breakout cable connector, MIDI–S/PDIF–WordClock-input) via coaxial cable (3m, 75 Ohms). The S/PDIF out (HD500X) is well configured. The device screen shows: 1. S/PDIF: matches Outputs 2. Sample rate: 44,1 kHz 3. Level: +0 dB 4. Input-Recording: 1-2 Main Out The Line-6 software control panel (Audio-Midi-Devices 3.61) shows the following Asio settings: 1. Default Buffer Size: 256 2. Default Bit Depth: 24. The Firewire sound device is configured via the M-Audio software-control-panel: 1. sample rate: 44100 Hz 2. Asio buffer size: 256 samples 3. Input: spdif 4. Output: spdif 5. Input port: coaxial 6. Sync source: external - digital When I change the Sync source from internal to "external-digital" then the green message "Locked" changes in to red blinking message: "Unlocked" (Protools not yet launched)! Additional Informations: PC- Windows 7 Home Premium; Firewall Antivirus: deactivated; Driver: Pod HD500X: Driver: Firewire 1814: Protools version: 11.2.1 Can anybody help me?
  19. I've been a Variax Acoustic 700 user for several years, but I'm always looking for ways to improve the tone and overall sound. I recently upgraded to the HD500X and I'm contemplating the purchase of the L2T. Sort of a Dream Rig, sans the James Tyler... Anyhow, from what I've read the L2T will be a great addition. My question is can it double as a vocal monitor effectively? Obviously with the on board mixer it's capable of taking a line level input from the mixer, but am I expecting too much of the unit? I'd like to be able to run both the Variax Acoustic and a Strat/Tele/PRS through the HD500x, get great sound AND monitor vocals. If so, what would be the best set up? Any insight here would be appreciated! Thanks.
  20. Hey All! Just got a new POD HD500X and I'm really eager to use it as much as possible but I have a few questions before I do. Before the POD HD500X all I had was a few pedals in front of my Peavey 15 watt combo amp, for home use or small gig use it was fine as I would mic it and get a decent sound. Now, when I'm at home I'd like to plug it in but when I put it through my little practice amp it sounds horrible as the amp has presets that you can only modify not take off. So, my question is for home use, small gigs, and big live use, what would be the best way and most affordable way to get the sound out of the POD? Thanks!
  21. Hi, first of all, my english sucks, so im gonna try to do my best Its possible to change the amp value of the drive with a footswitch on the pod hd500x ? i've search all over the internet and all i've got is turn on and off effects and amps, but not how to change this. Please Help
  22. I was just wondering if anyone had a guess on how long the HD500X will remain the current product. I purchased an HD500 only to have the 500X be released a few months later. I like many of the upgrades in the 500X, but wonder if I buy it now if another new version or updated line of floor PODs will be released soon. I noticed that the price on the 500X has been discounted recently (about $100.00) at many online retailers. Is this because Line 6 is about to release a new product to replace the 500X?
  23. Hello all. I just picked up a Pod HD500X about a week ago with the intentions of using it mostly for recording. I know that using the HD500X as an interface is a popular setup and many people have success with it. I however am not having much success at the moment. My setup is as follows: Pod HD500X, LTD 307-w EMG active pickups, Two KRK Rokit 5s, Logic Pro X, Macbook Pro 13" with trs-xlr cables from the UNBALANCED OUTPUTS on the Pod HD500X to my KRK monitors. I have recently been told that using balanced cables from unbalanced outputs doesn't yield me any of the benefits of balanced connections. Needless to say, I am still very new to this. My issues I'm having are related to distortion and hollow, tinny sound through my monitors as I try to increase levels to get the strongest levels without clipping. The distortion is also seemingly increased by selecting my INPUT MONITORING option on Logic Pro X. It is as if something between my Pod and my Mac is off. My waveforms at varying volume levels are all very "peaky" and undefined. Clearly there is an output/level issue that I am overlooking but I can't figure it out. Any help with this matter would be fantastic!
  24. I recently started recording vocals with my POD, and I want to turn the XLR outputs (connected to my studio monitors) off while I am recording so that I don't get any bleed into the mic. I want the headphone output to remain on so I can monitor with headphones while recording, Is this possible, or can someone recommend some kind of external controller that will allow me to do this? Thanks, Tyler
  25. Please tell me if there's wireless Variax cable transceiver to connect my JTV-59 and HD500X. If that's not happening, how far can I go with a ethercon Cat5E or 6 ? Thx, Mik
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