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Found 131 results

  1. Hi everybody!  Not sure if people generally do this here, but I wanted to share my YouTube channel with you all. I'm planning to start uploading more regularly and hoping to reach a bigger audience. I play a few different styles and you'll see that in my videos. All my guitar videos were recorded with the Line6 POD HD500X. And all upcoming videos will most likely be using the same unit. I appreciate all who take the time to check it out! https://m.youtube.com/user/AmarAAguitarist Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well. The link can be found in the description of all my videos or below: https://www.instagram.com/amars_music/ Thank you! 
  2. Can someone tell me if they have found a good way to connect a Spider IV amp (I have the 120) and a POD HD500x fx pedal? I've tried going through "clean" channels/settings, but the sound is never as good as it is listening to my JTV-59 Variax and POD HD500x directly into headphones. I understand that the Spider IV is a modeling amp and doesn't have an FX loop to bypass the preamp on the Spider IV. Is there anyway to use these three pieces (JTV Variax, POD 500X & Spider IV) in some way that can even get close to the dream rig? Been looking into the idea of selling off the Spider IV and either putting my money into a DT25 or DT50 amp or the newer Firehawk 1500. I'd also appreciate advice on the DT's vs. the new Firehawk, understand its a modelling amp based on the Firehawk pedal. Is this maybe just a good time to wait and see what comes after the Firehawk 1500? I'd appreciate any advice any other users or Line 6 techs can offer so I can get the best out of what I've already invested in. I'm generally using the equip. for home use, but may want to do some light gigging locally in the future. Thx in advance, Joe
  3. Hello everyone, I have an issue with setting my delay on specific tap tempo on Pod HD500x. Please, watch the video. First, I set up my preset '05A' with a Delay: 8th (3) - 'Digital Dly w/Mod'. I used a metronome - you can hear 3rds very well. Then I change to any preset (picked '06A') and then back again to '05A'. But the delay doesn't sound like 3rds, even though delay's settings are set to 3rds. I can actually hear 5ths... After choosing a different tempo sync and putting it back to 3rds, it is working again. This doesn`t happen just to 8th (3) tempo sync, it could be any type of delay - you would be still hearing 5ths. I don't know if it's a problem with tap tempo or bug in the system, since there are no 5ths available for delays. My Pod just doesn't save the type of delay, after switching the preset. System: - Flash FW: v2.62 - USB FW: v1.04 Maybe I am failing somewhere and and I just don't see it. I will be thankful for any advice! PS: the watermark is cool
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking to find a way to activate wah just pushing the switch under the exp pedal (like in Boss Gt* pedalboards). By now, the only way I found, is to set wah on one of the switch, click on it and then go back to the exp pedal: too much time wasted! Anyone knows a faster way to set it? Thanks a lot, cheers!
  5. Is there a way to download a single amp model from one of the HD amp model packs without purchasing the entire pack? I am trying to create a specific tone and I want to try the Vox AC30 Normal Channel amp model as I suspect (if it's well modelled) that it will do the job. I don't really want to spend £40-£50 on the vintage model pack in case it doesn't fit the bill and particularly as I am unlikely to ever use the other amp models. However if I had to spend £10 for example on a single amp model then this would be much more appealing. Second question - Given that it's now 2018 and Line 6 appears to have moved on to the Helix, should Line 6 consider making the HD amp model packs for the Pod HD range freely available? R
  6. Hello, I've just bought an egnater tweaker 40 and I'd like to use it for cleans and an amp model from inside the pod for a high gain metal sound. Can and should I do this? If so, how?
  7. Got the new limited edition Veriax standard onyx guitar ordered and would like to pair it up with one of the Line 6 modelers, can not afford the Helix so thats out of the question, so which would you buy and why?, the Firehawk or the Pod HD500X, keep in mind i dont play out, just play at home, thanks.
  8. Quote I'm having the same issue, tuner on my Pod HD500X quit showing line or acknowledging my guitar. I haven't moved the system, and it was working fine about an hour ago. I don't use the Variax at all, and don't even see an "input 1" to be able to switch between variax and guitar - (like the solution that was an apparent fix to the earlier post here). I have great signal from guitar through the Pod, so it's not a cord etc. Any help is appreciated because I have a gig coming up and this is my main squeeze!
  9. Hello, Tuner on the unit doesn't work anymore on Guitar In (I can go to tuner view but no line appear when trying to tune), seems ok when using Variax input. I tried to reinstall firmware but it didn't change anything. I don't understand what I'm missing, some ideas? EDIT: problem solved: on the unit, Input1 was set on Variax, just had to switch to Guitar and it's ok.
  10. Hiya - I bought a New POD HD500X in May, immediately updated and flashed it (with no problems) - question is, Did this completely overwrite ALL original tones? I'm talking the ones that came by default? There were vocals/bass etc besides just guitar amp tones, and I was looking forward to using those - but I'm not finding any of the originals. Am I missing a way to access them, or are they just GONE? I use it, but am just getting around to looking deeper into the HD500X - I listed all the tones before updating it, but I'm not seeing them. I THOUGHT I'd made an backup prior to updating. I didn't download anyone's tones, just did the update.I was under the impression that the update would add SOME new tones, but not that it would completely replace them. Should I start over and set it to default, or what's my options? I only have a few tones I've created, so I'm not worried about losing those. Any help appreciated in advance!
  11. hey guys just wondering what kind of headphone adapter am I supposed to be using? i have a sony one (not sure what size it is) but for some reason when i connect it into my PHONES input, i have to leave some of the adapter out, meaning that if i push the adapter all the way in the sound waaaaay to low and when i have it popped out maybe 1/2 a centimeter it sounds perfect..is there a reason for this? anybody else have this "issue"?
  12. Any advice on the best live setup using my current gear? I'm not looking to use any crazy patches or amp sims, just a pretty basic live guitar setup. Current Gear: Pod HD500X Boss Digital Delay Pedal Boss Flange Pedal Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (genre: progressive metal) Since I don't own an Overdrive or Noise gate pedal (two essentials), is there any issue with me using the Pod in front of my amp using a patch with only an OD and Gate? Any I can then put my delay and flange in my Mesa effects loop. Ideally I'd want to start collecting pedals and stop using the Pod for live gigs, but for now this is what I've got. What I've been doing is using the pod in front of my amp like stated, but also having time based effects on there to use as needed. However I know these effects should really be in the FX loop, which is why I'm thinking of this new setup using my old Boss pedals. I've never tried the 4 cable method, but I feel that's too complicated for what I want to get out of the Pod. Thanks!
  13. I'm a newbie with the POD, and I have an FX setup with a number of effects that I switch in & out. I'm running a Gibson SG through it & listening on headphones, running it into Cubase LE AI Elements 7 on my Win 7 computer. There's a single slap-back echo that I can't get rid of when I want to play a clean sound. It might be a product of recording & monitoring through the Cubase, but I've not tried generating a clean track & playing it back. Anyone have any ideas? Attached are pictures of my POD screens.
  14. Just purchased a POD so a total newb. Line 6 recommends the software for POD HD500x owners but doesn't really say what it can do. Best, Bill
  15. JTV-59 & POD HD500x users: How do you use the "Guitar in pad/normal"-switch on the POD HD? I feel and read that the PUps on the 59 are very hot, so I use "pad" to prevent peaking the gain-stages at the POD.
  16. After some price-drops in the last few weeks Thomann offers only the Line6 POD HD Pro X. The POD HD500x is no longer online and there is no upcoming stock information. Seems that the HD-Line is going to leave the market forever now. A pity especially after this surprising comparison… https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/ax8-headrush-helix-hd500x-shootout.1852940/ I will keep mine until it's death (and already bought a backup for 170 USD) :wub:
  17. Hey guys, after trying to make my pod hd500x work with my current amp (marshall jcm2000) I decided it's just not worth the effort trying to balance the volume of the amp (I was using the marshall drive channel) and the cleans on the pod running through the effects loops, also, my amp is 100 watts and I can't crank it up all the time, honestly, I decided I'd rather just use the pod for everything and stop using the marshall, I still want to use my cab though (marshall 1960 4x12) I know it would probably be better to use something like an FRFR amp but I can't get those in my country and if I order one, the shipping weight would probably cost me more than the amp itself, I was wondering if someone had any luck with cheap power amps like some behringer and stuff like that... any ideas?
  18. I have a set list that mimics the first 16 banks of the Firehawk. All is functional and named in pedal. Don't know if I can share a set list with anyone but would love to. I'm currently working on the next 16 banks for full control. Effects vol and wah all work from pedal with a single midi cable . Any one interested let me know. Flash
  19. https://youtu.be/oyNLiP36O2s Good evening, Your opinion on this test
  20. Hi everybody! Does Anyone have any patch or suggestion to recreate the Springsteen's Tone of "Cadillac Ranch"ntro through the POD HD500X? I'm Tryin' setting a Bassman and a Tube Screamer but I'm Still so far from my goal :( . Can Anyone Help? This is the original sound, thanks in advance for yoyr help and excuse me for my bad english.
  21. I was playing guitar a few year ago and recently have decided to start playing again. Have ordered POD HD500X yesterday! Mainly going to play alone or with backtracks playing from phone or computer connected to POD HD500X. Maybe in future will also buy an electric piano to play together with my wife from time to time :) I'm stuck with choosing an output device to buy. I'd like to spend no more than $350. First question: combo or pair of monitors? With monitors I can get stereo sound and I heard there are some effects which use stereo, but I'm not sure I really need this... Second question: which particular model to choose in the price range? Here are some options and my thoughts about them. Please note, I didn't try any of these amplifiers and monitors. Combo amps: * Fender Mustang II V2 40-Watt 1x12-Inch, $200. Lots of good feedback on this series on reddit. Looks like plenty of people using them and are pretty happy. * Yamaha THR10, $300. I heard from a friend it has really great sound! But I'm not sure about this, is that it has amp modelling too. I'm buying HD500X, which does this job already, so I suppose I'll use "Flat" mode on the combo. Then why to pay for the rest? * Line 6 Spider IV 15 15-watt 1x8 Modeling Guitar Amplifier, $100. Great reviews and very cheap. 15 watt probably will be enough to play at home? * Line 6 Spider IV 30 30-watt 1x12 Modeling Guitar Amplifier, $200. Bigger speaker. * Marshall MG30CFX MG Series 30-Watt, $200. * Fender Champion 40, $180 * Orange Crush Pix CR35LDX 1x10" 35-Watt Combo w/FX Orange, $250. But I probably don't need any fx... * Roland CUBE-10GX 10W 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp, $130 Combo amps with tubes: * Orange Micro Terror 20-Watt Head + Orange PPC108 1x8" 20-Watt Speaker Cabinet 8-ohm Orange, $100 + $150. Tube! * Vox VT20PLUS 20-Watt 1x8 Guitar Combo Amplifier, $180. Tube! * Laney Amps CUB All TUBE Series CUB 10 10-Watt 1x10 Guitar Combo Amplifier, $250. Tube! Monitors: * KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor, $300 for pair. * JBL LSR305 5-inch Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor, $270 for pair. * Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor, $400 for pair with cables and stands. * Behringer Truth B1030a High-Resolution, Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitors, $300 for pair. In my understanding these monitors are pretty a bottom line for monitors. I don't have in plans to make recordings in nearest future. I don't even have a nice table to place them on (working on a laptop). So maybe these are other reasons to buy a better combo amp, than cheap monitors. But if only a lot of guitarist who uses POD HD500X will say that using combo with all modelling power of HD500X doesn't make sense, then I'm ready to find a good place for monitors at my place :) --- So the first questions first please: combo amp or active monitors? :) Thanks in advance!
  22. I am new to using podHD500x and JT variax, I believe there's a way to assign footswitches to change guitar model and tone or even tuning to a POD HD500x footswitches but i don't know how to do it, would be nice if someone can share the "how to" step by step or perhaps a link to a particular video tutorial on how to achieve this. Thank you and look forward to any response from you.
  23. Hi everyone, I use a PODHD500X plugged into a Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD power amp (line out of POD to line in of power amp). The power amp is connected to a 1x12 box (EVH, Celestion Heritage speaker, 16 Ohm, 30 Watt). This setup sounds good, but the sound is very bassy, and sometimes doesn't quite cut through... The POD output mode is set to "studio/direct", the other settings (combo pwr amp, combo front...) did sound rather weak (not much volume would come out). Am I doing anything wrong ?! Using my setup i did expect a better sound than when using my POD and an active monitor box. Any hint ? Thanks V
  24. Hi everyone! So I'm trying to figure out the best way to setup my HD500x. For live shows, I use an electric through a fender hot rod deville, an acoustic, and a mandolin. I'd like all of my effects to go through the HD500x for all instruments. But, obviously, I don't want the acoustic or mandolin running through my amp. Ideally, I'd like to set it up to where each instrument would be able to have a separate channel for mixing. But since this is impossible (to my knowledge at least), what is the best way to set this up? For only the electric to go through the amp and the mandolin and acoustic basically be run direct. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  25. I am currently attempting to use my POD HD500X to record directly on to Reaper on my computer but i have a little bit of delay when i strum and when i hear it from my monitor speakers. I have watched tons of reaper settings videos and i have my settings set to reduce it as much as possible but i still have maybe half a second delay in the audio. My computer is a Skytech Omega series with 16GB RAM, 4.0 ghz processor so the computer shouldnbe able to handle it no problem. Im not sure what i may be doing wrong. If someone can help me out i would appreciate it, thanks!
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