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Found 5 results

  1. I really hope you can help me with this, because I am currently at my wits end. I recently purchased a Line6 POD Studio GX. After installing the latest Windows 10 drivers I got POD Farm to work fine, BUT there is a very weird issue: I can use the amps, effects, etc. fine, but when I try the tuning function the software acts as if there was neither input nor output. The "Tone Direct Monitoring" doesn't show anything either. I am pretty sure that this worked at some point while I was still trying to get everything working, but now it doesn't anymore. Also, should half of the mixer be greyed out? Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  2. Hello, Recently, I brought my first Line6 system (POD Studio GX) and I am experiencing troubles trying to set it up. I have completed the set up of POD Farm which seems to be working fine. My problem is that whenever I plug in the box used for plugging in your guitar lead (I apologise for not knowing what it's called) into the computer, a little box appears saying 'Found New Hardware'. It has three options, 'Locate and install driver software (reccommended)', 'Ask me again later' and 'Don't show this message again for this device.' I have clicked on the first option and it then asks me to insert the disk that came with the GX (in order for it to search the disk for driver content (?)), so I inserted my POD Farm disk. After reading it, it says that it can't find the driver software. Even after 'searching the web for a solution,' I am still unable to use the 'box' for the program or any use. I would be very grateful for a reply which helps me, Thank you.
  3. So, I use FL Studio a large amount, and I wanted to record a guitar line. I knew that my brother owned a GX (and a guitar, and POD Farm), and after discovering that POD Farm comes in VST-form as well, I was ecstatic. I immediately placed the VST onto FL Studio after I had sorted out some problems with not being able to detect input into the normal POD Farm. Having set up everything correctly (to my knowledge), I tested it out, and, lo and behold, I could hear input from the GX into the mixer and out through the master, but it was as if the sound passed right through the POD Farm without anything happening to it. The Input and Output monitors did not spike when I played, and no effects (e.g., amp, distortion, EQ, etc.) changed the sound. So, to quote Derpy Hooves, "I just don't know what went wrong!" Can anybody help?
  4. Hello there, I bought this machine about a year and a half ago, loved it ever since. Recently I upgraded my desktop with a new SSD to replace the older smaller one, but since that moment the GX hasn't been working properly. I've had it plugged in for a year and a half with the speakers plugged into the GX to play not only my recordings, but also normal sounds from Spotify etc. Worked perfectly, until the new SSD. It plays sounds etc, but every 5 seconds I hear a crackling noise. You of all people understand my frustrations. I've downloaded all the GX drivers (I think, googled for Line6 GX driver and downloaded that), the Asio4all drivers and I've updated through Monkey as well. Completely updated Windows, too. Speakers work perfectly without the GX, but as soon as I want to plug them through the GX it starts crackling. Do I need to change any settings I don't know about? Please help me, I'm desperate...
  5. Hi! I need Help, and Sorry for my english: I´m not a english speaker. A few days ago I had to reboot my pc, i had to reset the windows. So after this, I had to install all programs I used to use, like Pod Farm and Line6 Monkey. The problem is that when I run the L6Monkey to update podfarm and drivers and everithing to the lastest version, It appears this message: "It appears that you have not registered your GX with your user account" The fact is that Im logged in L6monkey with my user: meroskm, and in the website of line6 I have my PodStudio GX registered by my account meroskm. I tried to remove my Gx and register It again. It hasnt work. If I run Line6 License Manager, I logg in with my user meroskm and It appears my Pc, and my Gx with a green tick, authorized to work. Pod Farm2 runs without problem, but i´d like to update to the lastest version. Thanks
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