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Found 12 results

  1. Base info: System: macOS Mojave 10.14.2 Hardware: MacBook Pro 2016, Line 6 Pod X3 Pro Line 6 driver version: 7.6.8 Line 6 Monkey version: 1.78 Line 6 License Manager version: 1.13 Line 6 Monkey does not recognize installed driver and connected device, same as License Manager. However Pod is avaiable in System Preferences as Audio-MIDI Device and works perfectly with Pod Farm 2.59. Because of problem with License Manager i cant use full version of Pod Farm. On Windows laptop everything works like a charm (via usb 2.0 and usb-c connectivity). Any ideas what is wrong with License Manager on macOS Mojave?
  2. Hi guys, I updated my Pod X3 Pro for these days and now show on screen that GearBox is not allow anymore, anybody knows which software may I edit the Pod X3 Pro by the computer? I`m using Mac... Thanks,
  3. I realize you can do this with the Helix, but I was wondering if it was possible to run my in ear monitor with a Pod X3 Pro? or any of the other Line 6 multi-effects units?
  4. Hello, I'm a Pod X3 pro user and I would like to control the volume level of a dual preset. I have no problem with the tone one using the CC17. But is it possible to do the same with the tone 2 or does it exist an another way using midi commands? Thanks a lot for your answer and your help - Olivier
  5. Hello people! I want to buy a POD Rack, and i'am between the POD X3 PRO Rack and the POD XT PRO Rack In short terms, i want to know if is it true that the POD X3 PRO Rack has the same things (amps, stompbox, etc) that the POD XT PRO Rack has but with even more things. For be clear, it is a POD XT PRO but with more things in hardware and software?. Thanks! and i wait for your answer.
  6. Hows everyone doin today? So, ive been working on getting this POD X3 PRO connected to my laptop through Line 6 Monkey for nearly 5 hours. Ive followed all the prompts, and Line 6 Monkey still donesnt connect to my POD. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, and what steps do I need to take to fix this so I can tweak my sound?
  7. When I want to edit some of my patches on Gearbox I get this message: "This tone requires you update your POD X3 to 2.00 or higher" According to Line6 Monkey everything is up to date (green check mark next to each item). I've got Gearbox 3.72.0 Line6 Monkey 1.64 - Drivers 7.2.9 - USB Firmware 1.00 - Flash Memory 2.10 Can someone please assist? I'm using OSX 10.8.5 on a 2010 Macbook Pro
  8. Hello I was wondering if there is anyway you can "lock" the master volume knob like the rest of the knobs? If I or someone else mistakenly bumps into my gear and hit any knobs its no big deal because you have to hit save...Except for the Master Volume! If this gets bumped your screwed. Anyway to set this knob to a specific setting and just lock it there? If not it sure would be a great feature to have! thanks.
  9. I just recently purchased a L2M and I planned on using the L2M for a guitar amp for gigs connected to my pod x3 pro, I originally believed that there would be some type of special connection between the two because of the L6 thing but maybe not. What is the best way to set this L6M up with the Pod X3 Pro? Also same question if I run through my sonic port with iPad out to these L2m
  10. Just acquired an FBV longboard to use with a POD X3 pro. Volume and wah pedals and their lights work, but the LCD display doesn't light up and none of the buttons or their lights work. Has anyone else experienced this? Update: Ok, saw someone else mention in another post the ribbon cables inside the FBV coming unconnected. Sure enough, took off all the screws and popped it open, two of the ribbon cable connectors came loose. Popped them back in and now works fine. My question now is: What kinds of solutions have others used to keep the ribbon cable connectors from coming loose? I noticed there was a sort of white caulking substance laid around the connectors but obviously they didn't work (they seem kind of soft). Need something I can feel confident will not come loose during a show.
  11. I am trying to create a dual tone patch to include the JC-120 preset in Tone 1 and the Smokey Lounge Bass Guitar preset in Tone 2 to User Patch ( could be any two presets to any user patch). I can save the JC 120 to Tone 1 in a Patch 1A Ok but when I try to save the Smokey Lounge preset to Tone 2 presets 1A it overwrites the JC 120 with the other tone setting in the Smokey Lounge preset. Must be something simple but can't see anything in the manual or forums. Any pointers appreciated Cheers hut1
  12. Can anyone tell me that why do i keep getting this annoying DSP-overload every time i try to connect my Variax 500 to Workbench? Cables are ok, every software is up to date, and sound comes out throught the cat-cable. I use Pod X3 Pro connect my Variax to computer. I'm just afraid that my Variax might be broken or something, can anyone help me?
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