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  1. Hi All, I had a rummage through the forum and couldn't find anything similar :-/ The problem: Pedal C and Modulation pedal both don't work: no light when pressed; no change to function; i,e, Rest of the unit can't see those 2 pedals being pressed. Everything else works fine. What happened? The power supply socket on the motherboard came a bit loose, and power was cutting in and out. - I opened the POD. Got the motherboard out. HAD TO DISCONNECT THE RIBBON CABLE from the motherboard (the one that goes to the two pedal banks. Also disconnected the ribbon cable at the Volume/wah pedal end. - Unsoldered the power socket from the motherboard - it did have a broken leg. Soldered in a new one - power was all good after that. But..... Having put the motherboard back into the top half of the POD body, and reconnected the ribbon cables, although the power is fine, and all the functions work, Two pedals don't work: Pedal C and the Modulation Pedal. i.e. the LED doesn't come on, and the functions don't change. ALL the other pedals and functions are fine. I used a circuit tested to confirm that the buttons behind the two offending pedals are both fine - they behave exactly like all the other buttons when they're attached to the circuit tested and pushed. So, I suspect there's a problem either in the ribbon cable, or somewhere beyond that. ...and that's where I'm stuck. Help!! Is it time to sell this XT Live for spares? Is there an easy fix? Something else??? Thanks in advance :-)
  2. Hi everyone! First of all thanks in advance and sorry for bringing up this topic about a discontinued product, but I've just acquired one previous week (I bought it used from a friend). I'm really happy about it, but, being a noob in sound engineering matters (among a lot of other stuff XD) I'm a little bit scared of misunderstanding what the manual says regarding "direct connect", I will paste an extract here: I understand that I can use my Presonus Eris monitors directly connected to the Pod via (I think it's called "RCA") cable: were the left and right connections should match between the pedal board and the monitors back panels. I don't think I fully understand what a P. A. system is, and what can be considered one or not besides being reading a lot on the web... Yes... I'm scared of breaking something hahaha. Do you guys think this is possible? Or am I understanding it wrongly? Sorry again but I want to avoid damaging any equipment... and over all, trying to avoid any accident with high sound levels XD Thanks again everyone!
  3. try to fix my pod xt live . dont know how. please see the video here vdo link all the knobs are changing value continously even i already remove the volume knob from circuit board!!! please help!! thank you.
  4. Hello, well everything was working fine on my pod xt live, until one day I need to tune my guitars.... I press the tuner button for more than 2 secs and nothing happened, so I starting to deal with the problem and discover that pushing "OUTPUT MODE" and then turn clock wise the select button, the tuner appears. Can somebody tell me how can i put back the tuner to the pedal again? Thanks beforehand
  5. Hi guys, Simple question with hopefully a simple answer. I've owned my POD XT Live for over ten years and have literally never plugged it into a computer (never really needed to as I got the sounds I was looking for straight out of the unit or created them myself). Now suddenly some new gigging opportunity needs a few sounds I can't get myself and I would like to use other downloads. The user manual guidance is outdated, and my computer (iMac running Catalina iOS 10.15.5) certainly doesn't recognise the POD XT Live when I plug it in. I have no doubts I need some software to act as an interface between the two but I also don't want to waste money buying software that won't help. So what do I need to buy? A new version of POD Farm (Standard 2.5) from the Line6 shop? Will that then recognise my POD XT Live and allow downloads from other user custom tones? Or is there something else I need... Like I said, hopefully a simple answer. Thanks.
  6. top row of amp, stomp, mod and delay buttons not working...either is bank up switch, ie i can go down through my presets but not up...effect tweak button also not is working fine otherwise
  7. Hi, I'm trying to source a Pedal PCB for my PodXT Live. The pedal function has died - both Volume and Wah, and I've reset software/firmware and updated all drivers and flash mem, pretty sure its either the light emitting diode or the opto-transistor on this PCB that is faulty, so need to swap the PCB. Part number is 50-02-0032. Does anyone know where parts can be obtained or perhaps someone is breaking one for spares ?? I'm attaching a picture of the PCB Thanks LesM
  8. My Pod xt live has a blank, orange screen when I turn the unit on. Digital screen showing banks and channels doesn't light up. No sound at all going through. I've connected it to Line 6 Monkey 1.77v via USB and it is recognized and even the ESN is recognized, but no Flash Memory is recognized. The USB Firmware is fine, but no Flash Memory located, just a dash, and a question mark before the Flash Memory. I tried pressing "Save" and "Edit" together while powering up, but that didn't work. No buttons or lights work anywhere. No knobs work, nothing at all. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this unit or does it need to be sent for repair. Thank you all for your time.
  9. Does anyone know if a JTV-59 can run Workbench HD connected via Pod XT Live VDI connection? The Workbench Pilot's Guide is ambiguous: "Any other Line 6 device with a VDI input will also work. This includes the POD HD Pro, POD HD 500, POD X3 Live, POD X3 Pro and Vetta II. Those devices, when connected to your Variax with a Line 6 VDI cable, will also provide power to your Variax." The first line giveth, but the second may taketh away... I do have the USB interface that came with my JTV-59, but it's never been used, whereas I used to use the XT Live with my other Variax guitars and Line 6 Edit before the JTV. That was a long time ago...
  10. Just set up my old Pod XT Live on new(ish) Win10 x64 machine. All drivers are now installed and up to date (according to the latest version of Monkey). Everything seems to work fine except there is quite a delay between hitting a string on my guitar and hearing the output via my soundcard. I could just monitor using headphones into the Pod, but it would be nice not to have to if there is any way to fix this issue. Is it just because I'm basically using two sound devices and the signal is being routed from the Pod through my soundcard, or is there something I can tweak somewhere that might fix it? Cheers for any help.
  11. This seems like a pretty common fault. My PC also doesn't pick it up at all when I plug in the USB. I've had the thing for years and it's just been sitting in it's box wrapped in the original foam so it shouldn't be damaged. I originally bought it in the UK and I'm now living in the US. One thing I'm not sure of is can I use the original power supply with a standard UK to US plug adaptor? The original AC adaptor says input 230V and output 9V. I'm no expert but I think the UK's power outlets are about double the voltage. I'm not clear on whether US power (120V) would still be converted to the same voltage required by the Pod or if I need a new adaptor all together? Any insight would be appreciated!
  12. Hola quiero registrar mi pedalera pod xt live pero no tengo el numero de serie cuando me lo vendieron ya le habian quitado el stiker alguien sabe que puedo hacer para poder bajar presets del custom tone? ya que si no registro mi pedalera no me deja saludos
  13. My 10 year old POD XT LIVE died ... I played a gig with it one day and it was dead the next. Here is a video I made when I discovered what was wrong with it..
  14. Hallo to you all. First of all I ask you to forgive me for my not at all perfect English, I'm Italian. I'm trying to set the friend of mine's "POD xt live" "Insane" distortion like the "Insane" distortion of my "Spider II" because he is literally fallen in love with it :wub: [like me, besides (maybe wrong term)...]. The set is near completion but don't sound like the "Insane with green led on" (instead red led on) of my "Spider II". Nothing more. I hope some of you can help me and I add the fact that I already tried to switch on the "Stomp" pedal but without any significant outcome/result. Thanks! Max
  15. Hi, I recently update my Mac OS from Sierra to High Sierra. Before, all my Line 6 drivers and apps were working fine. Since I've done a clean install of the OS I had to install all drivers again, so I downloaded everything from Line 6 website and started the installation. I installed Monkey with no problem but when installing the latest driver for my Pod xt Live it installs, restart the computer and open Monkey again showing that that driver needs to be installed. I installed it over and over again 3 times and it still shows as if it is not installed. I am wondering if there is yet no compatibility with High Sierra. Same goes for Gearbox. Does anyone know or had compatibility troubles? Thank you - Maha
  16. I bought the new POD XT Live years ago but have had it mothballed for about 5 yrs. Recently I broke it out and have been using it again. I've found that after I play it for a while every thing will freeze. Whatever effect i was using will become locked in. None of the knobs or pedals will work. After shutting it down and unplugging it I can restart it and things function normally again. Anyone have a clue what this old man with limited technical knowledge can do to fix this issue?
  17. I have just bought POD farm 2.5. Downloaded and upgraded to 2.59. Transferred licence to first gen iLok. It works fine in both stand alone and as plugin in Cubase 6.5. I already own the add-on "metal shop", for my POD xt live (which is now dead). The add-on appears in the licence manager together with my computer, which is authorized as a device. But when i open POD farm 2 the model pack is not authorized (as stated in the help menu > about POD farm, and the amps are not there in the app itself) . I have tried de-authorizing and then authorizing my computer as a device again, re-installing POD farm 2, updating monkey. Still nothing. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong, or is the add-on just not compatible with POD farm 2?
  18. Hey everyone, Hopefully this isn't frowned upon on the forum (my apologies if it is!). So i got my Helix today :D and sold my Hd 500 and XT Live to the local Music-Go-Round. I tried to explain the whole model packs/registration deal, but they really didn't care :blink: .....long story short, i have the following model packs if anyone is interested: HD - Fully Loaded Bundle Sold XT Live - Collector's Classic and Metal Shop Thinking half price. Thanks, Steve
  19. Hi ! I found my old pod xt live , and I wanted to use it again ,so I updated it with a new account because I did not remember the old one , the thing is that I had two model packs , but now they are gone , I had the fx pack and the metal shop pack , what can I do to recover the packs? I cant remember the old account
  20. As the thread title suggests, my XT Live's LCD has a display problem. Suddenly, there's a weird 'box' artifact that occupies almost half of the entire right side of the LCD screen. Here is the display in tuner mode. I have tried reinstalling drivers, USB firmware, and flash memory and the problem persists. Functionality-wise, the unit has no problems at all. Everything is working fine. It's just that LCD display problem that suddenly appeared when I turned it on a while ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Ive recently recieved a pod xt live as a gift and after hours of research cant seem to find anything about downloading patches using windows 10. I know that you need to use line 6 edit to save and move patches to the pod but the line 6 software page says that line 6 edit is not available for windows 10. So is there any possible for me to download custom tones to my pod xt live with windows 10?
  22. Hello all, i have a problem regarding the connection of my Variax 700 with my Pod XT live. Both Items got the latest Firmware via Line6 monkey. The connection between Variax and Pod is made with the Line6 Digi Cable (brand new!) The RJ45 Jack in the guitar works properly with the workbench interface. The problem is: the Pod XT live doesn't see the Variax ( "No variax connected!" <- Display Page) and you might guessed it: No sound. nothing!! :( How can i check the Variax Connector on the Pod XT live? Or do anybody have any further suggestions in handling that case? Thank you in advance! Regards Lou
  23. Hey, The output capacitors/inductor of my pod xt live got burned. I need to know the value of them, they are from the left output and their name is burned too but the ones on the right output should be the same. So, I need the values of this capacitors/inductors: C25 L4 C26. Or do I need to spend good money to let somebody from the service change them for me? Why are the schematic not available on the net? :) Anyone got a clue? ;) Regards Fabio
  24. hi folks, first time posting! im hoping to get a POD XT Live soon. i just lay down what im hoping to do with it, and you tell me if its possible ok? hopefully some of you will chime in with some educated info. ok here we go... my interest here lies in playing live gigs, so keep that in mind. ok.... - i want to use the direct output to the sound guy - while SIMULTANEOUSLY using an output to my poweramp/cab - that way the sound guy has his pristine guitar signal for front of house/PAs and i get my own signal going to my amp and cab so i can control my stage volume without effecting anything else. can i do this? thanks a lot.
  25. Just discoverd that using the phones output to connect the pod xt live to the effect return of a Mustang lll amp sound way better then using and configuring the output mode on the line out. Or any other set up!
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