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Found 45 results

  1. hi everybody! how to set delay and chorus to get a "big L.A. solo sound" from the Eighties? I even read section 6.30 on Pod XT manual but i'd like to read about anybody else's experience... thanx
  2. I am selling my Pod XT and want to store all it's preset custom tones such as tones for particular bands/songs as computer files for use in Pod Farm. Is there an easy way to do this?
  3. I have found some scaterred info on the MIDI topic, but not exactly what I want, so here it is: I wanted to use the POD XT Live as a foot controller for POD Farm/UX 2. Is it possible via MIDI? And if yes, to what extent (like, can I use the expression pedal to work with volume/wah/bender)? I have both the USB cable and a M-Audio UNO. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey all, first poster here, I'm part of the Strat- Talk community but now I need your help!!! A friend of mine bought her son a POD XT some years back along with a Classic Vibe Strat having seen some reviews on Strat-Talk and various websites about. She'd seen a lot of praise on both and went for it, he was 13 at the time but left everything to rot for a few years. She gave me the POD XT a week ago, great product. I've been using it through my fender amp but I now want to use it as an interface but after downloading Line 6 Monkey and getting the drivers through Monkey it still shows up as Not Connected and No drivers installed. I'm going through Mac OS 10.6.8 No matter what I do I cant get the thing to show up in monkey or my laptop. What should I do, I have no problem resetting the software on my POD. Any insight is much appreciated. FYI she lost the original box and installation discs. Thanks guys Strat-O-Holic
  5. Hi guys. Just purchased the TC Nova delay as well as the TC Hall of Fame reverb pedals. Checked them in the store and sounded excellent. Now I just discovered when hooking the the pedals to my POD XT the sound is very bad. The sound as kind of distorted like it delivers way too much input. I don't get this? I usually run a Maxon OD808 in front of the POD XT and it sounds brilliant. I only use the "Balance" option in this pedal though, and not the overdrive. Anyways my setup is this: Guitar -> Maxon OD808 -> Hall of Fame Reverb -> Nova delay -> Pod XT Also tried going guitar -> Hall of Fame -> Pod XT with same crappy result. What am I missing here??
  6. Hi I want to mix my live monitor input with the pod but obviously there is no other audio input Apart from usb. Can I use a audio usb dongle with a cable adapter straight into the pod? I assume usb Audio is the same standard? Thanks Jon
  7. Hi! I just got a used POD XT Pro and I am looking to get a floorboard for it for live use. I was just curious if it was possible for the two outputs [XLR and PL] of the POD XT Pro can have separate cab/mic settings. I am asking this because given the gigging situation in the Philippines, it may be a good thing to have a cab-sim'd signal out to the PA board and a non-cabsim'd [but amp-modeled] out going to the house guitar amp's FX return. Using this system, I would route the non-cab'd sim to the PL outs, while the XLR outs would be cab-sim'd and be routed to the PA. Is it possible on the POD XT Pro, or even the POD XT Live? If not, is this feature possible on the newer HD series? Thanks!
  8. Hey I just bought this second hand so I don't have a manual or anything, I worked out how to switch from volume to wah, but I can't work out how to switch it to tweak mode so it acts as an expression pedal for some stomp boxes (eg, bender) I know it can be done because some presets already have it done, and both lights for volume and wah light up when the mode is in use. It's probably simple but can anyone help me?? I want to be able to use it as a whammy etc as well. Thanks in advance :)
  9. Hello everybody, I've just played in a concert with a POD XT connected to a MKV Shortboard that I always use at home without any problem. I am not shure if the problem comes with hight volume or vivration on the stage, but the pod simply and sudenly restart itself while playing when it wants!!!!!! It doesn't care if I am on a silence or on the midle of a Solo. At first, I thought that It was an energy problem, but I start using a voltage stabilizer and the problem was not solved. Anyone had this problem??? Thank you !!!
  10. Hello There, I haven't been able to connect my POD XT to my Mac using the USB cable. Tried using Monkey and it doesn't recognize the drivers. They download from the server, and install, but after the computer restarts it's doesn't see the drivers. The screenshot shows the Line 6 Monkey. Tried different USB cables, different versions of drivers and different versions of the monkey software. Please help me out!
  11. So for those who have used gearbox and pod XT or X3 in the past ,here are some tips to making the transition of your tones to podfarm or using podfarm. this will also include using farm to enhance your tones and moving them back to your Pod XT/X3 hardware for standalone.playback. First, let address the volume difference using pod XT as an example: XT is a standalone unit obviously that runs on 9V DC and 2 amps, POD farm using GX for example is 5V DC and USB interface, which is .5 amp...quite a bit of difference. As such, what you might notice is that sounds in gearbox moved to farm are about 2/3 lower in volume. Yes you can move the volume up to 10 if your tone was 3.3 but who has there dialed in tone at that :)...it's just not a good formula. Next is to see what farm can do on its own to raise that level without too much coloration. the first thing to do is EQ and when that is not enough, the cleanest pre-amp can be added, which I found to be the coucel. I played with this testing over a weekend for hours and hours and will share what I found to be the best setup for trying to match output as it was in gearbox XT but without adjust volume as much as possible What I will show is how to start from a baseline and make volume changes only after you have exhausted all other options. If you find these settings add some small coloration then drop the settings equalty across all EQ bands and instead go after the master volume. You can also increase volume on your amp, but this is to get the tone the same through headphones so its as true to start as possible. Here are the tips: If your old XT/gearbox tone is a single path (which it should be, you can open that in farm and duplicate the track (doubles the volume 100%) this should get you really close. I feel that to absolutely match, you need to have 1 path get an EQ adjustment at the end and a preamp after the amp in the chain. see below screen shot for how this looks for your newly added preamp and EQ added to 1 path for additional boost. Circled in yellow is the additons that pod requires to help boost where the old tone was. Settings for preamp and EQ are as follows: -------------------------------- The next scenario I will describe: When you have two tones you really like and you want both in pod farm so you can merge them and mix each for best of each. In the case below I enhanced my "A" path tone which was darn near perfect but lacked what the tone in path "B" had. They are merged by letting Path "B" run through 10% and then 90% tone "A". Here you need to have a different setting for the pre-amp because each path is different and not a copy of the other. --------------------------------- Next is a tip for those that want to: Bring a setting into farm and want it back out for XT. Well remember that XT can not handle multi effects of the same type nor duel paths so you have to merge the two if that is the case. This may not end well, you need to choose the settings that represent the best of your new pod effect in 1 path and no dulicate pedals. You can only have 1 amp too...so the challenge is to toggle back and forth and see if you can represent in a single path of what two paths were giving. note: the different settings on the sine chorus Now the track down to 1 with sign chorus settings that represent all 3 as you can only have 1 in gearbox. Here I am merging former track "B" and finally the settings on the sine chorus as best representation of having 3 Maybe line6 will make a pod that can support the duel path of effect but until then you are going to have to do this or find a way to run from a tablet or something so pod is what you use live or you just live with a good enough scenario ---------------------------------------------------- The last thing I wanted to mention was the option to use a hardware boost to simulate the tone of XT. I have not purchased yet as it will add a clean boost up to 18DB for some but will run about ~$120.then, you don't have to fake it with an EQ or preamp in POD. This would be the cleanest purest way to boost but again will require a purchase. For the purpose of this post i am showing how to do it with the tools you already have. Note for some FX you may want to make sure POD sees all your model packs or can read the FX others have made with those model packs For that those that have wondered about running through the XT with the effects bypassed, the fact is you will get some static and it will add something to the tone. You are basically reprocessing it and pod is not clean when using this was through farm via ASIO (and with input as "Send Clean guitar". It's not horrible, but expect some static and less bass or warmth IMO.Your best bet is to use GX or UX-1 and amp your tone with effects in farm. I had to do a lot of back and forth comparison, and I will not claim this is perfect but is as close as my ears could detect without having to purchase additional boosting hardware. Even if you decide to boost buy buying some hardware, it's good to know to do it in software if you need it. Hopefully this gives others some incite to tone building and porting from favorite gearbox tweaked tones you may have had. I am still playing around with PODfarm and no doubt I will discover even more, but so far are impressed with the extra options I am getting. Be nice to have it really working with XT full to make adjustments with real knobs as opposed to a mouse and arrow keys, but oh well.....like I said maybe line6 will do something in the future with a next generation POD that really works close with farm as an interface and a tone transfer for standalone.
  12. good evening. as in object: could somebody tell surely what's the impedance at POD XT headphones plug? i have a 32 Ohms set and the sound quality is horrible, so I'd need to build an impedance corrector cable and to know precise values to do that. thanx, bye
  13. Hi, does anybody have the "Amp model sheet" and "FX sheet" that used to be at the vetaville site? This is the link, but I guess they don't host the files anymore: http://www.vettaville.nl/page.php?id=80 I'd appreciate it if you could send them to my email, aetguitars at outlook.com Thanks!
  14. This is my first post so if I do anything wrong, I'm sorry before hand. I got a PODxt Live from a friend of mine who said I would need it more than him. I've got POD Farm 2 a while ago and used PODxt Live's usb input and processed it through POD Farm to get my tone. Before hand I used a First Act usb cable to record that gave raw guitar sound. I processed that into POD Farm and I got alright results (It had some noise to it but I just bit the bullet on that) but with PODxt Live, when I turn amp, noise gate, eq (basicly everything except for raw guitar) off, it sounds a lot softer and the sound of the clean is "crispier" (like crunchy-ish) and the distortions dont really have much emphasis as they did before hand. I of course googled the problem and spent about 2 hours watching videos and reading forums and manuals but didn't get much or any desired results. I won't say what I found because they are probably just going to make explaining the problem worse but if anyone can explain to me how to possibly fix this issue you would be helping a fellow musician greatly. Thanks again for reading! *P.S. the program I am using is Mixcraft 6 and my OS is Windows 7 (32 bit) if that helps at all
  15. hello everybody. does a "POD XT to L6 link" exist to make the Red Bean act as an HD500 to control DT series amps? is correct to say that, when linked with xlr to DT amps, the POD HD500 act only as a channel/stomp footswitch without any amp emulation? thanx
  16. Are there others who have upgraded to Variax HD and are using older Pods? I'm using Pod XT Live and line 6 edit software and the area where you set the Variax model no longer seems to work. Please help? Anyone?
  17. I just bought a iMac and Cubase Elements 7 - so now I am trying to use my POD xt as an 'external soundcard' for all my guitar work. Cubase doesn't seem to really 'see' my POD, and as a result the input signal is non-existing. I'm sorry to say, but my old pc and Cubase SX, worked beautifully with the POD, once I got the right drivers. What is going wrong here? I have compared to the pc/SX settings in Device Setup, where I just selected ASIO PODxt in Setup in VST Multitrack, and that was it! Device Setup in Elements 7, is a bit different, without a 'VST Multitrack'. In EL7 I have selected PODxt as ASIO Driver in VST Audio System. My Mac does not have a problem seeing the POD, or the input signal. Am I missing the right ASIO driver for Cubase - or what? It's quite frustrating - please help...
  18. hello everybody. could anybody help me with pod xt headphones' out? i'd need to know 3 or more between the following: the tension/voltage (V), the current (A), the impedance (Ohm), the gain (dB) and the power (W) which the headphone signal comes out. i have to improve the headphones audio quality so must decide if to buy a little amplifier (Behringer Micromon MA400) or build a simple passive custom impedance adapter. thanx.
  19. I'm a line 6 user owner of multiple Variax Guitars, POD's, Amps and other equipment and I find that is not fair that I can't update my POD XT Live because of a ESN verification error. This the 2nd POD XT that has the same problem and the solution from Line 6 is to send it to a repair center. Locally there's no service center and with the first XT I did send it and received an estimate of $75 plus $50 shipping which I decline and went ahead and purchased another XT Live which now has the same problem. I search the forum and the internet and is a common problem with the POD XT's and now the HD500. I haven't found a logical reason for Line 6 to verify the authenticity of the unit because there's no way to clone the device. I would love like to have the POD HD-500 to use with my 4 Variax guitars, but I wont risk my money so to have a product that can't be updated. Line 6, eliminate the verification of the ESN and I know you will have more happy customers.
  20. Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Bass PODxt? A: The factory reset procedure for a Bass PODxt is: press SAVE once, use the select key to scroll clockwise to “factory recall” page, then press SAVE twice. Q: How can I get a carrying case for the Bass PODxt or Bass PODxtLive? A: The Bass PODxt and Bass PODxt Live have the same dimensions as the PODxt and PODx tLive, and can be purchased at the Line 6 Store. Q: What is the warranty on the Bass PODxt or Bass PODxtLive? A: The warranty on the Bass PODxt or Bass PODxtLive is twelve months from the date of purchase. Q: Where can I download a Bass PODxt or Bass PODxt Live manual? A: Line 6 Manuals Q: The tuner does not pick up the low B string on my bass when I am tuning? A: Some bass guitar pickups may not accurately replicate the extremely low frequencies produced by the low B string to accurately tune the instrument. Be sure to disable any effect pedals in the chain prior to the POD, and use only the bridge pickup when tuning. If these methods do not work, use the 12th fret harmonic to produce a tone that the POD tuner can recognize. Q: When I plug in the headphones, the "DI-out" changes from clean, to amp and effect sounds. I end up recording two identical modeled tracks rather than one clean and one modeled. Why would A.I.R ever affect D.I-out? D.I. means "direct" right? A: When headphones are plugged in to Bass PODxt and Bass PODxt Pro, the Modeled signal appears at both the left and right outputs. The implications of this are that you cannot record a dry signal using the "D.I." output while headphones are plugged in. We understand that this can be an inconvenience in some situations. We are sorry if our documentation did not reflect this condition and will update this in the next manual revision. Here are the reasons we chose to design the unit this way: - When monitoring the Bass PODxt with headphones, we believe most users expect to hear the modeled sound in both ears. This is what you would expect when programming sounds with headphones, using the Bass PODxt as a "practice amp," or demoing the unit. It would be unacceptable to have the only option for headphone monitoring be "Modeled sound in one ear and D.I. in the other." - Because the Headphones and discrete Model/D.I. balanced outputs carry the same electrical signal, it is not possible to have the expected headphone experience if the signals at the outputs were kept discrete. - When recording the Bass PODxt using headphones, it is more common to connect the headphones to your soundcard or mixing board (as opposed to the headphone jack on the unit) so that you can hear the track you are playing with. For this reason, most users are not likely to be exposed to this behavior when recording. -If you are using Bass PODxt as your soundcard using the USB connection, you would expect to be able to record both output signals, yet monitor only the modeled sound on both sides of the stereo. You are able to do this because the USB digital record sends are not subject to the same limitations as the hardware outputs and can remain discreet while monitoring with headphones. When using the unit this way (to monitor the whole mix) the hardware outputs are not useful for recording bass anyway. -For Bass PODxt Pro users, you can use the balanced "Unprocessed Bass Output" instead of the "D.I." output, which will not change when headphones are inserted. Q: My unit cannot update via USB, and I have Flash Memory 1.01. How do I update from Flash Memory 1.01 to a newer version? A: First, verify if you have 1.01. Please hit the TUNER button and scroll using the SELECT knob to the last page. If you have a version later than 1.01, you can use your USB connection. In order to update your Bass Podxt from version 1.01 to the latest version, you will need to download Line 6 monkey (as described above) as well as a MIDI to USB interface. We recommend the MIDI SPORT UNO from M-AUDIO. Install the drivers for your interface, then run LINE 6 MONKEY with your Bass Podxt unit connected to your interface. Click on the CONNECT USING MIDI CABLES button, and make sure that you see the MIDI IN and MIDI OUTS set to your interface. Then go through the FLASH MEMORY installation as described above. After this is done, you will be able to update your PODxt series unit using USB. Q: How does the EQ work on the Bass PODxt? A: Each amp model contains 4 bands of EQ that are modeled after the tonestack of the original amp. The specifics of how the 4 knobs (BASS, LO MID, HI MID, TREBLE) mapo the original amps is detailed in the manual. In addition, the Bass PODxt has a 6 band EQ available per-patch that is adjusted by the soft buttons and turning the "Effect Tweak" knob. The top and bottom bands of this EQ are shelving and the middle 4 bands are semi-parametric. This means that you can adjust the frequency and gain per-band, but you do not have control over the Q. The Q becomes more narrow as the gain moves further away from "FLAT." To reset the EQ, press both "band select" buttons and it will reset all bands to their default frequency and set the gain for all bands to FLAT. Q: How should I connect my Bass PODxt to my amplifier? A: When you're playing Bass PODxt into the front of a combo amplifier, it's a good idea to start off with your combo amp in neutral. What is "neutral," you ask? Well, if you only have one volume control on your amp, set it low enough to get a "clean" tone; that ensures Bass PODxt's sounds come through as purely as possible. If you have a master volume in addition to a volume control on the input, set them both so that the first volume doesn't overdrive the master volume (so you're getting a clean tone). This will vary from amp to amp, but usually the input volume is going to be less than the master volume to get a clean, non-distorted sound. If you have passive tone controls, try setting your mid control at max, and your treble and bass controls at zero (this is actually "flat" equalization-wise on most amps). Active tone controls may vary, but just be sure you're not overdriving the amp so the Bass PODxt tone comes through without extra coloration. Once you get going, you can tweak the amplifier settings to suit your tastes. Try to set the Bass PODxt's OUTPUT so you're not overdriving the input of the amp. If you have a bass amp with an effect return or a jack that lets you connect directly to the input to the power amp, you can plug Bass PODxt's output right into that connection and that will generally bypass the tone controls of the amp and avoid their coloring of Bass PODxt's tones. When plugging into the effect return or amp directly this way, you want to choose LIVE NO HORN or LIVE W HORN on the "What Are You Connecting To?" page. Q: How to I get rid of distortion or clipping on the instrument input on my amp? A: Because the output level of basses vary greatly from instrument to instrument, you may have to make some adjustments to ensure that you're getting the best performance out of your Bass PODxt / Bass PODxt Pro. If you're hearing distortion, it could either be clipping in the unit or it could simply be too much drive in the amp. First, make sure that you are not clipping either the input to the Bass PODxt / Bass PODxt Pro or the output converters in the Bass PODxt / Bass PODxt Pro. Then, try adjusting the gain on the amp model. Here are instructions for both units: BASS PODxt: - Do you see the "Clip" indication in the unit's LCD? If so, it means that you are clipping either the input or output of the unit. Try turning down the Channel Volume of the amp model and/or the output level of your bass until you no longer see the CLIP indication when you play. - If you're still hearing unwanted distortion, try backing off the DRIVE on the amp model and/or rolling back the output volume on your bass. BASS PODxt Pro: - Is the red CLIP LED clipping? If so, switch the PAD switch to "PAD." If the red CLIP LED is still lighting, try rolling off some volume on your bass - If the red light is not clipping, but you're still seeing a "CLIP" indication in the display, try turning down the Channel volume. - If you're not seeing either clip indication, then try adjusting the DRIVE on the amp model and/or rolling back the output volume on your bass. Q: How to activate Biamp mode on the Bass PODxt? A: To enter Bi-amp mode, and adjust its options, press the TUNE/SYSTEM button and then turn the SELECT knob until you see the page with the heading "Bi-Amp Setup." Press the far-left Soft Button below SLOPE and select from the options: OFF-Bi-amp Mode is off, and Bass PODxt functions normally, sending the Model signal out its Model output, and D.I. signal out the D.I. output. 6dB, 12dB, 18dB or 24dB-Bi-Amp Mode is on. Text appears on the right side of the screen to tell you that Lows are being sent to the D.I. output, and Highs are being sent to the Model output. Each of the available slopes has different characteristics: 6dB This is a single pole crossover, a gentle slope that is phase and amplitude coherent. The gentleness of the slope means that a fair amount of low frequency content is left in the highs, and a fair amount of high frequency content is left in the lows. 12dB: This is a 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley crossover, making a stronger separation of the lows from the highs than the 6dB setting. The high frequency path is out of phase. 18dB This is a 3rd order Butterworth crossover, making a still stronger separation of the lows from the highs, while also retaining coherent phase and amplitude. 24dB This is a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover, making the strongest separation of the lows from the highs (flat phase and amplitude). This strong slope removes almost all high frequency content from the lows, and almost all low frequency content from the highs. Press the second Soft Button from the left, below FREQ, to select the frequency of the Bi-Amp crossover, with a range from 48Hz to 1440Hz. Q: How do I change CAB/MIC models on the Bass PODXt? A: Press the CAB/A.I.R. button once to pick a Cab Model to pair with your amplifier, select the microphone used on the cabinet and even set the amount of "room" that the mic captures. Unlike the EFFECT ON/OFF buttons, this button is not an on/off type control. A single press of this button simply lets you change cabs and mics quickly. When the Cabinets are off, this button's light will be off as well.
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