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  1. Line 6, why not develop the same wireless GUI for POD family products ?? What an awesome move! - playing live, making tweaks on the fly with the sexy, remote AMPLIFi-style GUI . Would this development be an ROI issue ? Looking forward to some feedback. (oops - just went over to the Amplifi Fx 100 thread . Looks like this could fit there)
  2. Hey guys, I've had my 500X for quite some time now, and am still having issues. When recording on my MacBook, I get a terrible buzzing noise, almost feedback, in my DAW. Whether it's garageband or Reaper. Here's the first video I did with it, you can hear the noise. I'm recording via USB. My cover of FaceDown The actual song for sound comparison The noise is very distinctive.. Almost uncatchable. But the strange thing is, is when I use my acoustic, it's silk smooth. Just like glass. But with an electric, whether it's my schecter, or Gibson LP, it's got that god awful noise. Honestly, I'm almost thinking about sending it to Line 6 and seeing whether they can fix it or not. Yeah, I made a few mistakes. Lol Thanks guys.
  3. Has anyone had success (or failure) using old/legacy Line6 Floorboard from POD Pro setup? (see attached picture) I'm considering getting the Amplifi amp and hoped my Floorboard would work. Any suggestions on top 2 pedal options (I like having 2 pedals for VOL and WAH)?
  4. Hey! I just bought a Floor Pod Plus used. Wondering if there's a way to equalize all the output without having to manually do it? Like when I switch from 29A to 29B for example, the volumes are wayyy off.
  5. I am also using a fbv express pedal board. I am trying to figure out how I can go from a patch with a delay to a (lets say) a distortion with the delay ringing out and not just cutting off when I switch patches. Can this be done? Please help. Thanks.
  6. Hello all, I have a POD 2.0 running firmware v2.2 and controlling it with an an original Line 6 Floorboard: I am trying to map my POD 2.0 Floorboard controls so that I can control parameters in Guitar Rig Pro 5. I have seen videos and posts on users using the newer Line 6 floorboard models with Guitar Rig Pro but I have no clue on how to do this with the original POD 2.0 Floorboard. I have my MIDI INs and OUTs connected correctly and Ableton is showing that I am transmitting MIDI signals from my Floorboard. However, I cannot seem to find the right software to manually map the POD 2.0 MIDI CC#'s so that Guitar Rig Pro 5 can see them. For instance, when I move my volume pedal on my Line 6 Floorboard, I would like it to control a knob in Guitar Rig Pro 5. I have installed Line 6 Edit and Line 6 Monkey which I don't think helped my situation. Has anyone done anything similar with the original Line 6 Floorboard? With the amount of POD 2.0's still out there, I'm sure someone has tried to connect their gear with Guitar Rig Pro or Amplitube? Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  7. Hey, I just got a POD500 from the US. Obviously, the power adapter is different. I know the output is 9V - 3A. Will my Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus power this up? or do I need to a) get a AUS Power Supply for the unit or b) get a step down transformer for it? Cheers. :)
  8. I'm trying to record vocals but it doesn't seem to be working. I plugged my microphone into the pod mic input then turned on the phantom power to power my condenser microphone and then went on a new tone with nothing on it. my pod unbalanced outputs are plugged into my speakers (like normal) and the pod is connected to my daw by usb but when i arm the track it picks up no audio at all but the little green signal light on the pod is flashing when i talk into the mic haha someone please help me! thanks
  9. Hello, I connect my XLR outputs on the PODHD500X to a set of KRK Rockit 5 monitors, and the signal is extremely weak and I have to crank the level on the speakers, the level on my monitor controller, and the master output on the POD to get adequate volume out of the speakers. I have even started boosting the levels on the mixer to about +3 dB, but I don't want to go higher than that cause I don't know if I am clipping. I think it is pathetic that there is no indicator on the pod to tell you if you are clipping or not. Is there any way I can monitor this? There is an output meter on POD Farm, but not in the HD Edit software. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi I have just ordered an L3 speaker to replace my existing guitar amp. It will be used in conjunction with my HD500 and JTV 59 giving me an FRFR rig. I have a question about the virtual tiltback function. What is the best orientation of the L3 when in 'electric guitar' mode being used as a backline? What are the pros and cons of positioning the speaker on its side rather than upright?
  11. Hi there Apologies for this very simple, but I am just starting out with this stuff!! I have a guitar, a windows laptop, a POD HD500X. I would like to record a solo over a backing track that I have on mp3 and I have no idea which software I need to do this. I have worked out how to USB the guitar signal from my POD into the laptop so that works, but I dont know how to do the actual recording and layering of any tracks, etc. I tried some software called Stagelight, but it just stopped working so does anyone know anything else I can try? I am a massive beginner so simplicity is key for me!! Many Thanks to anyone who can help. Phil
  12. Hello, so I recently bought an HD500x, which I use as an audio interface for my speakers, and mainly to record stuff with my guitar (mostly for guitar covers). But, I've got an M-audio keystation 61es, so my question is, can I use this as Midi through the HD500x to record stuff with, and can I use HD500x presets for the keystation, and if so, how do I do this? Because I want the sound from the keystation to come from the same speakers as my HD500x (my guitar, spotify, all that). I would also like to get other effects and stuff out of it, instead of just the regular piano. And IF this is NOT possible, do you guys have any suggestions of software that can do this? Thanks.
  13. I use Cubase to record guitar via POD HD500. I want to connect POD by USB and have ability to listen to a backing track from Winamp. Correct me if I'm wrong: 1. There's no way to send multiple audio sources to an audio card if you use ASIO. Which means if you connect POD via USB, you cannot hear guitar sound sent through Cubase (first source) and backing track from Winamp (second source). 2. You can, however, connect POD via Line In to an audio card and listen to both. Input signal from Line In is mixed internally by an audio card with signal from Windows kxmixer. ASIO in that case is not needed. Now a question: 3. If I have two audio cards in my PC, can I process signal from POD USB by first card, daisy chain both cards (Line Out to Line In) and then mix resulting signal on the second card and send output signal to speakers? This essentially means that Windows will have to send POD signal to first card and kxmixer signal to the second. I don't know if it's even possible. I'll probably need some signal routing software to accomplish that. Thoughts?
  14. I'm currently using a 1 x 12 50w Marshall tube amp with an HD500 and JTV 59. I'm convinced about the whole FRFR rig concept, especially as I play in a band covering everything from Metallica to mellow acoustic and need the versatility. The only thing I'm worried about is whether the L3 packs enough of a punch compared to my 50w Marshall. I'd really appreciate comments from you guys, especially those who have gone FRFR. Is the L3 loud enough??
  15. Hi is it possible to control the Flextone 3 presets with a Pod Pro connect via MIDI? I have those 2 and I have also the Line 6 floorboard that controles the pod pro, but for my flextone 3 I don't have any FBV to control the flex tone 3 and I don't want to have 2 big floorboards on the floor when I'm playing, what I want is just to control all with the line 6 floorboard, Is it possible? Thanks Jorge
  16. Set on HD 500: Input 1: Guitar Input 2: Variax And make a chain with first effect an analog delay (memory man). When you play with guitar the memory man sounds. If you play with variax it doesn't sound at all. Anybody knows why / or can confirm the same issue?
  17. Hello peoples of the Line 6 forum, I have some questions about the MIC input/output and routing on the HD500X: Is it possible to route the signal from the Mic Input to one of the Balanced Outputs, while simultaneously running the Instrument Input to one of the Unbalanced (1/4") outputs, so that when I play gigs I can route my mic through the pedal and give the FOH guy the Mic output separately from the instrument output (which I would give him from the DI in my amp, further down the signal chain, due to using more effects)? They key thing is I'm curious about keeping the instrument and mic outputs separate, so the channels can stay discrete on the FOH mixing board. Related to that, when using the Vocoder, will the effected sound pass through both the instrument and Mic outputs, or just one or the other? I.e. if running my instr and mic through the HD500X as separate channels (assuming that can be done), when I turn on the vocoder, will I hear the output through my instrument output only, the Mic/PA output only, or both? Finally, does anyone know if the HD500X will have additional effects/packages that can be applied to it? I'm a bassist, and it's very light on bass-specific stuff. I've always had an issue with buying pedalboards because they don't seem really futureproof sometimes. It would be nice if this platform will be somewhat expandable. Thank you!
  18. I downloaded Lincoln Brewster's official HD500 presets from here And specifically, the one named Lincoln_Brewster_Main_2012.h5e For some reason, this preset is much much louder than any preset I create myself without messing too much with the volume settings. I've turned off every effect/amp block and checked all of the levels, including DEPs and none are really any different than any settings I use in my patches, and this patch is still much louder than any of my patches. The only difference I can see is that at the mixer he has both R and L set to Center instead of the default !00% Left and 100% Right. Changing that makes some difference, but it seems like the volume difference is more than just that. I also changed the extension to .5xe to import on my HD500X. That shouldn't make any difference, should it? Is there something else I'm missing, or does centering the Mixer block actually really make that much difference in overall volume without actually changing any volume parameters?
  19. Hi Folks, Before I begin with this, apologies for the long post. Cutting to the chase, I'm looking for some help... I expect there to be lots of schoolboy errors below and don’t really expect too many responses. I’m conscious this is really old tech and probably a lot of work, but I started this as a bit of fun to see what would happen with no expectations… Anyone who had been around the old forums for a while will probably have seen some mention of legacy Variax users wishing to make their variax fully wireless with POD X3/HD (I.e. wireless audio and patch changing). The functionality was introduced as an unofficial patch for the old Vettas but this was never released on the pods. Threads asking about the Wireless Variax/POD combination resulted in the confirmation that it would not be possible. In order to send patch changes, the POD required a physical connection to a Variax (There were suggestions that this was by design from the AES audio connection). Anyway, I started thinking about this and thought that if I connected my HD500 to an old set of 300 Variax guts that I had lying around, then split the RX+ wire (Patch change sent to Variax), it might work. So as as test, I created a cable to connect my guitar as per the following: I found the following information on the old forums regarding the Pinouts on the Variax cable on the old forums. 1 - GND 2 - PWR (7V) 3 - TX+ 4 - AES- 5 - AES+ 6 - TX- 7 - RX+ 8 - RX- Then used the above to connect as follows: The result was a success. When the guts were connected to the POD, the display shows a Variax connection (The guts). Then, when I changed patches on the POD, both the guts and the variax settings changed. So in some level of practice at least, the POD could indeed change patches on a remote variax. Using a second set of guts works around the AES limitation. Looking at the pages on Vettaville regarding the Wireless Vetta/Variax update, it suggested that the patch changes were controlled via MIDI and that a wireless midi system could be used: So I wanted to find a relatively cheap wireless midi system that was low powered. Ideally, The POD would power the sender and the Variax battery would power the receiver. I ended up finding this page about configuring an XBee to send and receive Wireless MIDI data: Once built, the receiver would be small enough to embed in a guitar (And possibly powered alongside the Variax), or modular so it could be connected to any other Variax... So I bought and built the XBee transceivers and then configured them to transmit at MIDI baud. Testing them confirmed that they were sending wireless data successfully to each other, and for the sender at least, it was powered successfully by the POD, so now I have the following: Note: If this were successful, I’d then simply replace the guitar cable with a wireless guitar system. You’ll see at this point that my transmitter wiring doesn’t match Vettaville’s PDF document. The reason for this is that when I wired as per the PDF, the Xbee didn’t transmit anything at all. However when I powered the XBee from Pins 1 and 2, the used PIN’s 7 and 8 (Rx+ and -) as MIDI data PINs, the XBee was at least sending data when I changed patches. It's at this point that my project and knowledge both break down. When I change a patch on the POD, I DO see wireless activity on the XBees, so I know that the POD is sending some kind of data through PIN 7. Unfortunately though, the Variax doesn't change it's patch... Something in the XBee MIDI circuit is modifying the signal in such a way that by the time it reaches the Variax, it's no longer valid. As soon as the signal enters the Optocoupler in the transmitter, any outputs from this, or the inverter or the XBee are not recognised by Pin 7 of the Variax, so no patch changes occur. I honestly think I could get this working if I had a better understanding of what the Midi circuit was doing to the signal on PIN 7 (Remember this single wire when connected to the guitar changes the patch no problem). If I could ensure that the signal received by the Variax from the receiver matched the signal send by the POD, I’m sure this would work. Here’s what I know: The voltage of PIN 7 from the POD sits between 2-3V. A direct connection to PIN 7 only on the guitar changes patches no problem. After the signal exits the Optocoupler in the transmitter, it’s around 0.2V and then it gets sent to the XBee. The signal from the receiver is also low, but after it hits the inverter, it jumps up to over 7V From what I gather, MIDI isn’t that voltage sensitive so I’m not sure if this is an issue, but I don’t know enough about it. So…. Questions… Is there anyone still on the forums who has successfully used the Vetta Wireless mod? Did you have to alter the wiring from Vettaville’s diagram or did it just work out of the box??? Otherwise, is there anyone here who knows a bit about electronics who could advise on where things may be falling down? Do you know what the Variax is expecting to receive from a current and voltage perspective? If so, could you advise on how I can alter the Transmitter/receiver circuits to suit? If anyone has built midi circuits, I’d love to see someone sanity check the above, especially the wiring of the Pin outs and ins. Thanks all, Mike
  20. Hi, first of all, my english sucks, so im gonna try to do my best Its possible to change the amp value of the drive with a footswitch on the pod hd500x ? i've search all over the internet and all i've got is turn on and off effects and amps, but not how to change this. Please Help
  21. I really wish Line 6 would bring back the blog. They used to have some great articles and really provided info we could use. Sure there was some fluff in there too but WTF? Why did it stop? Anyways, here are a couple more useful series they started. Doesn't look like the Guide to Home Recording quite finished but How to Record a Song and the Guide to Making YouTube Videos are complete. Guide to Home Recording - How to Record a Song - Guide to Making YouTube Videos - Sure wish they would start this back up! So many more topics yet to be covered...
  22. So I was about to spend ~500$ in pedals until I heard about this HD500X. Now I had an original and a pocket POD and loved em, I'm hoping this pedal board/ effects processor works great! How is it with a Spider IV 75W? Because I am also building a little practice 1x10 half stack with my BlackStar cab and either a Peavy Valveking micro 20W head or maybe a 15-Watt Orange head..what's everyone's experience here with the 500x?
  23. I've spent a couple of days trying to create a decent djent tone through my headphones that'll be good for recording with minimal need to master it. Hpwever I'm having serious problems trying to get the results I want. My current signal chain is: Noise Gate - Red Comp - Screamer - Noise Gate - Parametric EQ - Engl Fireball with XXL V-30 (Mic is 409 Dyn) - Noise Gate. The problem I've got is while the noise gates are cutting in fine, the sound is too full of treble and I've done my best to remove that but the sound then lacks any sort of power in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. I have a POD HD PRO X and now that I have a tone I'm happy with, I want to run it into a cab. I understand that I need a power amp to do so, and I understand that I use the effects out and in to connect the pod with the power and I use the Pod's own line out into the amp, but how do I control the amp's Ohm impedance so that it matches the cab?
  25. I've crafted a tone on my hd500x while running it through a power amp and cab. The tone sounds really crisp, tight and nearly devoid of noise. However when I run the same preset through my headphones it sounds really high in treble and isn't as clear as when I run it through my PA and Cab combo. What I'm asking is how to fix the problem as it translates to when I'm recording as well and why it's happening as I'm utterly clueless on this.
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