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  1. Hello there! I was looking to create a heavy tone similar to Black Tongue and The Acacia Strain for my live rig running out of my POD HD Pro X. I was talking to Jesse Kirkbride (or Kirkbride Recordings) about how to achieve a similar tone. He told me he used the big bottom head making the tone on PODFarm. Well guess what? That amp model isn't available on my POD HD Pro X. Does anyone know how I can purchase this, or if I can do anything?
  2. Hi there, I used to connect the unbalanced 1/4" OUT of my HD500X into the line input of my M-Audio M-Track. With this configuration I was able to adjust the gain one the soundcard linearly, using the whole stroke of the knob. Now I'm using the HD500X connected with the M-Track with the XLR balanced outputs and with this configuration the first 3/4 of the gain knob have no influence on the signal, only the last 1/4 daoes, and it's obviously very sensitive. I don't know if it's a soundcard issue or if there are differences in POD signal using balanced vs unbalanced outputs. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello everybody, I have a problem with my Pod HD500X patches while using it during a live gig. When I need loud sounds for live situations (master volume at 2 or 3 o'clock) I have feedback issues and I cannot mute strings properly without larsen or high feedback sounds even if I am quite far from my cabinet. I am not trying to replicate a wall of sound, I only need the right amount of volume to be heard over the drummer in a gig in pubs or small/medium venues without cabinet amplification. I know that there are other similar topics in this forum, but all solutions suggested seems to fail. Here is the detail of my configuration: Guitar (Ibanez RG970QMZ) -> POD HD500X -> Rocktron 300 Poweramp (or EHX 44 Magnum poweramp) -> MesaBoogie 1x12 200W Cabinet All my cables are brand new (I already tried to change all of them, without resolving the issue). During gigs I use a mic for the voice, but I tried to turn it off and it doesn't resolve the issue. I already reinstalled firmware and Edit software. Input1 is Guitar and Input2 is Guitar globally set (I have both single and dual patches). Output is set to combo power amp. The problem occurs only with high gain patches (no problem with clean sounds). Here is the patches (generic scheme): Hard Gate -> Screamer (gain around 30-40%) -> (eq eventually) -> Uberschall / Treadplate (gain around 60-70%, channel volume at 90%) -> mixer (pan centered, levels at 0) -> eq -> delay / reverb. As soon as I approach the strings to the pickups it starts the squeaks and while playing I cannot make any pause. I also tried to insert two or three more hard/noise gates in the chain but no changes. If I deactivate the screamer the issue problem persists. The only way to solve it is to lower the patch volume. I would really appreciate any suggestion to resolve this annoying issue. Thank you very much and sorry for my rusty english (hope you understand anyway).
  4. Hey guys, I am a bass player looking for a really good multiefect and I am a big fan of line6s PODs. Especially the hd500. Now, I didn't tried it out but I heard that the hd 500 is equally good for the bass and the guitar and has all sords of efects and bunch of amps is that true? I am not very in to it so that why I am asking. Also, I have a really good chance to buy the POD 500x, but I don't know is it that good for the bass as the guitar. Because I want to use it for my bass guitar, does it have a bunch of efects and amps? I saw that the POD pro has only one amp for the bass I don't know is it with the hd500x the same? Anyway pls help me :)
  5. Which Line 6 Home Recording/Practice Set-Up is Best? (For recording metal/rock music) Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion on this... It's been a while having lost all my equipment 4 years ago right when my band was very active. But right now I'm looking to get a home setup where I can easily record and practice. Nothing crazy or fancy, but something I can setup fairly quickly or take with me, but also something that will allow me to produce and record demos for my metal/nu-metal band, Caidema ( I'm really interested in a direct recording But I also know that just mic'ing an amp can be much better. After a lot of research for my budget ($300) I've been looking at the Line 6 POD UX1 and the POD UX2. I'm Leaning more towards the Line 6 POD UX1 more than the other. What I'm not sure about is if if I should go with the UX1, or one of these: Line 6 POD 2.0, POD XT, or Pocket POD. All I need is to be able to plug my guitar and headphones into it (without an amplifier) and be able to practice whenever, wherever (and not lollipop off the neighbors.) I also need to be able to turn on my computer,set everything up, load up the PODfarm, audacity and record my guitar, vocals, etc. I have $300 to get what I need for the setup, required cables and wires, and microphone if possible. Down the line I'll buy more equipment, but for now I just need a simple "I live on my grandfather's couch" setup. Just not sure which one of those I should go with. OR would it be better to go with my other option: buy a 15-30w Line 6 spider amp, buy a microphone to mic the amp, and buy a different USB Audio Interface. (All for under $300 somehow) What do you guys think? Line 6 POD Studio UX1 or Line 6 POD 2.0, Line 6 PODxt, POD Pocket (Or if there is any other product I don't have listed please let me know) • Line 6 POD Studio UX1 (with Podfarm) • Line 6 POD 2.0 • Line 6 Pocket Pod (used)
  6. Table of Contents · General · Compatibility and Hardware · Version Differences General: Q: Why did you make Mobile POD available for In-App purchase to work with all iOS Core Audio interfaces? A: We wanted to provide every music creator with access to the best sounding mobile amp modeler with a number of options to record ideas or jam on the go. Q: How do I get Mobile POD? A: Mobile POD is available at the Apple App Store. Q: Is Mobile POD free? A: Mobile POD is free with Sonic Port Family and Mobile-In interfaces. Otherwise, Mobile POD can be purchased at the Apple App Store and works with any iOS Core Audio compatible interface. Q: When will Mobile POD be ready to work with non-Line 6 interfaces? A: Mobile POD works with non-Line 6 iOS Core Audio interfaces right now. Q: Can Line 6 Support help me with a refund, or help me restore my purchase to my iOS device? A: In relation to Mobile POD purchases, Apple administers the content in their store. Line 6 Support cannot grant refunds or restore licenses, only Apple can. We suggest reviewing your iTunes account's Purchase History when talking to their Support Team would be helpful Compatibility and Hardware: Q: If I already own Mobile POD from my Line 6 Sonic Port, will I be charged to download this version of Mobile POD to work on other devices? A: No. If you already own Mobile POD from a Line 6 product, you simply need to download the latest version of the app from the App Store. Q: What devices is Mobile POD compatible with? A: Mobile POD can be used with any Core Audio interface. However, the best experience is with a Line 6 Sonic Port or Sonic Port VX, as they are the only guitar interfaces with 120 dB of dynamic range - capturing every nuance of each performance, with headroom to spare. Q: Does Mobile POD work without external hardware? A: No, Mobile POD works with audio interfaces that are connected to the iOS device with an analog, 30-pin or Lightning connector. Make sure you give Mobile Pod access to the microphone in the iOS settings: Privacy> Microphone > Mobile Pod Q: Does Mobile POD work with Inter-App Audio and AudioBus? A: Yes it does. Q: My audio interface has a guitar input on input two. Can I select that second input with Mobile POD? A: Yes, Mobile POD 1.7.2 allows you to select input one or input two as the source. Q: Can I use the purchased Mobile POD app on more than one iOS device that I own? A: Yes, you can. In order to use it on multiple devices, Mobile POD needs to be downloaded with the Apple ID that owns the in-app purchase on that device. You'll then need to go into the Setting tab and tap 'Restore Previous Purchase' under "In App Purchase". User Interface: Q: Are there any sonic differences with this version of Mobile POD? A: No. This is the same Mobile POD that comes bundled with Line 6 Sonic Port interfaces. Now Mobile POD gives any core audio interface access to 32 classic amp models, 16 effects and 16 speaker cabinets from POD 2.0, used by artists on countless hit records, as well as the best sounding amp modeler. Q: Are there any differences in the user interface with this version of Mobile POD? A: No. Q: Can I try Mobile POD before buying it in the App Store or before buying a Sonic Port interface or Mobile In? A: To check out Mobile POD without a Line 6 device, download the app, then use the four looping guitar riffs to explore the included amps and effects - and tweak them in real time.
  7. Hello, I am planning to use my POD HD500X live in the future, and I would like to change my panning within my presets for different parts of songs, and I am wondering how I would do that when connected to a mixer? I am currently using both XLR outputs and connecting them to two channels of my mixer, and I have them both panned to the centre. The problem is, the mixer in the POD has individual pan controls for the A and B paths, so they have absolutely no effect. The only other thing I can think of is changing the volumes of the A and B paths. I apologize if this doesn't really make sense, I will try to make things clearer if you have questions. If anyone has any advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tyler.
  8. hi there, i am trying to play my guitar on the macbook pro using pod farm 2.5 and guitar link ucg102 to connect the guitar to the mac, the problem is when i open the stand-alone pod farm and i select the ucg as my input device and the the macbook speaker as output and i apply the setting, i hear nothing, there is no signal... nothing and when i come back to the preferences, i then find as in the second picture, that the selected settings from before are blank now! and i have to select again! where is the problem exactly? ps: pod farm as a plugin is working fantastically in garabeband and logic pro!
  9. Right , so I got the Line 6 Po Studio GX and tried to install the thing . It was all good until I reached the point when it asked if I allow the program to use the speakers/microphone . When I pressed 'allow' The installation froze . I also tried 'don't allow' to see if it makes a differance , but nope the same thing happened again.... A reply would be very much appriciated.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering what kind of guitar signal it records into My DAW both on PC & on My iPad? I own a Pod Pro XT and HD500 and want to being able to reamp the dry guitar signal recorded with Sonic Port VX into them (like when you use the Unprocessed Guitar Out signal on the Pods), or using Insert Plugins like Pod Farm2 or EzMix Presets on My PC? Does it record a wet signal at the same time? Or can you choose what signal to record. Sorry if I'm blurry :-) /Stefan
  11. Recently I upgraded computer systems, switching from a desktop Windows XP to a laptop Windows 8. Everything always worked fine on my XP, and everything has been working great during my time with this Windows 8. But the one difference is now the "CLIP" light is always on on the Pod. So... Why is this happening? And should I be concerned about it? (if the answer to 2. is yes) How can I fix it? Thanks for any help.
  12. Has anyone used a POD HD pro (Or pro X) for a live bass rig? Did it work out? I know I can get an awesome bass tone for recording with it, but does that translate over in the live setting with a venue sound system in your experiences? When I used it at my last show ( I play lead guitar normally) I had a very thin and bassless tone, but I think that was a few too many eqs that caused that.
  13. My brother and I did a video using only the Pod HD PRO X for the guitar tones, with no post processing on them. More details in the video.
  14. Hello everyone! I have this problem: I want to use the effects of my POD HD 500 and the distortion of my Fender Roc Pro 100 Head (with 1/4 footswitch). Whats the best solution to trigger and change the channels (clean, drive, boost, reverb) of my Fender amp through my POD and also activate POD FX? I saw some options, like MIDI RESOLUTION RELAY CONTROLLER or AMP GIZMO. Which is the best option? Someone has experience with this? How do you set up to configure POD + MIDI + AMP HEAD? Thanks a lot! Emi
  15. Bonjour, Je viens de faire l'aquisition d'un POD HD500X et je découvre petit à petit ses possibilités. Je rencontre, en revanche, un problème de taille: lorsque je passe d'un preset à un autre, il y a un blanc très court mais audible. Le son se coupe tout bonnement au changement pendant une fraction de seconde avant de passer au nouveau preset. C'est extrêmement ennuyeux, ça casse totalement la mélodie. Existe-t-il un moyen d'effacer cette latence (mise à jour, ...?) Merci d'avance
  16. Hi there, I have a little problem with my pod hd500: When working with patches in the ABCD mode the postion of the effects assigned to the footswitches 1-4 always stay the same. What I mean is: I have saved a patch with a effect on fs1 that is activated. I turn it off. Then I change to preset 2 and back to the first one (with the effect pedal). The effect will be turned on again, even if I left it deactivated. When switching to a preset the footswitches always return exactly to the positon in which they are saved. :( I find that really annoying. Any possibilties to change that, so that the pod will remember if I turned the effect on or off without saving it everytime (which isn't possible while playing of course). I hope you understood my question, :) Steven
  17. Hey Guys First my gear : Line6 POD xt Pro, Laney Ironheart Irt 60 I want to connect my Podxt with my Amp. So how do i do that ? The POD should be used as a effect processor in Distortion Channel of the Amp But as a clean sound i want to use my POD settings and only use the amp as an poweramp for the xt. So anyone out there who knows what i have to do ?
  18. Deutsch Français For More information on connecting your Line 6 Mobile interfaces check out the links below: Sonic Port VX / Sonic Port Mobile In After your Line 6 Mobile Interface is connected launch the Audiobus app. Once the app launches you will be see the Audiobus Inputs and Outputs screen. Tap "+" where it says "Input". Once you tap the "+" button, a drop down list will show you all of your available Audiobus Input compatible apps. Tap the Mobile POD app from the list. Once you have chosen the Mobile POD app, the Audiobus will insert it into the ?Input? slot, you will need to tap the icon for the Mobile POD app to launch it. The Mobile POD app will then launch and you will see the main user interface for Mobile POD. At this point you can choose a preset or create tone. Once you are ready to rock, you can swipe your finger from right to left on the right hand edge of iOS device. This will bring out the Audiobus control panel that allows you to navigate between the apps you are using with Audiobus.Tap the Audiobus icon and a shortcut back to Audiobus will drop down, tap it to head back into Audiobus. Once your back in Audiobus tap the "+" above "Output". Once you tap the "+" button, a drop down list will show you all of your available Audiobus Output compatible apps. Tap the GarargeBand app from the list. Once you have chosen the GarageBand app, the Audiobus will insert it into the "Output" slot, you will need to tap the icon for the GarageBand app to launch it. Once GarageBand is launched you will you need to either Create New Song or load an existing song, then choose the "Audio Recorder". Once the Audio Recorder opens you can tap the Record button at the top of the screen to start recording. If you want to re-adjust your guitar tone in Mobile POD again, you can swipe the right hand side of the screen again to bring out the Audiobus Control Panel, and then tap the Mobile POD app icon. You will then be brought back to the Mobile POD app where you can re-adjust your tone. Once you are ready to record, you can swipe the right hand side of the screen again to bring out the Audiobus Control Panel, then tap the GarageBand icon. Once you tap the GarageBand icon, a transport control for it will appear allowing you to control GarageBand from within the Mobile POD app. Tap the "REC" button to begin recording your Mobile POD tone into a open track in GarageBand. Once your are done recording, you can press the play button to playback your recording Wie benutze ich Mobile POD mit Audiobus? Für mehr Informationen wie Sie Ihre Line 6 Mobile Schnittstellen verbinden können, folgen Sie diesen Links: Sonic Port VX / Sonic Port Mobile In Nachdem Sie Ihre Schnittstelle angeschlossen haben starten Sie die Audiobus App. Sobald die App gestartet ist werden Sie den Input und Output-Bildschirm von Audiobus sehen. Drücken Sie wie abgebildet auf das "+" über "Input". Wenn Sie nun auf den "+" Knopf gedrückt haben wird eine Liste erscheinen, die Ihnen alle verfügbaren, mit Audiobus kompatiblen, Apps zeigt. Drücken Sie auf die "Mobile POD" App. Sofern Sie nun die Mobile POD App ausgesucht haben wird Audiobus diese in den "Input" Slot einfügen. Wenn Sie nun auf das Icon der Mobile POD App drücken startet diese. Nun startet die Mobile POD App und Sie können die Benutzeroberfläche von Mobile POD sehen. Hier können Sie nun eine Voreinstellung auswählen oder selbst einen Klang schaffen. Wenn Sie nun von der rechten auf die linke Seite Ihres iOS Gerätes streichen wird dies das Einstellungsfeld von Audiobus hervorbringen, hier können Sie zwischen den verschiedenen Apps wechseln, die Sie mit Audiobus am benutzen sind. Drücken Sie auf das Audiobus Icon und eine Verknüpfung zu Audiobus wird erscheinen, klicken Sie auf diese um zurück zu Audiobus zu gelangen. Sobald Sie nun zurück auf Audiobus sind tippen Sie auf das "+" über "Output". Nachdem Sie das "+" gedrückt haben wird wieder eine Liste erscheinen von der Sie nun mit Audiobus kompatible Output Apps auswählen können. Tippen Sie auf die GarageBand App. Nun fügt Audiobus die GarageBand App in den Output Slot ein. Sie müssen hier nun das GarageBand Icon anklicken um GarageBand zu starten. Sobald GarageBand gestartet ist können Sie entweder einen neuen Song kreieren oder einen bereits existierenden Song laden, dann tippen Sie auf den "Audio Recorder". Wenn dieser dann startet können Sie auf den "Record" Knopf drücken um die Aufnahme zu starten. Falls Sie Ihren Gitarrenklang im Mobile POD neu anpassen wollen müssen Sie über die rechte Seite des Bildschirms streichen um wiederum die Audiobus Einstellungsfläche aufzurufen, hier tippen Sie auf die Mobile POD App und werden somit wieder zurück zur Mobile POD App gebracht wo Sie Ihre Klänge neu einstellen können. Wenn Sie dann bereit sind aufzunehmen können Sie wiederum auf der rechten Seite das Audiobus-Menu aufrufen und hier die GarageBand App anklicken. Wenn Sie das GarageBand-Icon angeklickt haben wird hier nun innerhalb der Mobile POD App eine Bedienfläche für GarageBand auftauchen. Tippen Sie auf den "REC" Knopf um die Mobile POD Aufnahme zu starten, diese wird hier nun sofort in einer offenen Tonspur von GarageBand abgelegt. Sofern Sie Ihre Aufnahme abgeschlossen haben können Sie den Knopf zum Abspielen drücken um ihre Aufnahme wiederzugeben. Comment est-ce que j'utilise Mobile POD avec Audiobus? Pour recevoir des informations supplémentaires sur les connexions des interfaces Line 6 Mobile, utilisez ces liens: Sonic Port VX / Sonic Port Mobile In Connectez votre interface. Démarrez l'application Audiobus. Dès que l'application est démarrée, vous pouvez voir la fenêtre des entrées et sorties Audiobus. Tapez sur le "+" au-dessus de "Input". Si vous avez cliqué sur le bouton "+", une liste apparaîtra qui vous montre tous les applications compatibles et disponibles avec Audiobus. Tapez sur l'application "Mobile POD". Lorsque vous avez choisi l'application Mobile App, Audiobus l'insérera dans l'emplacement "Input". Si vous cliquez maintenant sur l'icône de l'application Mobile POD, elle démarre. Maintenant, l'application Mobile POD démarre et vous pouvez voir l'interface utilisateur de Mobile POD. Ici vous pouvez choisir un prédéfini ou créer un ton manuellement. Si vous glissé de droit à gauche sur votre appareil iOS, le menu des réglages de Audiobus s'ouvre, ici vous pouvez échanger l'application actuelle vous utilisez avez Audiobus. Tapez sur l'icône Audiobus et un raccourci apparaît. Cliquez ce raccourci et vous retournez à Audiobus. Prévu que vous êtes sur Audiobus maintenant, tapez le "+" au-dessus de "Output". Après vous ayez cliqué le "+", une liste apparaîtra qui vous montre tous les applications de sortie quelles sont compatibles avec Audiobus. Tapez l'application GarageBand. Maintenant, Audiobus insère l'application GarageBand dans l'emplacement "Output". Ici vous devez cliquez l'icône GarageBand pour l'ouvrir. Dès que GarageBand est démarré, vous pouvez créer une nouvelle chanson ou ouvrir une chanson existante, tapez sur "Audio Recorder". S'il démarre, vous pouvez taper sur "Record" pour démarrer l'enregistrement. Si vous voulez ajuster le son de la guitare dans le Mobile POD, vous devez d'abord glisser sur le côté droite pour appeler les réglages d'Audiobus. Ici vous tapez sur l'application Mobile POD et l'appareil vous l'ouvre, maintenant vous pouvez régler vos sons. Lorsque vous êtes prêt à enregistrer, vous glisser encore une fois à droite et vous tapez sur GarageBand. Si vous avez tapez l'icône GarageBand, nouveaux boutons apparaissent à l'intérieur de Mobile POD. Tapez sur "REC" pour démarrer l'enregistrement Mobile POD. Cet enregistrement est mis directement sur une nouvelle piste sonore de GarageBand. À condition que vous avez terminé votre enregistrement, vous pouvez tapez le bouton pour jouer votre enregistrement.
  19. Hello. For 3 months, every time that I save a patch the Pod X3 Live saves it in the D slot. It doesn't matter if I'm in the 24A or 22B or 13C, etc, it saves the current patch and overwrites the respective D slot at the same time. I try to update the flash memory, firmware and every looks ok in the Line 6 Monkey, but the problem is still happening. Any suggestions? PS: Sorry for the english
  20. Hey, So bought a new Line 6 Variax 700. Love the tones. But when i connected it to my workbench i've had a strange problem. First let me explain how i connected it. Variax 700 electric to my pod xt live using a rj45 cable. Then, via usb to the computer. I have updated all my firmwares and software. Now, heres the strange thing. My guitar is detected via the pod xt live perfectly, but when i try to change a tuning the fret board works upside down. Eg. When i drop my lowest (6th string) To a D in order to make it a drop D tuning, it changes my highest string (The high E or 1st string) to a D. While the easy and obviously way to get over this is just find out how many frets to drop each string by. There is another issue. When i drop my highest string in the software (which is my lowest string in real life) The note doesnt transpose properly. I.e. it misses the note and buzzes and stuff like that. What is the problem. I'm pretty sure that if i fix my fretboard being upside down in the software, it'll fix the problem. P.S. I've reinstalled the firmwares and drives and tried the same thing on my laptop as well as desktop. PLEASE HELP! :( :( Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello people! Long story short ive gotta get through about 2 or 3 function band practices without my amp. I have a POD X3 bean for recording. Although I don't have the shortboard pedal to switch about sounds I can easily reach over as its just practice - but how do I rig up my POD X3 bean to the rehearsal studio's PA system? Thanks guys. Lenny
  22. Hello Line6 Community. I need help with regards to my Line6 POD 2.0. I'm wondering if I can mimic the "multi-head" effect of the DL4 using my POD. If yes, how to tweak the settings of my POD manually to create that effect. (i dont use the sound editor). To fully-understand what I mean, please refer to the video at 01:48. . . Please advice. Thank you.
  23. HI So Im currently running through a pod hd pro through my 5150 and using a line 6 shortboard MKII(not the express). I have no clue how to use the looper function. There is no block in the actual unit and no "looper" button on my pedal. I have read that you CAN still use the looper function with this pedal and that its a global function(thats why there's no block in the chain). I need some help asap. Thanks!
  24. Hey guys.. so i needs some help/advice.. i'm getting a pod hd pro and i'm wondering a few things: 1: how can i use it live with my mesa 2x12 cabinet 2. what's a good power amp to use, that won't break the bank... 3. how do i connect everything (the mesa 2x12 cab has only 1 input / 8ohms thanks... mesa 2x12 cab pod hd pro schecter pt schecter damien solo elite schecter damien elite 7
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