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Found 59 results

  1. I just purchased an upgrade license for my pod farm 2 standard to pod farm 2 platinum. I cannot figure out how to add it to my Ilok I used the line 6 license manager to save the license to my PC, but Pod Farm 2 still doesn't show the platinum tones.. Help anyone?
  2. So yesterday everything was working fine or rather this morning around 2am EST Now it is around 4pm est and i plugged up my guitar i usually ALWAYS keep my kb37 plugged into my laptop and never have had a problem I noticed my guitar was making a poping sound automaticly thinking it was the wires in the input where you connect the wire to your guitar i unscrewed it and checked it out. Unsure i put it all back together and tried another guitar and it did the same thing. So i thought it was the wires i have 3 wires and tried all 3 and the same thing happened for everything knowing it couldnt be the wires as 2 of the wires I Have never used with the Kb37 or never touched since i got them there could be nothing wrong with them as one of them was fairly new When playing i experience a popping or click noise every few seconds, then a drop out of sound like it had lost connection to my pc but it didn't. Clip lights never flashed or turned on. I assume its either the pod of my pc. my pc is going through some issues right now thinking that it could be the case but im not sure. *Issues with pc include ***stuck on "Waiting for page ()" sometimes having to shut down*** now also note that this does not happen when i use my kb37 as a sound card for my pc to say listen to music with speaker monitors i do not have drop outs. Only while using my guitar and PODfarm2 *Edit I've notice through songs i can hear the same pop sound but no drop outs.
  3. I just saw one guy selling M-audio Fast track + podfarm locally and it made me curious. I asked him how is he selling podfarm, because it need at least iLock. And he replied that iLock isn't necessary anymore and podfarm can be used with 3rd party interfaces freely. So I checked L6 shop's podfarm page and it says: Required Hardware: Computer GuitarPort POD Studio GX POD Studio KB37 POD Studio UX1 POD Studio UX2 PODxt PODxt Live PODxt Pro TonePort GX TonePort KB37 TonePort UX1 TonePort UX2 Does it mean he's right? I bought Profire 2626 and selling my Podstudio UX2 with podfarm that was tied to it and going to buy standard licence if that's true (because I have bought Metal Shop add-on and it's my best buy ever and I haven't found better simulation).
  4. For years, people (including myself) have been complaining about how Podfarm reverts back to 16 Bit / 44.1 Hz even when the default in Windows control Panel on the playback tab for the respective device is actually set to 24 Bit /48 Hz (just do a Google search and you will find user inquiries to Line 6 for this subject dating back to 2010). This is especially a problem when using the SPDIF Connection as it defaults to 24 Bit, meaning your cound crackles when Podfarm is operating at 16 Bit. Every time you load a new patch, it resets to 16 Bit. The way Line 6 has handled that (including in support tickets) was not overly impressive IMHO and seemingly geared at confusing people so they would give up and let it rest. Here is how one can easily see the problem when using SPDIF out (the AISO Settings have nothing to do with this): 1) Open Start / Programs / Line 6 / Tools / Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices 2) If not already set as a default on your system, click "Sound Control Panel" and on the playback tab for the UX-2, select 24 Bit 48 Hz. Click ok. 3) Leave the Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices window open, observe the value in the "Driver Format" box and start Podfarm 4) Typically already with the start of Podfarm, the Driver Format resets to 16 Bit but maybe you are lucky and it does not. Your luck will run out if you load another patch (file /load) into Podfarm - latest by now, your Driver Format is reset to 16 Bit and your Sound crackles, if you use the SPDIF Connection 5) In order to reset it to 24 bit, go back to the Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices window, click Sound Control Panel, click on the playback tab of your UX-2 (you will be suprised to see it still at 24 Bit even though it says 16 Bit in the Driver Format box one page before, so you have to select any other value, press apply and then change back to 24 Bit and press apply again in order for the correct 24 Bit value to show and Register for the UX-2 - now you can play in 24 Bit until your next pacth change. 6) Interestingly enough, instead of selecting and applying twice as laid out under 5) you can also just press the "test" button on the playback tab and the UX-2 will reset to 24 Bit (attention: depending on your listening volume that nasty Windows chime sound can be damn loud). A lot of text above I know but I do not want to get "brushed off" again by Line 6 with a smoke granate. Here is in fact what I want from Line 6: (1) Test it - follow the steps above and tell me if you can reproduce the same problem! (maybe others can try it too so we have a honest and representative result) (2) Admit that it is a bug in Podfarm and tell us when it will be fixed FINALLY! I do not want to rant and I do not want to be impolite but seriously, this has bugged me for years and the fact that Line 6 has denied it p... me off. Line 6 - please advise!
  5. Hi! I'm a complete newbie to Podfarm and i'm about to purchase podfarm 2.5 platinum (hardware independent). Before i make the plunge though, i'd just like to ask : 1. Can i install podfarm on more than one computer and have them running at the same time? 2. If i upgrade or get a new computer, can i just reinstall from the line6 website? 3. How many times can i reinstall this software? Thanks in advance! :)
  6. Though I'd reignite this thread: http://line6.com/support/thread/70425 And ask if anyone who had this problem knows if it goes away in Logic Pro X? I really can't go through the pain of installing it and it not working again - over the last two years I've done that too many times.
  7. I run a toneport ux2 with Podfarm 2.5 (full version) on a Mac. The problem is that my guitar sounds fine for a short time, then I lose nearly all gain. Looking at Podfarm in mixer view, I can see tone A's volume slider automatically reset to around -40 db! I raise the slider using my mouse and the volume returns. But if I wait a little while longer (typically less than a minute), the volume is automatically reset down again. Podfarm appears to be getting a healthy signal from UX2 and my guitar and everything else works fine. I have uninstalled and re-installed Podfarm but the problem persists. This is a weird problem - can anyone please help? Podfarm is essentially unusable right now....
  8. So, I'm about to obtain a second hand Toneport Ux2. An old model, but I'm hoping it will work fine for what I need it to. I had a POD STUDIO UX2 before I lost it, so I still have Pod Farm 2.55 on my computer (and my license for it) My question is, will the Toneport be compatible with it, or is there something else I need to change/do? (I use podfarm 2.55 with Reaper, it worked great when I had my pod studio) Thanks guys!
  9. Hi everyone ! I am an old user of Line6 products. I have a USB2 Toneport UX2 (the old one, red). I use it on my Macbook with Logic for recording. I have GearBox and Pod Farm on my computer. I'd like to have Pod Farm 2, but it seems I can't have it for free, because I bought this Toneport few years ago. Am I wrong ? So I use Logic for recording. I record guitar and bass without any effects or amp, and I add them after. I use plugin for that. Is there a way to use Pod Farm as a plugin ? I tried Pod Farm 2, I can add plugin on my track, but the software needs to be activated, wich I can't do because I didn't buy it (too expensive and Pod Farm is good enough). So, what should I do ? Thanks !
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