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  1. Some thoughts that I never run across on here. I'm thinking to submit to Idea Scale but wonder if anybody even cares about this stuff. It all seems great to me, but I am only one. Any feedback? 1. Interface A touch screen interface might be sweet. Ditch most knobs other than 2 channel levels, and a master level output knob. Incorporate the parameter and control philosophy currently found in the Amplifi iOS remote control directly into the unit 2. Amp & Cab Blocks Separate them. Give the cabs their own block, and incorporate a super transparent, post mic, 4 band parametric EQ with parameters in Hz and dB. 3. Thru Patching (between Amp and Cab blocks) A - Allow the amp block to patch out to power amp & live cab, while still feeding the cab sim for a line out to FOH / recording input. B - Allow a real life tube amp to be patched into the cab block with load correction to play "real" amps through the cab sims. 4. Metering Block A block that can be placed into any point of the chain to monitor in / out between blocks. Not to stay live in the chain, just for technical monitoring / parameter adjustment. Obviously, as many have discussed; more amp models (bass especially), higher fidelity / better dynamics in all of the models, and an IR loader should be standard. I own a HD Pro, have used it for tons and tons of gigs as both a guitar and bass player. As well I have tracked heaps of records with it. I will probably never go back to the traditional amp system. Through using this unit It has shown amazing promise, but it for sure needs to evolve. That's all for now Cheers Scott
  2. I've been trying to EQ my patches by adding some EQ effects after the amp. However, I hear noticeable distortion being added to my tone when I add one. Is this behavior normal? Or just because the EQ effect is clipping? As far as I know, I've set the volume of the mixer and the channel volume within normal range. (I check the dB of my patches in my DAW via USB audio. Thanks a lot.
  3. My computer does not pick up my pod HD 500 I installed the driver with line 6 monkey for the pod HD 500 and the installation processes said it was successful, but when I go back into line 6 monkey the option to update the driver is still there. When I say connect to device in line 6 monkey it doesn't want to connect and in Pod HD EDIT it does not detect the device. What am I doing wrong ?
  4. As I think I've mentioned elsewhere, I have a JTV59 plus a POD HD500 which I play through a pair of Tech 21 Power Engines. I was just watching a knowledge base video where Sean Halley had this setup: JTV69 -> POD HD500 (via VDI cable) -> DT25 (via L6 Link) and also had the left/right XLR run into a pair of mic pres and then into Pro Tools. This got me to thinking again that if I were to get a DT25 amp, this would be where my electric guitar was played through via the Line 6 Link capabilites. I would use the DT25 as my stage monito, and take the XLR Cabinet Simulated output to the FOH. I could ALSO connect the XLR outs to the FOH for acoustic tones and maybe even select electric tones if they sounded better. Do I have this right in my head, or is there a major flaw in my thinking BEFORE I pull the trigger on the DT25?
  5. Hey, I recently bought the POD HD and as I wasn't sure if I was gonna keep it I picked up the FBV Express just to try it out. I decided to keep it so I then bought the FBV MKii. I've managed to set up the POD with the MKii but there are certain things that don't seem to work properly: the ABCD lights work when I change patches, but when I turn any of the other stomp boxes on or off within a patch i.e. the Stomp, Modulation, Reverb, Delay buttons the lights don't turn on or off on the MKii. It switches them on and off on the POD but I keep having to look at the POD's LCD display to check, which is a bit annoying and kinda defeats the point of the MKii having lights or a screen. On top of this the light on the Delay switch is permanently on regardless of whether I step on it or not The "hold for tuner" button doesn't work, although the Tap Tempo light still blinks On the POD HD's settings page it still says "FBV Express" and then I can choose "On/Off" but there's not option for me to change the "FBV Express" bit. I'm bringing my laptop with me to the rehearsal room later today to see if the new firmware I downloaded will work, but the firmware update seemed to be more to do with using the MKii as a midi controller rather than controlling the POD HD. I also couldn't find any options within the POD HD editor software to change the pedal settings, although I did manage to move the different stomp boxes onto different switches, just the lights don't match up. If anyone has any experience with this type of problem I'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks.
  6. For the longest time I have had huge problems with my Pod HD 500. I am constantly hearing excess and un-needed noise whenever I am playing on a clean patch (and I can only assume it is happening on distorted patches although you can't hear it). No matter what amp model I'm using, the noise is persistent. I always thought maybe the pickups on my guitar are too hot, but as a raise or lower the pickups, the problem still occurs, even if I enable the PAD switch. I do not believe the pod is clipping for I have the volume knob at about 60% and the mixer volumes (VOLUME A & VOLUME B) set at -5 db. I have all the latest updates and I honestly do not know what to do. I have recorded an example the sounds I am hearing so it can give a clearer indication of what I mean. I will post the link. I recorded a direct signal with a clean patch from the Pod to my interface.Then I recorded the same riff, but with everything on the signal chain disabled. Lastly I recorded my guitar directly into my interface. When it is the completely dry signal from my guitar, i do not hear any additional noise so I can only assume its my Pod. Please help. I am getting awfully fed up with this issue. Thanks Here is the recording: http://puu.sh/3rr3I Clean problems.mp3
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