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Found 46 results

  1. Hey everyone. I'm trying to record with the PODHD500X, and I've found that tone setting is very challenging for me. The tone I'm going for is Intervals - The shape of colour, Aaron Marshall kind of tone. I'm just not sure how to get there. Any tips or general rules of thumb for getting this kind of metal tone? I tried this setup: Hard gate >Tube screamer >Tube comp > Treadplate > XXL V-30 > Vintage pre > Hard gate I notice with the vintage pre it makes a good rhythm, but it really sucks for a lead.
  2. I have a Spider Jam III and absolutely love the "Soil" preset on it. As you can well imagine, a 75watt combo is not sufficient for any moderate venue, so I would love to be able to export/import that specific preset (or all if there is some constraint) to either my POD HDPROX rack unit or my POD HD500X pedalboard. I have played around with audibly trying to get something to sound like this on the POD units but am not really happy with my results. I have not found anyway to export the Jam presets and/or if they are portable even if I could. Perhaps someone has already done this porting (line6)? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey Guys, Just got the POD HD500x delivered and starting to try out now. I used to use a Marshall MG15 CF amp but that's not available to me right now. Hence I'm wondering if I can connect my POD HD 500x to a Samsung Soundbar which I have been using as a computer speaker to listen to general music, watch movies etc (here it is: http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/tv-av/audio-video/soundbar/HW-J450/XL). Here's what I have tried: 1. Connected a 1/4" cable to my POD HD 500x 1/4 L output going in to the 3.5 mm Audio in of the Soundbar using a 1/4" to 3.5 mm connector 2. Used the same setup as 1 but connected to the Headphones output jack in Pod HD 500x instead of the 1/4 L output With option 1, I'm getting volume from only one side of the Soundbar (the left side). The tones do not sound too good either. With option 2, I do get sound from both sides of the Soundbar (L+R), but the volume output is somewhat low unless I turn the volume to about max on the POD and the Soundbar. Also, the tones sound all bassy. I'm sure the mids and highs are being cut off. Hence, here are my questions: 1. For the 1st option, should I be connecting a cable going to both L and R 1/4" outputs on the POD and then merging to a single 3.5mm connection as audio input to the Soundbar (something like this: http://www.amazon.in/Ugreen-3-5mm-Stereo-6-3mm-Splitter/dp/B01CI7J3OG?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00)? Willthis solve the PAN issue? Or can I tweak some global settings in my POD which can recognize a single output going through the L 1/4" output and play through both speakers in the Soundbar? 2. Is the Headphones output supposed to be used with speakers? Anything I can do here to make the tones sound better or is this as good as it gets? 3. Should I be using a pre-amp if I have to work through this setup? I don't own one yet, so need to figure out if I need to. 4. I need to use the same setup - POD going to a mixer connected to a PA system for a live gig and a few practice sessions before that. I'm afraid I might face the same issue there as well. What's the best practice here? Based on all the posts I have read on this forum regarding connecting the POD directly to the PA, I believe a single 1/4" cable will go from the L or R 1/4 output from my POD to a channel in the mixer to which the PA system is connected and then I need to tweak the Mixer in my patches according to this setting. Could you please confirm? I won't have access to a PA system and mixer until the live gig, so I'm terrified about going in blind there with terrible sounding patches. Needless to say, I'm just starting to figure this sound stuff out and learning more everyday. Would appreciate your support and understanding if my questions sound amateur. Thanks and have a great day!
  4. What should I do? where can I get one? currently in dubai, uae
  5. Hey guys :) all of ur support were very helpful.. My question is: How can I make the sound of my guitar last longer when doing the lead.. cause when I try to do a lead and play or press the last/ higer notes.. the sound doesnt last for a long time..
  6. My Pod just stucking in the black screen, not even logo and rebooting trick doesn't work! Looking forward to the answer what to do!
  7. Hello everyone, I have my HD500x connected to my EVH 5150 iii with the 4 cable method. Recently I lost all my presets and managed to restore them but I lost a feature that is a must for me and that is controlling the amp (EVH) gain with the expression pedal. I did it in the past and I just can`t figure how I did it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hey newbie here , I am looking for options - I want a powered monitor -FRFR to use as a speaker instead of a guitar amplifier and I want to use this as a stand alone unit but with enough grunt to be heard over my band - yes genre , hard hitting drummers,1 guitar band etc etc but everything aside , has anyone used or is using the behringer cheapie powered monitors as a stand alone speaker - ie plug ya guitar and pod into it and crank it for onstage live use? With a line out to the PA ? now can someone chime in on this , I get the impression the expensive LINE6 LT speakers etc that are being used as a must have if you intend n doing live gigs are nothing more than a powered monitor with built in mixer and perhaps a few cool features but in principle in plain simple speak - it's just a fancy powered monitor ? the reason I ask is obviously the lne6 speakers are expensive so I'm doing my home work and viable cheap alternatives for live work . So just to recap : Any ne using the behringer powered amps in their band as a standalone unit - and if so does it have enough volume to do what you want it to do - I'm wanting something for old stool 70s rock volumes , nothing sanely over the top volume wise but I do want that ability t be heard - so regardless of whether I go direct to PA desk or just the powered monitor as my " guitar amp" is this possible with out the over the top prices of the supposed purpose built lt series of inbuilt pa etc etc frat Im not wanting to run anything fancy other than plug my guitar into the pod into a powered speaker source instead of direct into PA For live gigs only , no stereo effects etc etc , genre is rock , no hi gain stuff Cheers
  9. Hello Is there a way to set up a distortion/overdrive pedal with "clean blend" for bass guitar with HD500X? I'm using the "GK" - amp sim from the bass pack and really liking the clean tone from it. For distortion i'm using the "vintage Rat" distortion pedal that sound pretty good. The problem is that when doing that I'm "loosing" all my bass tone soo to say. I would like to "blend" them both together like on a real bass distortion pedal. Is this possible? Any help would great! /Danne
  10. Hello fellas... I'm wondering if it is possible to switch back and forth between different tuning options without having to actually re-tune your guitar in a different setup. This would be incredibly helpful for Floyd Rose bridge users like myself. When you have to work on a song that has a E_flat (like Jimi Hendrix...) you have to change the whole guitar setup to make it work and adjust the bridge tension, which makes it quite time consuming. Also hard once you start gigging with it (and as you won't change tuning options on the fly) you must pack a second guitar which makes it incredibly hard. For me it is specially important that it's possible to get it done without having the Variax. I have a POD HD 500X and a Jackson Soloist 6. Thank you all... Rafael
  11. Sorry if this has been discussed in previous threads, but I can't recreate the spacious of listening directly to my tone from the headphone out. I have my pod set to Studio Direct Out, the board itself is set to line and not amp, and my 1/4' cables work great. Despite that I'm not hearing depth in my delays or movement in my reverbs. I also don't have any mono summing effects in my chain. I do have two h9's in my effects loop and pursued this setup with stereo effects in mind. Am I missing something basic?
  12. I am using Pod HD500x and Audio Technica M50x headphones. If I connect my headphones directly to the Pod HD 500, the sound I get is amazing. However, when I use the Pod for recording with USB and listen to the sound of he monitor of DAW with PodHd500X being the output, it is not that great and the quality drops a lot. How can I get the sound of Pod HD 500 (the one I get directly from headphones) into my recording? I can't seem to prevent the quality from dropping.
  13. Hello POD community, This is my first post so kindly excuse me if this is a bit off topic Has anyone been successful getting the following tones on PODHD500X with latest firmware update (as of this post)? See the following videos (for reference) (a little extra blusely jazzy) or for acoustic sounding These are the best tones for my liking. If yes, can you guys guide me on the signal chain or if patches are already available.
  14. what happen if not all podhd500x users wanted presets for Variax , is useless if we doesn't have one, but we use more the "User 3" set list to make more presets , i don't know if i ll update my podhd500x if i lost one important set list like " User3" i got presets in all my set lists ! :( USER 3 ?? The presets in firmware v2.62 correlate to the following Set List names, as seen in the main display from left to right, top to bottom: BEST OF HD FX HEAVY SONGS / STYLE BASS/ACO/VOC L6LINK DT VARIAX USER 1 USER 2
  15. I currently own a DT25 combo and a Pod HD500X which I have connected via the Line6 Link cable. I am thinking of recording some music but the Dt25 is way too loud for my bedroom therefore I cannot mic it in high volume. Of course, if I do not crank it up, I would not get the sound I would want. The LVM is not enough for quality sound since it eliminates the power amp section of the amp. I was thinking of investing on an audio interface like the UX2 to record my music. My plan is to connect my amp to the audio interface through the Direct Out of the amp. If I follow this approach, I could disconnect the amp's connection with its cabinet so I wouldn't get any sound from the amp itself but I would get my sound from the monitors connected to the UX2. So if I have the amp's master volume amp cranked all the way up, I could adjust the volume from on my UX2 according to how I want but my recordings should sound as if it's coming from a cranked tube amp. Essentially, I would like to get the sound of a cranked tube amp sound in my recordings without disturbing my neighbors. Do you think this is a viable approach?
  16. A week ago the looper in my pod hd500x started stuttering. As in, I record something and when it loops the recording, the sound gets cut off and starts off after 1-2 seconds. I don't know if its a common problem but it's really frustrating. I've tried to re-flash the firmware too, it's still not working properly. Please help. Also, this cannot be because of any physical damage because I havent gone out with the processor in the last two weeks and has been in the same place in my room and i haven't picked it up or anything.
  17. I am unable to get any sound from POD HD500x software from my macbook. I am plugged in correctly, followed everything the manual said, however I am not able to get a sound and I have all the correct drivers installed. Please help
  18. Hello everyone, i recently bought a PODH500X and i'm still learning how to use it properly. Looking at the factory presets i saw a couple of patches that included two amps in the signal chain. I was wondering how can i create my own patches with two amps simultaneously? I'm sorry if this has been asked before.
  19. One night, I was editing my pod hd500x tones through podhd500x edit, and I forgot what I did but it crashed. my Pod stopped working and kept on showing line 6 sign on the screen. Somehow it stopped and started working. But my exp pedal stopped working all of sudden. I can't control volume, wahwah, and many others that requires exp pedal. I tried to reset my flash and all, nothing worked. I need help D: anyone?
  20. Over the last couple of days my DT25 has become very quiet. I have had the master volume at the same position but it just keeps on getting fainter. Would this be a tube issue or something more sinister? I run my guitar through a pod hd 500x to the DT25, in low volume mode, through the line6 connection.
  21. Hey what's up guys. A new user to the forum, but I've been using line 6 products for quite some time. Do a lot of mixing/AE work and looking to get better. That's besides the point :P So, I just picked up a PODHD500X and this thing is pretty amazing thus far. Have gotten some really great tones out of it already with the many custom amp/cab tweaks you can make. - We want to run this in a live application for gigs, however going into a cab does not give enough output volume to even be mic'd + the guitarist would like to hear what he's playing. - We have run this direct -in, however the monitor feedback gets a bit 'whiny' when standing too close to the monitors and is not a preferred method of running the pod. (Unless we go in-ears, but that's dropping a bit of cash) I've gone over the pedal settings a lot and as far as I know, I have all the volume settings adjusted at max, but it's still not cutting it. TL;DR- Running this into a cab, how do you maximize sound output? Cheers!
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