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  1. Hey, I've just dug my old PODxt out of a closet and am having a blast getting to know it again! Looking at the manuals, I see there have been a lot of flash memory updates, and that my model isn't capable of being updated via USB. So two questions: 1. I see reference to a USB/MIDI cable that I can use to update old PODxt flash memory via Line6 Monkey. Is this a very specific cable? Or will any MIDI interface work, in theory? 2. Is flash v3 so great that its worth going through the trouble? Or, if I'm jammin on version 1, should I leave well enough alone?
  2. The Vetta II technology has been time-tested and is still well respected today. Sure, the Helix has been our flagship technology for the last five years, but I'm curious to hear if Line 6 plans to keep building products based on the Vetta II technology. Amongst other products, the PodXT, the Amplify and the Spider V all share the same Vetta II algorithms. But there's features unique to a PODX3 that cannot be replicated in a Spider V and viceversa. Would a stereo version of the Spider Jam --perhaps featuring dual signals-- sell well these days? I really think it would --at the right price! Thoughts?
  3. This probably seems like a ridiculous question, but I’m hoping for some feedback about upgrading. I’m a moderate casual guitarist (a little self recording, playing with friends) and I play indie rock and jazz styles (ie I might use delay, tremolo, sometimes light overdrive plus amp sim and reverb). I have had a original pod and then podXT for I’m guessing 15 years now (no other pedals except a VP). I have appreciated it because 1) it’s is compact and lightweight and 2) I can fiddle with settings without bending down. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten “mind blowing” sounds from podxt but considering #1 and #2 above, the sounds are decent. I have been looking at upgrading to something like the podgo or hx stomp. Here are my questions: 1) Would I notice a significant difference between the quality of tones between my Podxt and either hx stomp or podgo? I’ve looked at the specs and I understand they are much improved units. My question is more “is it appreciably noticeable?” This would really be the only really be the only reason I’d upgrade. 2) I’ve read about the stomp vs podgo and some of the difference in available blocks. My takeaway is that the go has the expression pedal and the stomp is better for use with external pedals—is that fair assessment? I try to keep my setup small so I like the smaller stomp and am not sure how much I would use the EP. 3) last one: how do you all configure your patches? Are you hunched over tweaks things on the floor unit? Like I mentioned, I have liked having the podxt on my amp because bending down is difficult for me so I’ve hesitant to upgrade. I really appreciate your help!
  4. Hi all- I have a PodXT bean and I want to quickly switch between my favorite clean and metal (distortion) tones. Do I need a FBV petal for this? or is there a way to put the tones close enough together where I just press a button to swap between them. I read through the docs but I am not finding much. thanks so much.
  5. Hello people, i just wonder if the Input of the POD XT PRO rack is a balanced or a unbalanced input, i'm asking this because i have an electric grand piano wich has outputs like a guitar does (1/4 plug) and besides XLR outputs too, but i always use the 1/4 plug output with a normal guitar cable (wich is TS ) to connect it to the front input of the POD XT PRO but i can hear the Radio Station when i do, and i was wondering if instead i can use a 1/4 TRS cable in both ends wich goes from the output of my piano to the front input of the POD, or maybe a XLR from the output of the piano to the input of the POD using a TRS male on this end. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, Having a bit of a problem :) All my Line 6 gear has the very latest firmware updates installed. I have a Spider IV 75W amp, FBV Express Mk II foot controller and a PODxt. The FBV Express Mk II foot controller works fine with the Spider IV amp and everything switches as it should. BUT when plugging the FBV Express Mk II foot controller into the PODxt it successfully switches channels within a bank BUT there is no LED indication on the foot pedal as to which channel has been selected. Also, the tuner facility isn't called up and in fact the tuner display only illuminates briefly when plugging in, and from then on is blank! Finally, plugging the FBV Express Mk II back into the Spider IV amp and it all works OK - including the tuner facility and the tuner display on the pedal. I'm wondering, if there is a particular combination of firmware for each product I should be looking for and using?? Has anyone succeeded in making the FBV Express Mk II and the PODxt work successfully with each other - and if so what versions of firmware are you running? Oh, I've swopped the CAT5 lead and also calibrated the swell pedal itself but it makes no difference :) Here's hoping anyone can comment!
  7. I love the simplicity and tone of the Bass PODxt Live, thus I'm still carting it to every bass gig I play at. However, I also have the M9 and happened to plug the bass into it with the Sub Octave Fuzz...it was a life changing moment. All the fuzzes and distortions on the Bass PODxt sound thin because you can't run an effects chain and a clean bass chain simultaneously to maintain the low end lost in the distortion effects. But sweet baby of chaos...that Sub Octave Fuzz is more doom than Conan the Barbarian after a two week bender. Now, to keep with simplicity, is there a way I can upload the Sub Octave Fuzz model into the Bass PODxt Live? Is there an update? A hack, I dare say? I don't want to mess up the signal chain trying to squeeze the M9 before the PODxt Live. Much obliged for your help, RS
  8. I have a PodXt Live and a JTV-69. Both really nice pieces of equipment!! However, I'm stuck with what's on them because I'm a Mac user and upgraded to High Sierra. Line 6 Edit for editing and saving my channel banks requires Java6 and even if you install it, High Sierra will start going bonkers with Java AWT errors when using it. What else can I use to manage/backup/edit my Pod Xt Live? Now, when it comes to Workbench HD, sure it all looks like it will work, but when it first starts up, it times out trying to download the presets. When I try to change body style or make some other change, it just freezes. This happens on multiple computers, one running Sierra and the other High Sierra. It just seems like the software quality and support has gone downhill. I can't make any changes to either pieces of equipment. Heck, I even tried on someone's Windows 10 machine and Workbench did the exact same thing, and I couldn't even get Line 6 Edit installed on it. To Line 6: Look, your equipment is great, it lasts a REALLY long time. But, you just can't forsake software when the operating systems advance. If you don't see it being cost beneficial to do so, then open up the software and allow the open source community to manage it. I spent my entire holiday trying to edit/customize my equipment settings and got absolutely nowhere. Any advice from out there in the ether? Any similar experiences?
  9. Hi All, New to the forum having just purchased a used PODxt. My issue is after downloading Monkey and performing all of the updates the Flash Memory option is grayed out and will not let me update to the latest version of 3.01. Monkey doesn't seem to be able to ascertain what the Flash Memory is on my PODxt (as it has a dash '–') in the 'Installed' column whereas everything else is up to date. I have a feeling that this PODxt has never been updated. The PODxt functions correctly with all the original presets working but one of the reasons I would like to reset it is that only 25% of the LED display works and I was hoping a factory reset may correct that issue (if it's software based that is). I'll hook the unit up and post some pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Graham
  10. My Pod Farm with GX does not quite have the quality and dynamic range that my old POD XT has (for testing comparing same patch a single path, volume on both etc-and using headphones etc). Farm obviously allows duel path and I like the interface better, so really want to figure it out. My issue is I am just not getting the same tone. Been working for awhile to get those duel path tones where I want them to be. I assume XT has some extra circutry pre-stuff (thought I read somewhere that). Anyway, can someone point me to more detailed the specs of the GX /the other USB farm interfaces so I now if I should try this. This may require a line 6 egineer to chime in. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ZBox?adpos=1o1&creative=54989263441&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=ZBox&gclid=CjwKEAjw3drIBRCOwfC-_qqyjQ8SJADvoWQpEVWjTg46jzYqMimYkbh9JHoga-QUuzS4KjUsDltZqhoCk97w_wcB Apparently unless GX has a 1M ohm input for the guitar? the input jack may be the issue as having a lower impedance. THis is to mean, I am trying to determine if I am suffering a mismatch from my pickups that are high impendence. Anyone else experience or compare. I know the USB only farm interfaces are probably not the most expensive to manufacture and thus may have slightly less high end circuity, so this is all a guess as to what is different. IF not, I need to look further as I would not benefit from a Zbox. I could always buy a Zbox and just test and if not send back, but would like to at least make a more educated purchase. Any feedback would be appreciated...thx
  11. I have an old Podxt and have installed the 3 model packs. I am trying to install PacksFantastic bundle, GuitarModelPacks & PackAttackforPOD off the line6 website, however I am having trouble. Line6 Edit wont even show the bundles on the left hand side and Line6 Monkey says 'The Bundle file you specified is not a valid line6 bundle file, or is compatible with PODxt. Running MacOSX Sierra Help would be extremely grateful! Thanks Alex :)
  12. Elini

    Helix and PODxt

    Hi all, First of all I should say that I don't own the Helix yet. I have been thinking recently should I buy the Firehawk or Helix or if Helix is a bit too much and overkill for a beginner. I am still yet to decide on that but my main question is, is it possible to use a downloaded tone made for PODxt for Helix? I have been looking for this tone but it is created with PODxt Live: http://de.line6.com/customtone/tone/140826/ Thanks Syd
  13. Hi I have a podxt which I bought second hand, I had no software packed with it. I installed monkey and now its connected and monkey can see the podxt. Trouble is I want to apply some presets of l6t format to my pod but I cannot get gearbox from anywhere on the web. Can someone either give an alternative for this extremely (supposedly) simple task of copying files to the device? Or even better.. Pass me the installer for gearbox on a windows machine. I am planning to get into the whole line 6 way of doing things and upgrade to H500x very soon having used oldschool pedals all my life but I am struggling even with this most basic tasks :/ so it's not very encouraging cheers
  14. Can I change via MIDI, in a PODXT, between diferent channels and enable/disable effects with a midi controller like Korg Nanopad? Cheers.
  15. Hello. I bought a Korg Volca Sampler to create drum patterns to complete my one man perfoming, but i've a problem with the sync of the tempos. My pedals are: (the amp is always the same, it has diferent inputs for diferent devices) Guitar -----> PODxt-----> Boss RC-30 ------> Amp Korg Volca Sampler------> Amp I've noticed that the Boss RC-30 doesn't have MIDI SYNC to late :/ So my question is, can I syncronize the tap tempo of the PODxt and the Volca with a MIDI cable? Cheers from Argentina.
  16. After upgrading to Windows 10 I am having trouble downloading the Podxt drivers
  17. Hey,, I've been using PodXT and gearbox for a long time, (Which had the power pack included) but recently I felt the need for more tones and options. I bought the rest of the packs and decided to have a go with Podfarm. I'm unhappy with my choice because Podfarm has turned out to be quite a heavy program, not to mention it requires me to load it as a plugin in Logic which is quite a waste of much needed CPU power. I was happy with using Gearbox and recording the already processed audio into logic, which I'm unable to do now; I have to process a lined tone for each guitar I have (Sometimes up to 6 different at the same time) in the recording software itself. That's not working for me Is there a way I can transfer the licenses in my Podfarm program to my PodXT and use the packs in gearbox? The tones don't matter since I make my own tones anyway. Thanks, FF
  18. I hate to be this guy. I am doing a show that has been in rehearsals for a few weeks. i am using a PodXT with the FBV thing with expression pedal. Several times in the show I am having to hit the "stomp" or "delay" buttons on the PodXT to turn them on or off. I managed to score a PodXT live today for cheap. I could manually copy over these 4 patches I am using, I guess. Is it easy to just pull off individual patches (the ones assigned to 25A, B, C, D for instance) and copying them onto the new device? I am sure I can find a USB cable and hook up my laptop. If that is what it takes. But I can't risk screwing up the PodXT bean I have been using. the show opens tomorrow night. I guess I just want someone to say "that's easy peasy. Download Monkey or whatever and you can export from the bean and import into the Live." Honestly, I could care less about any of the other sounds on either device. I have been using 4 patches playing out for the past 4 or 5 years without changing them until this show. Now since I am turning effects off and on, the extra stomp buttons seem perfect for what i am doing.
  19. Looking for someone who's willing to sell/transfer a Power Pack license to me. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks.
  20. Hi all, I run my electric guitar (passive pickups) into my PodXT, which is run directly into a combo amp. I'm looking to get a volume pedal, but I'm wondering if I can get a pedal for passive inputs / high-impedance (like the Dunlop DVP1) or if I need a pedal for active pickups / low-impedance (like Ernie Ball Jr 25k ) because the signal is coming out of the PodXT. I have been reading about impedance mismatch so I'm wondering if the PodXT output is high-impedance (like the original guitar signal) or low-impedance. Elec Gtr > PodXT > VP > Combo Amp Thanks!
  21. Hi all. I recently bought a used PODxt. It works fine, and I've been enjoying playing with it. I found some tones on CustomTone that I wanted to try out, so I downloaded and installed Monkey on my Windows 7 laptop. I registered my product, updated to the latest drivers, updated the PODxt to the latest firmware, and installed Gearbox. I then ran Gearbox and loaded up the l6t file. It appears to have detected the PODxt just fine, because when I load Gearbox and open up the Tonelocker, it shows the PODxt in the bottom right corner. If I load up Gearbox without the PODxt turned on, it will tell me it can't find any devices, so this tells me that part is working. So, the problem is that Gearbox doesn't seem to be able to read from the PODxt. In the lower right corner it says PODxt, Memory > All, and underneath that it says (Unavailable). If I hit the Refresh button it says "Updating..." and in the middle where it says Transfers it says "Getting Tone Names... 0%". Then after a few seconds, it just goes back to saying (Unavailable). The four buttons to transfer files to and from the device are greyed out and I can't copy anything. Also, in the bottom right corner, it shows an icon of the PODxt with a yellow question mark over it. If I hover over it it says "This icon shows the status of the USB connection to your hardware." That question mark tells me something is wrong. I've attached a couple screenshots. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
  22. Greetings, I stopped getting an input signal on my PODxt Pro. I tried various guitar cables, and I reinstalled the 3.02 firmware from the Line 6 Monkey. Nothing else is plugged into the unit other than the AC cable and the input cable. It's clearly not a setting; I can't even get a signal to use the tuner. Seems like a hardware issue, but here's how I've troubleshot this so far; perhaps I've missed something obvious along the way. First of all, it would seem that after some searching, that this issue is not unique to me. Also, for what it's worth, I had (for some reason) version 1.14 of the USB firmware on the unit, despite the fact that the current version was listed as 1.12 in the Monkey. Thinking that this might be the problem, I tried restoring the current version of the USB firmware back to version 1.12, so that they matched. No dice. Repeated power cycles do nothing, and the line level input on the back isn't getting any input signal either. Sending a clean guitar signal through USB doesn't work either, so it obviously isn't getting any signal at the front end. The signal light on the front remains perpetually dark. I have all model packs installed, and the unit has been sitting in a climate controlled rack in a studio, so it is in mint condition. I am at a loss, and am not sure what to do, as I rely on this in my studio. Another follow-up question... Since I rolled back the USB firmware to 1.12, there doesn't now seem to be a way to get it back to 1.14. Most reports I see say that 1.14 is the latest version of the USB firmware, yet the Line 6 Monkey is telling me that 1.12 is the latest. Was there an issue discovered with version 1.14 of the USB firmware such that it was removed from the update servers? I also ran the entire update process again from another computer with a different USB cable. Same deal. Another thing to note is that while the device is fully recognized through the OS, and the MIDI functionality seems to be fine, the audio interface element of the PODxt Pro is not functioning properly. The device is recognized in the Sound System Preference (and the Audio/MIDI Setup) but sound will not come out of it for regular computer sound output (like iTunes, for example.) In addition to this, I just noticed a slight but audible buzzing/hum sound inconsistently coming from the unit, which sounds similar to an alternating current's 60 Hz hum sometimes caused by EMI or a ground loop. I've never noticed this until right now. A power cycle of the unit lessened it to some degree, but it's still there faintly, which obviously causes further concern. Has anyone else with a PODxt Pro experienced anything like this? I'm sure the answer is what I don't want to hear: that I'll need to take it to a service center. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  23. I have a POD XT PRO and a MKII Shortboard I have both units upgraded to their latest firewares and softwares via Monkey. The problem: The shortboard is supposed to work with the POD XT PRO via the default settings. Most buttons/switches on the MKII work the way they should except for one..... the FUNCTION 1 button. It says in the manual this button function turns the compressor on/off by default. However it does not when this is connected via the normal ethernet cable hookup. I tried changing the MKII's function in the FBV edit program, changing FUNCTION 1 button to CC 26 (compressor on/off), clicked save, exited the program, then hooked up the MKII back to the pod xt pro, powered up the POD and checked to see if it worked, but it's still a no-go. Any ideas/fixes for what's going on here ?
  24. Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for a while now. I've always been a studio musician, but have recently been on the road with a band again. For that, I got myself an Engl Fireball tubeamp and some pedals to go with it :) But, apart from the Engl's own distortion sound for rhythms (which is great), my good old Podxt has some great solo sounds in there I've been tweaking and using for years. Did I mention I hate pedals? So, I'm desperately looking for a way to connect my Podxt to the Engl amp for the solos, but bypass it for the rhythms. Thus being able to get rid of all my pedals (except for the floorboard ofcourse) I'm also working with a Rocktron Hush Ultra rack unit in the FX loop. Is there a way to do this or something that comes close to a solution using these three things (amp, Podxt, Hush unit)? I'm going slightly mad trying to find a way for this. (I'm a complete disaster when it comes to live gear) :-) Any help or info will be greatly appreciated as you can see I really need some :) (and I can't even seem to get a single answer anywhere) Thanks!
  25. Hi, I even been a very satisfied user of the pod xt bean and fbv shortboard mk1 for many years but I feel it is time to upgrade. I need to know for definat6e that the pod hd desktop will work with my mk1 shortboard and can i get some clarification on the amp models available for the pod hd desktop. specifically the one i use on my xt more than any other is the Saldano Slo100, is this available for the pod hd desktop? Cheers Mr G
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