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  1. Hi Been out of commission for a while--just got a new iMac and want to know what drivers/software I need to update my POD xt for OSX 10.8.4 Many thanks GP
  2. Hi all. I recently bought a used PODxt. It works fine, and I've been enjoying playing with it. I found some tones on CustomTone that I wanted to try out, so I downloaded and installed Monkey on my Windows 7 laptop. I registered my product, updated to the latest drivers, updated the PODxt to the latest firmware, and installed Gearbox. I then ran Gearbox and loaded up the l6t file. It appears to have detected the PODxt just fine, because when I load Gearbox and open up the Tonelocker, it shows the PODxt in the bottom right corner. If I load up Gearbox without the PODxt turned on, it will tell me it can't find any devices, so this tells me that part is working. So, the problem is that Gearbox doesn't seem to be able to read from the PODxt. In the lower right corner it says PODxt, Memory > All, and underneath that it says (Unavailable). If I hit the Refresh button it says "Updating..." and in the middle where it says Transfers it says "Getting Tone Names... 0%". Then after a few seconds, it just goes back to saying (Unavailable). The four buttons to transfer files to and from the device are greyed out and I can't copy anything. Also, in the bottom right corner, it shows an icon of the PODxt with a yellow question mark over it. If I hover over it it says "This icon shows the status of the USB connection to your hardware." That question mark tells me something is wrong. I've attached a couple screenshots. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
  3. I have a POD XT PRO and a MKII Shortboard I have both units upgraded to their latest firewares and softwares via Monkey. The problem: The shortboard is supposed to work with the POD XT PRO via the default settings. Most buttons/switches on the MKII work the way they should except for one..... the FUNCTION 1 button. It says in the manual this button function turns the compressor on/off by default. However it does not when this is connected via the normal ethernet cable hookup. I tried changing the MKII's function in the FBV edit program, changing FUNCTION 1 button to CC 26 (compressor on/off), clicked save, exited the program, then hooked up the MKII back to the pod xt pro, powered up the POD and checked to see if it worked, but it's still a no-go. Any ideas/fixes for what's going on here ?
  4. Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for a while now. I've always been a studio musician, but have recently been on the road with a band again. For that, I got myself an Engl Fireball tubeamp and some pedals to go with it :) But, apart from the Engl's own distortion sound for rhythms (which is great), my good old Podxt has some great solo sounds in there I've been tweaking and using for years. Did I mention I hate pedals? So, I'm desperately looking for a way to connect my Podxt to the Engl amp for the solos, but bypass it for the rhythms. Thus being able to get rid of all my pedals (except for the floorboard ofcourse) I'm also working with a Rocktron Hush Ultra rack unit in the FX loop. Is there a way to do this or something that comes close to a solution using these three things (amp, Podxt, Hush unit)? I'm going slightly mad trying to find a way for this. (I'm a complete disaster when it comes to live gear) :-) Any help or info will be greatly appreciated as you can see I really need some :) (and I can't even seem to get a single answer anywhere) Thanks!
  5. Hi, I even been a very satisfied user of the pod xt bean and fbv shortboard mk1 for many years but I feel it is time to upgrade. I need to know for definat6e that the pod hd desktop will work with my mk1 shortboard and can i get some clarification on the amp models available for the pod hd desktop. specifically the one i use on my xt more than any other is the Saldano Slo100, is this available for the pod hd desktop? Cheers Mr G
  6. Hi, I'm just wondering if I can download and use Podxt's costumetones with my Pod 2.0? Thanks!
  7. Hi, does anybody have the "Amp model sheet" and "FX sheet" that used to be at the vetaville site? This is the link, but I guess they don't host the files anymore: http://www.vettaville.nl/page.php?id=80 I'd appreciate it if you could send them to my email, aetguitars at outlook.com Thanks!
  8. How to import my tones (on the pod xt) into Gearbox? I have the option of saving tones FROM gearbox onto the pod xt but when I go to select a bank, they're all blank and I don't want to overwrite the tones on the pod. Thanks, Mike
  9. When using a James Tyler Variax Guitar with a PODxt Live, POD X3 Live, or X3 Pro, the POD presets will not recall Variax models as originally saved with a Variax 300, 500, 600, or 700 electric guitars.? You would need to re-save your presets with the desired model with the James Tyler Variax plugged in. When attempting to set the Variax model with a JTV guitar using a POD X3 Live/Pro and GearBox 3.72 software, you will experience a condition where the "Don't Force Model" message appears and will not allow for you to save Variax Model associations to your X3 Live/Pro patch. The current workaround is to save JTV model associations manually (without GearBox open) after you've performed any GearBox-related patch edits/organization. This behavior does not exist with POD HD500 via HD500 Edit; only with the older X3 Live/Pro (GearBox) editing scheme. We apologize for the inconvenience to JTV and X3 Live/Pro owners wishing to use the software editing aspect for Variax model-X3Live/Pro patch associations at this time. Deutsch: Die Nutzung einer James Tyler Variax mit PODxt/X3 Live und X3 Pro. Wenn Sie eine James Tyler Variax Gitarre mit PODxt Live, POD X3 Live oder X3 Pro benutzen, dann werden die POD Presets nicht als Variax Modelle erkannt, welche Sie mit einer Variax 300, 500, 600 oder 700 abgespeichert haben. Zur Lösung müssen Sie die Presets neu abspeichern, während die Gitarre eingesteckt ist. Wenn Sie versuchen das Variax Modell einzustellen auf einem POD X3 Live/Pro und GearBox 3.72, erhalten Sie die Meldung "Don't Force Model", welche es Ihnen nicht mehr erlaubt Ihr Variax Modell-Einstellungen auf das X3 Live/Pro Patch abzuspeichern. Zur Zeit sieht die Problemlösung so aus: Sie müssen die Einstellungen manuell abspeichern (GearBox darf nicht geöffnet sein.) nachdem Sie GearBox jegliche GearBox Patch-Änderungen durchgeführt haben. Dieses Problem exisitiert jedoch nicht bei POD HD500 via HD500 Edit sonder nur mit der älteren X3 Live/Pro GearBox Software. Wir entschuldigen uns hiermit für mögliche Unannehmlichkeiten die bei Nutzern von JTV und X3 Live/Pro entstehen können, die den Software Editing Aspekt benutzten wollen. Français L'utilisation d'une James Tyler Variax avec PODxt/X3 Live et X3 Pro Sie vous utilisez une guitare James tyler Variax avec PODxt Live, POD X3 Live ou X3 Pro, les presets POD ne reconaissent les modèles Variax pas comme enregistré avec une Variax 300, 500, 600 ou 700. Pour resoudre ce problème, vous devez reenregistrer les presets pedant que la guitare JTV est connecté. Si vous éssayez de mettre le modèle Variax avec une JTV en utilisant le POD X3 Live/Pro et le logiciel GearBox 3.72, vous rencontrez le message "Don't Force Model" et vous ne pouvez pas enregistrer les reglages des modèles Variax sur votre patch X3 Live/Pro. La solution: Enregistrez les reglages séparément et manuellement après vous avez faits les éditions des patch GearBox. Cet erreur n'existe pas pour le POD HD500 via HD500 Edit mais seulement avec les X3 Live/Pro. Nous nous excusons pour les inconvénients des utilisateurs JTV et X3 Live/Pro qui veulent utiliser l'aspect d'édition des patch Variax avec X3 Live/Pro.
  10. GearBox 3.72 is the most current version of our amp/effects modelling software editor for compatible USB hardware devices. Download the bundled installation file from our Downloads page at: http://line6.com/software/ From the "Software" drop-down list, select GearBox. Click on the red "GO" button to the right. On the following page, the most current version of our bundled installer should be at the top of the list. Version 3.72 is the most current as of this document. Click "Get Download", then accept the licensing agreement. Choose: "Save" to begin transferring the bundled installation file to your local hard drive. Once this file has been completely saved, find it on your hard drive. Make sure your USB hardware device is NOT connected yet. Double click the GearBox installer file to begin installation of bundled components (USB Device Drivers, Line 6 Monkey*, GearBox Editor and optional Plug-In files). Please read through the manual by selecting the "F1" key when gearbox is open. You can also save the PDF file on your computer for later viewing ot dowmload it at the following link: Gearbox 3.72 manual Line 6 Monkey is a USB device firmware/flash memory utility application only. It will enable you to update the firmware and flash memory (if available on your device). For certain devices (PODxt/X3), it can also archive patch bundles and restore saved patch bundles. GearBox is the current Amp/Effect modelling software editor application for the following USB Audio Interface devices: GuitarPort, TonePort, POD Studio, PODxt and POD X3 series devices. With it, you can do the following two primary functions: Open up saved (and downloaded) .l6t patches from your hard drive for editing. Afterwards, you can re-save the modified patch file back to your hard drive or sync/transfer the patch to your USB hardware device connected. ***NOTE: POD Farm 2 tone files will NOT load into the Gearbox software. The top-half of GearBox is where you can select Stomp, Amp Model, EQ, Modulation, Delay, Reverb parameters and adjust them via mouse-click/drags to affect the input signal on your connected USB hardware device in real-time.
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