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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all - How do I wire up a Helix, a Mesa Mark VII and a Powercab 112+ to create a stereo rig, while properly using the effects loops? Is it actually possible, or do I need to get a cheapie amp with an effects loop to replace the Powercab? Clearly neither the 4 or 7 cable methods work; is this maybe a 5 or 6 cable setup? I'm a little stumped. Mods: cross posted to Helix. If one or the other is inappropriate, please delete at your discretion.
  2. I need help. I have a helix and two powercab 112+. I cnt figure out how to make a preset, with dual mono and two different amps goint to one powercab each. not even when i create two independent paths in helix, can i assign one amp to one powercab. it's driving me crazy
  3. So for my own use the best setup I could arrange for sound and feel has been stacking my dual 112+ powercabs. Is it possible for one of the physical volume controls to control power and output to both of the amplifiers. Instead in its current state they both need to be adjusted from each powercab and it would be ideal to override this and function amplifier output from one powercab for both units. This would be helpful and allow for more control from the patches and then the ability to control the total output of the amplifiers on the unit itself , albeit from one unit globally. Any changes for output level outside of the master powercab volume being done on the patch or global settings of the helix. Please inform. Thank you.
  4. haven't found the instance mentioned anywhere in documentation, or posts in this forum (or else, actually), so i can only hope in a reply by any actual owner: • do PowerCab 112+ and PowerCab 212+ have internal cooling fan(s) for the amp(s) that are housed inside, or just a passive heatsink somewhere? • and, if you know that one or more fans are in there, can you actually hear it when the PowerCab is being miked in a studio setting, when idling in between takes or phrases? i'm seriously considering either of them for purchase, but i'm worried that they may have been designed for their real killer application: providing the ultimate guitar amp experience, in connection to a Helix device, loud and live on a stage, or louder – at which a whirring cooling fan wouldn't be heard at all. in an otherwise typical setting, alternative but real, such as a recording session, together with one koto- and one shakuachi player, only a fanless design would make it usable – or a quite smart logic function behind a colling fan, one that seriously drives it at high speed only when at a very high SPL output). can any owner / user share this piece of information, please, with this humble newbie here? wholehearted thanks in advance for your feedback!
  5. Hello I need some serious help with my setup, i'm at a loss. This seems like an extremely simple and very normal setup. what i want to have happen: PC machine be ready to go with audio output and recording always setup for guitar/bass on Helix Be able to play audio from protools and PC at the same time through the same speakers (backing track + recorded audio as needed/experimenting) Guitar play through powercab 112 only - but also record in protools at the same time Sounds like something completely normal and acceptable, but doesn't work. current setup PC machine hooked up to helix via usb helix connected into powercab 112 via aes cable (digital output for helix path 1) external speakers connected to headphone out of helix so i can have isolated audio control of volume this seems like a simple request, but i'm running into a serious wall with this. Protools requires audio be directed through the Helix, so audio MUST come through the Helix for the PC (both the operating system audio + recorded audio in protools) If i do not set the output on path 1 to Multi or USB 1/2 - it will not record the instrument in protools. However, if i set the guitar to USB 1/2 or Multi - then it will play audio through the external speakers. Multi also doubles down and plays through the powercab 112 with this setup. If i set it to USB 1/2 - then it will not play through the powercab 112+ - it is not an option. These 2 playbacks must be isolated. I need the audio to only play for the instrument out of Digital but record in protools, while still enabling me to use my powercab 112. I posted a thread a while ago about using powercab 112 to record, but thats not what will work for me in this situation. Note: I have tried ASIO4All and did not have any luck getting this setup either. Powercab112 does not show up as a recording device in protools, even though it is showing in asio4all. Does anybody have any ideas ?
  6. I bought the Pod Go and also purchased the Powercab 112 Plus also. I'm not able to get good tone using the two together and I'm unsure as to what the units settings should be set to in order for both units to preform at their best. I can not find a video or forum topic that provide guidance in the best connection settings when using the Pod Go and the Powercab 112 Plus together. For example: Do I need to turn the cab sim off on the Pod Go and use the Flat setting in the powercab or the cab simulation on the powercab? I can't figure out what the best settings are while using these two units together. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, Let me preface this by saying I've always been that guy who no matter what gear he had was never truly satisfied with his tones so I've always kept selling the old stuff and buying the new stuff. I've had some of the best tube amps and some of the best modelers along with the Kemper which doesn't really fit either category. After taking a - for me at least - pretty long break from daily guitar playing (2 years), I've decided this won't do and got a few guitars to spark my interest again. I also got some studio monitors and a reasonable interface and while I thought I was happy with this setup, I couldn't really get anything to sound really exciting for me. I was looking around a lot, trying to decide what to get. Living in the EU makes the Axe III almost impossibly out of reach (also while I absolutely understand the pricing, you still need a foot controller for the Axe if you are like me and like to play these things like a real amp and pealboard) so I've narrowed it down to the Kemper Stage and the Helix. The Stage is basically the toaster with the same UI and everything and I always thought it was pretty outdated. And let's face it, the Helix is brutally eye candy, feels modern, and has everything feature-wise you would expect from a modeler today. I also had a short fling with Helix Native and while I wasn't totally happy with it, I kept going back to it because I really liked the interface and managed to get some tones I really really enjoyed playing with. So I pulled the trigger on the Helix and while I was waiting for my delivery I accidentally found out about the Powercab. I fell in love with the thing without even listening to tone demos on YouTube, just the concept of being FRFR and kinda a traditional guitar cab at the same time left me without any doubts that this is exactly what I wanted. I got a 112 Plus. The first time I've plugged the two of them in, got setup level-wise and started listening to factory presets (yes, I know, they're really pretty terrible) in FRFR mode I was pretty happy with the sound, similar to my studio monitors but obviously sounding bigger and more exciting. But the real reason I got the Powercab was the speaker modeling so I turned off the cab on one of the factory Plexi patches, went to the next preset on the PC, "Vintage"... ... and I was like "what is this absolutely ridiculous muddy submerged tone?!". I was totally shocked how bad the PC sounded. Every note coming out of it was muddy, lifeless, without any definition whatsoever. It was so bad that I couldn't hear when I turned on an OD pedal or felt almost no difference with adjusting the knobs on the amp model. I tried LF Raw and LF Flat too but they also sounded pretty much like the models. I was totally disgusted with what I was hearing and decided to wait until the next day when I have more time and I'll just update my firmwares for both devices. That was also a very interesting bad trip with my laptop throwing BSODs around mid-update but I eventually got around to updating both the Helix and PC. I was hoping I'd hear something much better after that. I've read up on both the Helix and PC prior to them arriving and noticed that many people are complaining about inconsistencies, and how firmware updates or resets would solve these sometimes. Well, nothing really changed. I still kinda liked the FRFR sound but absolutely hated the speaker emulation sounds. So I was like f this, let's go basic and loaded up a single amp block with one of the amps I've always loved for lead sounds in Native - Archetype Lead. Needless to say it sounded pretty bad to me. I tried tweaking parameters but I quickly realized that nothing in the Amp block helps and also it's not something low/high cut would fix either. I'm personally not big on EQing. I always believed that when you want to sell a product you would probably program the presets, especially the first few ones to be the best sounding presets in the whole unit. But at this point I was like I either try and see what I can EQ out of the PC or I just go ahead and sell it right away. The way it sounded at that point was very far from what I've had in my mind and also if I really wanted something like FRFR then I had my pretty fair sounding studio monitors. So I went ahead and put a Cali EQ after the Archetype Lead amp block and started making 2-3 db cuts and boosts. I've pretty much ended up with what I would set up on my actual Mark V amp back then (basically the smiley curve) - and at this point I immediately heard the PC come to life. It started to sound like the tone I remember from my V30 cabs back then - mind you it's not a 212 or 412 tone by any means but I've definitely started hearing the speaker character and also thought for a 112 it sounds pretty punchy and low endy. At this point I could also hear pretty much any small change I made to the amp settings and even put a TS before the amp for that super fluid lead tone. I started feeling much happier and calmer, having realized that if I spend enough time with my EQ settings I'll be able to get a really good tone eventually. I started fine tuning the EQ I made, and I had an idea. With the Native I wasn't really happy with the Placater Dirty. I couldn't dial the bass end out, it always sounded way too muddy and flubby to me. Now, loading up the Placater Dirty in place of the Archetype Lead and going to the Greenback simulation on the PC I started grinning how good it started to sound. So yeah. Very long story short, EQ saved the Powercab for me. I've read a lot about it in different forums, watched a few YouTube videos too but nobody ever really mentioned how lifeless it sounds out of the box and that you really need to EQ the devil out of it (and into it) to get a similar tone to real guitar speakers. At this point I'm really happy and I hope that on day 3 - tomorrow - I'll have the time to keep fine tuning my EQ and get it just right for the amps I'd enjoy using. TL;DR: hated PC speaker simulation first, Cali EQd on the Helix after the amp, now I'm really happy with my tone. What are your mileages?
  8. Hi all I am trying to decide whether to buy Powercab 112 or 112 Plus (...or Headrush 108 or 112...). Can Pod GO control Line 6 112 Plus speaker by MIDI in the same way that Helix can? I mean - can I set Pod GO to control the Powercab Plus speakers? I understand that Line 6 POD GO has a basic MIDI over USB functionality but I cannot find a straightforward answer to this question anywhere. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi, All... I am running Helix Rack with Controller and 3 expression pedals.... I also have 2 PowerCab 112+, with the first connected to Helix Vix 6 Link, and the second PowerCab 112+ connected to the first with 6Link as well. I am running 2 separate paths in Helix. Input for Path 1 is Variax (VDI) and Input for Path 2 is Guitar (for my daughter's Ovation) I am trying to have each path output directed to separate PC+. The problem is, when I select PC+ (#1) in output block of Path 1 it changes the Output Path 2 to the same PC+. Am I missing something? Only using MONO effects between Input and Output... V-ax Acou 2Gtr.hlx
  10. Hello! I have a helix and a powercab 112+ i am using a variax shuriken I have a few impulse response (made for helix from ML Sound Lab) my chain setup on helix is simple. Variax input w/noise gate - at about 45 -> distortion (note: tried multiple kinds with a few different settings to try to eliminate issue) -> impulse (tried 1024 & 2048, mono) -> digital out Physically - Variax -> Variax Cable -> Helix -> Link Cable -> Powercab+ 112 Powercab is set to FLAT (issue still occurs even with other cabs set) everything sounds muddy, first off... like real low, all in the bass.... but then if i start hitting chords... all i can hear is a raw input sound, just playing on top of everything and completely stomping out the distortion and everything else... really confusing. Hoping someone here has an idea what might be going on. If i play a single note... its muddy, like real muddy, almost as if someone is playing in the other room.... as soon as i fast strum power chords.... its like someone is mixing a raw input right on top of everything.... Please let me know if you can help!
  11. Hey Folks, I’m starting a new post about the Line 6 PowerCab. I find it pretty difficult to get my hands on good an accurate information’s about the PC product. There a lot of content on YouTube, but you never can experience the real deal that Line 6 claims « the Amp in the Room feel ». Line 6 designed the PC with this in mind. My personal journey with digital modellers: So after using Line 6 products for the last year or so (HX Stomp then grabbed a Floor unit). ¸ I’ve been using and active monitor to run my Guitar and Bass tones. The EV ELX112P has been doing a very good job so far. I’ve decided to pick this exact model because it’s a plywood cabinet and not plastic. I find it very important to have a wood material in order to get better responses from the cabinet. PC Flat mode and Speaker mode: Right off the bat the first time I plugged in the PC+ I’ve used the Flat mode to run IR or cab block from the HX. I’ve done a comparison on the Flat mode speaker voicing. (FRFR, LF FLAT, LF RAW). LF RAW mode really stands out. This mode turns off the 1’’ tweeter speaker. Then I got to try out the Speaker mode this is the mode that Line 6 claim to achieve « amp in the room ». With the PC+ you have 12 speaker emulations to choose from. My impression is that they sound fantastic! They really stand out giving you more… amp in the room feel. The Speaker mode really sounds different from the Flat mode, which you would be using IR with. They seem to give you a convincing tone without a lot of tweaking required. PC overall power and volume levels: First off from all the reviews and post I’ve read on the forum I was afraid the PC wasn’t going to be loud enough with a full band. I’ve made my custom patch in order to use to PC+ with my Blues band. I did use Logic Pro X to monitor my level coming out of the HX Floor, I aim at -10dB is level. I did make sure the indicator light of the PC was turning yellow when I really dig into the guitar strings. To sum it up… Yes, the PC is loud enough to play with a full band and be heard. PC is a 1x12 Cab not a 2x12 or 4x12 Cab: I think it’s important to talk about the fact that the PC is a 1x12 speaker cabinet. Don’t be fooled, if you think that by using a 4x12 IR your PC+ will transform itself in a Marshall 4x12… Well the logical answer is that it won’t. It’s a 1x12 cabinet, it will never be able to push the amount of air a 4x12 cab is capable of. You’ll be able to use 2x12 or 4x12 or 4x10 etc. IR but they won’t sound authentic and real. PC Verdict: It’s expensive, it sounds really good, giving you a more rewarding tone from your modeller. It’s lightweight, powerful, the speaker is voiced for guitar vs a PA speaker. The PC+ has midi or AES/EBU capabilities which are a plus, you can select speaker models, modes etc. on the fly. (Served with your patch)
  12. Hey everyone hoping someone can help me here. I'm trying to get my setup always "ready to role" based on my situation. I have my Helix setup to my PC through USB, setting the helix as amp and the cabinet is selected on the Powercab+ 112 using an AES cable between the helix and powercab. Using Variax as main work horse tl:dr - does anyone know if the AES Digital Output option can capture the final result and play it in protools? or am i doomed to just use the cabs in the Helix and only use the powercab at 'flat' settings? i am outputting the sound with 'digital' to use the AES cable. i have a keyboard hooked up thru the interface as well. it is using AUX in for direct audio playback, but then midi output for midi controlling in pro tools Because of this, path 1 input is VARIAX is outputting to DIGITAL path 2 input is AUX and output is USB 1/2 I'm able to record audio tracks fine from the keyboard in this setup, as well as capture midi. I'm also needing to make sure i can always do the ghost capture for raw guitar input (i have that on USB 7 no issues) If i set the output of path 1 to USB 3/4 i get the audio of the guitar without the settings in PowerCab. Main issue appears to be that - DIGITAL does not send/recieve - only really sends to PowerCab, and i'm not going to be able to capture that unless i have audio sending from the powercab back into the helix - but in this situation it is now a problem because i would have to change the Path 2 to support this audio. so back to the tl:dr - does anyone know if the AES Digital Output option can capture the final result and play it in protools? or am i doomed to just use the cabs in the Helix and only use the powercab at 'flat' settings?
  13. I recently added the PowerCab 112+ to the Helix Floor and Variax JTV-69S in my musical "arsenal" and I am attempting to integrate them together. Could see some wonderful automation in the future. Currently I use the Program Change message that is generated when I change presets to call up the PowerCab preset. I simply put the speaker I want to use in the preset. (Lots of duplicates, but that's okay - lot's of spaces, and infinite setlists.) However, I'm trying to switch the PowerCab's preset MODE (Flat, Speaker, User IR) from within Helix's snapshots. (MIDI CC# 20, with values 0=Flat, 1=Speaker, 2=User IR) I found the following information in one of the Helix MIDI forums: Snapshots only transmit the following data from the Command Center: The value of ANY (I read ALL) Instant MIDI CC, Bank/Prog, MMC, and CV Out messages The state (dim value or lit value) of any CC Toggle or CV Toggle messages assigned to footswitches <<<<< This is what I am doing The state (dim or lit ) of any Ext Amp messages assigned to footswitches I was originally trying to add a MIDI CC Toggle to an stompbox footswitch assigned to a Helix speaker cab block so I could switch from Speaker to Flat Mode in the PowerCab, depending on whether my Helix cab block was On or Bypassed. The default state would be with the Helix cab block bypassed and the PowerCab's preset in Speaker Mode. (The PowerCab Preset is in Speaker Mode by default) It seemed to work, but then stops working correctly - the values sent to the PowerCab were out of sync with the Helix cab block. So I then created a stand-alone MIDI CC Toggle footswitch to control the PowerCab preset Mode. I created it in Command Center with the Dim value = 1 (Speaker MODE) ; and the Lit value = 0 (Flat MODE) (this correspond to the Dim = bypassed and Lit = On, status of the cab block and its footswitch) It worked fine in stompbox mode. Toggling the PowerCab Preset Mode correctly when I pressed the footswitch. I set both the MIDI CC Toggle footswitch states and the cab block footswitch states together (and DIM) for each snapshot. I went into Helix snapshot mode and the first snapshot I pressed (remember ALL snapshots are set up for PowerCab Speaker Mode) sent the PowerCab into FLAT Mode! I went back to Helix stompbox mode to check the footswitches. They were all in their original (DIM) states; however, when I press the MIDI CC Toggle footswitch, it does toggle the SPEAKER/FLAT modes in PowerCab, but the States are REVERSED from what is displayed in Command Center. (It is NOW Dim=0 and Lit=1) I have cleared and rebuilt this scenario a half-dozen times with the same result each time. This was the same problem I had when I had the Helix cab block and the MIDI CC Toggle attached to the same footswitch, so it appears it has something to do with the MIDI CC Toggle message in Command Center. I had seen a note in the Helix User Manual stating that putting two blocks on the same footswitch could randomly change their relative states. (coming on/off at the same time versus going on/off opposite of each other. (e.g., switching between two amp blocks) Am I doing something wrong, or asking the system to do something it can't do? Will this be addressed/fixed/improved when Helix and PowerCab begin communicating over L6L? Help!!!
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