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  1. I have recently purchased the Powercab Plus and right from the start the carry handle is loose at the fitting. The screws are tight. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this without having to send back to the retailer for return. According to them it could take a long time to repair and leave me without my Powercab.
  2. Just got Powercab 112 Plus on Friday. I'm having an issue with the L6 Link connection and wondering if anyone else has the same issue. I bought a 25 ft Hosa AES/EBU cable to use for the L6 Link connection and wasn't able to get any sound to come through at all (no pops or anything). I then tested a different standard XLR cable and was able to get minimal signal to come through, but mostly a popping sound even when Helix is turned all the way down. I tested it again with a short 5 ft XLR cable and everything seemed to work...until the signal would pop and dropout for about 1-2 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Basically, I can get it to work with 1-2 second dropouts every 5-10 minutes, but it seems like only the shorter XLR cables work, and longer XLR cables produce mostly a popping noise. I have contacted support and they suggest me go to the a store and see if the issue is coming from Helix or Powercab. Before I do anything, I want to see what you guys think or if anyone has experienced this. Really hoping this can be fixed with a firmware update like the SPDIF dropout issue in the past.
  3. I just got a Powercab 112 Plus and I've been getting a crazy vibration noise, as if something in the cabinet is taking on a sympathetic vibration. It turns out it is the grille cloth over the bottom left vent vibrating. When I press the cloth it stops vibrating and the noise goes away. It's very loud and annoying. Certainly can't mike the cabinet with this going on. Has anyone else experienced this? It's really annoying and I am debating on whether to return the unit. BTW, is there a way to remove the grille? This may be the alternative way to use the Powercab, though not desirable. At least if I removed it my theory of it being the grille cloth vibrating could be validated. Thanks!
  4. I'm new to both of these units and haven't developed a perspective on this yet. So far, I've set up some Helix patches with no cab and no IR and use the Greenback speaker setting on the Powercab. Sounds good, but maybe it's not so versatile. The other obvious option would be to just set the Powercab to the Flat Response setting and use Speaker/IR settings on the Helix that I can customize for each patch without having to touch the Powercab. Or, are there other options that I'm not seeing? Are these the 2 basic options? What are the pros / cons of each? What do you find that works best?
  5. Hello, I was wondering if there are any amps that you could compare the powercab to? Just to have something to compare it with. Does somebody know some sorth of similar amp that is usable with amp modeling system and especially the helix? Beside regular PA speakers. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Is there any support of the Pod HD for the powercab L6 LINK interface planed (inclusive of switching power cab presets to use IRs)? Regards Wolfgang
  7. I'm new to both of these units. I've set up some patches on the Helix with no speaker or IR; using the Greenback setting on the Powercab. Sounds good, but... What about using the Flat Response on the Powercab 112 with selected speakers / IRs on the Helix? Preferences, Pros and Cons...? NOTE: I'm referring to the Powercab - not the Powercab Plus
  8. RRMark

    Laney LFR-112

    Haven't seen this mentioned on the forum... £359 200w rms, 400w peak Looks pretty good, apart from the pathetic angle of the tilt back!
  9. Hi all Cool the PowerCabs 112 & 112 plus!! Would it be nice if the Cabs had the option to disable the Power amp and use the cab with IR's or speaker simulation in combination with a Tube Amp ? More or less the principal of a universal audio OX with speaker! It is Just an idea and so far I haven't seen this type of cab on the market, it gives the ability to use your cab/ speaker in every kind of situation. Let me know what you think about the idea!?
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