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  1. Hi community I really need your advice on this one, I downloaded a DarkThrone preset by Francie Fraser some time ago, I think back in 2019. I recently changed my PC, so I reinstalled everything, the DAW, Helix and other stuff, When I tried to import presets I get the following error; The issue is that I relly need this one and I can not afford to lose it that easily. I decided to review the components but I do not really know the best replacements for some of the "models" I used the to have a better understanding of what I do not have, for instance the "Heavy dist pedal" is not available Which pedal should I use to replace it? With regard to the Brit Trem Jump I think can be replaced by Brit Plexi Jump? Please find attached the Darkthrone.hlx file. Everything else seems to be reproduceable. Thank you very much! Flow 1 input Split Y Vermin Dist Heavy Dist Simple EQ { "version":6, "schema":"L6Preset", "meta":{ "premium":0, "pbn":0, "original":0 }, "data":{ "tone":{ "snapshot6":{ "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 7", "blocks":{ "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block1":true, "block2":true }, "dsp0":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block5":true, "block4":true, "block1":true, "block2":true } } }, "snapshot5":{ "@tempo":20, "@ledcolor":0, "@pedalstate":2, "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 6", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true } } }, "snapshot3":{ "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@tempo":20, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 4", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true }, "dsp1":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block4":true, "block3":true, "block0":true } }, "@valid":false }, "snapshot7":{ "@valid":false, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block1":true, "block2":true, "block3":true, "block5":true, "block4":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 8", "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0 }, "snapshot1":{ "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@tempo":20, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block4":true, "block5":true, "block3":true, "block1":true, "block2":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 2", "@valid":false }, "global":{ "@variax_str1tuning":0, "@tempo":20, "@model":"@global_params", "@guitarinputZ":0, "@topology1":"SABJ", "@variax_str6tuning":0, "@variax_model":0, "@variax_str4tuning":0, "@variax_customtuning":false, "@pedalstate":2, "@cursor_dsp":1, "@variax_magmode":true, "@cursor_group":"outputA", "@variax_str2tuning":0, "@variax_str5tuning":0, "@variax_toneknob":-0.1, "@variax_str3tuning":0, "@variax_lockctrls":0, "@current_snapshot":0, "@topology0":"A", "@variax_volumeknob":-0.1 }, "snapshot4":{ "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 5", "blocks":{ "dsp1":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block0":true }, "dsp0":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block3":true, "block0":true } }, "@tempo":20, "@ledcolor":0, "@pedalstate":2 }, "dsp1":{ "inputA":{ "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow1Input", "threshold":-48, "decay":0.5, "@input":0 }, "outputA":{ "gain":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "pan":0.5, "@output":5 }, "outputB":{ "@output":0, "pan":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "gain":0 }, "block2":{ "@position":3, "@enabled":true, "500Hz":2, "125Hz":0, "2kHz":2, "@model":"HD2_EQGraphic10Band", "Level":0, "31p25Hz":0, "62p5Hz":0, "@stereo":false, "@type":0, "16kHz":0, "1kHz":3, "8kHz":0, "@path":0, "4kHz":0, "250Hz":0 }, "block1":{ "@enabled":true, "@stereo":false, "@model":"HD2_VolPanGain", "@type":0, "@position":0, "Gain":-0.5, "@path":1 }, "join":{ "@position":1, "@enabled":true, "B Polarity":false, "A Pan":0.5, "B Level":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin", "Level":0, "B Pan":0.5, "A Level":0 }, "block3":{ "Predelay":0.022, "Decay":0.35, "@path":0, "Mix":0.32, "@position":4, "@type":7, "HighCut":4300, "@enabled":true, "@trails":true, "@model":"HD2_ReverbHall", "Level":0, "LowCut":166 }, "block4":{ "Gain":0.55, "@model":"HD2_CompressorLAStudioComp", "Level":0, "PeakReduction":0.5, "@path":0, "Type":false, "Emphasis":0.2, "Mix":1, "@stereo":true, "@type":0, "@position":5, "@enabled":true }, "block0":{ "@enabled":true, "@model":"HD2_VolPanGain", "@stereo":false, "@position":0, "@type":0, "Gain":1.5, "@path":0 }, "inputB":{ "@input":0, "decay":0.5, "threshold":-48, "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow2Input" }, "split":{ "Reverse":false, "@enabled":true, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowSplitXOver", "@position":0, "Frequency":650, "bypass":false } }, "snapshot2":{ "@valid":false, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 3", "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0 }, "dsp0":{ "block3":{ "BrtDrive":0.5, "Master":1, "Mid":0.8, "BiasX":0.5, "Bass":0.5, "@type":1, "NrmDrive":0.5, "@path":0, "Sag":0.6, "Treble":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AmpBritTremJump", "Ripple":0.5, "ChVol":0.5, "@enabled":true, "Bias":0.5, "@position":3, "Hum":0.6, "Presence":0.35, "@bypassvolume":1 }, "block4":{ "Hi Pass":10, "Input":0.4, "@model":"HD2_PreampVintagePre", "@enabled":true, "MicLine":true, "Output":1, "@type":1, "@position":4, "Polarity":false, "@path":0, "Low Pass":20000, "@bypassvolume":1 }, "block1":{ "@enabled":true, "Output":1, "@position":1, "@type":0, "Bass":0.5, "@path":0, "Treble":0.5, "Drive":0.65, "@model":"HD2_DM4HeavyDistortion", "Mid":0.85 }, "block2":{ "@path":0, "LowGain":0, "@enabled":true, "@stereo":false, "@type":0, "@position":2, "MidFreq":1200, "MidGain":4, "HighGain":0, "@model":"HD2_EQSimple3Band", "Level":0 }, "join":{ "B Polarity":false, "B Level":0, "A Pan":0.5, "B Pan":0.5, "A Level":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin", "Level":0, "@enabled":false, "@position":8 }, "outputB":{ "gain":0, "@output":0, "pan":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput" }, "inputA":{ "decay":0.01, "@input":2, "noiseGate":true, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow1Input", "threshold":-22.5 }, "outputA":{ "pan":0.5, "@output":2, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "gain":0 }, "block5":{ "HighCut":6500, "@enabled":true, "Distance":6, "@position":7, "@mic":6, "@type":2, "@path":0, "LowCut":90, "EarlyReflections":0, "@model":"HD2_Cab4x121960T75", "Level":0 }, "split":{ "bypass":false, "BalanceB":0.5, "BalanceA":0.5, "@enabled":true, "@position":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowSplitY" }, "block0":{ "Level":0.85, "@model":"HD2_DistVerminDist", "Filter":0.7, "Gain":0.5, "@type":0, "@position":0, "@stereo":false, "@enabled":true, "@path":0 }, "inputB":{ "decay":0.5, "@input":0, "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow2Input", "threshold":-48 } }, "snapshot0":{ "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@valid":true, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 1", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block4":true, "block3":true, "block1":true, "block2":true, "split":true } } } }, "meta":{ "tnid":4328936, "band":"Darkthrone", "modifieddate":1552787657, "build_sha":"35792af", "appversion":40894464, "name":"Darkthrone", "author":"FrancieFraser", "application":"HX Edit", "song":"Earths last picture" }, "device_version":40894464, "device":2162692 } } Darkthrone.hlx
  2. I went to GC the other day and had a chance to play the Spyder V MK2 and was obsessed with the 24B What You Need preset. Was wondering if anyone knew what all the effects were in that preset? I remember being a square chorus, brite room reverb, multihead delay, some sort of synth(i wanna say bit crusher?), and some compressor? I'd just like to know what effects they are and what they are based off of. I am planning on buying a HX Effects and would like to translate the preset onto the HX Effects. Thanks, Auggie
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if stomp presets can be used on helix floor? I saw some old posts that suggested that this isn’t possible, but wondered if things have changed with firmware updates etc? I want to purchase some presets for bass that have been marketed as stomp presets, however I have helix floor. Thanks in anticipation of your help, Neil
  4. (Preset + IR in attachment) Hi all (some older members may know me as VTM, when i created metal patches for the good'ol podXT). Today a title which was fully recorded with the HX Stomp (all guitars and bass). This one is special as it allows the guitarist to also play a bass line at the same time, using a signal split and a pitch shifter ! A quick taste of this tone here : StrongBBBAAAACK.wav DIR_Deasil_REC.hlx
  5. Hello there! I'm at the beginning of starting my guitar cover videos, and I heard about preset changing through MIDI without having to use the footswitches. (I'm using Reaper) How can i achieve it, that when i'm recording my guitar my preset changes through MIDI automatically? Thanks in advance!
  6. hello! I just purchased a preset pack called "synthpads and drones" from marketplace and ...cannot upload my new presets on HX edit ( 3.51 is my hx edit AND 3.50 my hx stomp) I followed the steps of a video but I get a message: " hx edit was unable to import these presets because the required licenses were not found. The following products are available for purchase from helix marketplace : 65667 " I tried to import the cabs also ,but I got the same message ... although I did not send the cab 90 for example to user slot 90...AND the cab files have NOT the .wav extension but they have .hir instead ( 090 LX TDR HG1.hir) Do I miss something?? Thanks in advance!
  7. Somehow, during service, my instrument cable disabled my preset. Is this a known bug? Is it a feature that I am somehow accidentally enabling? Is there a way to turn it off or fix it? In moving from my usual spot, to the front of stage, and back to my usual spot, my cord draped over my Stomp. In moving my cord off my Stomp, somehow I moved from my preset (004) to the next preset (005). In attempting to go back to 004, it would skip to 003—back and forth between 003 and 005. This issue persisted until I was able to turn my Stomp off and back on again. Thankfully, I had a duplicate preset ready to go. This is the only issue I’ve ever encountered with my Stomp in the couple of years since had it, but this issue has popped up a couple times now. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have just watched Line 6 Helix Family Overview video and they used a preset there I am very interested to try, but cannot find it (my firmware version: 3.15). It is called "Synth W Princess" - see the screen shot attached. Any idea where I can get it from?
  9. Here's a video in how I dialed my Nickelback preset for HX Stomp ☺️
  10. Is there a way to change the preset while the tuner is on? Live, between 2 songs, I switch the tuner on and would like to change the preset while the sound is muted in the tuner mode. But I can't find a way to do this...
  11. Spider Jam User Banks and Presets lists in PDF and XLSX formats.
  12. Hey people, got a problem with setting up the wah pedal on my Helix. My target is to set it up like Jonny in this video: Line 6 Helix Wah settings TIPS and TRICKS. - YouTube So for everybody who doesn't want to watch the video: I want to work like my old Bad Horsie 2. Selecting my wah pedal and chosing the Expression Pedal as the bypass switch on 0% (have tried with a little more % but it doesn't work either). Min Position on about 15%. With that setup it should automatically be activatet when I use the pedal and when it comes down to zero again or below the certain value that I choose for the position parameter it should be off. And here's the problem when I set it up like that: The wah is off in the beginning. When I use the expression pedal nothing happens. When I reach my bypass value the wah is turned on. Then I can use it until I hit the bypass value again. Then to activate it again I have to use the pedal and come down to the bypass value and so on and on. Sometimes when I set my wah pedal up again the exact same way it works as it should until I change something. But most of the time it only works as discribed above. Has anybody any tipps for me?
  13. BANK/CHANNEL Preset Title VOICE TYPE ORIGINAL AMP DESIGN Bank 1 Ch A 1A Pristine CLEAN Clarity Bank 1 Ch B 1B Dirty Lead CRUNCH Voltage Bank 2 Ch A 2A Aristocrat BOUTIQUE Aristocrat Bank 2 Ch B 2A Nashville Spank BOUTIQUE Aristocrat Bank 3 Ch A 3A Carillon CHIME Carillon Bank 3 Ch B 3B Q for A Day CHIME Carillon Bank 4 Ch A 4A Voltage CRUNCH Voltage Bank 4 Ch B 4B Mod Squad CRUNCH Voltage Bank 5 Ch A 5A Kinetic DYNAMIC Kinetic Bank 5 Ch B 5B Dynamo Hmmm DYNAMIC Kinetic Bank 6 Ch A 6A Oblivion Hi-GAIN Oblivion Bank 6 Ch B 6B Theater of Souls Hi-GAIN Oblivion
  14. Help with Midi question please. I'm looking for a Midi Solution to assigning my Midi Controller to emulate FS4 / FS5 for preset switching and scrolling without using the CC52/53 emulate change controls. I have a Mission expression pedal plugged into EXP 1/2 and this uses FS5 to switch between EXP1 and 2. I am looking for different control change or method to handle what FS4 / FS5 does from my MC6 Midi Controller and not use CC52/53. I think it can be done since I had a Jet HX 3.0 controller that had this preprogrammed and allowed me to use the expression pedal as mentioned above. I do not know how they programmed it however... Thanks.
  15. I've been able to import presents from CustomTone--and they show in edit view and in PODGo Edit just fine--but they don't actually make a sound! I've watched some tutorial videos and it seems like I'm doing everything as I should. Any ideas here?
  16. I was wondering if anyone was aware of a site or forum that might have other's takes on how to set your presets to sound like "insert player/band/song here". For example, a simple one might be Kurt Cobain's tone for "Come As You Are". I play in a cover band that does a pretty wide range of tunes and it would make life a little faster if there was a good reference/starting point out there!
  17. I have dabbled in snapshots just one time though I feel like I have an intermediate understanding for snapshots. However, it seems when I go to create a new preset that the same snapshots appear in the new preset and I can't change them, that is, their names, their settings, the blocks they include/exclude, etc., or create new snapshots without changing the snapshots in the original preset. It's difficult for me to believe that Helix only allows a total of 8 snapshots globally. There must be a way to have separate snapshots per presets. What am I doing wrong or not understanding?
  18. Short introduction. Hi, we're Becksteetsj ( Were an amateur band producing different types of music with a consistance of four bandmembers playing in varying compositions and sometimes with guest musicians. Our goal is to have fun en joy! Started with Line 6 with a spider II 15w. Great amp, but speaker to weak for me. Learned it. Loved it. Eventually sold it, to ... Eventually upgraded to a spider III 30w. Great amp. Learned it. Love it. Double-graded with a spider IV 30w next to my III. Even greater. Love this one to. Still slightly learning, and therefore my question. Both used for playing. The III in my livingroom for jamming. And the IV in my studio, both used to record with speaker (mic-ed) or directly plugged in. But i still have a question about the storaging pre-sets on this IV. There are four knobs. On my II & III i could store 4 pre-sets over 4 amp-models. Keep pushed till it is set, simple. But this IV reacts different, after blinking (as on II&III) i then a/b/c/d start blinking together and i can select 1 of 4 (this is new to me). Looks to me that i can store 4 pre-sets for each amp-model? Am i thinking right? 4 pre-sets on 6 amp-models = 24 pre-sets? Or do i still have 4 pre-sets over all 6 amp-models? Or 4 times 4 = 16?? Thank you in advance for your help.
  19. Hey guys, first post here I noticed that if you are on preset 1 snapshot 2 and you go to a different preset, like preset 2, and then come back to preset 1, it automatically goes to snapshot 1. Is there a way to change this, so that when you leave a a preset with a snapshot other than 1, you directly come back to that particular snapshot when you use that preset again ? Thanks !
  20. KakaoTalk_Video_2021-04-19-02-30-06.mp4 When I save a preset in hx edit or Hx Effects, all other presets change like this video...Plz Help me.... KakaoTalk_Video_2021-04-19-02-30-06.mp4
  21. Hey everyone, I hope all of you are doing well in this ongoing pandemic and you are at a safe place right now! Recently, I set up a Ableton Live 11 Project with Songs, where I want to play guitar to for live gigs. In order to have the right snapshots in the right moment, I created midi clips that send over Midi control -> 69 Hold Pedal 2 signals to my Helix that are changing the snapshots. I also added clips where it changes the presets via program and sub. I set up the midi base channel to 7 because I read somewhere I shouldn't use the standard base one. I also turned off Midi PC Send and additionally I set up the snapshots to 1, 5 and 8 in order to avoid potential failure signals, because they might be too close to each other. Problem A: I tried it with usb, but my usb connection sometimes interrupts, thats why I use a midi connection. However, this is working until the 3rd scene in my Ableton project starts playing, then it doesn't adjust to the right snapshot in the preset (which is just a duplicate from the first one). For instance, it changes to Preset 1-> Snapshot 1 but it should be Preset 1 -> Snapshot 8. Problem B: When I play a bit with it and I change the scenes manually, it changes the right snapshots or presets but at one point my Helix is freezing. My setup is a MacBook Pro 2019, Mac OS Catalina and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 1st generation and the Helix Version is 3.01.0. If you need any further details, please tell me and thanks in advance to somebody who is helping me with this issue! Best regards Fabian
  22. Looking for help from the Helix collective. Being a HX Stomp owner I feel a little left out. Yes, I am starting on the low side of the technology by using a Stomp and not currently any of the higher models such as the LT etc. But this is my first dive into using digital amps and effects. So far I am loving it. I use a Roland Gr-55 Synthesizer, though dated-Still has lots to offer. One option I like with the presets on the GR-55, is that I can break them out into text. Basically, you get text that shows the mod or effect and breaks out the settings. Example You'd see "Distortion - ON, Tone - 5, Boost 7, Level - 3" Question is, Is there a similar way to display the makings of a Helix Preset? This way, one could dissect some of the presets from the upper level modelers and try to make them work on the Stomp! Thanks in advance for any input.
  23. Hi guys... Firstly, the problem I am having has only happened since I updated to Helix 3.0. So - when I load a new preset and go to snapshot mode, as soon as I press a footswitch for an alternative snapshot, I get the small 'E' icon which suggests I have edited something. any further switching of snapshots doesn't help and the snapshots do not default back to the original settings. Yet, when I go out of the preset and come back into it and go back into snapshot mode again, the 'E' has gone but returns as soon as I hit a footswitch. I have seen other users are experiencing the same issue. Please help with this problem - Thanks
  24. So! I love the Cali Mark IV lead. I think it's one of the best amp models in the Helix. So as I wanted to create a 4 channel preset on my channel and not have a hugely varying sounds when switching, as well as the Mark IV for my lead and rhythm, I decided to use it for clean. I go throught the settings in the amp in the video, but I use LA comp in default setting for compression to make up for using single coils. I also use two Celestion IRs. You can watch the video here: If you have any questions or want to give a few pointers, go ahead.
  25. hi there - looking for some help on snapshots on the HX Stomp as I can't tell what I'm doing wrong! I've saved a preset with 3 snapshots (see first image). It looks & sounds fine. IMG_3334.HEIC But when I change to snapshot 2, I see a little "E" appear by the preset's name indicating something has changed (image 2). I don't see this happen in online demos. I've read the manual and watched a couple of YouTube videos but feel like I'm missing some setting somewhere. Any suggestions/help very welcome! IMG_3333.HEIC
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