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Found 115 results

  1. I'm running an FX100 paired to an iPad and generally enjoy most of the sounds and functionality it provides. The one nagging thing that I'd like an answer to is this; When I work from the iPad, go to "my tones" and select one, the tone obviously changes but the FX100 displays the old patch and won't change to what I've selected. Anyone have a fix for this? Much appreciated.
  2. Has anyone else noticed any strange behaviours with writing tones to my tones? I am prompting the fire hawk fx to "save to my tones" which I would assume would over write any pre-existing tones (compared to save to my tones as) with that exact same title - however it often creates duplicates or sometimes three or four variations. Anyone notice this? I feel like if there's any slight difference in the patch - even if you use save to my tones it will create another version
  3. Hi totally new here I've been searching around and can't find what I think should be a simple answer in plan english. I used to have an M13 where in latch mode you can load like 12 completely different presets at once. I am looking into buying a 500X but it looks like you can only have 4 presets loaded at once with another four "assigned" pedals for the top row? Is that right? It seems limiting?
  4. Hello everyone! This is the new thread dedicated to bass presets for Pod HD series. The original thread was located in the community "Long forgotten bass players", but I think it will be better here. I hope that this thread will become a place to share experiences, knowledge, and above all, our presets for bass! To start the discussion, here's my Bass Setlist for HD500 with 20 patches: HD500 Setlist V3 - "High Output Bass Amps" (16-Jan-2013) http://www.mediafire.com/?h4yta8468nawfzt How to convert Setlists: If you have a different Pod HD, you can use this tool: http://www.jzab.de/content/pod-hd All this presets are set on a "single arm chain": What you get with this Setlist is a high volume of output using a Bass, forget the messes that involved the dual input configuration, and make the pod HD works in a very similar way to how the Bass Pod worked (regarding to mono wet and dry outputs). But here you have the advantage of being able to play your bass in true stereo, too. Now you can have a balanced sound between the bass and guitar, and record comfortably in your sequencer. I left the presets configured as inputs Guitar:Same, but please, I do not want to contribute to this confusion. Using this new configuration (let's call it "single arm chain"), the input 2 has absolutely no effect on the sound (when using the config 1 mentioned below) If you want to record two mono tracks (wet and dry, panned all the way L/R), then it makes sense to use the second input as "same" (when using the config 2 mentioned below). Unmuting the Channel 2 you actually obtain a completely dry signal from your instrument. Of course you can also use a combination of both if you want to use another instrument on channel 2. But most important is to understand that in this way we have two inputs completely separated from each other without causing strange effects in the other, or interfere in any way. As I said before, for me this has been a great discovery. Thank you very much to Meambobbo. This is the structure for v3 patches: 1- Noise Gate. I'm currently using noise gates, until I learn how to use the hard gates. I'm a little slow! More details here: http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/ampTone#noiseGates 2- Tube comp. Almost same settings than before. 3- Classic Distortion. Still here, for now. You could also use a wah pedal or whatever else here, if you prefer. 4- Analog Chorus. I removed the ugly delay in front of the amp, and now I have a chorus. I like this effect for bass, and I think this is the best sounding of the three possible. The Dimension and Triple chorus does not sound bad, but have far fewer parameters and are therefore less controllable. In contrast, analog chorus has many controls, a vibrato mode, a tone control, etc. For now I used a basic setting, but it sounds pretty good with the reverb. 5- Studio EQ. Still here, for now. I'm not using it much now, because I have found that it can be a specific setting for each bass you use. Maybe try a parametric EQ, but it seems much more complicated for me: http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/eq 6- Mid Focus EQ. Hi and Low pass filters, now with settings 5%-65%. Gain between 0-30% 7- Spring Reverb. I used a reverb that is noticeable, but not annoying. Sounds great alongside the chorus. At least I like to use them together to have a good time. Note that when using chorus+reverb, overall volume will also rise up! I have had this in mind, so that the volume is not excessive when active. Still, if you play too hard, this could produce clip, so look first at gain settings I put into the Mid EQ. 8- FX loop. I´m using a Boss RC-300 loopstation here. About the Inputs and Mixer settings using the config above (single arm chain): Config 1: Just to play (Stereo) Input 1 - Guitar Input 2 - (Doesn´t matter, since PathB is muted.). Mixer - PathA +12 dB center, PathB Muted (panned 100%R just for convenience when using config2) Config 2: Recording (2 mono channels, Left Wet (processed), Right Dry (unprocessed, or DI) Input 2 - Guitar Input 2 - Same Mixer- PathA +12dB 100% Left, PathB +12dB 100% Right So you can: Record a stereo track selecting the stereo input, and then split the track on two separate mono tracks on your DAW. OR, arm two mono tracks on your secuencer selecting each separate mono input, and record both at the same time. Personally I like best the second approach, becouse I´m using Logic Pro, maybe in your secuencer there is an easier or practical way to do the first one.
  5. Hola,puede alguien decirme como se meten los presets descargados,
  6. The Shuriken is unique in many ways from other Variax guitars, one of the ways is the 4 Artist's programmed user presets on the model knob. If you want to replicate the artist's setup you will have to tune the low E string down to D, which will make the custom tunings sound correctly in the USER and SHURIKEN banks. None of the other banks contain tuning offsets and assume that the guitar is tuned to standard E. If you want to load the presets with their respective custom tunings, make sure to set the Alternate Tuning Knob to the MODEL 7 position. If all that is a bit too much ninja for you, feel free to keep the guitar in standard E and set the Alternate Tuning Knob to STANDARD or any of the other tuning presets. Note: If you perform a factory reset of the Shuriken, it will default to the standard JTV model pack. To re install the unique Shuriken pack, download it from here: http://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3d63a058e7eb2d0d632/file/zip/varaix-shuriken-bundle.zip All custom tunings saved with these presets require the low E string tuned down a whole step to D, and that the Alternate Tuning Knob is set to MODEL. USER I Position 1: Post Mortem Spank Spank guitar body with Spank pickups and drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E) – Note that the two lowest strings are muted. Position 2: 8 Collateral Neutral body with JTV89 pickups and very special custom tuning (sounds D A A A A A) – Note that low E and A strings are tuned down one octave. Position 3: 7 Collateral Neutral body with Lester pickups and another very special custom tuning (sounds A E E E E E) – Note that the physical “A†string (tuned to E) is muted. Position 4: Collateral Aco Acoustic J body with DADGAD tuning (sounds D A D G A D). Position 5: Collateral Spank Spank body with Spank pickups and DADGAD tuning (sounds D A D G A D). USER II Position 1: Octave Standard Neutral body with JTV89 pickups and standard tuning down one octave (sounds E A D G B E). Position 2: B Standard Neutral body with Lester pickups and everything tuned down a fourth (sounds B E A D F# B ). Position 3: Standard Neutral body with Lester pickups and standard tuning (sounds E A D G B E). Position 4: Acoustic Standard Acoustic D body with standard tuning (sounds E A D G B E). Position 5: Spank Standard Spank body with Spank pickups and standard tuning (sounds E A D G B E). USER III Position 1: Tumbi Lester’s Banjo with a custom tuning (sounds D A D G B A). Note that all strings except the high A are muted. Position 2: 7 Sick Riff Neutral body with Lester pickups and a custom tuning (sounds A E A E F# B ) Position 3: Invincible Aco Acoustic D body with a drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E). Note that the two lowest strings are muted. Position 4: Invincible Chorus Special Bird body with Lester pickups and a custom tuning (sounds E B E B B E) – Note that the “Dâ€, “Gâ€, and “B†strings are set to 20% of normal volume, high E string set to 90% of normal volume. Position 5: Invincible G Neutral body with JTV89 pickups and a custom tuning (sounds G D F# A A A). USER IV Position 1: Acoustic DADGAD Acoustic D body with a DADGAD tuning (sounds D A D G A D). Position 2: Acoustic Drop D Acoustic D body with a drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E). Position 3: Drop D Octave Neutral body with JTV 89 pickups and a drop D tuning one octave lower (sounds D A D G B E) – Note that all strings except the lowest “D†string are tuned down one octave. Position 4: Drop A Neutral body with Lester pickups and a drop A tuning (sounds A E A D F# B ) Position 5: Drop D Neutral body with Lester pickups and a drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E)
  7. Hi all, I just bought a Firehawk FX and had a question about changing tones and banks on the iOS app vs on the pedal itself. When I change tones on the pedal, the app will reflect the change and highlight the active tone. However, when I change them through the app, the sound will change, but the pedal does not reflect it. For example, say I have the pedal set to bank 1, tone A and switch A is illuminated . Then I scroll down and choose tone D from bank 4 in the app. The sound will change, and the pedal's LED display shows the correct name, but switch A is still illuminated. If I then step on any of the other footswitches, A-D, the tones default back to bank 1, or whichever bank the pedal was last set to through the switches. So I effectively can't change the bank in the Firehawk app, and then choose a preset tone from that bank with the footswitches. Is this normal?
  8. Has there been any talk or discussion about adding 'Compare' functionality on the Helix, whereby you can commence tweaking a stored preset, and go back and forth between the modified preset and the stored preset? That would really be an advantage when editing - especially when tweaking IR's and then comparing. Is there some way to achieve this now? Also - I've seen discussion about having presets for effects blocks. My simple way around this is to store my favorite settings as individual blocks in a scratch-pad source preset, and then just copy the block from that preset to the preset that I'm working on. Not pretty or elegant, but maybe a smidgen faster than manually manipulating every parameter. I store the go-to blocks in a few scratch presets that I can get to quickly. I then use the Copy Block and Paste Block functionality to Copy a block from a scratch preset, and then Paste it into the preset I'm working on. If I'm working in a different Bank, I just copy my scratch presets to the bank I'm working in.
  9. New to HD500x :) I assume a 'preset' is a collection of effects/amps you set up yourself - like a 'patch' in similar products Can you assign separate presets to each of the footswitches on the HD500x? eg. Say I have 2 presets: 1) 'HeavyMetalManiac' (dist, delay, wah) for solos 2) 'FunkyGibbon' (comp, phaser, reverb) for rhythm Is there a way to assign HeavyMetalManiac to fs1 and FunkyGibbon to fs2 or any other fs? So I can toggle between the 2 easily without having to scroll though all my presets OR Do the switches essentially only allow for turning off specific effects within the current preset? Does ABCD mode allow this? Thanks
  10. Hello All, I just got my Helix today and I'm trying to customize it to exactly how I'd like to use it, but I've got a question that there may not currently be an answer to: Is it possible to copy a snapshot from one preset and paste it into a different preset? Here is why I would like to do this: I lead worship services that typically consist of somewhere around 4 songs. I'm planning on having a rig on a single preset in which each snapshot consists of the settings for each song. If possible, I'd like the ability to store and recall the various songs/snapshots for future instances of doing any one of those particular songs. I realize I wouldn't be able to change any of the blocks in the rig by doing it this way, but I'm okay with that. I feel like if (for example) Preset 01A and Preset 01B have everything the same the Snapshots from one to the other should be compatible. Of course, I realize nothing in software is as simple as it sounds, but is there anything like this, that is to say storing snapshots so they can be pasted into other presets, currently possible on the Helix or maybe something that could happen in the future? Thanks in advance for input!
  11. On the HD500X...Which ones have better worked for you and how? I mean, how have you used them, for which styles, etc. If you want to answer, please do it, you may save some lives, including mine, haha Greetings
  12. Are there any factory presets using the amps from the new Model Packs?
  13. Just got a new Amplifi 75. All seems to be working well. Bluetooth connectivity is great (I'm using the remote on both a Kindle Fire HD & a Samsung Galaxy S5). I've got the latest firmware update, as that was done just after unboxing. When i look for the 25 banks of presets, only the four in bank 1 appear. Nothing else loads, and i'm not able to load my own into bank 25. It just tells me there was an error in downloading, no matter what preset in what bank i try loading. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
  14. Trying to use my Amplifi 75 again after some time away.... Updated to 2.50.2 via USB connection from a laptop running Windows 10. Updated the remote app running on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to 2.50.1. Performed a factory reset by holding the tone button and pressing in the volume knob while powering it up and waiting for the A preset light to stop blinking. Re-established the Bluetooth connection. The amplifi app on my Galaxy shows the version information I've cited above and I can successfully select different tones for the amp from my phone. But when I try to store something I've sent as a preset to the 75 by holding down the tone button nothing happens. The tone button works properly for changing between the presets, just not for storing a new one. I cannot store a new tone after modifying one of the presets using the controls on the amp itself either. Are there some magic steps needed to make these presets over-writable that I am missing? Any suggestions for debugging this?
  15. Hi There , I'd like to open up this thread as a repository for great metal tones to use with the Helix. I would also like some important criteria to be indicated when sharing presets. 1. Mix ready or stage ready 2. Suggested Pickup configuration 3. Sub-Genre (Progressive/ Death/ Djent etc.) 4. Suggested IRs (possibly direct share if free) 5. General tips/ improvements 6. Link to tone/ preset (possibly direct share if free) 7. Sound Sample if possible. There are of course in no particular order. Please upvote the tones you like as well.
  16. Click to expand the factory preset chart.
  17. Hi guys, quick dumb question is if I can access in any way to presets in my Flextone III without shortboard? I have generic midi cable which doesn't word (of course lack of SysEX). I can't find any information on the web about access to more than 4 presets (A,B,C,D). Do I have to click something with bank button? I will appreciate any answer
  18. Hi, I play in a cover band and I use 15 different presets for 20 songs. For each song I use a maximum of 4 presets out of these 15 presets. It would be great being able to: · Save 15 different presets as “master presets†· Save 20 banks (one for each song I play) each containing 4 presets out of the 15 master presets. This 4 presets are just “pointers†to 4 master presets. The great and cool thing about this is that when I modify a single master presets all the 20 banks that use that preset are immediately updated! For example suppose master preset 1 is a crunchy guitar that I use in 10 out of the 20 banks. If I just want to slightly increase its volume I can just update the master preset and all the 10 banks will be updated automatically! What I have to do today is update each bank manually and it is a mess… Would this be possible? Thank you! Mapix
  19. Hi, I have a POD 2.0 (with 2.3 ROM), 7 segment screen, the older one. I have connected it up to the Monkey business thingy & PC editor for the first time since i've had it (2004) and i would like to know if i have to replace factory presets when downloading user tones from the web ? I see there are not many presets and no mention of user presets in the manual other than what the factory presets already occupy, ie 4 x 9 = 36. That's not much. So is that it ? Or am i missing something ? Thanks ! Rick Enbacker
  20. A video demo of some of my favourite presets here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMoVJRT1tc4&feature=youtu.be
  21. Hello, i've bought a pod HD500X myself this week. Now i have found some interesting sound presets for the HD500. Can i copy them to my HD500X (via the line 6 edit software) without causing errors or even damaging my HD500X? Thanks for your help!
  22. Hi guys. I need help with my Vyzex editor and Akai MPK61. I want to make a preset for full version of Ableton Live. Preset on the Akai now is for Ableton live lite. Basicly i want to know how to make a preset where my F ( faders ) vill control faders on Ableton Live, my K (knob ) to control Pan and my S ( solo ) to solo the tracks. There are 3 control banks on AKAI, A,B and C. Each controls 8 faders, 8 knobs and 8 solo. With that in mind i can have up to 24 tracks on ableton live, and be able to control their Volume, Pan and Solo. Sound easy, but i don´t have a knowledge of MIDI data, or Vyzex. So i am looking for someone who can instruct me on how to do it by myself, someone who can make one for me ( i´ll pay ) or someone who already have a preset like one i described ( i´ll pay for it ). Best regards from Sweden, Zutko
  23. Hi folks! i want to set my XT Live for PA connecting. Should i start preparing presets on my headphones? in a home studio? directly to a PA? i just want to find the best PA preset sounding for live situations ( my xt, in ear monitor and thats all) thanks for your help.
  24. I originally planned on using setlists for different, um, sets. And then I’d select different banks for different songs, 16 banks is plenty for my sets. Then, within a song, a can select ABCD patches for different parts of the song – clean, crunch, lead, and maybe a high-gain lead or something. Then I also have FX 1, 2, 3 & 4 when I need something special for each of the 4 ABCD sounds. Sounds like a plan. I decided to save one of the 1,2,3,4 slots by relying on amp models for my distortion, like selecting between Soldano clean, crunch, and high gain. That way, I select ABCD for the type of distortion and use 1234 for delay, chorus, tremolo, and some other effect (compression, noise gate, reverb are always on – no need for a 1234 switch on those). The problem I’m finding is it takes 15msec for a new ABCD patch to load in (I measured it). This is too long. I can’t always anticipate the timing to punch it in, or I don’t have that much time. The audio is muted during this 15msec and you hear it when I switch between, say, clean rhythm to scorching lead. So, now I’m thinking about going back to 1-8 FX buttons and just bank selecting between songs. But then I’m stuck with a single amp model, which is workable I suppose by using more of the FX buttons to switch in different distortion FX, but not as flexible. So my question for the group is: what is your strategy in using setlists, banks, ABCD patches, and 1234 switches. How do you use them? Are you stuck with a single amp model for a given song? How do you overcome the 15msec audio mute when switching ABCD patches? When do you use ABCD patches and when do you use 1234 FX switches? Thanks for any insight you can provide me.
  25. So I was one of the fortunate ones to get a Helix as soon as it came out. The UI and the way to really get under the hood to make patches was a bit over my head, but out of the gate I had some pretty great sounding tones. Then came a bad software update and some glitches and my unit was replaced - Kudos to Line 6 for incredible customer service. Here's the problem, and maybe someone here can help me because I am at the point of sending this thing right back to Sweetwater. My original unit sounded great. Patches sounded big and real. On my new one, EVERYTHING sounds like the first Zoom multi Fx pedal I ever owned. Everything except the cleans sound super fizzy and plastic. I've tried rolling off highs, changing mics and placement, but nothing is working. I've used it on a few gigs and it's just awful. Any advice? Thanks
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