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Registered Products

Found 12 results

  1. Hello! I bought a second hand POD x3 live. How can I register my POD x3 live? When I try to do, I error is displayed: There was an error ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. (Error: 523) Sorry for the newbie question.
  2. leeonbass

    Helix lt

    Good morning everyone, My name is Lee, and I’m a bass player. I’ve just dragged myself into the 21st century! Just received a 3 month old Helix lt, and I’ve no real clue as to the need to register this unit in order to create a few patches I want. I’m a Pearce BC-1 user so that’s a setting I’d need for a start, I’m in a t at all couple of bands and cover the organ solo in Highway Star and Burn, the closest pedal was the EHX Cathedral so any help there would be brilliant. Cheers, Lee.
  3. Hi all, My registration attempt for my new Helix floor unit fails with an error saying that my ESN could not be verified. I tried a couple troubleshooting steps: 1) I checked the typing and payed attention to where numbers and letters should go. 2) I changed browser and gave another try 3) I made sure my category selected was correct (the 21HDF prefix autocomplete matches what is on my Helix unit). And still, I got the same error. I purchased the Helix unit at the end of November. Please help with advice and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it! Thanks
  4. I recently purcahsed a Spider V 60 and have created an online account Tried to register the product on the website but despite copying the serial number in exactly how it is written on the amp (and a couple of variations) I am told that there is an error as the Serrial number doesnt match the product?? I cant create a ticket until I register, there is no email I can find to ask what the problem is I dont fancy calling the USA or Germany about this Can anyone help?
  5. Looking at buying a Helix and eventually will probably want to pick up Helix Native. So if I buy a used Helix, does registration transfer to that new owner and is the new owner eligible for the $99 purchase price of Native that I understand will be offered to full Helix owners? Thanks.
  6. Greetings, I purchased a used Helix Rack from Guitar Center and I am unable to register the product. I have successfully registered Line 6 products in the past, but when I enter the serial number of my Helix the website errors out. Also, the site wants me to register the product before placing a support ticket which pretty much kills any support for this issue. Help! Thanks, Ron
  7. I would appreciate a hint regarding registration I want to use the Helix with my computer (to change and store tones/bundles/setlists). To use the Helix with the computer, I probably have to register the Helix e.g. through my Line6 account. The most important issue for me will be, whether or not I do get along with the software. I want to test it, but the shop told me, they would not accept a return, if the device is registered. So just in case, if I do NOT get along with the software. Question 1: With my old PODX3L it was the Gearbox, what is the name of the according Software with Helix? Question 2: Can I and how can I reverse the registration or unregister? Question 3: Can I and how can I reverse a firmware if I need to update it before testing? Please no guesses! Only if you know it. Thanks much!
  8. We discovered that there is a serial number mismatch on a group of Helix Rack units that will affect their ability to be registered. If your unit's serial number includes 6603-6607, please register the serial number label that is attached on the unit, not the serial number label attached to the box. If you run into further registration issues, please contact our support team with a support ticket at We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.
  9. Hi I have just bought a new Line6 Pod Studio UX2. I have not yet unpacked it. I read here that there is a problem with registration. Does this mean that I will not yet be able to use it? I am wary of opening the box unless I am sure it will work. I had that problem with a similar device from another manufacturer, and ended up have to return it to the shop before buying this one. It looks on paper to be exactly what I need. I am a guitarist/composer writing and recording music for television and radio. I also play and record jazz and blues for my own pleasure or in the hope that a record company may release it. I have played live in my own bands at the Bracknell Jazz Festival in Berkshire, UK. I play acoustic and electric guitars and have a good condenser mic for acoustic instruments. Thank you. Neville
  10. Hello Line 6 community, I recently received the Line 6 UX2 POD studio as a gift. I previously had the GX POD on a different system and decided it was time to step up. After updating all my drivers and having everything up to date, I was still a little peeved that I could only have access to the same amp models as when I had my GX. I had updated my POD farm to the latest version, un-installed, and did it again with no luck. I was able to run my pod setup through my DAW (I use reaper) and record, I even put out a track to test the new hardware. However, today after a session crash I was afraid that I blew it, because the lights on the level meters would not turn on. After rebooting, the POD worked again but I decided it was time to get my amp models. Then, I ran the License Manager. I had previously registered my device through the line 6 site. After running the license manager and registering my product and my computer, I opened my pod farm to find all my missing tones! However, now my UX2 POD was not picking up any signal. I would plug in my speakers and see the two level meters register, but my POD farm still was not recognizing signal from my guitar. I rebooted my comp, and now my POD studio doesn't register a thing. TL:DR; UX2 POD studio worked fine prior to running the License Manager from Line 6 Monkey. Now I can't get POD farm to recognize my guitar signal. -Chuck
  11. Hello, I own a UX2 and I have used this incredible device with my old windows machine, and also with an old Mac machine. After buying a new macbook pro and using this as my primary machine, I found a issue: When I try to open the pod farm program I see a popup that said that there is a valid license but I need to run the license manager program. This is happening every time that I open the pod farm so is kind of annoying. Anyone have some clue on how to get rid of this popup? Thanks! P.S.: I attach some screenshots.
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