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Found 10 results

  1. HELP... I've been having these ridiculous drop out issues with my G10TII (POD GO Wireless) at ridiculously short distances (7'/2m) lately. I've already downloaded the 2.0 version for the PGW, but if anything, the condition has worsened a little bit. I charge the unit to full and then put it back on its socket before I head to a gig. Then I set up my gear and do the charging/recognizing process again (white circle, then blue volt on display), before I start playing. Issue's still there. What's next? Getting really desperate/frustrated here. :( Mon C.
  2. Hey, I have been having this same problem.. Bought the G10S2 / G10T2 (matched).. the older G10S1/T1 I bought 1 extra battery (T2).. I have a Spider V 240HC with the G10T1 transmitter. works great with the G10S1 & S2.. It chargers after blinking RED then turns GREEN ready to use. The T2 that came with the S2 blinks RED but never turns GREEN.. But what is really weird.. ALL 3 batteries I have T1, T2 and new T2/S2 battery when plugged into any guitar in the studio will show GREEN.. even the bad battery and no indication it's charging in the S2.. Perplexing.. Talking to Line 6 customer support right now.. and they want the unit back to examine and troubleshoot it... I've had this unit 3 days, and it was the second one, I sent the older one back to Sweetwater (great company), they sent the new one.. Same issues were starting to happen on the S1.. Line 6 told me i should update the firmware, after I did this per Line 6 instructions.. I followed them to the letter, and that older unit quit charging... IMHO.. I believe the S2 firmware is defective because now the real G2 (new) is behaving exactly like the S1 with the S2 update. Any one else seen this problem?? very curious.. this is a great sounding wireless system.. it is so sad this is now happening and the older S1 is no longer available.. the S1 WILL charge the T2, but the S2 seems to have serious issues.. not much on the web about this.. I hope this forum has some ideas. Patiently but Eagerly waiting for ideas and comments on this issue. Thanks in advance.. forum-teers.>.. Byl.S. Oregon
  3. So the mods apparently deleted my previous post asking for battery replacement.. What do they thing I'm supposed to do when the battery dies? Throw it in the garbage can? What do I do now that the Relay G10 bettery is dead, and Line6 says we are not allowed to swap the battery?
  4. Does anybody know what kind of battery I need? Can I buy one that does not have a protection circuit board in it, just so I don't have to pry it open dangerously? Link me a good battery you know of, preferably in Europe close to me in Norway. I'd be grateful
  5. Am I the only one having problems downloading the Relay G10 Safety Updates? I get so far then I get a note saying there are no udates........
  6. I can not speak English because I am a foreigner. I wrote using Google Translator. Good morning. I am using FIVE O pickup now. The instrument uses an ukulele. The pickup uses a 3v CR2032 battery. When this pickup is connected, white noise is generated. There are two instruments equipped with this pickup, but they all have the same symptoms. Other passive pickups did not have this symptom. There was also no noise in the fishman pickup installed on the guitar. The Fishman pickup used a 9v battery. I want to remove this noise. ↓ five-O pick up Noise T^T
  7. Call for help! How can I successfully use the Relay G10 transmitter in my guitar.? The guitar has a mono 6.5mm ( ¼" ) socket - but the G10 has a ¼" 'stereo' jack. When the G10 is connected to the guitar there is no sound. However when the G10 is connected to a newer (Taylor) guitar it works perfectly. I have seen a suggestion to use a mono to mono (TS to TS) ¼ to ¼ adaptor - but this does not make sense to me; and I cannot find a suitable adaptor to buy 1 Can anyone suggest how I can successfully and safely connect the 'stereo jack' on the G10 to a 'mono socket' on my guitar so that the G10 works? that is - what are the correct wiring connections needed? Is the G10 jack a true 'stereo' connection (wiring) or is the 'ring' on the jack plug used for some other purpose? [ I would have thought that the jack plug (for a guitar) is only mono, so I do not know what is the purpose of the ' ring' on the jack plug. Can the ' ring ' connection be: ignored; or bypassed; or bridged to the ' tip '? Cheers Colin
  8. The Relay G10 is a great product and I use it all the time on guitar and bass in my electric band and on acoustic guitar in my bluegrass band, but I'm constantly having to hang a separate DI box off of it so I can attach a tuner stomp box or a volume pedal. A simple insert point jack or effects loop would solve this problem and make the Relay G10 even more irreplaceable! How about it? -=Peter=-
  9. Well, since this is the second G10 Relay that I've had(I had to return the first one because it stopped charging after a couple of weeks) I'm beginning to become somewhat of an expert on the problems that this pesky (but promising) little unit is having. But first let me say, I don't think it's Line 6's problem, per se, but, rather, the manufacturer's fault (perhaps if you gave them a raise to say, 12 cents an hour, they would put more effort into your products?). Tonight I was raving about my G10 Relay to a guitarist friend of mine, but when I took it out of the charger to demonstrate it, the end cap and plastic sleeve came off!. We both tried to put it back together again because the end cap looks like it should just snap on. However, no luck. It doesn't look like it was ever glued on, but, if that's what it will take so that I don't have to return yet another one of these, that would be fine by me. Or, even better, do I really need the sleeve and end cap? I use it maybe every two weeks and only in my home studio so it's never been used in "live" situations and it's still in perfect condition (well, theoretically anyway). I've been using Line 6 products for at least a decade now and, for the most part, have been happy with them. So, all in all it was good evening--I was looking forward to doing some recording with my guitar (which I can't do now) and, I was enthusiastically extolling the praises of your wireless system, only to have it fall apart in my hands. Thanks Line 6! OK all you tireless Forum Supporters out there, I look forward to your answers or perhaps yet another RMA invoice in my email inbox. Take care everyone and, if they ever get these problems sorted out, this will be a great product (or, alternatively, I will be dead, in which case it won't matter anymore : )
  10. Hey there, I didn't find any open topic in this matter - so maybe someone here can help me out. I recently bought an Amplifi TT and a G10 (Relay) to not need to have a cable through my living room. I connected the G10 to the Amplifi via XLR to Guitar-in Jack, and the Amplifi via RCA/Chinch to my AV-Receiver. The latency must be around 10ms or more, so it's really impossible to play. I know the G10 from "regular amp use" and I never experienced a latency like this. Would be glad, if someone here can provide some ideas. Thanks'n'best, Andreas
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