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  1. Hello everyone. I have a problem with firehawk Fx. When I connect to the Remote app, it is in the mix for a few minutes and then says "Firehawk Remote app has lost its data conection to thr device". Tried to use another phone - did not help. What I need to do?
  2. OK, LIne6, I get it. You are extraordinarily enamored with your red/black color scheme for the Amplifi product line. For sure, that is good marketing and instantly identifies the product. Nice touch. Understood. However, are you really foresworn to push those colors all the way through the entire Amplifi Remote app, completely oblivious to the problem of user ergonomics? Even when text is involved? You have got to be kidding. Form trumps function to the max here. No design class I ever have attended has suggested that black type on a dark red background in 3 point size is great ergonomics. You literally cannot read anything, for goodness sake! Even when the screen is saved and enlarged, you still cannot read the text! The problem is acute at the top of the screen with the tabs within a mode, and the bottom of the screen with the app modes themselves. Look. I love your Amplifi product. I actually love the remote app in general. But I am begging Line6 on my knees for a better Amplifi Remote screen color layout on the iPhone. No black text on dark red background in 3 point type! If we just have to have the dark red background, please change the text color to white or yellow or something that is actually readable! And can you please enlarge that point size just a bit in most fields throughout the app? I love your app, but using the app for more than a few minutes is driving me crazy and blind on the iPhone. The user interface can be better. Don't let form trump function in such a non-sensical way for visual ergonomics.
  3. Hi, I still have a device with iOS7 installed. Using some little (but official) workaround in iTunes, I managed to download and install the Amplifi Remote App v.2.10. Since I believe that the current firmware 2.50 for Amplifi TT runs only with app versions 2.13 and later, I have the following question: Do NEW Amplifi TTs already come with firmware 2.50 pre-installed? (I just bought one, but it's still in the box.) I just want to know if I could run into any trouble. If they DO come with 2.50 pre-installed, would there be a way to install an earlier firmware version? If they do NOT come with 2.50 pre-installed, which firmware version is the LATEST one that works with app v.2.10? Best, Thomas
  4. Hi. Just bought an Amplifi FX100 and tried to download the Remote app onto my iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2, which is a config that all spec sheets declare as OK. Surprise! The only version now present on the App Store is 2.12, which can only be installed on iPhones running iOS 8.2. More surprises! iOS 8.2 can only be installed on iPhone 5 and later! Result: I can't use my brand-new FX100 without changing my smartphone to a newer and more expensive one. Question: does anyone know where to find an older version of the Remote app (and how to install it without the App Store or iTunes)? Thanks.
  5. I use a 10" Android tablet on stage, mounted conveniently on my mic stand. It's loaded with all the band's music (40+ arrangements (and getting bigger), chords and lyrics). This needs just a touch to move from one song page to the next. I also have a Line 6 Spider IV 75 amp which has several different tones in the user banks for different songs. Even though I have set the amp up as efficiently as possible in the set running order, it's a pain (and unprofessional) turning my back to the audience to change the setting - more so when the amp is on the backline and I'm at the front of the stage. I've thought about using one of the FBV boards but I think this would be almost as bad as I'd be always staring down at the floor to change the amp settings. With the release of the new Amplifi TT, which, I gather, has wireless connectivity, I was wondering if, with a suitable app, the Amplifi TT could be mounted on top of, and used in conjunction with the SpiderIV so that I could control the amp tone settings from the tablet. Ideally, I'd want an icon on the song page that I could just touch and which would remotely change the amp to the required tone setting. Can this be done with the Amplifi TT connected to a Spider IV? If not, how could it be done?
  6. Hello everybody, and mainly to the staff team, since this question is about future developement of the Remote app. I'm a Pod X3 user and the "jam along" function is something that i really missed... this is why I am giving a serious look at the Amplifi TT. I installed the remote app on my tablet, and checked the "music library" section. As I see, and as confirmed in the FAQ, the file library must be "local", no way to access a NAS via standard media servers (using standard DLNA protocol) Do you plan to add a feature like this one on the remote app? Because it would be a HUGE step forward in the home/studio environment integration. :-) This "limitation" is the only thing that keeps me from running to the local store and buy one Amplifi TT! Thanks in advance! And thanks for the awesom stuff you always bring to us rig enthusiasts
  7. AMPLIFi Remote App Release Notes: AMPLIFi Remote for Android app v2.00.0 First public release of AMPLIFi Remote for Android AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v2.00.0 Minor bug fixes Support for new firmware device names that now include _75, _150, and _FX100. AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.30 Bug fixes for iOS 8.0 compatibility. AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.21.1 Improved user experience for FX100 firmware update. Ability to use the application without user login. Bug fixes. AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.20 Optional firmware update for AMPLIFi 75/150 bringing access to 100 preset locations. FBV Express MKII and FBV Shortboard MKII are not supported. AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.10 Tone sharing via Facebook. AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.01.1 Share tones via Twitter from within AMPLIFi Remote. Easily search tones on the Line 6 cloud from the main menu. More easily save preset metadata by choosing from pre-defined values. Get tone match results that include My Tones, even when offline. My Tones and Favorites are grouped to improve navigation. My Tones now includes Factory Presets to help start your tone collection. Expand/collapse groups of tones in your Tone Match results. Favorites can now be un-favorited. Numerous usability enhancements. Bug fixes. AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.00.1 Bug fixes and UI improvements. AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.00 Initial Release.
  8. When [if] will we get android pad remote option??? :huh: I don't wan't to have to buy an ipad, I have a mac book pro why can't I use it or when will I be able to use it or my android? somebody in cahoots??? :o LOL just kidding ;) seriously though is it even on the table before I drop another $400-$500 bucks?!?!?!? I guess what I mean is if there is not ever any intention on Line 6's part to do so I will get an ipad but this is the only reason I would. :( also will a 1st gen ipad work? I've seen them for $150...
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