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  1. Bottom line, my expression pedal on my Helix Floor unit came loose after I'd bought it 2nd hand and had it for only a few weeks! Tightening via the bolt on the side using an allen key only holds it until the pedal is used again and if I tighten any more it'll break parts, it already squeaks when I tighten it enough to hold briefly. After some digging, it seems replacing the washers on the pedal assembly might fix the issue. Looks straight forward. However, I'm getting so little help getting a part. I've been told I can send the unit for repair which will cost £60 + postage just for a diagnosis plus whatever repair/parts costs. There is a kit for sale but I can't buy it anywhere here in the UK and after a couple of emails to Full Compass, I was eventually told they are not allowed to ship to the UK and I'd have to find it locally...which doesn't exist. The kit is $5 ( I'm not about to spend what ...£100+ to have some washers changed which I can do myself very easily. To add insult, these parts, in the UK, have a lead time of 3-4 months so I'd have to send my unit off for 4 months?!?!? I'm a full time musician, I need this to work! I've just spent £1000 to buy the thing. I was directed to Sontec for parts in the UK but again, lead times are 3-4 months and would cost £22 HOWEVER there is a "minimum" order amount that would have to be paid (exact amount was not given) so who the hell knows how much it'd actually cost, not to mention they came back with the parts list I gave them and said in very confusing fashion that some parts numbers are "superseded to the same parts number, sorry I'm not allowed to give these out" which is not only confusing as I don't know what "superseded to the same parts number" means but massively unhelpful to not be able to have the actual part numbers. They also, apparently, aren't able to get certain parts which I may or may not even need. Basically I just need the washer kit as per the link above. Am I really going to get no help from Line 6 here?! This is incredibly distressing, I can't afford to throw away money on repairs that should cost so little and I CERTAINLY can't afford to go out and buy another unit! Any help from anyone here would be massively appreciated as Line 6/Full Compass/Sontec are of very little use unfortunately. PLEASE HELP. Anyone in the US maybe that could order the kit and send it to me, I'd pay full cost plus a little extra. Also attached a pic of the pedal assembly and parts numbers if anyone would like to see.
  2. The Spider V20 MkII isn't working properly. The lights on the amp turn off immediately after turning the device on and it won't connect to the guitar, doesn't get recognized by any of the Line 6 updater and crashes the spider app. Update: I managed to update it to 2.0 but the amp won't restart automatically. The FX buttons started shining blue in passing but we don't know what to do next.
  3. If you are having trouble with your DL-4 MkII stompbox modeler, please try the following: - Use a different guitar, cables, and amp to make sure they are individually working correctly. - Remove all other pedals between your instrument and the amplifier. Ensure that: - The cables you are using to test work correctly by plugging directly from the instrument into the amplifier. - All jacks and nuts on the pedal are tight. - The unit is receiving sufficient power from the correct power supply (fresh batteries or a Line 6 DC-3g, DC-3h or DC-1g). Do not use old batteries to test pedals. - Reset the pedal by pressing the A and 'Tap' footswitches while inserting the power connector and powering on. Continue to hold the switches for approximately 8 seconds, until you see the green LEDs light up. - The last thing to try is to reinstall the firmware. Go to, choose "DL4 MkII" and "Firmware" from the menus, then follow the directions listed with the latest firmware entry. If you are still having difficulty you will need to have the unit repaired at an Authorized Service Center. All Line 6 Pedals carry a 12 month parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase from an Authorized Retailer. Please take a copy of the dated proof of purchase to ensure the warranty is covered. Product Repair Line 6 Product Warranty
  4. Friends, hello everyone! I am writing to you via Google translator, since English is not my native language. So, I have a Line 6 Amplifi 150 guitar amp. It worked well enough and I didn't expect any problems. Installed the latest firmware 2.60 and everything worked fine. After a couple of months, the amplifier suddenly, when turned on, went into the mode of simultaneous blinking of four LEDs. Sometimes they just blinked, and sometimes they burned constantly. I reset the amplifier to factory settings by holding down two buttons - volume and tap, and after that everything worked until the next failure. The last such failure permanently disabled the amplifier. I decided to try to fix the problem on my own, since there was no desire to pay several hundred dollars for repairs. I carefully disassembled the back wall and, having disconnected the wires, removed the entire rear module. The power supply board is located on the bottom of the amplifier. It has a 220 volt input and the following voltages output on the front eight-pin connector. Pin 1: +8 Volt (For powering the motherboard) Pin 2: Ground Pin 3: +19 Volt (For powering the satellite speaker amplifier) Pin 4: Ground Pin 5: -19 Volts (For powering the satellite speaker amplifier) Pin 6: +48 Volt (For powering the center speaker amplifier) Pin 7: Ground Pin 8: -48 Volts (For powering the center speaker amplifier) I checked the voltage data with a multi-meter and made sure the power supply is working. After that, I carefully peeled off the glue from the Micro SD card and pulled it out of the slot. 4 GB card. I turned on the amplifier without a card, nothing happened. I put the card back in and turned on the amplifier again, but it didn't work. And then I decided to replace the card with another and reflash it again. I only had 16 GB at hand, I pulled out the old card, inserted a new one, and holding down two buttons Tap and Tone turned on the power. The amplifier has entered the firmware installation mode. After that I installed the latest firmware 2.60. The installation went well, there were no problems. After installation, I reset by holding down the Volume and Tap buttons, and the amplifier turned on to its normal mode. Everything worked. But now periodically, not very often, but sometimes several times the amplifier independently during operation resets to the factory settings and turns on again. At the same time, LEDs 1 and 4 light up (only 1 and 4). They blink several times and a reset occurs. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll figure it out. Perhaps the system does not like the SD card, and I need to install 4 or 8 GB. Maybe bad cables or bad contact somewhere. I will say one thing, I have not yet met such an so expensive, unstable lollipop. Build quality and components are terrible. What the sound is lollipop, what the amplifier is lollipop. I was fooled by the high-tech design. Good luck to everyone, guys, if I can find out anything else, I'll write here.
  5. Hi Years ago a strap gave way and the body of my beloved Variax Bass hit the floor. Not too hard but any is too much. I'm pretty sure the next time I plugged it in, it did not work. It was years ago but i'm pretty sure the drop did it. I just set my gear up and tried it again in case I overlooked something. Still no sound, Just a green light on the bass and xps-DI. Is there something easy that may have come loose that I can spot and fix inside? If not, who can repair this for me in NYC please? Thanks, Tony
  6. Hi All Do we have any POD repair experience on this forum? My POD 2 (FBV) is flashing a particular sequence on start-up and the voltage on the DC regulators is oscillating up and down. Interestingly, if I put into Test mode and run all the tests it has stable DC voltages and passes most of them bar the potentiometer range tests. Any help appreciated from anyone who has done low-level POD circuit troubleshooting. Cheers
  7. Does anyone know of a dependable repair shop that can fix a Pod X3 Live? Moving up to the Helix would be great , but there are sounds in the X3 that the Helix doesn't have. And our songs are dependent on those sounds. Also there's that " Helix not quite in the budget right now" thing. p.s. A shop in the Chicago area would be the best. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have a G70 receiver that I had stopped using a couple years back because of dropout issues. I recently picked up a couple of G75's that I use for backline stuff, and they also had dropout issues, but started working acceptably once I did the most recent firmware updates. So I circled back to the G70 unit, hoping I could update it as well and get some better performance out of it, but when I attached the USB cable to it, the updater wouldn't see it. I noticed that the cable felt kind of loose, so I opened the unit up and can see that the micro USB connector has largely detached itself from the PCB inside (see photo). Is this repairable? Will Line6 repair these or does anyone know of an aftermarket solution to have this repaired? The unit is basically non-updatable without this port. I did update the transmitter but I suspect both would need to be updated to see better performance.
  9. Hi, I've got a Verbzilla pedal which misses all the four bolts in the back of the chassis. I've tried different sizes but no one fits in. Could someone tell me which kind of bolt/screw (shape, length, size, etc.) these pedals need? Thanks.
  10. About 6 months ago a friend asked if I could re-tube and bias the new tubes in his DT50 amp, once he bought the tubes. He said that the amp was making a crackling sound and he had not had the tubes replace since he had bought the amp 3 or 4 years ago (I believe that was the timeframe). I said I could do that for him even though I'm not an amp repair tech but I do have an Electronics Technology degree and had done the same on my Carvin amp last year. He finally got around last week to bringing me the amp and new tubes but now said there was no sound at all coming out. Hopefully replacing the tubes would do the trick, he had both the power tubes and preamp tubes. So I replaced all 4 of the tubes last night but still no sound, sort of. Here is what I have observed. All of the new tubes 'light' up except for 1 of the preamp tubes (V4??). The preamp tube furthest from the guitar input, farthest to the right looking from the front of the amp, does not light up at all or even get warm. I warmed the amp up for about 30 minutes and I rotated through all of the switch settings (Class A / AB, Pentode/ Triode, the 4 amp switch settings, above Pentode/Triode ), still the tube does not light up. I can get a very small amount of sound to come out if I turn up all of the knob settings to 10, including the channel volume and Master volume. I cleaned all of the tube sockets before putting the new tubes in place. I ohmed the offending preamp tube socket pins, front to back, and I'm getting continuity. I also checked the 2 on board fuses and they are good as well as the power fuse on the back of the amp for grins, it's good as well. The output transformer is cool to the touch, not sure if it gets warm or not. Any thoughts as to what might be going on? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm in need of some help desperately and was hoping someone could give me an idea or two. I got a used Spider III 15 W amp today. It was advertised as needing repair or having a problem. When you turn the amp on you hear nada. The only time you hear anything is on the metal channel and it is an extremely faint noise. I have tried both the channel volume and the master volume trying to turn them about half way and ended up maxing them both out with no change at all. The speaker doesn't crackle or give any signs of a busted speaker. I did take a look at the speaker and board and physically nothing looks off. Anyone ever have any problems like this with any amp, including this one? I hope I can get it to working. Thanks. Any additional info I can add later. Wanted to update on what else has gone on. I tried to swap out the speakers thinking maybe the speaker had blown but that is not the case. I have been informed elsewhere that it is likely a circuit board problem so was wondering if anyone could point in the right direction. At this point I'm likely going to go seek someones help at a store or just leave it alone. Sucks to have just got an amp today that I can't even use
  12. My 10 year old POD XT LIVE died ... I played a gig with it one day and it was dead the next. Here is a video I made when I discovered what was wrong with it..
  13. LINE 6 HELIX/HX SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM FAQ (US ONLY) Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service. General warranty information can be found at WHO QUALIFIES FOR THE HELIX/HX EXTENDED WARRANTY? Customers who purchased a Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT processor, Helix Control pedal, HX Effects or HX Stomp in the United States and have a copy of the original purchase receipt qualify for the extended warranty. WHY IS THE EXTENDED WARRANTY OFFERED TO U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY? Warranties are set by Line 6 distributor partners, and Line 6 currently only distributes in the U.S. WHEN I TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF THE U.S., DOES ADVANCE REPLACEMENT AND FREE SHIPPING APPLY? At this time, Advance Replacement and free shipping is only offered in the U.S. I BOUGHT MY HELIX/HX USED. DO I QUALIFY? It depends on if the original owner gave you a copy of his receipt. As is policy for all Line 6 products, if you have a copy of the original receipt, the original warranty coverage will transfer to the new owner. A receipt from when you bought it used from a store, either physical or online, is not a qualifying receipt. I BOUGHT MY HELIX/HX AS A B-STOCK/BLEM/SCRATCH AND DENT. DO I QUALIFY? No, these products do not qualify for Advance Replacement or Extended Warranty. IF I SELL MY HELIX/HX, WILL MY EXTENDED WARRANTY TRAVEL WITH IT? Yes, the policy can be transferred to the new owner. Contact Line 6 Customer Support with the buyer's Line 6 user name and email address to arrange the transfer. WHAT IS THE CURRENT HELIX/HX WARRANTY? The current warranty is one year from the date of purchase. The warranty is extended to two years if the unit is registered within the first year of ownership. WHAT ARE THE FEATURES OF THE LINE 6 SERVICE PLUS PROGRAM? After the factory warranty expires, it can be extended one year at a time up to three times. The program offers: · Advanced Replacement ($49.99/year) o Includes free one business day shipping (U.S. only) of a loaner unit to the customer and free return shipping of the loaner from the customer to Line 6. The loaner is not returned until the customer receives the repaired unit. This option is available at any time, regardless of warranty status. · Level 1 ($99.99/year for Helix, $59.99/year for HX products) o One additional year of warranty coverage o 100% parts & labor coverage for materials and workmanship failures. o Free UPS Ground shipping to and from Line 6 o Must be purchased while under factory or extended warranty. · Level 2 ($149.99/year for Helix, $79.99/year for HX products) o Includes all Level 1 offerings PLUS: o Advanced Replacement Support, which includes free one business day shipping (U.S. only) of a loaner unit to the customer and free return shipping of the loaner from the customer to Line 6. The loaner is not returned until the customer receives the repaired unit. o Expedited repair Turnaround Time (go to the front of the line) o Must be purchased while under factory or extended warranty. HOW DOES THIS DIFFER FROM THE EXTENDED WARRANTY THAT I HAVE FROM MY RETAILER? Helix/HX owners are dealing directly with Line 6 staff and technicians from start to finish. Our only interest is to get you back to making music ASAP. HOW DO I BUY THE HELIX/HX SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY? The Helix/HX Service Plus Extended Warranty can only be purchased through our web store at CAN I BUY MULTIPLE YEARS OF COVERAGE AT ONCE? Currently, an extra year of coverage can be obtained one year at a time, up to three times. The coverage can be obtained at any time during the current factory period or during an extended warranty period. WHEN CAN I BUY/RENEW AN EXTENDED WARRANTY POLICY? You can buy or renew anytime until 30 days after the current warranty, be it the factory warranty or an extended warranty, expires. The warranty must be continuously in effect in order for another year of coverage to be purchased, with a 30-day grace period available at the end of each warranty period. CAN I BUY LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 IN A SINGLE TRANSACTION? Yes, you can. You can buy one of each Service Plus product in a single transaction. Keep in mind that in this case, we may contact you to determine which policy should apply to which registered product. WHY AM I NOT SEEING ALL THE SERVICE PLUS ITEMS THAT I PUT IN MY CART ADDED TO MY ACCOUNT? Each transaction is subject to review. Our staff needs to ensure that you own qualifying, registered gear. If there is an issue with your order, our staff will email or call you and discuss how to resolve it. IS ADVANCED REPLACEMENT HONORED EVEN WITHOUT A WARRANTY? Yes, it is. Advance Replacement simply ensures that your downtime is minimized if your Helix needs repair. WILL YOU PRO-RATE REFUNDS FOR STANDALONE ADVANCED REPLACEMENT POLICIES PURCHASED MID-YEAR THAT ROLL INTO A LEVEL TWO PLAN? Yes, just contact Line 6 Customer Service for help with that. HOW DO I CONTACT LINE 6 CUSTOMER SUPPORT WITH MORE QUESTIONS? By calling 818-575-3600 and selecting Option 2, or creating a Customer Support ticket at
  14. As you know, we have put a great deal of focus on our customer service/support and communication over the last couple of years. We have set very high expectations for ourselves when it comes to turning around Helix issues and repairs and striving for best-in-class service in general. Today, we are announcing two new US-only service products: Helix Service Plus extended Factory service plan (two options). Helix Advance Replacement. This is a product that allows you to buy coverage by the year and if your Helix should require service, you will have a loaner unit sent next business day anywhere in the continental US in advance of your repair. Because we only distribute directly in the US that is the only region we can offer these products. As we just crossed the two-year mark since first customer shipment, there are a wave of US Helix units just coming out of warranty and we will be emailing those customers with this offer (we will continue to automatically email you as your warranty expires). Now you can have up to five years of coverage for your Helix; two years free with registration and up to three additional years purchased after that. We put a lot of thought into just how critical Helix has become to many of our customers and we do not take that lightly. We want you to rest easy knowing that we are here if you need us. Please follow the link to find out more and read the FAQs. Let us know what you think! Line 6 Customer Support
  15. Both of my straps on my Helix backpack have broken at the bottom of the bag. The only things I am carrying in the backpack is the floorboard, the power cable, and 2 instrument cables! Has anyone else had this problem? I would like to think it could hold the weight of the product it was designed for. Please let me know. I took it to a couple local seamsters, but they said they couldn't fix it. Thanks!
  16. If your Helix pedal squeaks or is loose and using the Allen wrench won't help, DON'T spray anything into your Helix. Instead, see this article's instructions and video: Please be aware that this is NOT for the Helix LT.
  17. Please I have a sonic port. Yesterday i connected a guitar via aux(1/8 plug) in because i didn't have a cable with 1/4 plug. Sonic port fell down from a table on side the side where the cables are connected. I found out that the jack has developed a fault (loose soldering joint, i think). When i connect the aux -in cable, it doesn't work; i have to exert small pressure before signal can travel from the guitar to the sonic port. i think some soldered joints on the jack have broken. I have background in basic soldering and electronics so wanted to fix it myself. I tried to open sonic port to fix the soldering but it would not open. I'm in Ghana and shipping to Line 6 for this small fix would be meaningless. Please help me.
  18. My Amplify 75 is dead. No lights ,no sound. There is a faint click when I turn it on and a faint boom when I turn it off. That is all. It happened as my son inserted the headphone plug in the back and then it just died... I have opened it up and peeked inside (without detaching any cables). I don't see anything strange (e.g. no burn marks as I can see). I was hoping to find a fuse but did not find any. Does anyone here know if there where the fuse are? (I guess there most be some kind of fuse in it). No warranty left, so I just can't send it in. Does anyone have any clue what could have happened? Is there something I can do to save it or is the only thing to do to find an authorized reapair shop? I wonder if anyone has experienced anyting like this and have any suggestion what it can be. Happy for all the help I can get. Thanks; Per
  19. HI! I have a problem with my line 6 spider IV 30 watts. When I connected to the electricity It doesn't turn on, but sometimes It only turn on some lights (channel, presents) but if you connected a guitar it doesn't sound anything. I tried to restarted but I doesnt work.
  20. Hey, The output capacitors/inductor of my pod xt live got burned. I need to know the value of them, they are from the left output and their name is burned too but the ones on the right output should be the same. So, I need the values of this capacitors/inductors: C25 L4 C26. Or do I need to spend good money to let somebody from the service change them for me? Why are the schematic not available on the net? :) Anyone got a clue? ;) Regards Fabio
  21. Problem: While playing recently, my DT-25 suddenly dropped volume significantly and had a slight burning smell. I figured it was a tube(s) going out, so I bought some new ones and replaced them, but when I went to bias them, they were super low! Instead of the 25 (+/-3), they were around 7-8. I turned the bias, but then the weirdest thing happened - any turn up would start an unstoppable climb to 40-50, then it would suddenly kick down to 14 or less. It would stay that way until I turned the bias up again, and then the same thing every time. I checked the fuse, but it seems intact. Since power was going to the tubes, I figure it can't be that anyway. I may be wrong, but I suspected it may be kicking into Low-Volume mode as a safety feature. Any idea what's going on? How do I fix this?
  22. I am hoping someone can help me figure out what capacitor this is exactly (see attached) so I can have a friend take a shot at getting this one out of the unit and putting a new one in. Clearly its a SAMXON 3300uF16v still I can't seem to find anything exact and or I don't trust my own judgement. If anyone knows a good site or vendor to order this from it would be much appreciated. I'm not sure if this can even be fixed. The unit works but the screen flashes arbitrarily to different editing parameters i haven't called up. It goes back and forth to the patch number and these editing parameters. The sound stays the same though? I am clueless. Truly. I do my editing via the software anyway but I don't want the unit to go completely down. Thanks ej
  23. Brand new to this forum; hello! I apologize if this has been addressed- I did a search and found nothing. I just bought a Spider IV75 on Craigslist and after getting it home discovered the presets knob is only working intermittently, and is loose in the cabinet. Has anyone here replaced this component, and how big of a headache is it? This isn't the worst thing in the world; I got the MKII shortboard as well for a pretty good deal so I can still deep edit with a pc (preferred anyway), but it would be nice to do it on the fly if needed. Thanks in advance!
  24. Has anyone replaced the LCD screen, how hard was it to do? Any help would be appreciated. All the repair quotes I have gotten are pretty high. Also is it possible to buy the frame/bezel that goes over the lcd.
  25. The carry handle/strap on my amp has come adrift. The nut holding it in place on one side has worked itself loose and is now inside my amp. The handle is now useless. In order to repair it I need to get inside but don't know the easiest way to do it. Can anyone offer any help/advice please? :)
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