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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Both kickstands on my powercab plus 212 are broken. Very heavy weight fell on the amp when tilted and they snapped. Currently patched up with gaffs tape and superglue but that won’t hold Anyone know where I can order replacements? Think they are the same as on StageSource L2M and L2T Any help welcome cheers
  2. JTV-69 Tremolo arm Diameter: 5.5mm JTV-69 Tremolo arm thread pitch: M4-.07 Applicable replacements: Gotoh A7: Wilkinson / Gotoh VS-100: Variax Standard Tremolo arm Diameter: 5.5mm Variax Standard Tremolo arm thread pitch: M5-.08
  3. Hi everybody, I've had a JTV-89F for 5 years, among several other Line 6 products that I own and enjoy, and after I learned how to set it up correctly in Workbench HD I've always been happy with it. Together with my POD HD500 first and my Helix Floor now it's my guitar-equivalent of a gold plated Leatherman tool. My problem at the moment is that after 5 years of sweaty and sometimes beery gigs the piezo pickups are starting to fail. There's no visible corrosion anywhere and the powder coating held up surprisingly well, but humidity might very well have deteriorated them internally anyway. I've swapped the piezo connections around to check, and the volume problem follows the piezos, so at least I know the board should be fine. With the individual pickup volumes in Workbench HD all over the place now, when they used to be pretty close when it was new, I'm unfortunately at a point were I can't gig it anymore. And I indeed do miss those instant 12 strings, acoustics and alternate tunings. Instant Nashville tuning, anybody? It made my life so much easier, and it messes with the head of so many people asking themselves who's playing what that it's a lot of extra fun to play a Variax on stage too, lol. I've already tried to clean the piezo inserts and the contacts to the board with a good quality no-residue contact cleaner, used sparingly, reseated the saddles on the trem plate, and I change my strings quite regularly, but no joy. So I was wondering if any of you peeps went through the experience of replacing their piezo pickups on a JTV-89F, especially if it was the individual piezo inserts, and if they could share the details with me. Forewarned is forearmed after all. I've already found a set of complete Graph Tech saddles online but they're quite pricey, and I'm almost positive that it's possible to replace just the piezo inserts on the Graph Tech Floyd, as I remember reading about it somewhere in at least two separate occasions. I'm also almost positive that I've already seen this exact same question asked and answered, possibly here or probably in another forum, but I couldn't find it anywhere anymore. If anybody, and I was thinking about dear Mr Sarkissian in particular, has an exact part number and possibly an European vendor from whom to order them online to suggest it would make my day. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Keep on rocking.
  4. Hi, i'm using x3 live. I replaced u17, u18, u19, u20 to oap2134ua and opa4134u. After replacement, i touched u18, the opa4134ua was very hot and i could only hear noise from the headphone jack. U30(5va regulator) also was hot. Chip temperature was about 65°C. I think u18and u20 shorted, so i removed u18, u20 and i could heard guitar sound. And, +15V and -15V rail also shorted each other. But, u30(5va regulator) was still hot(65°C). is the regulator temperature normal?
  5. Hi, I've got a Verbzilla pedal which misses all the four bolts in the back of the chassis. I've tried different sizes but no one fits in. Could someone tell me which kind of bolt/screw (shape, length, size, etc.) these pedals need? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Hope someone can help... I recently bought a variax 500 - no problems with the guitar, powers fine by battery. The problem is that the A/B box does not supply power to the guitar. I suspect its because I have the wrong adapter - can anyone please confirm if its likely that? Symptoms: Plug in and the 1/4" and XLR lights operate fine Power lamp on the right does not illuminate. Plug in the guitar - no signal through to amp. Plug in guitar with battery - signal is fine. The adapter I got with the guitar: INPUT 230v ~/ 50hz/ 100ma and OUTPUT 5.2v=/ 1200ma I have seen that the line 6 power supply has a higher rated output - INPUT of 230z ~/ 50hz / 150mz and OUTPUT 9v=/ 2000ma 18va So, am I correct in thinking that the power supply I have is, at 7v output, just not hot enough and I need to buy an appropriate replacement? Many thanks! Craig
  7. The mp3 input jack of my amp was bent on the inside, so i picked up a new stereo jack and took it apart to find that the original jack had 5 contacts, while the ones i got from radioshack only had 3. Anybody know where I can get one that would work? any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi folks I've done a lot of searches but come up blank I think I have a blown speaker in my L3s It makes a horrible overloaded farty noise with the kick drum Levels and gain are fine I can't find any info on replacement drivers for these Does anyone know if there is a drop in replacement It's heavy and inconvenient to ship to a service centre for a fairly simple repair
  9. I have tried to find a cheap replacement neck for my Variax 300. My frets are worn. I don't want to spend more on a neck then the whole guitar is worth. I was looking for a modestly priced neck that would fit even with a little modification. I have found very little real information anywhere. Warmoth necks are expensive. I read that a Squier Bullet neck would fit. I bought one on ebay. Well I can tell you that without some serious sanding it will not and even then questionable. Wasted my money. I will attach pictures. Is there another neck that will fit that isn't large $$'s? The Bullet neck has no fretboard overhang. It is also a little too thick. It is useful to me to have a spare Variax for my work and I'm trying to keep this cheap. See pix below. The Variax 300 neck is the lighter shade rosewood. Since the measuring tape is curved look at the left of the tape for the accurate reading. The Variax neck looks to be 29/32's of an inch thick measured from top of fretboard. The Bullet is 15/16's of an inch. It is also too wide and will not fit. Thanks, if you can help.
  10. Hi there, I have the Pod X3 Pro. I have had what I believe to be the same issue in this legacy post - It did the pop thing and then died and didn't switch back on. So, as well out of the warranty, and I as I imagine costly to send to the nearest service centre in the UK, I decided to follow the advice on that post. Everything worked fine as expected.... I found the fuse OK, But - as per the image below it seems to state 2.5amp slo-blow fuse is required. However the moderator posted in that post to replace with a 1 amp slo blo fuse. So, I've scoured the web a little bit and it appears other people have mentioned 2amp fuses, 1.5 amp fuses as replacements etc for the x3 pro!... So, I am all confused now!! Which fuse should I use to replace with?? Frustratingly, I actually have a 1amp, a 2amp and a 3 amp slo blo fuse lying around,!! Just not a 2.5 amp one!!.... So, which should I use? One of the 1,2 or 3 amp ones - or look around to see if I can get a 2.5 amp one??. It seems a lot of work for a 50 pence fuse! ;-) Thank you in advance G.
  11. Hi Folks, I am in the process of replacing me JTV 69 neck and have been scouring the forums for pics, There seem to be a few threads out there and tricky to find so I thought i would start a thread where people who have done so in the past can post there pics . Two pics i found on this forum so far are below. They are not mine but thought it would be a start. Please take credit for them if they are yours :) Rosewood fingerboard was origional posted by snhirschand the Maple fingerboard was original posted by infor-bumeran and please, if you have replaced your neck do post some pics. I will certainly post some of mine when done!!! :)
  12. Greetings, I used to come here many years ago. I´ve revived my passion for music and my amp is currently in the repair shop. The technician tells me the main board need to be replaced since one of the processors is fully damaged. I was wondering if it would be possible to find the replacement somewhere. I´d apprecciate any help. Thanks in advance, Ron
  13. Hello, I broke my POD HD500X's display and I'm searching for a new display. I found a website called and they sell lots of parts for Line 6 products but I couldn't find the LCD display for the POD HD500X. Is there a place where I can buy it? I don't live in USA and there's no Line 6 service center in my country. I want to buy a new screen online and then replace it myself, please help me... I'm going craxy with the broken screen. It's not a big crack but still... It bothers me. It kinda goes away though, when the pod is on for like 10 minutes, when I turn it off it goes back to this. Thanks in advance, please excuse my english.
  14. Hello everyone. I had to travel to another city for a gig, I took my POD HD500X with me and unfortunately it fell to the ground. The corner hit the ground and the screen is broken, it's driving me crazy. Do you know what kind of lcd screen the POD HD500X uses and where can I buy it? (preferably online) Thank you in advance. Ps. Excuse my english.
  15. I recently purchased a used JTV-59. Of course it came with no battery charger or usb interface. After learning that the XTLive doesn't charge the battery, I googled a replacement charger. A user on one of these forums noted that the battery was similar to a Sony Handycam battery, model # NP-F570 camera. I just picked a charger up at the local batteries plus yesterday for $30. In stock and works great! Link: Also available much cheaper on Amazon: (I didn't wanna wait) Now, does anyone know if a generic Ethernet-to-USB adapter will work as a replacement for the USB interface? Thanks, T
  16. Hi, I've scoured the forums on this and I can't seem to find all the answers to my questions. I'm interested in doing a neck transplant for my JTV-69, its one of the earliest stock of the korean versions so it does have some issues with the neck. Its now out of warranty, so I am looking to make some improvements to the hardware but I don't want to effect the technology. I'm looking to replace with a standard fender neck but the ones I can find on ebay in the UK (which are sparse as I don't want to spend 000s on a new neck. One replacement neck I am looking at now has 21 frets whereas the standard neck on the 69 has 22. Does anyone know if you can transplant a 21 fret neck onto the jtv-69? Also I am interested in turning my HSS into an SSS, probably replacing all the pickups, if anyone has had any experience of this I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance. Chris
  17. Hello i have a problem with my Pod HD500, and any help would be appreciated. I have had my HD500 a little over 6 months now and im having a problem with two of my foot switches that are not reliable. It takes a good 10-20 presses to activate/deactivate these two switches, and somtimes i cannot get them to work at all. I am wondering if there are upgraded switches i can have installed? or maybe a way to repair my current ones? this seems to be a fairly common problem on the HD500. I see now the HD500X has fixed this problem... maybe there is a trade in deal? or possibly some way to upgrade to those switches? any help or info would be appreciated.
  18. Is there a way to get this knobs? i've been looking for this knobs at online store (including ebay) without luck, my Master Knob of my Spider IV fell off, a friend of mine loose it and is annoying. He told me he will buy it for me but i cant find it. Thanks
  19. 'sup all?! Does anyone know if replacment switches are available for the HD500? If so, where can I get them, I don't see them in the L6 store. Thanks!!!!
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