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Found 42 results

  1. I was wondering, for those of you who split your delay and/or reverb off onto a separate path, what percentage do you generally dial in ( A versus B ) on your split block? I have been varying it depending on the preset but I was wondering if anyone had any tips or "rules" they use to determine the best split values? I guess this is another way of asking about wet/dry routing. Sometimes I find the sound better through a simple super serial path with the entire signal routed through the delay and reverb (split is set to B 100% through the delay/reverb path and the mix parameter on delay/reverb is set to taste) and other times I find that sending some signal through direct and some to reverb sounds better (Even split or some ratio that sends signal bypassing the delay/reverb path as well as through the delay/reverb path).
  2. Still waiting for a "modulate" reverb like the Boss RV-5 has and is so super popular right now it's a wonder why it hasn't come yet. (hint, hint, L6).
  3. Very often you find basic setting in magazines. They advice to turn reverb knob to 5, 8 or whatever. When you open the reverb effect on the amplifi app you have at the minimum 3 or 5 different parameter. On the amplifi device you have reverb knob you turn it left to right (0 to 10) . What should do in the app to set sympli set the reverb to 5 ? What should i do with all those parameters ?
  4. Hi guys, I'm having a strange problem with my HD400. The thing is it randomly turns up or down any of the FX1, FX2, FX3 knobs of the "Smart FX" controls and the reverb knob too. It can be seen in the screen when it happens. I'm not quite sure what causes it, but I suspect that it has to do with the footswitches. Maybe hitting them a little harder than necessary causes this failure. Does anyone knows if it can be solved or fixed?
  5. I don't have an m9 but I am looking at getting one. Since there are two expression pedal inputs (I am not using it for a volume pedal or wah or anything), can I assign a pedal to control something such as reverb decay or mix?
  6. Just got my new HELIX and I'm loving it. One issue I'm having trouble with is figuring out how assign my reverb's mix parameter to the expression pedal. I play at my church and love the idea of being able to increase and decrease reverb mix quickly and easily without having to bend over and tweak my boss rv-5 like I've been doing. The issue seems to be that when I go into command center and assign the mix control to the expression pedal, the pedal will not only control the mix, but also the decay. Somehow both parameters are assigned to the controller. While it makes sense to pair these 2, I'd like to keep my decay long and just bring the mix down. Is this possible?
  7. Guest

    Firehawk Effects Blocks Basics

    Firehawk Effects Blocks Basics In the Firehawk Remote editor, there are 12 effects blocks that you can turn on and off, and assign different models and parameters to. Some of them can be dragged to different locations, some can't. Of these twelve blocks, only five of them can be assigned as: · Drives and Dynamics · Mods · Delays · Filters, Synths and Pitch A quick way to tell which three can be assigned these effects types is that they have a border around them: Notice Stomp, Synth and Mod all are bordered. However, Reverb is selected, so its border is brighter. Here's how to change the effect type of those three blocks: 1. Select one of the three blocks by touching it. In this example, we'll select Stomp. 2. The effect will then show the effect type (in this case, "stomp"), the effect name ("Facial Fuzz"), and a power button to the right to turn the effect on or off. Touch the effect type to change it. 3. You'll then see a "Type" button. Touch it. 4. The block types then appear. Choose one. 5. The block has been changed. There is no restriction on the number of similar effect types or effects assigned to these three blocks. Three stomps, each with a Fuzz Pi on it? Go for it! Just don't forget to save your tone (cloud icon, then disc icon).
  8. I created some new ambient sounds with the HD500 and made a demo video: Here are the tones: http://andy.kapsi.fi/line6/AnttiLoponen-Line6HD500-Ambient-patches.zip Mostly it's just Auto Volume Delay with long feedback, masses of reverb and compression with various effects for spices. I control the feedback of the delay with the expression pedal to keep chords ringing as long as I wish, and to turn it down for switching chords.
  9. Does anyone have any nice ambient pad type patches for the X3, drenched in Reverb and delay pretty much like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O73BWt_x9l8 Is is possible to stack more than 2 verbs and delays together to make ambient pads, I'm guessing dual tone would be the way to go? Anyone with knowledge on getting ambient sounds pads/drones, that would be appreciated :)
  10. Hi. I've had my Tyler Variax, 59p since January :D . I've updated it to the latest version (2.10) as soon as it came out. At the beginning it sounded great but the more time I spent playing it with this version, the more something stood out. So I went out and managed to test it out against an original "Spank" and "Lester". Recorded the three of them and it confirmed what I was hearing: for some reason all the models in the 2.10 version have way too much reverb. I rolled back to previous versions (as far back as 1.81) and back to 2.10 (and even re-installed 2.10 having already that same version in it already) and I still hear the same thing. Has anybody experienced anything like it or knows how to even fix it or turn that reverb down or off? Thanks! Mat. :ph34r:
  11. I have a serious problem setting up my signal chain. I'm using a HD500 connected to a DT50 Head via Line6 Link. The signal chain is Guitar in - Noisgate - Wah -Amp Pre Model (-Delay -Reverb) -DT50 For some strange reason the effects post the amp simulation won't work. They show up correctly in the HD500 edit software are turned on etc. but have no effect. Putting them before the amp works.... but sounds terrible. Seems to me like I miss some little detail that i just can't see.... HELP !
  12. Hey all, first post here. Hoping you can help me with a question about my m13! I'd like to use the particle verb to keep a droning sound playing while my band re tunes in between songs. The problem is that engaging the tuner cuts off the reverb/delay tails. Is there any way to let the tails ring while using the tuner or would I need to use an additional tuner before the m13 (hopefully not because I prefer not to spend $100 for a redundant function). If not is there any possibility of this being an option in a future firmware update? Greg
  13. Hi all, I feel obligated to point out that I'm new here, but also to defend myself by stating that I've had my Pod HD500 for quite a while now. Moving on For one of my seemingly simpler patches, I use a gated reverb at the core (screencap attached). After I dialed the noise gates in and all, it sounded ideal, but only on mid-low-range notes, to which I tailored the gates. When I play some high notes, the noise decays differently, so the effect is not quite uniform. My question is: is there any way I can have separate noise gates for high frequencies and low? I'm starting to think more EQ's, one on each leg of the split channels, might have something to do with it. Is my brain simply spacing out on something simple, or is what I'm trying to do impossible? Thanks a million for reading my pleas, and a million+1 if you help me out :D
  14. I am thinking of an effect that mimics how you sustain a chord through a keyboard. It will sound like sustained chord with the keyboard in strings preset. You hit the chord and it goes on indefinitely. Can this be done in HD500x's reverbs + delay parameters and settings? If yes, how to do it? Thanks!
  15. Hi, I have a podUX1 with PODFARM2, I designed a preset for a cool VanHalen tone with soldano, compressor, tubescreamer, chorus, plate and short delay. I wonder if a solution exists to bring the preset onstage (in an hardware pedal for example). I don't care of the amp simulation, I would like to have the chorus, plate and delay only in the same pedal and not necessary change the settings of each effect. To summarize, the pedal with only a footswitch which has the settings predefined (for the VH tone I love :D). An analogic solution will not be very accurate and programm a DSP for a numerical solution seems to be really hard to emulate the same tone of podfarm :(. I hope someone has an answer... Sorry for my poor English, Thanks in advance :), Lucas
  16. Hi everybody, While attempting to connect my POD XT live to my preamp (with amp simulation off), I found that all my tone exhibit much reverb. However I have no reverb activated in my presets... Does anyone knows how to get rid off reverb ? Where does it comes from ? Thanxs Val
  17. Hi. I have a new HD500x and a new DT25. There are linked via L6 link. I have tailored a number of tones. Mostly these tones are fine. However, every now and then, perhaps when I select to tune the guitar or when shifting quickly through presets using the footswitches, an extreme reverb effect kicks in drowning out the tone. The tone is lost remotely in this massive reverb sound. Switching presets does not assist. The excessive reverb is on all presets. It can then sometimes go away after switching both units off and then on again on a number of occasions. At the moment I have just switched both units off and on about 5 times but no luck. I have also updated the firmware from 1.1 to 1.2, but the problem persists. As I write the unit is unusable. The sound is horrid and there is very little reverb set in any of my tones. Plugging straight into the amp with the guitar the tones are fine. This is only happening with the HD500X plugged in via L6. I have lodged a support ticket but appreciate any help in the meantime. I also seem to be getting the attached error when reading from the HD500x - although it has been intermittent while the reverb fault has been active - soem times the edit software could read the POD, other times not. Regards, Allan edit...... Just turned both units off for a couple of minutes, and back on one more time before abandoning it as a lost cause. HD Edit was able to read from the HD500X this time. and the tones have returned to normal. All good, but this is seriously starting to tick me off. I spend more time fiddling with the POD to get it to operate properly than I do playing.
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