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Found 14 results

  1. To rename your desired setlist within the HX Edit 3.0 or above, be sure to click on the setlist name with your LEFT mouse button and hold it for a second. When you use a longer mouse click you should see the cursor appear with a blue highlight. Then, you can rename your selection. This will not work within the drop-down menu. Only the selected setlist name.
  2. I've been using my HX Stomp for about 4 months, and use it almost daily. I need some help understanding Setlists, but have not been able to find much information to them specific to this unit. I enjoy modifying and creating my own "Presets" within the unit. So much so, that I'm running out of Preset Locations to save any new Presets. I'm familiar with, and use Snapshots all the time, but they won't address the specific use described below. I also do regular Backups. What I'd like to do is create "multiple Setlists" so that I can load any specific one I want, when I want. I know the HX Stomp is limited to one Setlist, but I believe that means one Setlist stored in the unit at a time. I would like to create several different Setlists on the unit, and save each one to my computer for future retrieval/use when I want, and I believe this can be done, but have some concerns. My confusion and concern is how the unit processes and loads individual Setlists, as I don't want any of my Presets to be lost. 1. To start, I'd like to have 3 Setlists: Factory Setlist (a backup of those), Daily Setlist, and Experimental Setlist, all saved on my computer. 2. Currently, I'm using what I'm calling the "Factory Setlist," which includes Factory Presets, FX, DIR, 4CM, BAS, and my settings, modifications, and a bunch of my own Presets. 3. If I were save the current Setlist onto my computer, and then modify the "Daily Setlist" on the unit, what would happen when I load a different Setlist on the unit? 4. Would the current/Factory Setlist in the Unit "overwritten?" 5. Would my Daily Setlist somehow "merged" into the current Setlist? 6. If my Daily Setlist had 20 of my custom Presets in it, how many additional "blank/empty Presets" would appear in the unit when that Setlist was loaded - would it be 42 Banks minus 20 Banks = 22 "blank/empty Presets"? 7. How would I copy a Preset created in one Setlist and paste it into a different Setlist. 8. Am I correct in assuming that my custom Global Settings will remain unchanged when a new Setlist is loaded? 9. I read on the forum where someone recommended saving "individual Presets" as opposed to a Setlist. I think the reason may have been that it makes accessing individual Presets possible. Thanks in advance for any help, and insights you can provide. I'm just trying to prevent any "gotcha's" and avoid wasting time.
  3. I bought a used POD HD500x a couple months ago. It turns on and I can play through it. But here's the deal: the buttons in the upper left hand corner don't respond as they should. The "view" button doesn't respond at all when I press it. When I press down the dial just above it, the set lists come up on the screen but quickly disappear in favor of the setup screen. Sometimes, I can get to the set lists and to individual sounds on those playlists. But after awhile, the same thing happens. It flips back to the setup screens and it's nearly impossible to get back to a set list. Is this a hardware problem, a software problem, or all of the above? What should I do next?
  4. I am a relatively new POD HD500 user, just bought a used one a few weeks ago. I use it through L6Link (XLR cables) w/ my Line6 DT25 112 combo. Yesterday during testing w/ my band, something strange happened. In general I use 2 banks of presets within the user setlist#1 - 1A through 2D. Depending on the songs we played yesterday I switched between presets in the 2nd bank (2A to 2D) of this setlist which contain AC15 pre, AC30pre, BF Double pre, and BF 'Lux pre, all in combination w/ some FX's. All of a sudden I noticed that preset 2B no longer contained the AC30pre but had been overwritten by a preset called 'Middle Pups' (which sounds funny in German, BTW) w/o me having changed or saved anything! Looking at the list of presets, I saw, that 'Middle Pups' usually is on 2B of the setlist L6LINK<->DT. So, it obviously was copied from 2B of one setlist to 2B of another setlist w/o any user action. Any idea how something like this can happen? Has anyone made a similar experience? Regards from Germany Wilfried
  5. Is there any way to simply delete unwanted setlist and presets from the Helix using HX Edit or even on the unit itself? I updated to 3.0 and was worried about overwriting old presets with the new ones so now ended up with Two sets of Factory 1 and 2 Setlists - the old and the new!
  6. On the POD HD500X, is there a way to move (or maybe copy and paste) a preset from one setlist to another? I want to gather the presets I use most often together into one of the empty user setlists, so I don't have to move back and forth between different setlists all the time. The manual shows how to move a preset within a setlist, but not how to move it to a different setlist. Can this be done?
  7. I welcomed with anticipation the new method of Helix linking its IRs to Presets with what appears to be the IR name (vs the index number in the list of IRs). My understanding of how this is supposed to work, is that once you have specified which IR a preset is based on, the preset is supposed to be smart enough to "find" that preset based on name -- in the list of IRs. I think this is supposed to provide the user the flexibility to rearrange the IRs without worrying about having to re-link the presets to new IR index numbers. I did some testing, and for the most part it, this feature SEEMED to work on my laptop. If you moved an IR, re-clicking on the preset would re-link to the IR in its new location.. I also found that if you deleted an IR, re-clicking the preset would produce an error message. I found however that on a number of occasions that if an IR was deleted, an error message was NOT presented when you re-selected the preset. What happened in this case was that the preset definition had been updated automatically to point to IR number 127 which was empty. In both cases, the name of the preset was lost. (It would have been more useful if this name had been displayed in the error message saying it could not find this IR). In addition, after spending THREE HOURS fixing my presets so they pointed to the proper IRs (they had gotten mixed up in the upgrade)... I created a bundle of my patches as well as some setlists, and then happily went to my second computer, fully expecting that I could just copy in my IRs to Helix Native, and then import my bundle or the setlists -- and then the preset references to the IRs would all sort themselves out... Nope. This did not work. Only about a half of the references to IRs were resolved, even though all my IRs were all copied into Helix Native first. Could anyone please confirm: - has anyone else experienced this bug? - am I doing something wrong: do the IR references not get copied into the bundles and setlists? Do I need to manually export and import each single preset in order to preserve the IR reference? (I certainly hope not! That would be way to much work). If someone from Line6 is reading this, could you please reply and comment on how this new feature (to co-ordinate presets and the IRs they reference) is SUPPOSED to work? Thanks for your help. Richard.
  8. Hi guys, I have recently noticed on my HELIX LT that my presets sound slightly different when I copy them to another setlist. Namely, I have the very same presets in User 3 and User 4, and the same preset in User 4 sounds noticeably less alive (as if I'd dialed presence or gain back a bit). I mainly use User 3 folder to create the presets and then copy them to User 4 in the convenient order, but I've just discovered the issue above and I was wondering if there is a logical explanation behind it. Some could easily say that it is just my ears that trick me, but I've shown it to other people and they noticed it to - so the difference between the very same preset in User 3 and copied to User 4 is not huge, but definitely noticeable. And while it is easier to notice it on high-gain presets (the sound is thinner in User 4), it is definitely there for clean presets as well. Since it is the case for basically all presets that can be found in both folders, it seems like a general difference between the folders, which is strange since I don't know about any options to set something like a general EQ which is only for a certain folder. Any ideas on this, anyone?
  9. Hi totally new here I've been searching around and can't find what I think should be a simple answer in plan english. I used to have an M13 where in latch mode you can load like 12 completely different presets at once. I am looking into buying a 500X but it looks like you can only have 4 presets loaded at once with another four "assigned" pedals for the top row? Is that right? It seems limiting?
  10. Made a Backup just like instructions said, followed update to the letter, will not load the update I made today when backed up, a. The file is there.... I can see it in explorer b. Helix editor only shows "Older back up" made months ago Lost my Last backed up set list... Please help!!! :angry:
  11. There's 8 SET LISTS, that came with my Pod (Picture attached) (I've renamed one of them). Can other SET LISTS BE ADDED?? If so, how??? (in other words, i would have more than 8.)
  12. Hi There! I have a POD HD PRO, but i´m thinking to seell it to buy the new POD HD PRO X, to get more versatility in the patches (signal chain prosessing). My question is: Is it possible to transfer all i have in the HD PRO through the Line6 edit, the setlists and patches,etc.. to the PRO X with no problems and changes in the sounds i´ve made ? Thank you
  13. Hi, Is it possible to change the setlist with a footswitch? I mean with the bank selection you can switch through the banks of the actual setlist. But what if I like to change to another setlist. Can this only done manually with the Preset knob? Thanks
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