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  1. Searching the forum, reading the manual, digging around on the Helix, can't find an answer so finally giving in, and posting a likely dumb question: I know a Preset can control Variax pickup selection, model and tunings. Can a Snapshot? I set up my Helix floor to be 4 Presets along the top and 4 Snapshots along the bottom. I'd like the Snapshots to control Variax mag and model pickup selection as well as model pickup tuning. Thx.
  2. Still rather new to the Helix and coming at this from my experiences using an AX8, which I've had longer and I am more familiar with. I'm comparing the two to decide which to keep, but that's a thread for a different day. So my questions. 1) I've gathered that the footswitch layouts are limited to a set of predefined options, which is kind of a bummer for me. The closest to what I want is the snap/stomp option. However, what if a preset only has 2-3 snapshots as is often the case for mine? The 3rd/4th snapshot is still displayed and its footswitch still "active" even through the snapshot isn't set up. Is there any way to disable or reassign these unused snapshot footswitches? 2) With the AX8 I use what's called Control Switches as a sort of lead boost that can be activated on any scene (the AX8 equivalent of snapshots). On the Helix I think it's pretty similar with the Controller Assignment but haven't worked it all out yet. On the AX8 I set a footswitch to control/adjust multiple blocks and various parameters across blocks. Typically I engage an EQ block, add a little dB boost, and also bump the input gain on the amp. I haven't tried yet but I'm assuming I can do the same on the Helix, engage a block and adjust a couple parameters all with a single footswitch and one that will be available across all snapshots in a preset? Number 1 is still a bit of a shortcoming, at least with how I set up my presets. Now if only they Helix would allow full flexibility in footswitch assignments similar to the AX8, that would be a very nice feature add.
  3. I have the Helix LT for almost a week now, and I am tweaking parameters a lot. Constantly manually setting the controller to 'snapshot'. I am thinking : my workflow would really benefit when all the controllers of all parameters by default have the value 'snapshot'. Is that possible? The default value now is 'none'. EDIT: hmmm...I read in the manual that each preset can have maximum of 64 controlller assignments. So that can be a problem. Hmm....but perhaps someone knows a trick to fastly assign multiple controllers to the value 'snapshot' ......but I guess not.....the maximum of 64 is a, if anyone has some thoughts about it, happy to hear it.
  4. I'm on version 2.12. According to the manual and some video's I've watched when I press the two bank switches together to enter snapshot mode I should see the 8 scribble strips change to snapshot. Although on mine they are just blank. I do see the camera icon at the top right and I do have the preference for showing 8 snapshots on the FS set. The manual says this, "The middle eight switches flash, indicating a snapshot is ready to be selected. The current snapshot's footswitch lights red and its camera lens appears inverted." Simply nothing happens on mine other than the bank switches change to snapshot and that so far it seems is the only way I can move through the snaps is by pressing the bank switches up and down. Am I missing some configuration?
  5. Hi I have experienced an error regarding snapshots. I copied a preset which has 8 snaps to a new location and started editing it so it ended up somewhat different than initially. When the preset was done I would like to change the snaps, but when I pressed one of the other snapshots-buttons my Helix froze and I had to restart it to get it to work. A user on TheGearPage suggested that I should Clear All Block Assignments to clear the snaps, but that did not have any effect. The only solution I could where to copy each block to a new empty preset which is a quite tedious process. Afterwards I exported both presets and had a look at the hlx-files. The default snapshot settings will look like this: "snapshot1" : { "@name" : "SNAPSHOT 2", "@tempo" : 120.0 }, "snapshot2" : { "@name" : "SNAPSHOT 3", "@tempo" : 120.0 }, "snapshot3" : { "@name" : "SNAPSHOT 4", "@tempo" : 120.0 }, "snapshot4" : { "@name" : "SNAPSHOT 5", "@tempo" : 120.0 }, "snapshot5" : { "@name" : "SNAPSHOT 6", "@tempo" : 120.0 }, "snapshot6" : { "@name" : "SNAPSHOT 7", "@tempo" : 120.0 }, "snapshot7" : { "@name" : "SNAPSHOT 8", "@tempo" : 120.0 } When you then create snaps more attributes are added (first snap from the corrupted preset): "snapshot1" : { "@name" : "Rv+Trem", "@tempo" : 120.0, "blocks" : { "dsp0" : { "block0" : true, "block1" : true, "block2" : false, "block3" : false, "block4" : false, "block5" : false, "block6" : true, "block7" : true, "block8" : false, "block9" : true }, "dsp1" : { "block0" : false, "block1" : false, "block2" : false, "block3" : true, "block4" : false } } } It seems like the information in the snaps are not changed correctly when the preset is changed so when choosing a different snapshot it attempts to change a block/parameter which is not there which causes the Helix to freeze. So would like to clear out the snapshots to get back to the default setting, but so far I hav'nt found a solution. I have thought about just editing directly in the file, but it would be nice if changes in the presets were also reflected in the snaps. Have anybody else experienced this problem?
  6. Yesterday I did my first conversion of a preset with a bunch of stomps to be half stomps and half snapshots. The snapshots are overdrive levels, and the stomps are fx that can be applied to any of them (chorus, delay, etc.). Here's what I did: - Named the first 4 snapshots appropriately, for clarity - With all overdrive stomps off, saved the preset with the first snapshot (Clean) selected - Recalled the second snapshot (OD 1), which so far wasn't any different, clicked the first of my overdrive stomp buttons to turn on the blocks and apply any parameters for that level of drive, then saved the preset, defining snapshot #2 - Repeated that step for the other two overdrive levels and snapshots At that point, I expected that each snapshot would have the right things bypassed, but not the right parameter settings. I planned to go through every block, find any parameters controlled by footswitches, note which switch controlled it and the two settings for it, then set that parameter to snapshot control, and manually set the parameter to the on value in the snapshot corresponding to that stomp switch, and to the off value in the other three snaps. I started to do that, but discovered that after enabling snapshot control on a parameter, *all four snapshots had the correct values for that snapshot already*. How is that possible? I thought you had to select Snapshots as the controller for a parameter to get Helix to remember different settings per snapshot for it. When I noticed that, I short-circuited my conversion process by just setting every switch-controlled parameter to Snapshots, and that's all. There appeared to be no need to adjust the parameter's settings for each snapshot. Simpler and quicker, but unexpected, and I don't get it. Logically, that seems to say that Helix actually remembers the state of every parameter for every snapshot, whether Snapshots is selected as the controller for it or not. Can anyone confirm or deny that that's true? Is it then the case that enabling Snapshot control allows that parameter to be controlled by those settings, but the state of every parameter as of when it was saved is already part of every snapshot, whether it's being used or not? It occurred to me later that I should have done the experiment of NOT setting all those parameters to Snapshot control, to further understand what was happening, but I didn't actually do that, I just accepted the results I had, since they were what I wanted. (Really, I wouldn't want to leave things that way anyway, that mix of switch and snap control would be way too unclear, and I didn't need or want those switches involved. By choosing Snapshot control, I'd already disconnected all parameter control from the switches, so I just unhooked them all from bypassing anything, and the switch labels disappeared, as expected, since they no longer did anything.) So functionally, I got what I wanted, more easily than expected, but I feel less like I understand how snapshots work in detail than I did before I started.
  7. Snapshots are great, but the fact that they always recall the on-off state of all blocks means you can't use one as a simple volume boost, for example. If would add a lot of flexibility if there was an option in each snapshot to NOT recall any block on-off states, but only make whatever parameter changes are recorded in the snapshot. By default, it would recall block states too, but that could be disabled. The fact that snapshots can store way more parameter settings than a stomp switch makes them very powerful. Since you can't freely mix snapshot and stomp footswitches, this capability would be super useful to me. If you agree, please vote it up on Ideascale.
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