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Found 42 results

  1. Deutsch Français The Sonic Port VX, Sonic Port, and Mobile In interfaces can be used in place of the built in microphone on your iOS device to input audio for iOS video capture, here's how to do it: 1: Setup your Sonic Port VX or Sonic Port connections using the instructions HERE. Setup your Mobile In using the instructions HERE. 2: Launch the iOS Camera app. 3: Switch to the video by tapping the photo/video slider at the bottom of the screen. 4: Press the red record button in the bottom center of the screen to begin recording video while capturing audio from the Sonic Port VX, Sonic Port, or Mobile In. The audio input will be dry unprocessed audio. . für ein Video über Mobile In Verbindungen.
  2. I've recently purchased a Sonic Port for use on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3. At first connect, the error in Mobile POD said something like 'Device not supported' (or something similar), this never showed up again. Ever since I get a 'Device not found' error, whenever I try to cennect the SP to my iPhone. Tested the SP today with my brothers iPhone 4 running iOS 7 and it works. Is it the iOS version? The APP Store info still says compatible with iOS 4.3+ :huh: . Any ideas anyone? Please let me know before I HAVE to update to iOS 7 (which I have stayed away on purpose so far). Cheers, Claus
  3. Hi all, In early January I purchased a Sonic Port for my iPhone 4 to use with Mobile POD and GarageBand. Aside from the annoyance of not being able to pair it with GarageBand, I loved the software and the unit. Then, it suddenly stopped working. I don't know how else to describe it. The unit simply isn't functioning...at all. Mobile POD acts like the unit isn't even plugged in. There's no signal and no output. After perusing the forum looking for answers, I see a ton of folks on here who are (or were) in the same boat with Sonic Port and their iOS device. I pray I will fair better. I'm pretty frustrated right now and would love any advice on this from other users before, I take my case to Line 6. FYI: I am using the latest version of iOS for my iPhone 4 = 7.1.1 Thanks so much!
  4. Hello guys! I'm interested in this nice product, but still have a question about the input of Sonic Port. As I can connect with a electric guitar/ acoustic guitar with pickup/ or a synth, but is it possible to use a microphone with it? I think on the item site, line6 doesn't mention it. Just wonder if anyone knows that :) Thank you all!
  5. Hi all, So today I opened my brand new Sonic Port all excited and when I plug it into my iPad3 I get a message stating that the Connected USB Device can. Not be used. It states the device is not supported. It's updated and not jail broken. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers John.
  6. I’m using an iPhone 4s, Sonic Port, and positive Grid with my Bass for practice, and works very good. Also use an iPad 4th Gen on occasion. Got a new iPhone 5c, so thought I would dedicate the 4S for this purpose only. So put in Airplane mod, turned off Locations, and all networking services to help save battery life. My question, or problem is, I want to start using it live through my bass amp, but the battery life sucks!. I replaced my battery in the iPhone, but still will not make it through a 4 hour night. Wish Line 6 would make a cable that allows an outside power source while connected to the IOS device. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? - Thanks
  7. Today I was very disappointed to learn that Sonic Port, after being on sale for 6 months, still not compatible with brand new iPhone 5S and iPad Air. I spent 4 hours travelling in and out of the GuitarGuitar store in Epsom South West London testing Sonic Port with my new mobile devices and it does not work. It's not a first time I'm experiencing inconvenience and frustration from Line 6 products, but the most unfair thing is that Line 6 do not even bother to write on their website about incompatibility issues next to the description of their product and that they are working on it. It would be fair enough if it was a computer Stone Age of 20th century, but not now, when even school kids write computer games. I'm not even talking about the fact that I have to restart my computer 5 times while updating all Line 6 software and drivers for their gadgets, which is ridiculous. It's again Stone Age. Nearly all the major software like Apple or Adobe do not require computer restart these days! Talking about Sonic Port, I hope to hear from Line 6 directly, when this new updated product will go on sale. iPhone 5S and iPad Air have already been out for two months?! Common guys, people are waiting! Another six months and it will be too late as new mobile devices will on the market.
  8. Hi, I searched the web if Sonic Port is compatible with iPhone 3GS because my son is playing e-guitar and has a 3GS. I found that it's compatible here: line6.com/support/page/kb/_/mobile-products/sonic-port-mobile-in/sonic-port-faq-r10 So I bought one. But it doesn't work. Every time I plug it in it says: Audio Routing has changed. Please unplug and plugin your Line 6 device to reset Audio Routing. I tested the device at my iPad 2 (iOS 7) and it worked. The embedded pilot's guide says: COMPATIBILITY: Sonic port is made for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad (3rd and 4th Generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch (4th and 5th Generation). Please help. My son is very sad with his birthday gift. Thank you very much Arnd
  9. Hi, Was recently given an iPhone 4 for Christmas. I found out that the device was compatible with Sonic Port and since GarageBand was included on the phone and Mobile POD was a free DL, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Sonic Port. I also purchased Audiobus, so I could use both apps (GarageBand and Mobile POD) at the same time. That is what started this whole problem which I'll get to next: To my horror, I discovered that Apple doesn't support using these apps at the same time on iPhone 4, rendering the marriage of Mobile POD and GarageBand null and void. You can use one...or the other, but you cannot use Mobile POD and GarageBand as a couple, which really, really sucks, since GarageBand's guitar rigs are among the fizziest, processed, crapola sounding amp models on planet earth. What to do? I've been looking for an iPhone 4S on the cheap, since its chip set is supported with these apps by Apple, but haven't had any luck yet. So that's one option. The other would be to get an iPAD mini, which has a much bigger display, and at my age, a more readable display is a plus. Here's my question: does the iPAD mini support using the AudioBus app to marry Mobile POD and GarageBand? Other than that, if anyone has other suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone had success in connecting the Sonic Port to studio monitors for sound output? I can hear fine through headphones. I have KRK Rokit 5's. They have a volume knob on the back and if I crank it I still barely hear anything. The product description implies this should be possible: "You can even connect powered studio monitors via the 1/4†mono/stereo guitar/line-level output." Has anyone had success trying this and how?
  11. I have my SonicPort/Mobile Pod set up as such: IPad2 Graphic Equilizer, No Amp, No Cab Delay Chorus Reverb Then into my tube amp. When using a built in amp and can outputting to powered speaker, it all wotks fine. Last night I had my first practice with my band where I used the sonic port and with two notes only the fundemental did into come through, only the octave. First fret B string ©, and first fret low E string (F). When I "toe tapped" the chorus out of the signal, the fundamentals showed up. Anyone else had something like this happen? Cheers.
  12. Hi, purchased Sonic Port and AudioBus for use with GarageBand on my iPhone 4. But to my disappointment have discovered that this marriage of apps isn't supported by Apple. Upgrading to iphone 4s isn't an option. Therefore, I'd like to use Sonic Port on my PC along with POD Farm. The problem is that Sonic Port only has connectors for the 30 pin or Lightening. I have found adapters online which would allow me to covert the male 30 pin to a male usb for connection to my PC. Before I go and waste even more money, I want to know if this hardware "solution" will allow me to use Sonic Port with my desktop. Thank you.
  13. Deutsch Français With the release of Apple's iOS 7, Apple added a new privacy feature that can disable audio input from our mobile interfaces. The problem occurs the first time you launch the app under iOS7 and above, if you do not allow iOS along with the particular app you are using to have access to the 'Microphone', than you will temporarily not be able to receive input from mobile interfaces. The solution is to make sure that you press 'OK' when you see this prompt, but this prompt only appears the first time you launch the app. If you did not press 'OK' on this prompt and are not able to receive input from your Line 6 Mobile Interface, than you will need to do the following steps: Tap your iOS settings button. Tap the tab for 'Privacy' located on the left hand side of the screen. Than tap the option for 'Microphone' on the right. You will than see a list of apps that have requested access to the 'Microphone'. Simply tap the switch next to each that you would like to use the Line 6 Mobile Interface with. Relaunch all of the apps that you would like to use your Line 6 Mobile Interface with. Avec la publication d’Apple iOS7, Apple a ajouté une nouvelle fonction de confidentialité qui peut désactiver tous l’audio qui vient des Sonic Port et Mobile In. Ce problème se produit la première fois que vous lancez l’application sous iOS7 et si vous ne permettez l’accès au Microphone, vous ne pouvez pas recevoir du audio avec nos interfaces portables. La solution est simple, appuyez le bouton OK si votre appareil vous donne le choix. Attention, cette invite apparaît une seule fois. Si vous n’avez pas appuyez OK et vous n’avez pas d’entrée avec l’application, suivez ces instructions : Tapez le bouton « Réglages » sur l’appareil iOS. Tapez sur Confidentialité à gauche. Tapez sur Micro à droite. Maintenant, vous pouvez voir une liste des applications qui ont demandés de l’accès au micro. Tapez le commutateur à droite de l’entrée de votre application. Relancez tous les applications que vous voulez utiliser avec l’interface Line6. Seit der Version 7 von iOS, hat Apple eine neue Datenschutzfunktion eingeführt, die den Audioeingang des Gerätes mit einem Mobile In oder auch Sonic Port blockieren kann. Das Problem taucht beim ersten Start der App auf, nach dem Update auf iOS Version 7. Sollten Sie der App hier nicht den Zugriff auf das Mikrofon gewähren, wird dieses für die App in Frage temporär abgeschaltet. Klicken Sie also auf OK wenn Sie die App zum ersten Mal starten, um das Mikrofon freizugeben. Sollten Sie nicht OK gedrückt haben können Sie das Mikrofon aber immernoch in den Einstellungen freigeben: Drücken Sie auf Einstellungen, Dann auf Datenschutz links und Dann auf Mikrofon rechts. Hier können Sie dann eine Liste aller Apps einsehen, die Zugriff auf das Mikrofon angefragt haben. Drücken Sie hier einfach den Schalter, der das Mikrofon für eine bestimmte App blockiert. Starten Sie dann alle Apps neu, die Sie mit der Line 6 Schnittstelle verwenden möchten.
  14. We have tested the following Line 6 iOS software to be compatibile with iOS 7: Mobile POD StageScape Remote MIDI Memo We have tested the following Line 6 mobile hardware with iOS 7 and found no problems: Mobile In Sonic Port Mobile Keys 25 Mobile Keys 49 MIDI Mobilizer II
  15. are the 2 inputs abailable independently? there are some apps, like "loopy", that will detect interfaces with two or more inputs, and make each of them abailable and selectable inside the app. so you could plug your instrument in 1/4", and the voice or another instrument in the 1/8" input and select what of them to record. i know the 1/4" and the 1/8" outputs are mirrored and the same. but i suppose the inputs are abailable independently. am i right? if so i would buy it. thanks a lot www.eccecello.com
  16. ok, i got it to work. after 5 rare attemps my idevice now recognizes it. it was tricky and not easy, but now it works. you can erase this post if necesary. thanks
  17. Hi all. Does anybody know if there is possibility how to connect Sonic port mobile directly to Macbook or PC? Any ideas? Maybe some reduction? Thanks a lot.
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