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  1. Hi. A friend of mine plans on using the Helix as a Bass Preamp for Live usage. He does not want to go In-Ears or some silent-stage-stuff, rather he likes to get his massive analog bass-tone on stage, using the Helix and some kind of speaker-system. The tone should be amplified over his Gallien-Krueger Bassamp, using the Effects-Return to feed the solid state output stage. Which FRFR speaker-system would a Bass-Player prefer for the look & feel and the most versatile bass-sound? Is it best to go 2x15 passive PA-System Speaker or will a 1x15 do the job for bass? Or shall he still use his two 4x10 Trace-Elliot cabs driven from out the GK-Amp? A active FRFR would be no alternative, because he likes to have a amp on the cab for optical reasons ;)
  2. Hey folks, I'm looking for some insight from you as to the best way to use my Helix with this particular amp. I'm not very familiar with using effects loops and/or power amp. Just haven't taken the time to learn. The only real option I have is the external speaker input. Is there a way of incorporating the Helix into this, besides just going straight into the front of the amp? Current signal chain: Guitar - Helix Guitar In - Helix 1/4" left/mono output - Amp Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there, new to the forum, and hopefully soon to purchase a Helix LT. I need some advice regarding amps, speakers etc. I'm currently running an M13 via 4cm into a Blackstar HT20 head and 1x12 cab. I'm keen to do away with as many cables as possible, for sake of quick set up/take down time. I also have a Vox ACR15 VR, a sort of hybrid Solid State/valve amp, with no effects loop - only use this at home, as other rig is at practice room. So, can someone recommend easiest set up to get me started? As a side note, I can pick up a second hand Crate powerblock at the same shop selling the Helix, I know quite a few people use these along with a regular guitar cab - But I wanted to see what I could do with the gear I already own first. My apologies, as this has probably been discussed to death already. Cheers.
  4. Let's share opinions on great speaker options and experiences . So I got the helix to replace my physical rockerverb amp and cabs , the idea being I use an frfr monitor to throw the sound out there for rehearsals . So first I tried the laney iron hearts irtx thing . Great great sound from all the presets though at practice I had to crank it up to nearly full as we have a loud drummer - pushing it to the max resulted in too much feedback . . . It just about held together but needed much more - it's tiny and only 200 watt. Sooooo that's sent back and to replace it I have the Yamaha dbr15 on the way. It's still full range but a 15" come and 1000 watts and much more ruggedly built with 5 year warranty. I'll let you know if it's any good ! What are you guys using ? My fallback option will be the atomic clr but that's worse case scenario as it means another 350quid. High hopes for the Yamaha
  5. NOTE: We have discovered that the Cabinet Modeling switch is producing unintended results. We have fixed this in firmware 1.04, available very soon. Please download and use Line 6 Updater, found at www.Line6.com/software, to update your amp. See this article for updating instructions: How To Update the Spider V Amp The Cabinet Modeling switch was added so that if you don't want to run your guitar signal in full range with cabinet modeling, you can disable it for just the external speaker outputs. A good example for when to use this is if you have your own particular cabinet and you want to hear the natural sound of that cabinet with no cabinet modeling applied (like a traditional amp head). You can still use the direct outputs if need be in a live situation (common for our older amp products like DT50). With no external cabinet: The switch has no function. Cabinet modeling remains engaged regardless of the switch position. With an external cabinet plugged into the speaker outputs: The switch toggles cabinet modeling for the guitar signal that's sent to the speaker outputs. Switch is ON - Spider V treats the external cabinet and built-in tweeters as a full range system for guitar signals, with cabinet modeling applied in the preset. It also allows full range playback for built-in drum loops, the aux input, and USB playback. Switch is OFF - Spider V disables the cabinet block within the preset and sends the processed mono or stereo guitar signal to only the external speaker outputs. Its built-in speakers are turned off. The XLR, USB and Headphone outputs are fed with a guitar signal that is summed to mono and processed with a Spider 4x12 cabinet and SM 57 microphone model. These outputs can be used for recording or as a feed for a mixing board when playing live. Additional Information - The built-in 4" low-frequency speakers in the head switch off as soon as an external cabinet is connected. - All playback such as drum loops, the aux input and USB playback will continue to play through both the external cabinet and the built-in tweeters, regardless of the switch position.
  6. New to the helix and the frfr thing. I am having an issue getting the helix connection to my QSC K10 to work correctly. I'm used to just plugging an acoustic direct into the speaker and I was good. But with helix none of the patches with distortion are coming through correctly. How are others connecting to frfr and hopefully more specifically QSC speakers? Thanks.
  7. My setup: JTV59 -> VDI -> HD500 -> l6link -> l2m I gig occasionally and my L2m is not used that often and when transported it is carefully carried and placed in the boot of a car and it has a protective padded cover. I have had the l2m for 2+ years now and not had any issues with it other than the well documented vibration problem when I first got it which was fixed under warranty. The problem: The last two times I have taken the L2m out to a gig and a rehearsal, and connected it up as shown above, when I first play a chord on my JTV59 using a patch on my HD500 for a clean guitar sound, I get the guitar sound plus a distorted fuzzy sound which sounds like the l2m speaker has blown or is about to die. I then switched the l2m off - and only the l2m, leaving the HD500 still plugged in and connected and the JTV59 connected to the HD500 - and when I switched the l2m back on it had cleared the problem and I was getting the expected clear sound from that patch. Also at this point I haven't proved beyond doubt that it is the L2m at fault but I do know that switching if off and on does resolve the problem so it does point towards the L2m being the issue. ​ This has now happened twice. I will test it some more over the weekend but meanwhile I wanted to ask whether anyone else has had this problem or a similar problem? And whether or not they resolved it or if it got worse and had to be sent off for repair? Thanks
  8. Hi, week-long lurker, first-time poster. Just got the Helix and love it. Only played it through cheap-ish headphones and still blown away. I've sifted through this forum as well as ones on other sites and compiled a lot of helpful tips about my following question, but also enough confusion to warrant asking it here directly ... I am looking to buy a speaker/PA system that will cover the following personal needs: I am using the Helix to process guitar as well as some electronic drums, a synth sometimes, looping w/an external looper, possibly even my vocals. So--primarily I'm a one-man band (and having the ability to process all these things through the Helix, on top of replacing my pedal board, is why I got it; really, it's a revolutionary device, not that I need to waste time preaching to the choir, but truly, revolutionary is an accurate descriptor for it), and thus the speaker/PA setup should reflect this use, particularly w/the idea in mind that it'd be used as my amplification in small venues (coffee shops->small bars sizes). I also play guitar in a couple of bands and would like to be able to use the same speaker/PA as either a monitor if we play somewhere that has FOH or on its own if we play somewhere that doesn't. Again, small-size rooms; not expecting to play theaters any time soon. From all I've read, this doesn't seem like an unreasonable expectation from the various FRFR/PA options out there.. I'd like to ideally use the same setup at home so I don't have to be concerned w/creating different patches for different systems, and would like the patches I create to translate as well as possible to FOH (I've read a lot about all that and understand moving from one system of playback to another will always cause some differences in how the patch comes across, but just looking to have decent expectations that things won't shift too drastically). One concern I read about is that creating patches using low volumes on speakers won't translate when the volume is increased in a live situation (or it may have just been playing through them w/the volume low won't sound too good?), and thus a suggestion was to use studio monitors at home. I'm open to this idea, but again, ideally would like one setup that covers it all. My favorite comment from those I've compiled is the one that seems to directly address my needs--"I'd go for one L2M just to give me an all in one home jamming, jamming w/friends, and a gig solution"--so perhaps my question is really, does this answer to another user's question also successfully answer mine? I'll also mention I have a JamHub, if that's helpful to know/put to use at all. I wouldn't mind not using/needing it though; really hoping to keep things as streamlined as possible, and the JamHub usually stays in my office. Thanks a lot for any help you can offer-
  9. Hi folks I've done a lot of searches but come up blank I think I have a blown speaker in my L3s It makes a horrible overloaded farty noise with the kick drum Levels and gain are fine I can't find any info on replacement drivers for these Does anyone know if there is a drop in replacement It's heavy and inconvenient to ship to a service centre for a fairly simple repair
  10. Since I play both guitar and bass on gigs, I really haven't had much interest in Matrix, Atomic, Friedman and PA speaker FRFR solutions as that's a pretty significant investment to only cover half of my needs. While Helix through my 12" Mesa bass cabs is fine for bass, that's not the best FRFR guitar solution being a little hollow and boomy. I ran a search for "FRFR guitar bass speaker" and found that AccuGroove has an FRFR solution. I cant say that it's new and revolutionary, since honestly their FRFR cabs seem to have exactly the same specs as their corresponding bass cabs. I sent a message into AccuGroove support asking for an FRFR recommendation for Guitar and Bass and the difference between their FRFR cabs and bass cabs. http://www.accugroovellc.com/#!frfr/c1l64 I can certainly see how their design using a 6" midrange to fill out the sound and the dual soft-dome tweeters to tame the highs harshness and beamy-ness could work well. I cant seem to find pricing on them as they seem to be dealer-centric. I watched a few videos on them. It looks like they have been used by Fractal Axe users for a while. The guy in the videos I watched was using a Crown power amp. I would probably just use the power sections of my Mesa M9 or Walkabout. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUfRH3xEIZc Personally, I am interested in the Latte FRFR / Tri 112L Bass (videos sounds a little boomy on guitar, similar to me running Helix through my Mesa 1x12 & 2x12 bass cabs) Espresso FRFR / Wedgie Bass (videos sound tighter, less boomy) Anyway, I thought this may be helpful to the guitar/bass guys that would like an all-in-one solution. If anyone has experience with AccuGroove FRFR or bass, please chime in! P.S.: This is not my rig ...and sorry for the AX8 in the image...i didnt have the time to photoshop a Helix in there :)
  11. I've been using Reaper for years on a Mac without much of a problem. However, recently I switched over to a PC and I'm having trouble getting my POD HD500x's output to come through the computer built in output. It was very easy on a Mac, but I'm having trouble making it happen on WIndows 10. I don't want the audio to output to the POD, I want to hear it through the speakers.
  12. Spider_Jam1002

    Helix Gear

    I've been really curious about the Helix, (like every guitarist with an internet connection) but I have some questions before I go out and spend that kind of money.The first I have is, what kind of amps/ speakers are most compatible with the Helix? Would a regular PA System work, or would I need to get an FRFR speaker, such as the StageSource? Lastly, does the Helix have a built-in amp/preamp, or does it just "model" the amps? Thanks :)
  13. Spider_Jam1002

    Helix Gear

    Hello, I've had some questions about the Helix ever since it came out, and I'd like some insight before I make such a large purchase. What kind of amp or speakers are most compatible with the Helix? Would it work with a PA System, or would some FRFR speakers such as the StageSources work better? Also, does it have a built in amp/preamp, or does it just simulate the amps in a pedal format? Lastly, would the Helix make plugging into a house sound through direct box sound as good as if I was plugged into an amp and mic'd?
  14. POD X3 had a very nice feature missing in Helix: You could select the global output so POD would decide if it would add the speaker simulation or not . How is that done in the Helix?
  15. I own a marshall MG 50 CFX and the Q acoustics 2020i speakers. Could I wire the Firehawk to both or should I only wire it up to one? https://marshallamps.com/products/amplifiers/mg-carbon-fibre/mg50cfx/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Q-Acoustics-2020i-Graph-Pr/dp/B006H4E1XU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1445290733&sr=8-2&keywords=q+acoustics+2020i
  16. Can anyone tell me the expected multimeter readings from the wires to the two speakers? I just bought a Flextone II at a pawnshop for very little money due to a dramatic noise problem. You plug it in, push the power button and it goes POP! POPPOPPOPPOPWHIIINE very, very loudly. The volume knob setting doesn't matter. It can be all the way down to zero and it still happens. I took it home and took it apart. No bulging caps or anything else obvious. I reassembled it and tried it with different speaker wire combinations. Here's what I found. No speakers connected, listening through headphones = No problems. Everything works. Either speaker, either black wire and the red wire = that speaker works fine. Either speaker, either black wire and the white wire = that speaker works fine. Both speakers, each with a black wire and either the red or the white wire = Problem's back. Am I right in assuming it's likely some sort of short between two of the wires? Can anyone tell me what readings I should expect from a multimeter on the various wire combinations? I'd like to test things before I just start replacing wires. And of course, if anyone has any ideas about what else might be causing this, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  17. I really like the look of this Helix, and are thinking about "downgrading" (size-wise) from my Spider Value Mk II w/ 4x12 cab. I've been gigging and going to band practice with the 4x12 cab + head for years now, and it's frankly a bit of a hassle to cart around. I've never actually been at a gig where I actually needed that much volume. So I've been thinking for a while now, what I really needed was just the "brains" of my Spider Value, going straight into a PA. So I'm quite pleased with the announcement of the Helix, as this was exactly what I was after. I guess I could have done something similar with a POD, but for some reason the POD never appealed to me. But this Helix looks awesome and would let me use the same unit in many different situations (gigs, practice, recordings, at home, etc) But what to do about a speaker, for situations where there is no PA ? I know very little about "Full Range Full Response" (FRFR) speakers, but I'm assuming that you would need to use a FRFR speaker with the Helix to get the best possible sound? If you plug it into an amp, isn't the amp going to "color" the Helix sound? I know that my Spider Value head isn't going into a FRFR speaker either - but I'm assuming the modelling on the Spider Valve has been "adjusted" for use with the celestial speakers. Whereas the modelling in the Helix isn't going to know what speakers you have, so it will work best with a FRFR speaker? What good FRFR options are their for the Helix? Line6 has their Stage Source speakers - is line6 expecting we use Helix with one of those speakers? I really haven't seen much information on this with regards to Helix, so I wanted to ask the question. cheers, -adam
  18. Still a little confused about something. Is the proper way to use this directly to speakers or directly to an amp? Which is going to sound better? Won't my amp affect the sound, considering this thing models other amps? Thanks!
  19. hi. can someone share some views on using a POD HD paired with AMPLIFI for reharsals of even live performances. is anyone having success with that setup? the features on AMPLIFI seem quite appealing to me, but i would like to give it a kind of a dual type of use. one for bedroom rehearsals using it as it is, but i would like to use it live as my monitor using the POD's HD modelling and stomps. i've read some stuff about this idea but i'm not totally convinced as i see some people seem to report that it works very well (knowing it's a stereo model), but some others show some objections regarding the use of AUX IN. and obviously there's also the guitar in option with flat settings on the amp. what do you guys say? thanks!
  20. I have two marshall 4x12 cabinets would like to run them in stereo to Vetta II head, hooking up the mono 16 ohm side of each of the cabinets. Can someone tell me if the Vetta II speaker outputs are in parallel? Do I set the ouput switch to 8 ohms if running two 16 ohm cabinets etc etc like a normal amp speaker ouputs are? thanks
  21. I just got off the phone with Line6 support who confirmed my dilemma. Here’s my situation: Solo acoustic artist Want to record every show Have an M20d, L3t, & L3m Love the L3t acoustic modeling Haven’t been able to recreate the same tone/body with M20d DSP effects/presets If I plug guitar into L3t and take its Mix Out back to the M20d, it competes with L6 Link (feedback loop) Bottom line, if I want to use M20d (which I do for recording, vocals FX, setup/scene recalls, etc), I can’t use L3t's acoustic modeling So… Has anyone found the right M20d DSP chain and dialed in the best combo of FX presets to emulate L3t’s acoustic modeling? If so, can you please share the chain & each block’s settings? I will also post this feature request as an idea for their next firmware update here -> http://line6.ideascale.com/
  22. Line 6's l2's seem a good sounding match but an expensive (and large) overkill, I think. What are currently the best options for a good sounding stereo home solution? Active studio monitors? Small stereo solid state amp with passive speakers? I realize there is lots of info spread throughout older threads. Looking for any new insight and/or experience on the topic. Thanks, Martin
  23. I've been using my Spider Valve MkII HD100 head for four and a half years at rehearsals and live on stage, usually running it through a 4x12" Marshall speaker. After weeks of tweaking I finally got "my" sound out of it, and the fact is I got it to sound really, really great. Through these years it was the most reliable tool, never letting me down even once in all this time. The other day I turned the amp on to rehearse and there wasn't any sound through the speaker outputs. Some days earlier it worked just fine and no one had touched it. The digital part of it worked perfectly, it works as a POD through the line output this is. Off course I've tried with various cables and speaker cabinets and also other amp heads with the cabinets. I did a factory reset, checked the two fuses on the back, but didn't solve the problem. Does anyone know what it could be? Has any had the same problem with these amps? Peace. / PM
  24. So I've spent quite a bit of time deciding which active monitor to buy to use at home for dialing in patches. I've been using an old Crate PA system with a left channel that no longer works. It's a big, heavy, and bulky 3 piece system that stays in my basement, but it worked for the purpose of helping create patches for when I play live. Since all of the rest of my guitar gear is upstairs (2 levels up from the basement), I've been using a decent pair of PC speakers plugged into the headphone jack on my POD. It works for practicing, although the POD clips the speakers on a number of patches, even with the volume fairly low on the speakers. I'd been planning on getting an active monitor and looked at Behringer, Kustom, and a few others. I finally settled on the Alto TS110a and it arrived today. It's bigger than I expected and is currently sitting atop my Peavey Vypyr VIP II amp. I've only had about 15 or 20 minutes to play through the speaker, but I am very happy with what I'm hearing so far. It sounds better than my Crate PA system and speakers, and is much closer to the sound I get when plugged into the deck playing live, and of course it's a huge upgrade over the PC speakers I've been using for practicing. So the big benefits for me are 1) not having to take my guitar and POD to the basement when I want to build a new patch and 2) having my practice time sound much better. The speaker also has 2 separate inputs, each with it's own volume control for mixing, and each input doubles as either XLR or 1/4". The speaker lists for $349, but the street price is $249, and so far I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I'd almost decided to go with a Behringer Eurolive until I stumbled upon an older post somewhere recommending the Alto speakers. After researching, it sounded like what I wanted, and now that I have it, I'm glad it's what I went with. At some point, unless I discover something I don't like (which doesn't seem likely at this point), I'll probably end up buying a second one to run them in stereo. I see lots of posts here and on other forums asking about affordable active monitors, so I thought I'd share. If you're looking for something like this, you might want to check one of these out to see if it's something that would fit your needs.
  25. jamesdolecek

    h500 speaker

    I recently purchased a POD HD500 and love it. I now need a speaker for it. Now I live in apartment so that is also to be considered. I have played it thru my Peavey Vypyr but looking for much better than what that has to offer, I even tried it through my Klipsch computer speakers, but need more headroom. I have considered an active PA speaker but when I looked at those they are 800+ watts and me being in an apartment not sure if that is the way to go or not. I have also considered the Tech21 power Engine. Now I do have a EVH 5150-III 1x12 cab but no power amp. So what would you guys suggest?
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