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Found 10 results

  1. I replaced the 30 watt 4 ohm Line 6 celestion with a 25 watt 8 ohm boost the output Im running a pedal pre input jack. I use the FBV to change channels and use the blues and clean mostly. Any thoughts or comments will be helpful.
  2. Good day, I own a Spider IV 30 since 3 years. I remember that I could then backup and restore (at least) my 4 Channels (ABCD) thanks to a software from Line 6. I'm sure I could! In the meantime, I had to change my laptop because of a motherboard problem. Now I downloaded Spider IV Edit, but it doesn't work with the Spider IV 30 (anymore?): it can't find the amp (Line 6 Monkey does find it!). I tried to find the older version of Spider IV Edit who work with th Spider IV 30, but there wasn't. What can I do now, to backup and restore my channels? I really need that now. Thanks in advance for any tip.
  3. I've read the forums and understand that the channel presets have different volumes. However, in my case when i switch from any channel to another, volume is out of control - as if everything is on "10" different. I have to just barely touch the channel volume knob and the volume goes down to what I think should be "normal". And I mean - barely - touch the channel volume knob - if that makes any sense. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be a bug that maybe a firmware update fixes?
  4. Hi, so I just downloaded POD Farm 2.5 to my Macbook Pro. Before I start explaining my issues, I just want to say that the Line 6 support is absolutely horrible. I called 10 times, because every time i hit the number 2 for customer support, it wouldn't ring, and just say " I'm sorry, I didn't get your response". Okay, so my issue is that I can't get my guitar to work?? (I don't have a mixer, I read that you can do it without one on Mac?) I plugged my amp (Spider IV 30 WATT) into my computer using my ethernet cable, and when i went to turn my amp on, it would turn the amp off until i unplugged the ethernet cable. Then, I used a USB to regular guitar cable, which also didn't work. I'm sure you can tell that i'm not very good at this stuff, but i would like to make this work somehow. Thanks for reading.
  5. Hey guys, i have a really annoying problem with my AMP. It worked pretty well til the last days but now it starts having some problems. If i play any note and hold it, it doesn´t ring out as it should but it fades away as if i would use my volume knob extremely fast. I already did a factory preset on my AMP but it does not affect this weird sound. I am pretty sure that is is the Amp because i tried out two cables and two different guitars. Would be nice if you could help me :) thanks a lot
  6. Hey. So I'm using a Spider IV 30 and I couldn't figure out anywhere, if every pedal is compatibility with it. I'm about to go out and buy a Polytuner and a sustain pedal of some sort, and it would just be a shame if it wasn't working with the pedal. *Not sure this is the correct place on the forum, if not, I'm sorry.
  7. Hello there, I was trying for the first time to record my guitar through the headphone jack of my spider iv 30. I've connected a cable cinch cable to the amp (headphone output) and to the line in input in my pc. Well the problem is that the quality is just terrible. The distortion (metal red) ist completely different and also sounds liks the sound were overdriven, like too loud. Changing the distortion type and channel/main volumes doesn't help at all. I've also tried 2 different adaptors (small to big cinch) and it also didn't help. I was wondering if this a know problem of spider iv 30 amps or that maybe my amp has a problem regarding the headphone output. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello there, i would like to connect my HyperX cloud headset (it has seperate in- and output, shown on the picture i've attached) to my Spider IV 30 amp through the Phones/record out stick (so im not loud to people around me). What kind of an adapter would i need?
  9. Considering getting the above to use in the house. However, I tend to play in different tunings and as I understand it the tuner on 15 and 30 watters only tune to EADGBE. My question is will the display on the FBV ExpressExpress MKII show other notes?
  10. Hi, all, when I got my Spider IV 30, I messed around with the original presets -- now I'd like to get them back. I have an amp with only four presets, not the newer one with many more. Any suggestions?
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