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Found 73 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering if I can use a FX100 with my Spider IV 75. Could I set the amp on a clean channel without effects and use the FX100 as a board and effect controls? Would this be a cool 'modern' upgrade of my Spider IV. I have a Shortboard MKII but the stomp switch died so I'm looking for a new board, but the Shortboard MKII and the FX100 ar both around the 200 euro's. Hope you guys know some more! Cheers
  2. Hello there, I was trying for the first time to record my guitar through the headphone jack of my spider iv 30. I've connected a cable cinch cable to the amp (headphone output) and to the line in input in my pc. Well the problem is that the quality is just terrible. The distortion (metal red) ist completely different and also sounds liks the sound were overdriven, like too loud. Changing the distortion type and channel/main volumes doesn't help at all. I've also tried 2 different adaptors (small to big cinch) and it also didn't help. I was wondering if this a know problem of spider iv 30 amps or that maybe my amp has a problem regarding the headphone output. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, all. I'm looking at the Spider IV, most likely the head, and wondering how recent/advanced are the models? Are they the latest HD500 models or older X3 technology (though that'd still be a step up from the XT Live i have now). P.S. While we're at it, how does it do with hard rock/metal -- not the extreme stuff; more like Tool, Chevelle, etc.?
  4. Purchased a Spider IV 150 2x12 and when it arrived and I plugged it in the amp won't boot. The led screen flashes from dim to bright every few seconds and the main effects knob's lights all stay lit. The amp will make no sound. I have tried the factory rest, but I can't even get to reset. It hit a rest screen one time, and I still don't know how I did it, but the thing hung up at 3% for about two hours and nothing ever happened. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help any of you can provide. James H.
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone could help. I purchased a Spider IV 150 a few years ago second hand, however the previous owner had taken the back board off the amp, exposing the speakers. While this was good when I recorded with the amp by putting a mic in the back to capture a more detailed sound when blended with the front mic, now I only use it at home, and I want to regulate the amount of sound leakage from the back. Does anyone know where I can get a new back board from? I am in the UK. Thanks John Wood
  6. Good Afternoon, I have acquired a POD HD500 from a friend and love interfacing it with my computer and dialing in the sounds. My only amp is a Spider IV 75w and I have to run it in test mode as there is no FX Loop on it. I play my American Telecaster and Epiphone Les Paul Standard through this amp. I recently purchased a Taylor 214CE and was looking at the Marshall AS50D as a amp for it. My question is: Could I use the HD500 with the AS50D, playing my two electric guitars through it and get the same tones I get with my Spider IV. My venue is a medium sized church and my sounds range from clean to distortion, always rhythm, never lead.
  7. when i go to the line 6 spider iv edit download page im getting 404 page not found not sutch file stil i wanna use the edit proram to update songs in my new spider iv 150 thnxx
  8. I've recently bought the line 6 pod HD PRO x rackmount processor. I have no knowledge what so ever in hooking this up. I have a Mac and a Windows computer available. Gear: line 6 spider iv HD 150 amp head, 100w crate cab, FBV mkii express pedal. Three instrument cables available, and two speaker cables. I've been searching the web for solutions but nothing has helped me. How can I hook this up, ready to use? Many people have used the 4 cable method; however it doesn't apply to me since my amp has no effects loop, amp head only has L R speaker outs, and a direct/phones Jack. I'm looking to get sound out of my cab, hoping that the processor reads my amp head only as a power amp. I went to samash and guitar center to inquire, the only solution I got was to guitar>Pro x in>unbalanced L>amp head in. I got around however the knobs on the processor AND the amp head were operational, I'm assuming the processor reads the amp head as another pre amp, I don't want this. The sound I get is low, and I have to raise the volume for each and every preset on processor because they all have different volume levels,one preset is much louder than another preset. I feel like this method is not really reliable, I have no idea what to do.
  9. I picked up a Spider IV 30 and a FBV Shortboard MKI. Can I make them work together or have I wasted some money? Where can I get a manual for the FBV Shortboard MkI, they don't have them on the Line 6 webpage? Thanks for any info you can supply me. David
  10. So I have been using the FBV Express MKII with a Spider IV 30w amplifier for about 7 months without any issues I tried to connect it with my pc (without sucess for not having the right software installed I think) and nothing went wrong. The leds were lit when connected to the pc, but just as I tried it again on the amp nothing happened. I still get that 'click' whenever I plug it in but it seems to be dead. I've tried to restart my pc so it could recognize the unit, but it just doesn't happen anymore Are there any obvious solutions for this issue? I'll be needing the pedal for the next week so please, I need to get help as soon as possible Thank you
  11. Hello, I'm using the Line 6 Spider IV and as Computerinterface the Steinberg UR22. The UR22 is connected via the Record out of the Spider. But I can't get a clean sound. Has anybody some experience with this combination? Thanks Jörg
  12. I HAVE A BIG BIG PROBLEM... One day when I was rehearsing in my spider IV, the display screen looked normal, well, nothing was wrong with it, but at night, damn !!! in the middle of the concert, I felt an emptiness in my stomach, my Spider IV Display will delete only half of the preset name it looked, and try the factory reset but no change ... what happened to it ??? ?? anyone can help me ????
  13. Is it possible to record on a computer through a Spider IV with a shortboard? And if so what cables would i need to do so?
  14. Hey everyone! I have a Spider IV 75 amp. So I know that the fbv mkii shortboard is used as a tool to enhance the experience with the amp and that the AmpliFi fx100 is a multi-effects pedal. I've been looking at purchasing the mkii, but then found out about the fx100. My noob question: Which one should i purchase? Is the amplifi pointless and not the right call to go with the amp? Will it work like the shortboard in that I can switch between tones I've made on the amp? I do also play live in a small setting and have just been setting up a microphone to the amp. Thanks for the help! And if you need me to clarify anything just let me know. Albert
  15. Hello everyone, I've tried to upgrade my Spider IV 75 firmware. It was at 1.04, and I used Line 6 Monkey to upgrade it to 2.0.0. Apparently everything went OK, the Monkey software says it's successful, but after that, it says "This item is installed, but its version could not be determined", and the version number is "Unknown". On the little orange screen in the amp, it says "Ready to update". When I turn off the amp and turn it on again, it says "v2.0.0" for a second and then comes back to "Ready to update", it's stuck there and the amp doesn't work. What can I do? Is there a way to at least go back to the previous version of the firmware? Maybe I can download another firmware version? I'm using Line 6 Monkey v1.68 on a Macbook Air with OSX Yosemite. Thanks!
  16. I use a 10" Android tablet on stage, mounted conveniently on my mic stand. It's loaded with all the band's music (40+ arrangements (and getting bigger), chords and lyrics). This needs just a touch to move from one song page to the next. I also have a Line 6 Spider IV 75 amp which has several different tones in the user banks for different songs. Even though I have set the amp up as efficiently as possible in the set running order, it's a pain (and unprofessional) turning my back to the audience to change the setting - more so when the amp is on the backline and I'm at the front of the stage. I've thought about using one of the FBV boards but I think this would be almost as bad as I'd be always staring down at the floor to change the amp settings. With the release of the new Amplifi TT, which, I gather, has wireless connectivity, I was wondering if, with a suitable app, the Amplifi TT could be mounted on top of, and used in conjunction with the SpiderIV so that I could control the amp tone settings from the tablet. Ideally, I'd want an icon on the song page that I could just touch and which would remotely change the amp to the required tone setting. Can this be done with the Amplifi TT connected to a Spider IV? If not, how could it be done?
  17. Hello everybody, this is my first post and I apologize for any errors. I was trying to find a specific tone that is used throughout the Master of Puppets album (Metallica) and was wondering if there was any way I could achieve it. It is the fuzzy, suppressed tone used very extensively through the Metallica song Orion. I own a Spider iv 75 amplifier, and understand that it may be impossible without additional effects that I do not have on my amp. Thanks for any help.
  18. I've got what I'm sure some will think is a really stupid question but I'm at my wits end trying to find something of any substance on the internet. I have a Spider IV HD 150 which we probably all know is stereo at 8 ohms per channel. I'm looking at getting a new cab that is rated at 8 ohms mono, 4 ohms stereo. As I understand it, it's generally a bad idea to run a single channel since the amp is designed to run stereo; makes sense. As I also understand it, while it is generally ok to run an amp with a lower impedance to a cab with a higher impedance (e.g. 8 ohm amp to 16 ohm cab), it is not good to run it the other way around (e.g. higher impedance to lower impedance). So, after doing some looking it seems that one option is to simply rewire the speakers into to 16 ohm series, deal with a little volume loss, and you're golden. However, I was wondering if it's possible to bridge the two stereo channels by way of a y adapter. It seems, in my incredibly limited knowledge of the subject, that in theory you would be left with a 4 ohm mono out that could be fed to a 8 ohm mono connection on the cab. This almost seems too simple but it make sense to me, again with my limited knowledge on the subject. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks. - James
  19. Hi! I did a firmware upgrade to my spider IV 75 through a fvb mkII pedalboard. The proceder seemed correct. The new efects sounds great, but the pedalboard didn't work again. The display doesn't light anymore and none of the pedals work. It is unable to connect to the computer vía USB. It isn't recognized by the monkey. Any similar experience? Any idea? Could the update file be corrupted? Maybe the routine to manage the pedalboard is not complete? Would a factory reset fix the problem? Thank you and excuse my poor english
  20. Hi, I have all of a sudden, from nowhere experienced some kind of problem with my Spider IV 75. When turning on the amp you hear a crackling sound and then a continuous high pitched tone and the LCD display won't light up. Is my poor favorite amp dead or does anybody have some kind of idea on how to solve this? Thanks!
  21. Hola! Recientemente compre un Line 6 Spider iv de 75 watts Todo hiba bien durante unas horas hasta que empeze con algunas dudas Estaba probando los presets y haciendo los mios por supuesto cuando note que el volumen en algunos de los presets o preajustes estaban demasiado altos, por lo que invesitgue un poco en internet (no tengo el manual) y descrubri para que sirve el volumen del canal xD El problema surgio cuando guarde uno de mis ajustes con un volumen equivocado, aqui un ejemplo Drive Bass Mid Treb Channel Vol. 7 6 4 8 3 (Un aproximado de como quedo segun el display y las perillas) Al notar que el volumen era bajo comparado con el de otros presets decidi moverlo un poco quedando asi Drive Bass Mid Treb Channel Vol. 7 6 4 8 5 (Un aproximado de como quedo segun el display y las perillas) Pero!!!!! perdi por completo el volumen, paso de sonar poco a no sonar nada....para lograr obtener volumen tenia que subir ya fuera el master o a todo el volumen del canal. Pero el volumen seguia siendo bajo. Que estoy haciendo mal? PD: eh estado checando los presets y esto no lo hace con todos, solo con algunos.
  22. Hi! I recently get a Spider iv of 75 watts. I was so excited about it, but then i start with trouble. I was playing...testing the presets and making mine but suddenly I realized that the volume was too high in some of them, I didnt want to change the master volumen every time I change my channel...so I start reading the manual and I start changing my channel volume....I was doing fine, until I try to change the channel volumen of one of my presets. An example Drive Bass Mid Treb Channel Vol. 7 6 4 8 3 (On the display and knobs) This is how i safe my preset Then I move chanel volumen becouse it was a little bit down so it end like this... Drive Bass Mid Treb Channel Vol. 7 6 4 8 5 (On the display and knobs) BUT!!! the volumen just went all the way down.... so I needed to turn the channel volume all the way up just to get a lower sound than the initial one. What am I doing wrong?
  23. Hello there.. I am very new to any computer recording whatsoever.I have a pc laptop. I am looking to start recording some basic guitar tracks, and then hopefully some vocals over that. I would like to do all of this from my laptop, on a fairly tight budget. I am thinking of using reaper. Does anyone reccommend Reaper? Pros/Cons? What type of interface should I use? Can i use my mk2 express as an interface? Thanks for any help....
  24. I have a Spider IV 75 and FBV Express MkII that is about 1.5 years old. I didn't use it a lot (maybe 20 times in the first year) but when I did use it, it worked fine. A few months ago the amp no longer made any sound, the tuner did not recognize my input, but all the channels can switch just fine. This happened just after my warranty expired and the nearest service center is extremely inconvenient. I took it to another shop to help diagnose the issue and the tech said all the components seem fine (speaker works, input jack seems fine), but he thinks there could be a problem with the motherboard/processor. The estimate to fix it is almost the same price as the amp! How am I supposed to proceed? If I need to replace the motherboard is this something Line 6 could send me and I could try to fix myself? I've bought line 6 products before and have always been satisfied but I'm really upset that I spent money on an amp that broke right after the warrant ended, and getting to the authorized service center would require me to take time off of work. Not sure I'd buy another amp at this point but if repairing my amp costs nearly the same as a new amp, what are my options?
  25. Simple question really, is the built in tuner on the Spider IV 120 able to tune 8 string guitars? I'm going to be buying an 8 soon and I can't seem to find any tuners that will work for an 8 string. If the built in tuner doesn't work, does anyone know of any tuners that will work with one?
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