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  1. I've got what I'm sure some will think is a really stupid question but I'm at my wits end trying to find something of any substance on the internet. I have a Spider IV HD 150 which we probably all know is stereo at 8 ohms per channel. I'm looking at getting a new cab that is rated at 8 ohms mono, 4 ohms stereo. As I understand it, it's generally a bad idea to run a single channel since the amp is designed to run stereo; makes sense. As I also understand it, while it is generally ok to run an amp with a lower impedance to a cab with a higher impedance (e.g. 8 ohm amp to 16 ohm cab), it is not good to run it the other way around (e.g. higher impedance to lower impedance). So, after doing some looking it seems that one option is to simply rewire the speakers into to 16 ohm series, deal with a little volume loss, and you're golden. However, I was wondering if it's possible to bridge the two stereo channels by way of a y adapter. It seems, in my incredibly limited knowledge of the subject, that in theory you would be left with a 4 ohm mono out that could be fed to a 8 ohm mono connection on the cab. This almost seems too simple but it make sense to me, again with my limited knowledge on the subject. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks. - James
  2. Hi, I have all of a sudden, from nowhere experienced some kind of problem with my Spider IV 75. When turning on the amp you hear a crackling sound and then a continuous high pitched tone and the LCD display won't light up. Is my poor favorite amp dead or does anybody have some kind of idea on how to solve this? Thanks!
  3. I'm looking for a decent distortion on this spider iv 75 and I can't quite find one. I read another post where someone had the same issue. The distortion tends to have an ear piercing tone. I bought the spider iv 150 and traded it for the 75 because I heard it has a better sound. (kicking myself for that now.) but this one is the same. Now I'm not looking for studio sound out of this amp but something that doesn't pierce and has a little more clarity would be nice. amp is upgraded firmware(2.0) and i've messed around with near every possibility. If anyone has a decent heavy distortion and wish to share their settings, id appreciate it. I've tried it with about 5 guitars and its not the guitar tone. The old line6 ax2 sounds twice as good imo.
  4. Hola! Recientemente compre un Line 6 Spider iv de 75 watts Todo hiba bien durante unas horas hasta que empeze con algunas dudas Estaba probando los presets y haciendo los mios por supuesto cuando note que el volumen en algunos de los presets o preajustes estaban demasiado altos, por lo que invesitgue un poco en internet (no tengo el manual) y descrubri para que sirve el volumen del canal xD El problema surgio cuando guarde uno de mis ajustes con un volumen equivocado, aqui un ejemplo Drive Bass Mid Treb Channel Vol. 7 6 4 8 3 (Un aproximado de como quedo segun el display y las perillas) Al notar que el volumen era bajo comparado con el de otros presets decidi moverlo un poco quedando asi Drive Bass Mid Treb Channel Vol. 7 6 4 8 5 (Un aproximado de como quedo segun el display y las perillas) Pero!!!!! perdi por completo el volumen, paso de sonar poco a no sonar nada....para lograr obtener volumen tenia que subir ya fuera el master o a todo el volumen del canal. Pero el volumen seguia siendo bajo. Que estoy haciendo mal? PD: eh estado checando los presets y esto no lo hace con todos, solo con algunos.
  5. Hello there.. I am very new to any computer recording whatsoever.I have a pc laptop. I am looking to start recording some basic guitar tracks, and then hopefully some vocals over that. I would like to do all of this from my laptop, on a fairly tight budget. I am thinking of using reaper. Does anyone reccommend Reaper? Pros/Cons? What type of interface should I use? Can i use my mk2 express as an interface? Thanks for any help....
  6. I have a Spider IV 75 and FBV Express MkII that is about 1.5 years old. I didn't use it a lot (maybe 20 times in the first year) but when I did use it, it worked fine. A few months ago the amp no longer made any sound, the tuner did not recognize my input, but all the channels can switch just fine. This happened just after my warranty expired and the nearest service center is extremely inconvenient. I took it to another shop to help diagnose the issue and the tech said all the components seem fine (speaker works, input jack seems fine), but he thinks there could be a problem with the motherboard/processor. The estimate to fix it is almost the same price as the amp! How am I supposed to proceed? If I need to replace the motherboard is this something Line 6 could send me and I could try to fix myself? I've bought line 6 products before and have always been satisfied but I'm really upset that I spent money on an amp that broke right after the warrant ended, and getting to the authorized service center would require me to take time off of work. Not sure I'd buy another amp at this point but if repairing my amp costs nearly the same as a new amp, what are my options?
  7. Simple question really, is the built in tuner on the Spider IV 120 able to tune 8 string guitars? I'm going to be buying an 8 soon and I can't seem to find any tuners that will work for an 8 string. If the built in tuner doesn't work, does anyone know of any tuners that will work with one?
  8. Hello, I've had my Spider IV 15w amplifier for more or less 3 years. Recently, I've been noticing that the settings and effects on the amplifier are overlapping on the tones, even if those tones have no effects at all. Let me explain with an example: My 'Clean' tone has Chorus activated and also a bit of Reverb, and it is saved like that; My 'Metal' tone has no Primary effect and it has a bit of Delay. It's also save like that; The knobs on the amplifier remain with the setting I left for the 'Clean' tone; If I play the Clean tone, there is no problem, and the settings remain the same, but if I suddenly switch to the 'Metal' (or any other) channel, I can play that setting as I saved it for some seconds, but then the settings for the first channel (the settings the knobs indicate, actually) kick into the 'Metal' channel. As a result I get my 'Metal' channel, which was saved to have just Delay, to now have Chorus and Reverb instead. I have tried resetting the amp to factory settings a couple of times, and it works for some days, but then goes back to the same issue. I've also checked for loose cables or connections and there are none, and the amplifier has never been damaged in any way. And just recently, it has been stuck on a Flanger effect I can't seem to take off my tones, even when the knobs are not on Flanger. Has anyone had this problem too? I'd be very grateful to whomever provided me with a possible solution to this! Thanks in advance.
  9. hi im carlos I have the following problem: I have a line6 spider IV amp. For some time, the delay effect is activated without having moved the switch. My favorite preset is like buttah. After ignition amplifier, delay effect runs without activating the switch a few bars. It is very uncomfortable because while play guitar at times the effect is activated. Every minute is activated and after the amp back to its natural state but one minute later altered again. It is impossible to change preset because the delay is activated only interrupting the operation of preset change. What do I do? :unsure: was a mistake to buy the spider iv? :blink: as I fix this? :rolleyes: I'm the one who would happen? <_< atentamente: Carlos Gonzalez Ortiz :)
  10. I just got a spider IV 150 2x12 combo amp and at the store the preset knob was acting funny, skipping presets not turning like it should then when I got it home the knob stopped working altogether. I spin the knob to select presets and the knob just spins and spins and does not change my presets and the knob is VERY loose and wobbles. Has anyone else had this issue or have an idea of what I can do???
  11. Hello!I just bought a FBV2 switch and it's really annoying that I can't get from the Clean preset channel to the Metal channel with just a single press.Is there a way I can maybe switch the channels around?I tried getting Crunch to sound like Clean but it just does not sound the same,I guess every preset is different.So is there any way to change the preset order?(have the clean channel where the crunch channel shoud be and the crunch where the clean shoud be)
  12. I recently bought a Spider IV and I was wondering if anyone knows if I can transfer my Spider III users channels to my Spider IV? Or maybe some sort of save to my computer and upload... I'm registered with Line 6 and have the Line 6 Monkey, Lilne 6 FBV Control and Spider IV Edit, too
  13. **** Sorry. I accidentally posted this twice somehow.**** Hello. Whenever I use Spider IV Edit to make changes in my presets, The changes are not being edited in my amp. The connection is good between the amp and the PC, the software recognizes my amp, my amp has latest update, etc... I send/recieve the change once it is done but when I shut down the program and disconnect the CAT cable the presets on the amp stay as they were. I have tried looking in the help file and I have looked online and I am just stuck. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks,(\m/(>.<)\m/) Steven D
  14. Hello. Whenever I use Spider IV Edit to make changes in my presets, The changes are not being edited in my amp. The connection is good between the amp and the PC, the software recognizes my amp, my amp has latest update, etc... I send/recieve the change once it is done but when I shut down the program and disconnect the CAT cable the presets on the amp stay as they were. I have tried looking in the help file and I have looked online and I am just stuck. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Steven D
  15. Hi, I have a Spider IV 150 HD head and cab. It is about 3 years old, and I've used it for tons of shows. Recently, especially after unloading it after a show, when I plug in my guitar, it acts like it is going to work, then the volume will go off, then come back in short burst lasting no more than a second or two. When I try to hit a note or strum the guitar, it makes a popping sound, but if I hold the note, the volume will act fine for a few seconds, then go off again. This will happen very randomly. I can sit and practice for 2 hours, then it will start acting up and won't work again for a while. Then it will randomly starting working fine again and be fine for days or even weeks. I've been very careful with it when unloading it and using it. Although it has been used in very cold and very hot temperatures. I have some important shows coming up, and don't want this to randomly start happening in the middle of the performance, so was just wondering if there was anything I could do to prevent this. I am going to try a factory reset, but it could be days before I know it this truly worked. Not sure if this matters but the guitars that this has happened with are an ESP LTD EC-1000FR and a Sterling JP-70. Thanks for any help!
  16. I have two Spider IV amp heads, both say 150 watts on the back However, one says Spider IV and 150 Watts on the front The other doesn't Is one: a secondary market item? an earlier release? refurbed? but to be clear, both do say 150 watts on the rear by the transformer fins
  17. i have 2 problems with my amp effects, is a spider iv 75 w. the 1st(i anexed a photo) is that now when i turned on the amp, all the effects "turned on" and i cant deselected,or turned off the 2nd is that when i put any of the tones, for example clean green y doesnt put me the effects that it suppose to put automatically sorry for my english, hope someone can help me!
  18. I am trying to use a Boss RC-3 looper on a Spider IV 75 amp and the original loop sounds good, by trying to play over it or overdubbing sounds very choppy with reduced volume, Any one have any ideas or comments for me. Thanks alot.
  19. Hi. I need to replace the fuse in my Spider IV 120 - does anyone know exactly which type of fuse is needed? Thanks Brian
  20. Anyone had this weird problem - I use the pitch glide setting to create a dive bomb effect when playing the intro to 'lonely boy' and twice playing it on a local festival stage, the pitch glide has either failed completely (which somewhat ruins the intro!) or has been intermittent. This has never happened in any other rehearsal or gig. The only issue I could come up with is that walkie talkies, which have been used by the stage crews in each instance, may have been causing radio interference with the RJ45 cable connecting my FBV Shortboard to my amp (a Spider IV 150). And because the pitch glide effect requires a non-static or changing signal, from Shortboard to amp, this was somehow failing to be transmitted 'cleanly' along the RJ45 cable. I have now bought a more robust RJ45 which claims to have better insulation from radio interference. Then again we have also now dropped that song from our live set - just in case it happens again! Thoughts/comments/shared experiences anyone....?
  21. So I've been looking around, just trying to get some wireless gear, and I'm thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice if you can make everything wireless on an amp?" So I was wondering, since I'll need the money for a wireless guitar system, if there is any sort of way that you would connect the FBV pedals, I'm using the Express, to the Spider amps without the use of an RJ45 cable? Like the wireless receivers? It would be really neat, but I don't want to be stupid and buy things that were never going to work. Thanks, guys.
  22. I have an aging Peavey Special 212 with a zoom g9.2tt for my effects, that is starting to develop problems as my backup amp. I have decided on Line 6 as my new backup amp. However I am torn I have a pretty nice main rig but for smaller venues and nights I feel lazy enough not to lug a 412. My 2 choices right now are the Spider IV 150 212 and the Spider Valve 212. I have tried both in store and was impressed by both but since I was attempting to be mindful of those around me I couldnt give either a proper test. Any feedback from anyone familliar with both models? Also I have a nice assortment of speakers at my house I was wondering if swapping the speakers voided warranty.
  23. Hi - I am looking for a certain tone and can't seem to get it out of my Line 6 Spider IV - the following songs are lost on me: - Black Dog - Led Zeppelin - Midnight Rambler - Rolling Stones - LIVE (Get Yer Yayas Out CD best example) - lead and rhythm - Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones - LIVE (Get Yer Yayas Out CD best example) - lead and rhythm - Remedy - Black Crowes Does anyone know these settings? Any help or similar 'sound' settings is appreciated. Thanks much! Steve
  24. Just thought I'd start things out here (and see if my post count still exists!) I've got a Spider IV 75, had it for almost 3 years now, along with an FBV Mk2 Express pedal. I also use PodFarm 2.55 and have used both for all the electric guitar (and most bass) tracks on my upcoming CD, available in the next few months.
  25. Français Deutsch Q: Where are the song settings for the Spider IV 15 that I saw on the box? A: The Spider IV 15 song settings can be found here: Spider IV Settings Q: Where can I get the manual for the Spider IV 15? Line 6 Manuals Q: What are the amp models on my Spider IV 15? A: There are four amp models on the Spider IV 15: Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane. The tone settings list numerous songs can be used to dial sounds in as well. If you would like to return your unit to the original presets, please perform a factory reset (see below). Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Spider IV 15? A: The factory reset procedure for a Spider IV 15 is to hold down the clean button as you turn on the power and hold the button for 5-8 seconds. Q: Is there a 'Boost' & 'Gate' function? A: Yes. Toggle the boost by holding the 'Tap' button while turning the 'Drive' knob past 12 o'clock. The gate can be toggled similarly, but using the 'Echo/Reverb' knob. See the manual for more information. Q: Are there any videos I can view to learn about the Spider IV series? Spider IV movies Q: How is the Spider IV 15 different than the Spider III 15? A: The Spider IV 15 amp models have been revoiced, the back is now a "3/4" style,and there is now an FBV controller jack for the FBV2 or FBX Express pedal. Q: How do I use the tuner on the Spider IV 15? A: Press the Tuner button, and notice the volume is muted during tuning. The amp model LEDs will indicate when the string you are playing is in tune. The “Crunch” and “Metal” LEDs will both light up when the string is in tune. If the Clean or Crunch LED are lit, the string is flat. If Metal or Insane LEDs are lit, the string is sharp. Once all your strings are in tune, press any button to exit Tuner Mode. See the manual for more information. Setup/Connections Q: What are the inputs and outputs on the Spider IV 15? A: Guitars, Microphones, Basses, and Acoustic Guitars can be connected using the 1/4” instrument input. MP3/CD players can be connected using the 3.5 mm jack. Headphones can be connected using the stereo ¼” output. Q: Is there a “direct out” on the Spider IV 15? What can this be connected to? A: The headphones jack is a stereo ¼” output which can also be used as a recording output or into a PA or stereo system. You can connect an external preamp into the CD input or the Mic input of the Spider IV 15. Q: Can the Spider IV 15 and the CD/MP3 input be used at the same time? Will I hear both of these devices through the headphones? A: Yes Q: Can I use an FBV controller with the Spider IV 15? A: Yes, the FBV2 and FBV Express (original or Mk II) are recommended for use with the Spider IV 15. The FBV Shortboard (original or Mk II) will work, but there will be a number of buttons that have no functions (i.e. banks, effects, stomps, etc.) Q: Does the Spider IV 15 have an effects loop? A: There is not an effect loop on the Spider IV 15 amplifier. Q: How do I power the Spider IV 15? A: The Spider IV 15 uses a standard IEC power cable to a wall outlet. Q: How can I get a cover for the Spider IV 15? A: The Spider IV 15 does not have a cover available from Line 6 at this time. Registration/Warranty Q: What is the warranty on the Spider IV 15? A: the warranty on the Spider IV 15 is twelve months from the date of purchase. Q: How can I register my Spider IV 15? A: Product Registration F.A.Q. Troubleshooting/Service Q: My Spider IV 15 seems to be malfunctioning. What can I do as an end user? A: Line 6 Amp Troubleshooting Q: Where can I get replacement knobs for my Spider IV 15 amp? A: Line 6 Store Ou puis-je trouver les configurations des chansons pour le Spider IV? Spider IV Settings Ou est-ce que je peux lire le mode d’emploi ? Line 6 Manuals Quels sont les modèles d’ampli sur le Spider IV 75 ? Le Spider IV a quatre modèles : Clean, Crunch, Metal et Insane. Les modèles ont des configurations de ton pour ajuster le individuellement. Si vous voulez les preset originales, vous pouvez réinitialiser le Spider IV. Comment est-ce que je réinitialise mon Spider IV ? Maintenez enfoncé le bouton Clean tandis que vous allumez l’appareil. Pour 5-8 secondes. Y a-t-il une fonction « Boost & Gate » ? Oui, maintenez enfoncé le bouton « Tap » et tournez « Drive » en même temps pour « Boost ». « Gate » fonctionne de même façon, mais avec le bouton « Echo/Reverb » plutôt que le bouton « Drive ». Y a-t-il des vidéos tutoriels pour le Spider IV ? Spider IV movies (en anglais) Quelle est la différence entre le Spider IV 15 et le Spider IV 15 ? Le Spider IV a été réharmonisé, le dos est un ¾ et il y en a un Jack FBV pour les pédales FBV2 et FBV Express. Comment est-ce que j’utilise l’accordeur avec le Spider IV ? Poussez le bouton Tuner. Les LEDs sur le modèle d’ampli vous signifie à quel moment la corde est accordée. « Crunch » et « Metal » éclairent si la corde est accordée. Si Crunch ou Clean éclairent, la corde est plat. Si « Metal » ou « Insane" éclairent, la corde est tranchante. Poussez aucun bouton pour sortir ce menu. Installation et connexions : Quels sont les sorties et entrées sur le Spider IV ? Guitares, Micros, Basses et guitares acoustiques via l’entrée de des instruments principale, une entrée 1/4". Y a-t-il un Direct Out sur le Spider IV ? Le jack micro est une sortie 1/4’’ que vous pouvez utiliser comme sortie d’enregistrement. Vous pouvez connecter un préampli externe au CD IN et MIC IN. Est-ce qu’on peut utiliser les entrées CD/MP3 et Guitare en même temps ? Oui. Puis j’utiliser le contrôleur FBV avec le Spider IV 15? Oui, FBV2 et FBV Express sont recommandés mais le FBV Shortboard fonctionne aussi. Il y en a quelques boutons sui fonctionnent pas. A-t-il un effects loop ? Non. Comment est-ce que j’allume le Spider IV 15? L’appareil utilise un câble standard IEC. Est-ce que je peux acheter une couverture pour l’ampli ? Non, on ne produit pas de couvertures pour ce modèle. Régistration et garantie : Quelle est la garantie sur le Spider IV 15 ? 12 mois à partir de la date d’achat. Comment est-ce que je peux registrer mon Spider IV 15 ? Product Registration F.A.Q. Dépannage et service : Qu’est-ce que je peux faire si mon Spider IV 15 a des problèmes ? Line 6 Amp Troubleshooting Où est ce que je peux acheter des boutons de remplacement? Line 6 Store Wo kann ich die Song Einstellungen des Spider IV 15 finden, die ich auf der Box gesehen habe? Spider IV Settings Wo kann ich das Benutzerhandbuch des Spider IV 15 lesen? Line 6 Manuals Welche Verstärkermodelle hat der Spider IV 15? Der Spider IV 15 hat vier verschiedene Modelle installiert: Crunch, Clean, Metal und Insane. Die Tone Settings Liste hat zudem noch unzählige Songs, die Sie auch benutzen können. Um alle original Presets zurückzubekommen können Sie das Gerät auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen. Und wie setze ich den Spider IV 15 zurück? Halten Sie beim Starten des Gerätes den Clean Knopf für 5-8 Sekunden gedrückt. Gibt es Boost und Gate Funktionen? Ja, Boost können Sie benutzen indem Sie den Tap Knopf gedrückt halten und den Drive Knopf gleichzeitig weiter als 12 Uhr drehen. Die Gate Funktion wird ähnlich aktiviert, nutzen Sie aber anstelle von Drive den Echo/Reverb Knopf. Gibt es Tutorial Videos für den Spider IV 15? Spider IV movies Was ist der Unterschied zwischen dem Spider IV 15 und dem Spider II 15? Die Verstärkermodelle auf dem Spider IV wurden neuvertont, außerdem ist der Spider IV ein ¾ Verstärker und es gibt einen neuen FBV Stecker für das FBV2 oder FBV Express Pedal. Wie kann ich den Tuner des Spider IV benutzen? Drücken Sie auf den Tuner Knopf. Die Amp Model LEDs werden Ihnen dann anzeigen ob die Saite, die Sie spielen korrekt gestimmt ist. Wenn Crunch und Metal LEDs leuchten, dann bedeutet das, das die Saite gestimmt ist. Wenn Clean und Crunch LEDs leuchten, dann ist die Saite tief. Wenn Metal und Insane leuchten, dann ist die Saite hoch. Wenn alle Saiten gestimmt sind können Sie einfach irgendeinen Knopf drücken, um das Menu zu verlassen. Installation und Anschlüsse: Welche Ein- und Ausgänge hatder Spider IV 15? Gitarren, Mikrofone, Bässe und akustik Gitarren können an den ¼“ Instrumenteingang angeschlossen werden. MP3/CD Spieler können an den 3.5mm Jack angeschlossen werden und Kopfhörer an den ¼“ Stereoausgang. Gibt es ein „Direct Out“ am Spider IV 15? Der Kopfhöreranschluss ist ein ¼“ stereo Jack der auch als Aufnahmeausgang benutzt werden kann, wie für eine PA oder eine Stereoanlage. Einen externen Vorverstärker können Sie an den CD oder den Mikrofon Eingang des Spider IV 15 anschließen. Kann ich Gitarren- und CD/MP3 Eingänge gleichzeitig benutzt werden? Ja. Kann ich eine FBV Steuerung mit dem Spider IV 15 benutzen? Ja, wir empfehlen die Nutzung des FBV2 oder FBV Express. Der FBV Shortboard funktiniert auch aber manche Knöpfe funktionieren nicht. Hat der Spider IV 15 einen Effects Loop? Nein. Wie versorge ich den Spider IV 15 mit Strom? Mit einem ganz normalen IEC Kabel, welches Sie in die Steckdose stecken. Wo kann ich eine Schutzhülle für den Spider IV 15 kaufen? Line 6 stellt zur Zeit leider keine Schutzhüllen für den Spider IV 15 her. Registrierung und Garantie: Wieviel Garantie habe ich auf dem Spider IV 15? 12 Monate ab Kaufdatum. Wie kann ich mein Spider IV 15 registrieren? Product Registration F.A.Q. Fehlerbehebung und Service: Mein Spider IV scheint nicht korrekt zu funktionieren, was kann ich tun? Line 6 Amp Fehlerbehebung Wo kann ich Ersatzknöpfe kaufen? Line 6 Store
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