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Found 33 results

  1. My Spider Jam is just over 1 year old, its been great so far, but today it thinks there are headphones plugged in, so absolutely no output from the speakers. I've done a factory reset, checked all the levels and tried every which way to resolve it but no joy, its not the guitars or leads as everything works fine with the Fender and Roland amps. I tried phoning the helpline, but was on hold for ages, i raised support ticket, just wondered if anyone has any ideas? thanks
  2. I was wondering if it would be possibe to connect a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 amp head to my Spider Jam amp without causing damage to both. The Tubemeister has something called a Red Box out that uses an XLR cable that outputs a line level signal for recording. I was thinking of hooking the Red Box XLR to the Spider Jam's XLR mic input. Seems like it would work. Thought I'd ask here before trying it. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello I bougt this ampli+ mkII in 2010 january .... sound and functions are excellent but the quality of the product and the technixcal support are really bad !!! Nobody in france for to repair .. The more close is in Belgium, that make the cost of shipping really expensive! AFter one year of playing in home studio with no problem ,the MKII electronic board is dead ( 75€ to remplace) and since one year I have a recurrent problem with the Jam power which reboot randomly !!!! this is really lollipop ! :angry: Does anyone have encountered the same problem and can give me some information to repair ? Greetings from south Brittany France
  4. Hello Everyone, my first time posting to the forums. I've done a quick search on this and haven't found anything that gave any answers to my question....but sorry if this has been already answered and I just overlooked it. Anyway.... I recently purchased a Spider Jam combo amp and been trying to figure out how to connect the damn thing to my brand shiny new Macbook Pro? Do I need to go through the SD Card, or is there some sort of wires/cables like USB I could use? As for software on my Mac (OS X 10.8.4), for right now I'm just gonna use Garage Band. Mainly what I'm hoping to do is record my guitar to some of the backing tracks provided on the amp, and then share them with my Guitar Instructor. Any help or info about this would be greatly appreciated :)
  5. I have had a bunch of Line6 gear over the years. A Spider 2x10 and 2x12 in red, two Spider II 2x12s in gray and a Spider Jam, which I bought thinking I could use it to, well, "Jam!" I've been a rhythm play for a hundred years but lately I've been wanting to branch out a little, maybe take a spotlight and a solo now and again, or at least freshen-up some of my rhythm playing. So, I popped for the Jam. My problems basically boil down to probably not spending enough time with it, but it's so frustrating that my time with my Spider Jam isn't... pleasant. I'll find a sound that I like, and then can't ever seem to get it back if I don't save it as one of my limited tracks. I've got a short pedal, an FBV Express, but can't seem to use it to start recording, play a verse and a chorus and then stop recording and play back what I've done so I can work on a solo. The instructions for both left a little to be desired. There are some videos on YouTube which have been a little more helpful, but I really felt like this would be a better bargain, when I bought it. I don't feel like I'm getting much value out of it, now. Is there a source somewhere that can tell me what jam tracks are installed and how to get to them? Suppose I found a bluesy rock jam and didn't want to burn one of my own channels—how to get back there, again? Are they in some kind a .pdf somewhere? And is there a quick and easy way to get from one to another? How do you clear them all out and get back to just a standard Line6 Spider amp, without any other settings involved? And what's the trick to getting my FBVExpress to run the loops, please? I've been around computers for thirty years and guitars for forty! But this thing is a real challenge. I love it, but I just don't feel like I'm getting much out of it, really. Thanks!
  6. scott22v

    Bad Sounds

    Hey folks. My spider jam started doing all kinds of funky stuff. Flange automatically coming on. And just the tones in general are sounding horrible. I already upgraded the firmware from 2.07 to 2.09. but it didnt fix the tone. Sounds like a busted speaker sometimes. I checked the speaker and the connections thats not the problem. When I turn to clean tone it is not clean by any means and the volume is really low.
  7. when i power on my SJ the tempo/tune button is blinking rapidly and the delay and reverb effects are not on. this applies to any of the presets or custom sounds i have saved. if i move the knob for delay or reverb they will enable but if i save the sound and try again the same thing happens.
  8. Thought I'd share a few things I've learned in case anyone else out there is trying to create your own backing tracks or writing songs from scratch... Took a while to sort this all out, but from the start. Some obvious ones: - if you plug into the guitar input, you have to record with guitar selected on the record select, and once you record, you can adjust the levels by two taps on the input/levels button - if you plug in a microphone, you have to turn up the level left of the input (high as you can without clipping), the mic/aux has to be selected on the record select, and once you record, you level it with mic/aux/wav after two taps on input/levels button. - if you plug into aux, i think it's the same as the microphone (haven't used this much, but may soon, since the clean setting on guitar input is about as loud as a mouse itching its nose) Hopefully that is all very obvious. - if you stay in a .jam file setup, you only have three levels to play with - song/drum, guitar, and mic/aux/wav. Usually no problem, until you change a setting on your guitar and rapidly realize that you can't level it anymore without affecting the previous guitar track you already laid down. Frustrating. If you save your mix as a .jam, these leveling options all stay the same. It also means that you really don't want to mess with settings while you are doing different tracks. Turn the mic level down so you don't get feedback while you are listening to what you just did? better get it back to the exact same level if you want to use it again, because you can't level it now without affecting the first mic tracks ... etc. you get the idea. - a good option at this point is to export as a .wav ... and get used to exporting after each new addition. It goes like this - put down a guitar track. Listen to it and use mic to put a voice over it. Perfect, easy. Level them until they sound good. No problem. Now you want a solo guitar track... uh oh. No way to level it (which you will really have to do if you use a metal setting - way louder than clean). So... save the guitar 1 and vocal mix as a .wav file and bring it back. Now that mix of guitar and vocal is its own .wav file and gets leveled with mic/aux/wav, which means you can add a snarling guitar solo and level it down to match because its on guitar level and the rest of the song is on mic/aux/wav. - want to add another voice track? Now we're in trouble, cause the mic is on the same level as the .wav file. Back to trouble land. - here's where we get to how to record one track at a time while listening to what you already did. Have to use your computer. Export your track(s) as a .wav file. Use your favorite music program to play it. Plug your computer's headphone jack into the spider jam. When you play something through the 1/8" input, and hit record. it does not record the music coming in over the 1/8' input. This is a hand wringing moment if you were hoping to record your own magical duet with your favorite mp3 song, but it opens a world of possibility if you're recording your own stuff. Now, with a music program like Audacity (free) you can play your mp3/wav song through your amp, hit record, play along, and all it records is the live track you are playing - magic. Now export it as a .wav, and add it as a new track to the song. With Audacity (or garageband or whatever) you have a lot more control for fitting it in, and saves you from having to do perfect takes - you can clip good pieces out, etc... Whew, that was a lot of words. Hope someone finds it helpful.
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