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Found 20 results

  1. Hi there, everyone. I hope you all are healthy and had a good winter holiday and a smooth transition into 2022 ! I recently bought a HX Stomp. I use footswitch number 3 as Stomp 3 (set up in "Global settings") so footswitch 3 doesn't do tap tempo or access the tuner. For some presets I'd like to have footswitch 3 work as tap tempo for the delay time. I set up my delay time to 1/1 notes. In the Command center I set footswitch 3 to send MIDI CC , set the CC# to 64 and the value to 127. Still the delay time doesn't react to the tap tempo. If someone could tell me what I'm missing/doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Regards, Tobias
  2. when im on a effect i try to use the tap to change the tempo of a specific pedal.maybe i dont know how to do this correctly...
  3. kendiros

    Hd500x service

    Greetings! Happy new year! My sweet Hd500x has several problems: The 4th rotator (under the LCD screen), the tap, up and down and and the fs5 footswitches are almost dead. I live in Greece and Line6 lists only a shop 600km far.. 1. Any good diy guides to repair.. or 2. e-shop in Europe to find Heavy duty replacement buttons and knobs or maybe the footswitch pcb 3. Should I try using compressed air or liquid cleaner, above or below the surface? 3. any other suggestions would be welcome
  4. Just a short question. I don't use the tap button, but i often use the mute/tuner. Is it possible to configure the HX effects that a simple tap on the tap/tuner/mute switch will engage the tuner/mute?
  5. Hi Line 6 geniuses, I am in need of your expertise. Recently I purchased a Helix Rack to replace the Pod HD Pro. I'm having some trouble getting the tap tempo working from my pedalboard correctly. The pedalboard is a Fractal Audio MFC-101. Per the Helix user manual I have the tap tempo switch set to midi cc# 64 and on/off values of 127. I've tried on/off values of 64/64 and 64/127 as well but it just doesn't seem to be receiving the messages. All other midi controls are working (changing presets, enabling disabling blocks, volume control, tuner, etc.). Is there something in particular that I should be doing to set the tap tempo from a footswitch?
  6. Is there a way of turning off the tap tempo function? I have all my presets setup with a fixed tempo and I don't want to inadvertently change it by a clumsy stomp when using the tuner or whatever.
  7. Hi, Unboxed my helix LT today and started making presets. I'm having problems assigning the tap tempo switch. If I tap the tempo the light starts blinking in time but the delay tempo does not change. I can only change the tempo manually in the delay block in the preset. (preset wich i made) Couldn't find anything in the manual about this. There are factory presets where this does work, only how?? Anyone? Thanks in advance, grtz antonio
  8. Hi there, I'm fairly new to the Helix LT - coming from a Boss background. I'm wondering if there is a way to control the delay repeats using the Tap control without it necessarily being tied to a specific note subdivision. Here's why I ask: I go back and forth between different delay-repeat styles frequently. I want to be able to tap the actual repeats to the rhythm of the tune. For the most part I can just use the 1/4 note setting and it's fine. However, if I want to tap in a 'slapback' by pressing the switch quickly, it limits me to 240bpm and doesn't slap back quick enough. Make sense? So, basically, I just want to be able to tap 'freely' without letting the unit determine the note value or tempo. Please say this is possible and that I'm just missing something.... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
  9. Hi, I came here hoping that someone might enlighten me about the problem I'm facing with my device. When I start my Pod, I can see on the screen that the arrow on the different effects on the preset goes all the way to the left. When I use the arrows to go right, it doesn't do anything as if I was holding the left arrow button. I tried to go into the settings and I/O but I can't navigate un the menu, since I need to go right to changes pages and when I try, it stays on the first page. I cleaned the buttons and checked to see if anything got stuck under the plastic but I found nothing. Also, I don't know if it's related to the pevious problem but my tap and loop switches are acting weird. When I hold the tap button the start the tuner, it goes off of it when I take my foot off. When I leave tuner mode, the loop mode activates and I can't get out of it unless I push several times on the button. What would you recommend me to do? Reset to factory settings? Ask a post-sale customer service? Thanks a lot for your answers.
  10. Just got a Helix, I was wondering if there is a way to view the tap tempo bpm in real time on the main screen? I play live to a click and while pre-programming the tempos to different patches would be ideal, there have been situations where there will be an unrehearsed or pre-planned song thrown in the mix and I would like to see the tempo match the bpm. Or, is there a way where it at least shows the tempo bpm while I'm actively tapping, Thanks!
  11. Hallo miteinander, ich habe folgendes Problem mit meinem POD HD400: wenn ich ein Delay im "Control" Modus habe, kann ich ja mit dem TAP Schalter das Tempo "tappen". Wenn ich während des "tappens" spiele und sich die Geschwindigkeit erhöht/verringert, resultiert das in sehr komischen "Pitch"-Effekten. Der POD nimmt also die vor der Tempoänderung eingespielten Signale und modelliert diese während der Tempoänderung mit einer Tonhöhenveränderung in die neue Geschwindigkeit. Dass es anders auch geht zeigt mir das M5 Effektpedal. Hier kann ich problemlos das Tempo während des Spielens neu "eintappen" und dieser "Pitch"-Effekt passiert nicht. Sämtliche Versuche wie PRE/POST schalten und verschiedene Delay's ausprobieren (bei allen tritt dieser Effekt auf) fielen bislang leider negativ aus... ich schaff es nicht diesen "Pitch"-Effekt wegzubekommen. Kann mir jemand helfen? :-) Wäre sehr dankbar. Der HD400 wäre mir noch halb so viel wert wenn dieses Problem nicht behoben werden kann.... Viele Grüße und danke, Marc
  12. Is there any way to manually punch in the numbers for a tempo using the keyboard on the firehawk app? I set up patches for individual songs a lot and it's a pain to try and use the tap tempo to hit an exact tempo for every patch that I make. But it won't let me select the tempo value to just type the numbers in. Am I missing something? I would really appreciate a feature of just being able to touch the tempo number and type in a new tempo.
  13. Another idea which would make my life easier if implemented: Shouldn't be hard for Line 6 to pull this off over MIDI. The tricky part would perhaps be assigning it to a footswitch (I'm HD Pro guy so not sure but I think Tap Tempo footswitch is hard assigned, right?). I understand if a drummer uses a click and I need to sync to it we should have it synchronized using an external clock but anyway, would be nice. Moreover, I don't think it's possible to control the start of the loop with external clock, or is it? Does anybody have experience with this?
  14. So I just got the FBV Shortboard MkII a couple of days ago and I've figured most of it out but I can not for the life of me figure how to get the tap tempo to work with a delay that I have on my Pod Hd Pro X. I've figured out how to assign certain effects to my shortboard but I just can't get the tap tempo to work. Thanks in advance for anyones help!
  15. hi! one question: is it possible on the m9 to have the TAP button regulate the tempo of an external midi delay unit....? is the midi channel # then the same for midi recieve and midi transmit...? and the cc#64 is the same for recieving tap tempo and sending it as well...? thanks a lot, rudi
  16. Hi I have an issue with FX100 regarding how tap tempo works. Essentially it is not possible to set the tap tempo whilst playing a different tone which means that you are locked into the tempo that the tone is configured in and can't configure 'on the fly'. Here is my scenario. I made a tone called Fuzztone Fizzadelic (based on the album I did of the same name while playing for a band called The Now). So I have set a bank on the FX100 as follows: A. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (Straight Tone with no effects on) B. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (With volume boost and slight delay for solo's) C. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (With a digital delay set to say 80 bpm) D. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (with a Jet Flanger) So you are playing live and playing a song at 180 bpm using preset A and the solo is coming. You hit preset C and it switches to the 80bpm setting which doesn't fit the tempo of the song! My question (at last). Is there a way to change tap tempo for all 4 presets at the same time so that I can play the delay live? Otherwise you can only use delay for a whole song on a single preset! You really need to tap the tempo before switching. The Line 6 HD400 range does this by allowing the modulation to be either off or on. Of course I could set up all 25 banks with the tap tempo of the album but I really don't trust my drummer. Haha! PS Check out the tone uploaded to the community at Line 6. It's a good old punk tone. Cheers
  17. Hi all I've had the HD400 for about a month and although I'm very happy with its tones I just found out that you cannot set the delays on a dotted time...its either set on a quarter note in tap tempo or you have to dial it in manualy calculating the time... Am I the only one to find this a MAJOR flaw?? Pedalboards are made to give you freedom ON STAGE, not in the studio where you have the time to set everything as it should be? I mean, what if I want a dotted eighth delay and calculate and arrange the patch on a specific time....and the drummer just plays a little faster or slower..everything will sound out of time.. and this is so in all time-based effects, not just delays. I have to say I am VERY DISSAPPOINTED by this...this is a major reason not to buy and not to recomend HD400 to anyone..especially since it was never mentioned in ANY of the product comparisons in the site of Line6.. Dont get me wrong, I'm a fan of line6 products and own several, but this is plain frustrating.. @Line6: Could you make an update and fixthis ?? You can't just go on and advertize versatility and ease-of-use and do things like that.. VERY DISSAPPOINTED.
  18. I do a lot of fine-tuning of my M9 delay settings mid-gig, which requires pressing and holding the Tap pedal. However, pressing and holding the Tap pedal also activates Looper mode. Occasionally I can "get in" before the Looper kicks in and I can fine-tune the setting, but the window of time allowed for this is too small to be reliable. My current solution is to resign myself to going into Looper mode, keeping Tap pressed down, making the adjustment on the setting, letting go of Tap, then pressing and holding Tap once more to come out of Looper mode. This is time consuming. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do about this?
  19. I am trying to set up an external pedal to control the tap delay. Whenever I play live, the clicking noise from the foot switches gets amplified in everyone's monitor. It is not really a problem except for when I need to tap in my delays since you have to tap several times to get it in tempo. It may be an external mic that is picking up my switches, but I figured the easiest thing would be to just plug in an external pedal that is quieter. I have plugged in a down=on up=off switch from my keyboard. I expected this to work, but it doesn't. Any ideas? Is this even possible?
  20. Hey, everyone. I've had an HD500 for about a year and a half and recently the tap/tuner button started misfiring. What I mean is that sometimes when I press it once, it registers as two times, making the tempo insanely fast. Also sometimes when I hold it down and it goes to tuner, it will register contact, when I release it, so then it exits tuner mode. Is there anything I can try to do before sending it in for repair? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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