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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all looking for some help. I recently purchased a used Hx Stomp. Upon receiving the unit I upgraded to the new 3.5 firmware. The update seemed to be successful, but when I use the unit, none of the amp simulation blocks are working. The effects blocks are working normally and when I play I hear a clean guitar sound, but nothing changes when I open and amp + cab. I have performed several factory resets including presets and global settings, and re-installed Hx Edit, still no success. I am not sure if things were working normally before the firmware upgrade (my mistake for not testing prior to updating). I also have a Helix LT which I updated on the same version of Hx Edit and that is working normally. I don't know what to do next and am quite frustrated, any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Recently, I upgraded to a L6 Helix, two M-Audio speaker monitors, and the Clarett+ 4pre audio interface. My issue is how to connect what I have to get the most out of it. This setup isn't for gigs, it's for home recording. 1.-- I have a spdif cable connected from the output of the helix to the "optical in" of the clarett+. It's a "cinnamon" toslink optical cable. I have two more "digital" livewire spdif cables. I see there is an extra spdif "in" and "out" on the back of the Clarett audio interface, besides the optical in. On the Helix, the spdif output is connected to the clarett optical in, but the input is available. How many spdif cables should I connect? How should they be connected? Also, I have xlr to 1/4 cables--the music store said I would still need these even with Spdif input and output. Do I need to use two xlr - 1/4 cables in addition to spdif (Helix xlr outputs to Clarett audio interface 1/4 line inputs)? Should I not use both spdif and xlr together? 2.-- Both the Clarett+ audio interface and the Helix use usb interfaces to connect to a computer. Clarett uses a mini usb, and Helix uses a more traditional (looking) usb. I was told to either use the Helix usb or both, and they leaned toward both being preferable. Which is the best configuration? 3.-- I feel novice as hell asking this, but should I plug my instrument (guitar, in this case) into the Clarett AI or the Helix? If I want distortion, do I have to plug it into the Helix? Appreciate the help ~Ven
  3. Hey y’all! First post here. I’m gonna try to explain this as clearly as possible, but it’s kind of confusing, so bear with me and let me know if you can help. I’m running my pedalboard into the front of the HX Stomp (no FX loops or effects after the Stomp). The last pedals in my chain are a mono input into my Timeline > L/R out into my Big Sky > L/R out to the L/R ins of the HX Stomp, which is then running L/R out to a stereo DI into FOH. Easy peasy. Both channels are working and receiving signal at the board. I’m trying to run the Essex AC30 and the Matchless Jump in true stereo. I split the AC30 and its IR on path A, and the Matchless and its IR on path B. I panned path A hard L and path B hard R on both the split and the merge. After the merge, I then put a stereo EQ and a stereo compressor at modest settings before hitting the Out. SO, the problem I’m having is that one of the channels is receiving the amp, IR, EQ and compressor with no issues. The OTHER channel however is only receiving my Big Sky’s Reverb (and maybe the delay) from my board. It’s like it’s only receiving the wet effects, but no dry signal. It’s so weird and I’ve been wracking my brain like CRAZY to try to figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong. SO...that’s my long-winded explanation. Any ideas?
  4. I'm hoping that someone else may have some experience how to fix this issue. I have a 240 HC that seems to work perfectly when I play it for 10-15 minutes, but the longer I play it, the more it starts to act weird: 1. The volume will start to modulate on its own...losing volume for a few seconds and then regaining it. 2. Distortion does something similar...the sound will go from a very nice thick distorted sound to almost a clean sound and back. 3. There is almost no bass, even on a pair of Eminence Swamp Thangs. 4. The unit is not as loud as I would imagine. My old Valve HD100 mk ii blows it out of the water both in terms of volume and in terms of mid and low frequencies using the same 2x12 cab. Both of these issues happen at random but the one consistency is that they get progressively worse the longer the unit has been turned on. I've updated all the software and this issue happens on multiple guitars, it happens with both the built in tweeters and a 2x12, and it happens on different outlets/circuits/etc. The only commonality is the head unit. Unfortunately, I bought this used and I am beginning to believe that this is the reason someone sold it in the first place, but does anyone have any good ideas as to what it could be? Thanks.
  5. I own the HX Stomp and want to hire someone in the Chicago area who is very familiar with the Stomp or Helix line to assist me in setting up my guitar pedal board. This includes midi function, looping function, connecting with other FX units, and other ways to maximize the use of the HX/Helix. Chicago area is a must. Compensation to be discussed. Thank you
  6. Hi, I have a DT50, JTV89 and the HD500X. Is there an expert dream user in the West London area (Chiswick, Ealing, Isleworth) who is willing and able to set my rig up correctly and give me some tutoring? Willing to pay for your time. Thanks, H
  7. Just a sincere thank you to tech support for the great and speedy service! Called in and left a message, was called back within about 30 min. Technical advisor was friendly and courteous AND solved the issue for me quickly.. also gave a few extra useful tips! Tech support number was very easy to find. Many thanks!
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